Thursday, July 2, 2020

Surprising Myself, Gorgeous Summer, July Day

The Ridge
The hot summer days are never ending. At least that is what we’re experiencing right now. No complaints on this home front! Bill wasn’t expecting to be working today, Thursday, July 2nd, so no alarm. Me, I had to clean at the Mat but was in no rush. We got up shortly after 6:30 to greet the day. I left at 7:15 for Durham and took the chair covers, our towels and sheets to be washed.

At the end of the lane, the cows were gathered
No one there at first and the front and back doors wide open. Three men arrived  individually soon after to do their laundry. I needed to help a couple of them out with coin from another machine and I was out in an hour. Bill called at 8 to say he’d been called in to work for a part day so he was heading out. On the way home, I looked for Mitch at his place as I drove by but didn’t see him out and about. I went home and had my tea and finished yesterday’s blog posting.

These boxes are bursting with colour and petunia blooms
There are 8 out front at the road
Around 10:30 I walked over with garden gloves, my ball cap and water thermos. I knocked on a couple of his back doors when I noticed all vehicles were there but didn’t get an answer. I went for a walk down to Turbine lane instead. On the way back he was out the back of his shop so I stopped in. We discussed a few details about the work and how much time he expected from me. That settled, I started.

And 5 here down the side and lots of watering cans
For an hour and a half, I deadheaded his 13 large boxes of petunias in the heat. At 1, I signed his calendar with my time and walked home. He offered me his Acadia but I declined. 

My lunch wrap hit the spot
At 1:30, after a nice healthy wrap with tuna, shredded cheese, cottage cheese and Carol’s leaf lettuce, I drove Ptooties over instead of walking. I knew what I’d be doing so took my old work gloves and Mitch took me in to start on what he called 'MY' project. Way until you see!! The pictures will tell the story.

'My' project consisted of prepping this '29 Plymouth for painting
so, today I sanded around the windows for starters
The owners have many classic cars that they take to car shows all over
At 2 Bill texted that he was home and had a good 4 hours of work. I carried on until 3:30 and headed home. Now, I was arriving home almost as dirty as Bill does. The black from the vehicle and sanding paper was on my gloves, hands, shirt and shorts. Surprisingly, it felt good! I got washed up and Bill said to rest before bringing the laundry in off the line. An easy supper of toasted tomato sandwiches was also Bill’s suggestion. He is definitely a keeper!

Taping the windows so i can sand around them
I admit that I was worn out after I got home and happy just to sit for a while. Bill dozed but I couldn’t seem to drop off. At 6 I needed to start toasting the sandwiches. Usually, I let Bill make his first but I hogged in and took the first one. I was the hungriest. 😊 

This cars interior is in excellent shape
After dishes, we both went out and brought the items in off the line, put the chair covers on and folded the sheet and towels. Then we had a bit of ice cream cake with the strawberries and whipped cream. There are too many containers in the fridge so we emptied a couple. (Then I washed those too)

Cool wooden rims
We watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while I worked away at my post. For having the blinds closed and windows open all day, the Suite felt quite comfortable. As long as we weren’t doing anything too strenuous. Bill went to the Hangar and I turned my recordings on of Downton Abbey. This was a good day. I feel that I stepped up to the plate and pursued the job with Mitch. I found that it was better than expected and I was left alone for the most part unless I asked for an opinion.

Supper tonight
Thought this was cute
Good night!

I hope you’ve had a good day too. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. I've found hand sanding is the worst...A power orbital sander is O.K. for a bit..then..Pooo.
    Have fun!
    Cool old surviving ride, stay away termites, from my spokes....(:+).....

    1. I don't mind the hand sanding (right now) it is an area where no power sander will fit. We'll see how it goes! haha
      it is a cool ride. you're right, things we don't have to worry about these days. :)

  2. What a GREAT little car!! You've found a very cool job. I agree, a power sander would be much easier, but they can never get in to the small spaces. Have fun!!!

  3. Your saying at the bottom had us both busting up :) Keep em coming! The petunia boxes are lovely! Love the old car, what a job you have :) A power sander will make the big parts easier but for what you're doing around the windows I get it. You both work too hard :) Dinner looks simple and yummy!

  4. I howled at the poster...that's so funny!

    Oh, that car is something else. I hope you'll be able to share photos when it's been painted.

    Have a great day!

  5. Cool car, that will be a fun project to work on!

  6. That car will look really great once it is refinished! It will be nice knowing you were a part of it. Cute poster!

  7. Good for you. I am glad you enjoyed the job sanding.

    God bless.

  8. I didn't think you'd be complaining about the heat, but I am!