Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Sunday Move – Déjà vu and a Different Destination

The Ridge and London

On Sunday, Sept. 20th I didn’t want to get up. I was having such a nice sleep so I extended it as long as I could and at a couple minutes before 7, we decided we’d better get the day started. We sorted laundry into 2 hefty loads and I made a tea to take with me. Bill stayed home and did what was necessary to prepare for ‘take off’. I loaded the washers and began cleaning. The place was very busy today.

Gong to be a lovely Sunday
I was on the way to Durham to clean

I’ve never known so many to do laundry on their own! I’m very impressed. Of course, I don’t know how many of them live alone. 😊 They may not have a choice. There were 5 or 6 in there while I was there so the laundromat is raking in the dough. It was 9:30 when I finished drying and folding our clothes. The Mat was tip top and that would be the last time I’ll clean for a few days. It’s all yours, Jamie!

It's obvious my thumb is no longer green
It's black, the funeral will be next week

Back home, we had some breakfast, cereal and/or toast, we got finished packing and emptying a couple of cupboards that CanAm will need access to. Bill reminded me to uncover the garden plants since we are in for a host of warm weather this week. What a lovely change! However, I was sad to see that most of the tomato leaves were black from the frost. The little tomatoes look healthy still so I left them on the plants. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be fine and grow a bit.

Emptying cupboards inside means the Bunky gets full
Some of this is stacked up for our winter adventure too

The peppers looked okay with the exception of one plant with a blackened leaf section. I removed the spent flowers on the hibiscus and will hope for a miracle by the time we return. A girl can dream! Bill and I were pulling out of the Ridge and dumping just before 12:30. We were ahead of what we thought we’d be so sat back and enjoyed the drive. Such a lovely day with full sunshine overhead. The roads through Stratford (Bill debated on going that way) were horrible. For a tourist town, they need to react quicker, I think.

the bluejays are still around

Today, there were 3 or 4 young robins eating worms

Look at his little speckled belly
He posed for me, sweet thing

The rest of the trip was good but seemingly a lot of traffic on the highways and our major thoroughfare, the 401. We arrived at CanAm’s lot around 3:30 and backed up to the building on the south end so we could plug into 30 amp. We were set for the night. I notified our ‘parents’ back home: Donna and Pat. 😊 We felt tired right out so sat in our chairs for a siesta. As usually happens, I couldn’t drop off but Bill caught a very few winks.

Vacated our site
We like this park so we'll be back - hahaha

Stopped to dump

One other unit and owners are here for the night and 2 more came in by 5 pm. The fun will begin in the morning to see how soon our Suite gets moved into the shop. We are scheduled so I’m sure it will happen w/o delay. For supper, since we were in the Suite, we’ll heat up yesterday’s chili. Nice and easy. It was fast and it was delicious. Dishes didn’t take long either then we sat and did some online stuff. Me, writing my blog for today (between yawns) and Bill, changing pictures on his blogsite and writing his own update.

Crossing the Avon River in Stratford
but I was slow taking the picture

This is the scenic road but it's curvy and at the top of the hill is a light
We avoid the downtown area with the Suite
A very pretty town, just crappy streets

Otherwise, a lovely drive on a clear day

We had a funny thing happen after I heated our chili in the microwave. The carbon dioxide detector kept going off. We had used no propane yet that was what was lit up. We’d hit reset and 5 minutes later, ‘beep beep beep’. LOL Finally, Bill turned the propane off altogether. We don’t need that going off through the night. Add it to the repair list. It isn’t going to be too cold tonight, only about 8C/47f, so we’ll try to go without the heat.

Our turn off to CanAm from the 401 (like US interstate)

entering the lot
Woops! the wrong way but the right way (if you get my drift)

And we got backed up tout suite with the Suite
plugged into 30 amp service and
settled for the night

Another Airstream and owner have pulled in for the night. The consensus is that we got here at the right time. 😊 This was a good day even though mostly a drive day. We’ll get things looked after starting tomorrow and see what happens tomorrow night. That’s the strange part, Mary, not knowing how each day plays out. At least with warm weather, we could go to Bill’s flying field during the day, visiting or shopping.

I added all the fixin's to mine tonight

LOL, I almost missed the whole sunset!
There was a spot the station (ISS) tonight
at 8:16 for 6 minutes and I remembered it at exactly the right time
We ran out and found it going directly overtop of us
Good night everyone from our perch in London, Ontario

Thanks for your visit! I do love hearing from you all.


  1. Good to get things taken care of before you head south again.
    Worst case you could have dropped it off when you moved into your apartment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes indeed, need it to be in good shape for next summer too! :)
      That would be a worst case as we would have been back and forth through the winter when they were finished. Their storage fees are too high! haha

  2. Not knowing what to expect everyday IS strange, now I know what you meant.Hoping it all goes well for you,-Mary

    1. Yes, you know how humdrum our life at home is. Haha. :)
      Thank you!

  3. Hope all gets taken care of quickly so you can get back to your park. :)

    You sure had a hard frost! We've been fortunate so far - it has gotten down to freezing but just light frost. So far, my annuals are still looking good.

    Take care and stay well!

  4. Pulled in the garden awhile ago after a frost at the beginning of the month. Now I am just ripening things on window sills and on the deck railing as the weather has been beautiful.

    I hope you get all the repairs done as quickly as possible.

    God bless.

  5. Good luck with the repairs. Hope it's a quick fix.