Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hot and Humid

The Ridge

It was very late, almost early morning when Bill and I got to bed last night. That is important to know as it explains why we slept in until 8 this morning, Sunday, July 5th. Blows my mind that I need and usually get 8 hours of sleep each night, regardless of my bedtime. I’m grateful that sleep has never been a problem for me to date. Bill had a shower, he hates the scent of OFF and having it on his body so was anxious to wash it off this morning. The skitters weren’t terrible last night but they were around hoping to feast.

Good morning pond picture
I went for a walk after I got up and it was warmer than if I’d gone at 7 but that’s a moot point. I enjoyed the trek down B.C.Rd. and back with a couple of shout outs from Mitch and from the neighbor at the corner. We chatted about his large barking dogs. I am happier now to know that IF (big if) they were to be out, they were friendly although they would still run towards me barking. I still hope not to have that take place as it would be quite intimidating.

At least most of my walk was in the shade
Looking south to the highway
Back home, Bill was already down in the Hangar when I settled inside with my tea. If I didn’t have a blog to publish, I would have sat outside but was too lazy to cart my laptop and tea out there. When I finished that, I read other blogger’s posts and then wandered down to see Bill around 11. We’d talked about going for a drive so Bill had a yogourt and I had some cottage cheese before we headed out.

Looking back towards where I came from, the north
The drive took us through Neudstadt, Carlsruhe and into Hanover where we stopped at Canadian Tire for a few things Bill needed for the cargo trailer. They had some big bags of bird seed on sale so we got one of those too. On the way back through Durham, we stopped at the Beer Store to deposit my roadside finds and walked out with $6. That’s pretty good! Before driving home, we stopped in to visit Rob and Pat briefly. Always nice to catch up with our buddies. 😊

Back home, we were both hungry as breakfast was a no-show this morning. Falling off the keto wagon (was I pushed? No) Bill had toast and I made a leaf lettuce, tuna and mayo sandwich. Unfortunately, I really enjoyed the bread’s freshness and the fresh lettuce too. Oh well, what’s done is done. I’ve started keeping a note for myself on the Nutritional Facts of the foods I consume in a day. I’m curious how I can help myself. This was a big no-no but on paper it is an 'in my face' reminder.

The yard sale book I picked up
Never heard of the author but it sounded interesting
As I was finishing my guilty pleasure and coffee, Jamie dropped in to pay me for the past 2 weeks’ work. It was nice to chit chat a bit and catch up on what he’s got going on. He’s a busy guy, hard to slow him down with his new ventures. Bill went down to the Hangar to put up hooks for in the trailer and I basically did a big fat ‘nothing’. I took my book out to the shade and just relaxed for the afternoon. I’ll be working in the morning so have no guilt about that!

The movie also sounded interesting
We like Nicholas Cage so hope it is a good one
Today was the hottest I have felt it. Or, at least the most bothered I was by it. Having no breeze didn’t help since we don’t have the a/c but I made it through. I tried a snooze up in the bedroom but that didn’t work so instead, I called Patrick and had a nice conversation with my #1 son. 😊 He had just gotten out of their pool so it was a tease that he was cooled off when I was so hot. He told me their pool temp was 32C/88F. But at least it was wet and still refreshing. It would have worked for me!

The chair cushions I picked up at the sale
I tried calling Bridgette but there was no answer so will try again another night. At 5, I moved inside once more trying to find relief and the Suite was hot but cooler than outside by this point. I actually dropped off to sleep for a few minutes in my recliner in between reading and began feeling more comfortable. We’d eaten around 2 so weren’t too hungry but we still needed to eat something.

Two 500-pc puzzles to keep me busy when I need an indoor project
Bill earlier suggested bacon and eggs so around 6, I fried some cut up bacon, onions, mushrooms and radishes. Then in a bigger non-stick pan I made what I call my ‘Akumal’ omelette. At the resort, I watched how she made my omelettes each morning and learned. 👏 It is more like a crepe since my omelettes are just a jumbled mess of egg and everything else. This was a flat version with the fried ingredients in one half and the egg mixture with shredded cheese folded over top. Hey! That turned out pretty good!

We agreed that it was enough and I’d added cucumber slices and olives on the side. After dishes, Bill went back down to the Hangar and his trailer. I puttered away on my blog and watched some interesting shows on Animal Planet. There are so many interesting critters all over the world. With the news that Bill doesn’t have to work tomorrow and I do, I texted Pat to inform Rob that he and Bill can get together if they want. They want to test the alignment on the Suite.

I will definitely make this again

This was a different day; the morning was really nice but the afternoon a bit too uncomfortable for me. Oh well, not to complain, it is summer.

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always read and appreciated.


  1. Hope you can get some relief from the heat soon. Have a good day!

  2. I can't imagine not having the a/c on when it's so hot and your humidity. I'm a sissy I guess :) You did well at the garage sale! Dinner looks yummy and those ingredients yummy! I'm surprised Bill likes radishes..Ken doesn't but I sure do! Hoping Bill enjoys his boy time with Rob and they can figure out the alignment. I'm guessing a slide??

    1. We didn't use the a/c a lot anyway but on days like this, I sure miss it!
      The alignment wasn't the issue so on to the next idea. Process of elimination.

  3. I'm rather getting used to those do-nothing days. Your pond pictures are always beautiful!! Sometimes I wish I had a pool in the back yard. Maybe even a horse trough just big enough to get wet.

    1. I would love a pool too, doesn't have to be big, just enough to get wet once in a while! A horse trough would work!

  4. I'm glad you seem to handle the heat pretty well! I wish I was more like that. I like the windows open when we sleep until it starts getting warm... the a/c is on in a heartbeat.

    Hope you can at least get cool breezes!!

    Your chair cushions look comfortable!

    1. Thank you, I have felt pretty miserable over the last couple of days with the humidity but can't do too much about it right now. We pray for some relief just not too much! :)