Monday, May 25, 2020

Enjoying the Drive, Quiet Afternoon

The Ridge
It was 6:30 when we were both waking up on Monday, May 25th and 7 when we got up. We’re not 100% what time the garbage truck comes by. Sometimes, it is after 9, sometimes after 8 and sometimes later than that. So, I knew Bill wanted a shower so I offered to take the bins and bag down to the road. Because there were 3 items, I loaded them in Ptooties and drove them down. I’m not lazy, just practical.

These were last night's sunset pictures

Taken after I posted my blog
Then I made my tea while Bill finished up in the bathroom. While he was in there I looked out, noticing Chippy hopping across the grass. Then I noticed that my white geranium flower was laying on the ground. Oh-oh, I wondered if the stronger winds damaged it. My next question is: Does anyone want to adopt a mischievous chipmunk?? LOL.

I don't want to make a habit of cereal for breakfast
(tummy roller)
But I sure enjoy it once in a while 
Chippy had been busy. The geranium, cornflower and daisy plants were completely dug up and out of their holes. Hmmm. I guess the little rascal didn’t like the location. The air was blue as I went out and replanted them, this time packing large rocks around the base of each plant. I’ll fix you, I promised. I’ll water them later today as the rains are done for now. I couldn’t believe that he did that so went around and checked the lobelia and petunias. They were fine.

Oh how I would love to see inside this old schoolhouse
I don't think it is inhabited right now
How sad is that?
We finished our blog reading, drinks and clean up. I’d decided that because it was going to be a hot day, I would wear a sun dress. That makes a person (this person anyway) feel pretty. It would also be cooler than shorts and a top. My Akumal dress was the ticket. I had Cheerios, strawberries and cream and Bill had some toast.

"Country roads, take me home, to a place, I belong"
We hopped in Ptooties after turning the fans on indoors and pulling the inner blinds down. Owen Sound was our destination, about 40 minutes’ drive. This is always a pretty drive down the country roads for the first 15 minutes and then onto Hwy #6. Bill wanted to take the back way so we didn’t have to drive through the heart of the city. That didn’t quite turn out the way we planned but it was a wonderful drive for me. Bill was kicking himself for missing a turn but I didn’t mind at all!

Eventually, we got back on track and arrived at Staples before 11:30. Bill had spoken to Tom on the phone but he was busy with a customer so Mike came along to help. That worked well since Mike was who our buddies recommended to speak to. I’m sure either would be fine, Tom sounded quite knowledgeable too. Bill found what he wanted and from there he asked what he needed and got the assistance he required.

It is a glorious summery day
We left the store and drove just to the end of the block to Pharmasave. Good, we didn’t have to go far to get Benadryl tablets and cream. We will need stock for the bites we’re dealing with now and expect in the future. I needed a greeting card so I did that at the same time. Homeward bound. We drove past the Acreage when we heard D & G were on their way out but with the gate still locked, we knew we’d beat them out there.

Look who's puttering up our laneway
No worries, we were hungry and headed home for lunch since it was after 12. I quickly changed into shorts and then made our bacon and eggs. I had mine in a tortilla again and enjoyed it very much. I once more had planned on cutting the grass so Bill got the big mower out of the way in the shed and got mine out for me. Woops! We’d forgotten that we have no blade for it. That put our brains in a tizzy because we each thought that we had purchased one last fall.

                                             I thought I'd share something
                                               with you - waddle waddle

It was a summer day and having no choice but to put the lawn cutting on the back burner, I took my book outside to enjoy it. For some reason, after sitting outside under the awning with my book, I started to feel extremely tired. I came in to have a doze but it was too hot in the Suite. We could plug into power and turn the a/c on but Bill wasn’t feeling it quite as much and that is usually a mutual agreement. Maybe tomorrow.

Good old pork and beans
I moved out to the Bunky where with the windows open and door closed, it was cooler. I rested but couldn’t doze off. After an hour, I came inside to see how Bill was making out with his laptop and we watched some tv together. The problem with the heat is that we never feel like eating properly. I was about to start getting Madame IP out when Bill said he didn’t feel like a big meal again. Of course, I’m hungry but at this stage, anything will do.

Is this a threat?
We did get a few large drops of rain before we went to town
and the sun was shining at the same time when I ran out to
close windows and doors in the Bunky
We decided on wieners and beans, the poor man’s meal, so at 6:30 I started cooking. After dishes, we took a drive into Durham for a short visit with Rob and Pat and were headed home just after 8:30. It is always nice to see them. The Suite had cooled down inside as had the outside temperature. It got up to a sizzling 28C/82F up here today and the winds were minimal for the most part with the odd gusts now and then. We had the awnings out all afternoon.

And when it rains in the sunshine

You just need to look for the pot of gold - er, rainbow!

This was a good day, very summer-like and this is what we’ll have for a couple more days. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours too.

Good night from the Ridge
That is not the moon
My ghost is back in this picture again
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Nice day and it does sound like summer. Lovely rainbow pictures and the big white fluffy cloud. Really liked the sunset ones at the beginning.
    Referring back to yesterday Bill's daughter is certainly pretty and what a great smile.

    1. Thank you Deb for your comment. I had looked for a rainbow all day so was happy to finally see one. :)
      Yes, Yvonne is a beautiful young lady.

  2. That Chippy is one onery little guy! Hope the rocks keep him from messing with your plants again. Seeing your bowl of cereal, reminds me I should have a box on hand for quick morning meals when we are in a rush to get out the door. I love old schoolhouses. Yeah for country roads and drives. I bet Bill is happy to have his new laptop. The gooslings have sure grown! I'm glad you are getting warmer weather after all of the cold and snow. The picture of the rainbow with the big white clouds below it, with the reflections in the pond is really gorgeous! What a wonderful day you had!

    1. Thank you Cheri for the comment. Now that Chippy has been 'chastised' and blocked I hope not to have any more problems. Next it will be cayenne pepper!! haha

  3. Awwww I'll take Chippy, the little bugger!! Funny how he only dug up a few. The baby geese sure are getting big!! Love to see them waddle.

    1. Good to know! We'll see how he behaves over the coming days. :) He is growing on me.
      The baby geese grow way too fast!

  4. Could it be rabbits and not Chippy? Unless we protect our flowers the rabbits go crazy..just saying..Beuatiful sunset pictures. I love the drive pictures just too pretty. Congrats to Bill on getting a new laptop! Sure he'll write about it on his blog. Love the rainbow. :)

    1. Good thought but we have never had rabbits up here so no, definitely Chippy.
      Bill has a learning experience with the laptop, you'll hear about it. :)

  5. Always nice to enjoy those short trips through scenic country side.
    If this is a taste of what's to come we're going to be in trouble.
    Weird that Chippy would dig the plants up like that.
    Hope bill enjoys his new Laptop.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It's about time.

    1. I love the country road trips too. The heat won't stay but it will come and go.
      Chippy is an imp. :)

  6. Chippy is being a right brat! Hopefully he leaves the plants alone.

    Love the rainbow photos!