Friday, July 10, 2020

Hard at It, Thunderstorms, Dam Swim, TGIF Drink

The Ridge
Up and at ‘em this morning. Friday, July 10th we woke to a lovely fresh breeze coming in my window. Bill had his shower and I got up at 6:30, washed, got dressed and kissed him goodbye. The Mat doors were open before 7 but all lights were on so I know when Jamie and Bill reset the timer, it worked. I cleaned and was out of there just after 8.

While working at Mitch's, i took a picture of this vintage washer
Told you I had an interesting picture
Still works
Another stop at Foodland, this time for head lettuce for our evening salad. When it’s hot like this, we are enjoying them. It doesn’t hurt our weight any either, as we’ve both lost a bit. Yay! I headed home and upon arriving, had my creamed tea and read some blogs and played my online Word games with my sisters and Bill’s cousin. At 9:15, I drove over to Mitch’s for the second job of the day. Might as well finish the week off properly.

Not so many people at the beach today
But still very refreshing in and out of the water
Leaving the Conservation area
I worked away at the task he gave me today and got half of the car 80% finished. It is the trim pieces that need to be sanded right down almost to the metal and Mitch provided me with a stool since it is at knee level. There was a decent breeze every so often that cooled me off and even though I was extremely hot and drippy, the heat didn’t get to me as much this morning. I finished up at 11:30 and said goodbye. I guess I’ll have to question when his ‘pay day’ is when I see him on Monday. It’s adding up nicely.

It was delicious too
Back home, I had my shower right away and then made my lunch but skipped a coffee today. It was around 12:30 that Bill texted to say he was on his way home. That’s nice, too hot to work the afternoon and Mike does like to end the work week by noonish anyway. Bill came home soaked from head to toe again so I hung his clothes on the line. We’ll do a wash on Sunday when we both go to clean the Mat.

When there was a break in the rain, Bill went out
and re-positioned the tent and the sun came out
I had already packed my beach bag and he told me to go for a swim. He was going to snooze and start grass cutting. The beach wasn’t as packed and I found a spot near yesterday’s. Eventually, I had my dip in the dam and got very refreshed. It was lovely and I would stay in longer if I had my noodle with me or a friend to hang with. Around 2:30 the sky opened up quickly and I (along with everyone else) made a dash for our vehicles holding my webbed chair with the towel inside over my head. LOL I sure can't run up hills in the rain like I used to.
The sky to the north was pretty dark
A closer view shows a probably fire of some sort
As it let up, I drove to Rob and Pat’s to return his edger and Pat had some books for me to peruse. I sat under their carport going through them and the rain hit again. Very heavy rains and then after Pat joined me outside, pea size hail. We chatted while I waited it out and finally ran back to the car. I hoped that Bill wasn’t in the field cutting when it hit, the mower can’t go that fast up the lane! That was the worst rain storm I’ve driven in for a long time but I made it home.

to the east
Our dining tent had a leg/arm bent inwards and we thought it might be broken. Once the second (or third?) bout of rain stopped, Bill checked it and it was not broke, thank goodness. He re-staked the legs that came out of the ground and moved inside. The air has cooled down considerably, a comfortable 24C/75F now and we’ve opened up the west facing windows again. All the rest have been open. I made us each a Strawberry Daquiri for Happy Hour today celebrating the weekend. 😊

Sugar free and no carb Jell-o
Can't say the same for the cookies
Bill went out about 5:45 to start cutting some grass and I began prepping our chicken vegetable salads. He got a fair bit done up around our area and in the corral before I waved him in for supper. It’s just salad but enough of it is very filling. For dessert we had another dish of Jell-o and a couple of Girl Guide cookies each. They were the last of the box I’d bought and they were going soft. I’ll suffer the carbs tonight.

After supper, we had rain and thunder off and on for the rest of the evening
Our tent flopped a lot in the wind but held its ground
As Bill was coming in to eat, the rain started again. We are not complaining, after waiting so long for it. The heat relief is so welcome and we will enjoy it for a few days before it climbs again. Which it surely will. After dishes, we found something on tv to watch. I like a few programs on Animal Planet so when Bill didn’t want to watch something, I moved upstairs so he could watch a recorded movie downstairs.

The pond always looks so different in a rain storm
The cows in the yonder field are huddled together, not having sense
to go to the barn
Although, maybe they too relish the heat relief
Good night!
It was a good Friday and now we’re geared for the weekend. Thanks for the visit!


  1. You are having the weird weather!! All that sanding will be worth the $$$ when you get paid.

    1. We definitely are! Looking forward to seeing the monetary reward after seeing the sanding reward at the end of each shift. :)

  2. You are keeping busy with Two Jobs in one day.
    The Rain is definitely cooling things down and I'm certain the Farmers crops are appreciating it as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I couldn't do what Bill is doing, full days, but I don't mind the two small jobs at all.
      The rain is such a blessing, isn't it? My gardens are smiling.

  3. Sure hope it blows this way. Our farmers are crying. The only thing doing well is hay.

    1. Looks like a lot more coming over the next 3 days and then I hope you get it, Karen.

  4. I had went to pick up groceries and got caught in quite a down pour on the way back this morning and the storm was going towards Canada. Was doing some catch up reading nice pictures of you area and the dam. Always enjoy the pictures of your place. Especially the pond it looks serene. So sad to read about the turtle eggs it would have been fun to see the little ones and we would have enjoyed the pictures. Take care and stay healthy.

    1. The downpour sure knows when to let loose, doesn't it? I hope you were in the car rather than walking. Once it started yesterday, it would take a break and let loose again. Except for the winds which we don't like up here, we welcomed it. It feels so good to take a fresh breath again. :)

  5. Glad you got some relief from the heat. I suspect the humidity will be incredibly high for the next few days.

    Enjoy your weekend!