Sunday, September 20, 2020

Too Busy to Keep Up! 😊 A Fun Reunion

The Ridge

On Saturday, Sept. 19th it was a go-go day right from the start. We had had a frosty night, so it was the right thing to do – covering my garden veggies. However, I didn’t have my head on straight and forgot the hibiscus. I think I am responsible for its demise.

Before the sun came up, I used my watering can to sprinkle water
on the whole plant
I was so sad that I forgot to cover it

First thing, I bundled up and went for a nice walk to Turbine Lane and a bit beyond. First thing for Bill, he took Black Beauty to the Acreage for water. We were almost out and needed enough for a few days but not a full tank. We both arrived back home shortly after 8 within minutes of each other. Then I began making chili. Bill and I went into town for a couple of things and filled a 40 lb. propane tank.

It was a fairly heavy frost in areas so the sun had its work
cut out for it

This is prelude of our future, but this is frost
not snow

A close up of the frostiness on blades of grass

At 12 noon, we left the Suite with chairs, our patio tables, the big cooler with food and drinks and Madame IP. Donna and Gerry were meeting us at Teviotdale, about half hour from home for each of us, and they followed us to Bridgette and Chris’s. Gayle and John were going a different way and were already at their house when we arrived.

I was readying to take the picture below of the cows
from Baptist Church Road and I saw this little Chippy

Then a picture of the cows back across from our place
They don't mind the frost

After my walk, things were 'thawing' out a bit

Bill said hello to our hosts and dropped the cooler with food and me before heading out to New Hamburg. It turned out that his cousins were having a surprise 86th birthday party for his Aunt Ruthie today as well. He wanted to make an appearance to some family and specially to wish her well on her special day. He was back at Bridgette’s at 5, just in time for supper. I couldn’t see A. Ruthie so recorded a short message for her on Bill’s phone.

Waiting for Donna and Gerry at the Teviotdale truck stop

Lots of farmers in the fields today

Driving through the small town of Shakespeare

And enjoying the fall colours

It was a great afternoon and evening with bbq’d burgers and sausage plus all the potluck additions guests brought. There were precautions in place for safe visiting and everyone made their own choices regarding that. We counted heads and came up well shy of the new allotment (changed as of today) of 25 together outside. Good grief, we are back at Stage 2 again even though our area is not responsible.

the narrow drive that the Suite would NEVER fit in

Some of Chris's family and some of Bridgette's
made for a nice mix

They have 2 driveways so we just rode out one and in the other

Bill and I had a bit of fun on Chris’s Yamaha while there, missing riding a bit. It is a beautiful bike that sits in their garage. Chris got a fire going at dusk in the large pit and we were all cozy and warm until it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes around 8 and D & G did the same to follow us to Teviotdale again. We had them quite lost! It was 10 when we texted each other that we were home. Bill and I were exhausted so went straight to bed. 

Bridgette has a handful (at least) of my favourite flower
growing in her wild flower garden
They were planted from seed and are really tall!

Chris had a roaring fire for when the chill seeped in

And kept it well stoked
Bridgette brought a few of these logs home from a recent cutting
down the road
Chris's Mom, Mary on his right and his cousin, Sara, and her
daughter and boyfriend on his left.
Nice to meet them (again)

Surprisingly, the Suite was not too cold inside but we turned the propane heater on low for sleeping.

And a quick sunset capture from the firepit angle

And of course, a picture of our sweet hosts
Thank you guys!
Good night!

It was a wonderful day approaching the beginning of a strange week for us. 😊 Thanks for stopping in!


  1. What a fun day! I love the contrast of the frost with the fall colors.

  2. Nice to have a get-together I'm happy for you. What will be strange about this coming week? -Mary

    1. Thank you, Mary. Staying in the big city for a few nights while our rv gets work done. We have to kill time all day and hopefully get it outside to sleep in at night. Fingers crossed.

  3. You got some serious frost up there in the hills!

  4. You definitely had more frost then we did.
    Looks like you had an enjoyable Family gathering.
    Be Safe in London.

    It's about time.

    1. We did get a lot so needed some powerful sun to melt it. :)
      thanks Rick.