Saturday, January 25, 2020

Window Shopping for Fun, Smaller Happy Hour Again, Happy Birthday

Quartzsite, AZ
On Friday, Jan. 24th we were up together by 7 and when Bill’s coffee was finished, we went for our walk. Nothing better than watching that beautiful sun come up over those mountains. We counted 10 rv’s in line to dump with more coming so told Bob and Jo-Anne that when we returned to camp. They were packing up and leaving today and by the time we got back, they were ready to say goodbye. After hugs, I made sure to visit Higgins in the truck to get and give my hug and kiss to the little guy.

Another pretty start to the day
We knew there would be wispy clouds most of the day
but this sun was still ever present making it very warm
These saguaros in the sunlight were healthy and beautiful
I planted a couple of rocks the other day
One was picked up but this one was still here
This was a surprise to us as we didn’t know they had planned to move on until yesterday after Happy Hour. I’m under the impression that we’ll meet up again in a couple of weeks and we all wished them farewell and safe travels. Bob has family in the Palm Springs area so they’ll get a nice tour around there. Bill and I each had a bowl of oatmeal and he and Keith took turns having a shower. Then we all drove into town to do our yearly window shopping at the RV show.

Bye Higgins!

Bye guys!
We like walking through some of the motor homes and then some of the 5th wheels. After going a few together, Keith wandered off on his own to Tyson Wells for some flea market shopping. Bill and I eventually made our way over there as well and each found an article of clothing for a really nice price. Turns out, as we found out from Ken later, the owner of that booth is selling out. That’s why the deals were so good. 😊 Works for us!

There were a few nice motor homes but this Solitude was the best
5th wheel we've seen
Front bedroom, Centre kitchen, Back raised living room
giving this huge under belly storage
No, we're not in the market!
When we left there, we made a couple of other stops. One was to get our 5-gal jug of water filled, a whole $1! Next Bill drove out to Jim Colwell’s place so I could get a few pictures of the place. Jim is who the Quartzsite flying field is named after and he and his wife have quite the amazing ‘shop’ (for lack of a better word) at their residence in the Q.

this is Jim's residence and shop on Datig Ave.
Nancy, see the quilt over the door to her shop?
Jim entertains his hobby of rc planes in a large section and his wife does the same with the other portion of the shop with her quilting. Wow! That is all I can say to go along with the few pics I took.

The quilt in process

Her sewing room
Upstairs where you really had to duck your head
his storage are
I don't know if you can see all the wings staged on the right
and fusilages' nose down in a rack in the centre
but there was no shortage of plane parts up here
From there we drove home. I felt whooped and hungry so when we got home, rather than having bacon and eggs, Bill made himself a peanut butter and cheese bun and I made up another taco with all my own fixings. It was filling along with my coffee. 

Bill and Jim poke through a couple of new kits
that were purchased from an auction estate

Look up
Look way up
This is a personal collection
 There weren’t enough dishes to worry about so Bill went out to help Keith work on one of his planes. He’d had a problem with it in yesterday morning’s flight. Next thing I knew, they were loading it up to go back to the ‘shop’ where Jim has an open repair shop, with all the tools and materials, for any club member. Both Keith and Bill have paid the $10 yearly fee to join.

The still bustling town of Quartzsite and the mountain
can be seen over the tent tops
The Big Tent is on the far left, all the rest
are Tyson Wells' vendors
Back at camp, Bill and Keith worked on Keith's plane
before taking it into town
I was quite content here at home and had no responsibility to anyone other than myself. Ken and Kim had just returned before they left so I wouldn’t be here alone. Not that that would have been a problem in daylight. At night, it would be a different story. I got so engrossed in my book outside in the sun that I may very well finish it tonight. It is such an enjoyable read! Kim joined me with her book but we ended up chatting for most of the time.

My lunch taco and cottage cheese
When Ken, Tom and Deb walked over with their chairs, one of the smallest H.H.’s in a while took place. The party broke up before 5 and with Big Red not between us and the western sky, both Kim and I had sun on our patios until it dropped below the mountain. 

Kim and Ken
Bill texted at 5 to say they were on their way home but I had no cause to move until they returned. Supper was just burgers so he lit the Weber closer to 6. I was happy for Keith that he was able to get things back up and running.

Deb and Tom
And soon the small group departed

I made up a salad for our supper (you know, the open bag deal) and had my burger without a bun and also ate my leftover dog from yesterday’s lunch. It was a tasty supper and whether we needed it or not, we each had a dish of Caramel pecan ice cream. Yum, it has been a while. 

I had a clear view of the sun dropping without moving at all
Burger, dog and salad

I’ll have to walk extra tomorrow to pay for it! Many rv’s have pulled out over the last couple of days, although in town it was still very busy. Hopefully, I will be able to post my blog tonight.

This cloud was intriguing as it went through
changes from the sunset

I took more pictures than this but you
get it :)

As I was taking pictures, someone else was doing the same
Ha ha
 I downloaded pictures and moved them into Picasa. I played my Scrabble games online and the rest of the evening is history. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as much as I have. The weather at 73F was gorgeous!

Good night all!
One more thing about today. It is Bill's youngest sister's birthday.

Liz and her newest grandson
Happy Birthday Liz!

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Sounds like a really nice day! You might go back one more time to the vendor that's selling out, maybe even better deals! Hopefully Jo Anne and Bob have a nice time in CA for a few weeks. So CAL definitely not my favorite place to be but family certainly makes it worth it! What a shop! Both shops are amazing! Glad Keith got his plane fixed, sure can't beat the $10.00 yearly fee! Our happy hour was really small yesterday too :( Missing you all!!

    1. Thank you, we had a great day. Bill and Keith love this field for flying better than Yuma. Too bad it isn't closer for them when we're at P.K.
      Missed you guys too. :(

  2. Beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. It must be nice to just enjoy the day doing your own thing. Such beautiful weather we're having it's hard not to want to just lay down and enjoy it.

    1. thank you Doug. I just point and shoot, the sky does the rest! :)
      It's easy to enjoy this weather when you're lazy like i am!

  3. Always something to keep you busy in Quartzsite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Bloggerfest.

    It's about time.

  4. What a neat shop, with lots of room for both their hobbies. I'm sure it was fun to wander through.

    Have a great day!

  5. We almost bought that Solitude, we had negotiated the deal and were already to put down our money but we were a little leery of Grand Design as we have seen a few Reflections that aren't holding up very well but what really caused us to pull the plug was when we found out it was to long to legally tow in Canada (maximum length for a towed unit is 41 feet and the maximum combination is 65.6 feet) ... and when we questioned the sales people they said it would be okay not to worry. We lost all respect for them since if we were ever in an accident I'm sure our insurance company wouldn't cover it because it wasn't legal. But we did love the design and all the storage!

    1. That Solitude was gorgeous! Bill says not to discount Grand Design yet. From his experiences at CanAm they are one of the better manufacturers right now. He listens to the rv techs and the G.D. products have the least repairs. Minor things, he would recommend another look. :) In Ontario, at least, the maximum tow length is 75'1" so each province must be different.

    2. So hubby looked it up again cause he was curious and you are right Ontario does have a maximum combined length of 75'6" but the maximum allowable trailer length is still 41'. I did love that unit but we are just not willing to tow it when it is over the legal length.

  6. So glad you guys are having fun there. I wish I could see more people in shorts but hey it sounds like it is going to be great there right away. Keep smiling.

    1. thanks Lorne. People here don't seem to wear shorts! I'm about the only one but then I don't mind a change during the day according to the temps. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Liz. Cute grandson.
    Sounds like you've been having some good times there. A very nice happy hour for sure. Some interesting rigs for certain, we toured a couple as well.

    1. thanks for the birthday wishes for Liz. ;)
      We are enjoying this area as always for a short period.

  8. What a great picture of Bill's sister and her grandson; the look on his face is priceless.
    That is quite the "shop" that gentleman and his wife have. It must be huge to fit in both those hobbies. I do not know much about planes but the sewing room looked enviable.
    It was sad to see JoAnne and Bob pull out yet at the same time happy for them to be on their way to spend time with family and explore a new area.

    1. It is a great picture. Little Johnny is adorable.
      J & B are spreading their wings in the area and it's nice to visit their family so close by.

  9. Your sunrise and sunset pictures are beautiful! The Saguaro cactus are so amazing. We visited Tuscon for a rally a few years ago and I could not stop taking pictures of them when we visited the National Parks. I remember reading about Bloggerfest several years ago and thought it sounded like a great time. Enjoy!

  10. Wow ... that shop is CRAZY!!! Oh to have a sewing room THAT big!! And a long arm to boot! Very cool, and now Bill has a place to spend some time flying when you are there. What a find!

    1. It is a great shop and flying field. The boys wish it were closer to Yuma. :)