Friday, January 24, 2020

Bonus Days, Friends Leave, Long Happy Hours, Yuma and Doug Visit

Quartzsite, AZ
On Thursday, Jan. 23rd we slept in a bit. It was closer to 7 when we both got up. I can’t believe I slept so long! I was in bed by 8:30 again last night. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Bill had plans to go flying with Keith this morning so as soon as it was light enough, I went for my walk. It was actually probably closer to 8 when I got out the door. It was a lovely morning, around 46F/7C, with a clear sky and no wind.

Good morning!
Walking on the main road in, I was surprised how trusting some
rv'ers are
This little genny and gas can sitting at the back side of their unit
I'm glad it didn't disappear on them!
By the time I returned, Bill and Keith were ready to go. Keith drove today and they took Oreo along to the Quartzsite Flying Field. 

Bill and Keith and Oreo going to the field

I made my tea and sat outside with my book. It was only 51F yet it felt like 70 in the heat of the sun. Ken and Shirley were packing up and pulling out this morning and I didn’t want to miss their departure. However, I needed to have my shower so kept an eye on how close they were to being ready to leave.

It looks odd when your friends leave their 'stuff' and pull out to dump
Our pretty Home Suite Home 
Ken and Kim had taken their Journey up to dump and to take on water just before 8:30 so I figured K & S wouldn’t leave without waiting for their return. Finally, at 10 o’clock, when I saw them visiting at Tom and Deb’s, I slipped in for my shower. They weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Good timing because as I was sitting outside letting my hair dry in the sun, Shirley and Ken came over to say goodbye. We hugged and wished safe travels and all that good stuff. We’re hoping to see them again in February.

Goodbye Shirley and Ken
We really enjoyed your visit!

See ya soon!
 Bill and Keith returned shortly after the noon hour and I warmed up a can of Van Camps brown beans and fried some large beef weiners. They are so juicy and good but I could only eat one. I saved the 2nd one for another day. The rest of the day was doing what we do best. Sitting in the sun and reading. Kim joined me for some quiet book time and then Bill, Keith and Ken pulled chairs up too. I’m enjoying my new book and know that I have read one of her others with the same characters.

Ken, like Bill, finds comfort in putting models together
Or was it in a movie? Hmmm. It is fun and so far a page turner. Around 3, it was time for Happy Hour and Doug and Yuma from Miss Adventure Travels drove up in their Jeep. Deb and Tom had informed us of their imminent arrival and we were all happy to see them again. 

Doug and Yuma visit for Happy Hour
After introductions to Bob, Jo-Anne, Kim, Ken and Keith, we settled in for another long H.H. Once more, no shortage of conversation as we learned even more new things about each other. It was very nice to catch up with Doug and hear some of his stories.

L to R: Patsy, Keith, Kim, Ken, Deb, Tom, Bob, Jo-Anne, Higgins Doug, Yuma
It was a hot afternoon
It was around 5:15 or so when Keith and Bill loaded Black Beauty with their planes and left for the field again for some night flying. I knew they would be going out for a bite to eat later so was in no hurry to break up the party. Ken drove his own car to watch them and join them for supper, probably at Carl’s Jrs.

Another view
Eventually, around 6, we said goodbye to Doug and Yuma for now and planned to see them on Saturday at Bloggerfest. There were a few pictures of the pretty AZ sky before everyone made their ways into their homes. I left our back blind open so I could see Oreo outside of Keith’s unit. I felt bad leaving her out there on her own but knew she’d be fine or Keith would never have left her out. It was nicer for her than being inside on such a nice day.

Once it got darker, I texted Bill but he told me just to leave her if she was quiet. My heart couldn’t quite get to that place of not worrying. She’s such a good dog and not a peep was heard but I worried about how long the boys may be getting home. She isn’t just a little dog; would she be easy for me to handle? (I don’t really know how easy that would be) or I would have tried to put her inside. We know how I’m not a fan of the dark and was worried about her.

Yuma thinks he is a lapdog too
I caught the sun before the dip tonight
Inside, I made myself a stuffed taco of chicken salad, lettuce, shredded cheese, ham and salsa for supper. It was quite tasty! I finished my meal off with some more of the keto Jell-o. Bill texted to say they had arrived at Carl’s Jr. and a reminder to plug our lights in. Then Keith put my mind at ease by saying I could put Oreo insider. She was so gentle when I walked over and she went straight to the door of her home. Up she went and as soon as I unclipped her leash, she went up to bed. 😊

A daily sighting and I love it!
Now that I’m relaxed again, I worked on my blog post and downloaded the day’s pictures. If it is difficult to publish tonight, it will be ready for the morning. 

Pink sky again over Keith's trailers
You can see Oreo being good under the camper
This was a great day! Sad to say goodbye to Ken and Shirley and happy to see Doug and Yuma. We are all enjoying the blessings of such nice weather in the desert, the company and the friendship of others. Each day is a bonus and we don’t take any for granted.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. You have a soft heart Patsy. I'd feel the same way and worry about Oreo out there on her own in the dark. She's a good girl obviously.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. If she wasn't a 'shedder' I would have brought her in here but I knew she'd be happier in her home, which is where she headed as soon as I walked over. She is a very good girl.

  2. You at least had a few days to spend with Ken & Shirley, so that makes it a good thing, even when saying goodbye.
    Doug & Yuma are always a treat, and the stories are always interesting.
    Glad you all had a fantastic happy hour! Enjoy bloggerfest.

    1. We did have fun with Ken and Shirley and we'll likely see them again soon. :)
      It was nice to see Doug and Yuma. He and Higgins were very curious about each other, sometimes not in a good way. LOL

  3. I'm sad that you guys are holding bloggerfest tomorrow and this is the first I have heard about it. If we had had some notice we would have definitely come.

    1. Hi MT. I understand your feeling. We just found out from Doug and even then he wasn't 100% sure. We still aren't! 6 of us will drive over but not expecting much. I don't know if ShadowMoss is putting it on but there were sure no advertising this year. Too bad, it would have been nice to see you again.

  4. Great sunrise picture and I loved the sunset pictures as well. It was nice to sit and relax after a stressful day and enjoy conversation with friends. You two have a beautiful home. So sweet of you to worry so about Oreo. Such a behave and sweet dog. Not like some other dog I know well. See you again tomorrow at Bloggerfest.

    1. Thank you Doug. It was very nice you were able to drop by. thank you for the home comment, we love it :)
      Oreo is a very sweet dog. She doesn't say a word and that was when her Dad wasn't even in her sight. :)

  5. I think the best part of Quartzsite is Happy Hour!!