Thursday, September 17, 2020

Notifying My Other Boss, Licensing Black Beauty

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 17th I slept until 7. When I woke up, Bill was downstairs. He has been showering after returning from work each day so in the morning just needs a quick wash up. I declined a cup of tea with him and as soon as he left, I slipped my runners on, a hoody, my wind breaker and safety vest. The thermometer was reading 11C/51F when I left for my walk.

Good morning!

A teeny tiny breeze

Pretty clouds in the north sky

Up ahead, on BCRd, Rob and Bethany were approaching Turbine Lane. That was as far as I went today so had turned around before they did. Still not sure how far they walk. The sun was hidden for a while when I started out but soon broke through and gave us a clear sky for most of the day. Today, Bill and I switched vehicles. I was going into town later to get the license sticker for Black Beauty.

And the sun won this battle

So, I had my tea back home and then drove over to Graceland 2. It was a pretty good work day, some easy stuff and other stuff more challenging. At noon, I came home and had my shower. I was pretty dirty. 😊 After some lunch I drove into Durham’s Service Ontario office and got the sticker. Only one person ahead of me at 2 o’clock. That doesn’t happen in a bigger city.

I turned around here

I felt tired when I returned home so sat in my comfy chair and read my book. I’m getting really close to the end so plan to finish it tonight. I’m sure I dozed off for a few minutes. Bill was home before 5 and he had his shower before sitting with me in front of the tv. Jess, our youngest, called and we made tentative plans for early in the week while in London to meet with her and Easton. We also chatted with Marilynne from Fort Erie to catch up on things.

Still a picture from my walk of the sun on the turbine

This afternoon, I also texted my Laundromat boss and reminded him that I wouldn’t be in to clean this week. Jamie responded that he will ‘try’ and hold down the fort. Funny guy. 😉 Mitch has it marked on his calendar that I am off the for the week. Next week is when the Suite goes in to CanAm for some, if not all, of the repairs that need to be done. We’re not sure how long it will take so our plans are kind of up in the air. We plan to do some visiting while in the big city.

There is something about this tree every year
these same leaves turn red before the rest

For supper, we agreed on baby sausages and pancakes and that was very nice with local maple syrup and butter. We did the dishes and the rest of the night was relaxing. I think I’ll get one more night without covering my garden veggies but tomorrow things cool off, close to 0C/32F for overnight. Brrr. I’ll be covering them soon.

Pancake supper tonight
Fluffy and yummy
good night all!

Have a good night and thank you for popping in!


  1. Brrr, change is in the air! I covered the zucchini again tonight but it might be a lost cause.

  2. You can really tell fall is arriving. We are having pancakes for supper tomorrow.

    God bless.

  3. The temperatures are really changing and doesn't seem to follow the calendar. LOL.
    Looks like you still enjoyed a productive day.
    Supper looked good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sure will be nice for you guys to have the Suite fixed. Hopefully they can get it all done at once. Dinner looks yummy. Ken's not much for breakfast for dinner, but I could certainly do it!

  5. We had a mild frost last night so I had thought I might start pulling annuals but looking at the forecast this was our coldest night for at least a maybe I'll hold off.

    Hope all goes well with the Suite next week. Take care and stay well.

  6. It's way too early for these cold nights. Hopefully you get some warmer temps for at least the middle of October. CanAm must have been busy this summer with so many people wanting to escape the city. Be optimistic that all the issues will be fixed. Are they still under warranty?