Saturday, November 21, 2020

All Work and No Play Makes Patsy’s Blog Dull

 Paisley, On

So, I fixed that! On Friday, Nov. 20th Bill was back to his normal schedule of leaving at 6:30 to meet Billy. Since it was a work morning for me, I got up at 7 to go down to get my tea. Bill always preps it for me and all I have to do is hit the Keurig button. Voila! He’s a keeper. I didn’t plan on being past lunch so just took a banana and a coffee with me.

The drive out of Paisley this morning was quiet and
the sky promising

I left Paisley at 8 and found the Mat to be relatively clean, except the floors. To my surprise, in the recycle bin was a full uncorked bottle of wine! Nothing about it looks suspicious but I will be careful of my first sip and not offer it to anyone else until I know it is okay. Stranger things have happened. I left there and drove to the water store to fill our 5-gallon RO bottle and then headed for Hanover.

Why it's drawing up precipitation, I'll never know!

My take at the Mat today
Guess what? The bottle is full and uncorked!

One quick stop at Giant Tiger to pick up the Clark’s brown beans to replace Susan’s that I borrowed, chicken broth and Chipits for baking. This is a wonderful warm day and by 11, I was done work and on my way home. Driving on a good day with country tunes playing, I really don’t mind the 50 minutes to and from work. Singing along with the sun coming in through the windows – yup, puts me in a pretty happy place.

Italian wedding soup is a tasty lunch

Back home, I greeted Susan and came upstairs with some Italian wedding soup for lunch. Plus, my banana. Around 2:00 I slipped on my light jacket and went for a walk down Mill Drive. Susan had told me that the Mill had recently sold and that everything in the store was 40% off. Well, then, that was the direction I was walking. The weather couldn’t be better for a November Friday afternoon. It was 14C/58F when I got home.

Yes, I made it to the trestle train bridge

Before I got to the Mill, I came to the train trestle bridge again. Curiosity got the better of me and I followed a lane (previously thought it was a private laneway) and it took me up to the walkway. Woohoo! My heart was thumping fast, just me being silly, but I knew I had to walk across it to the other side. I gained courage when I saw 2 4-wheelers come slowly from the opposite direction. I felt like I was up so high but I loved it!

Looking to the west along the Teeswater River

Sharing the bridge

Looking to the east towards town

This is where the bridge ends to the north, not sure if I'll go that way alone

I saw this from the road the other day so now I see what it is
from the bridge

I did it!

Bill texted that he was on his way home just as I arrived at the Mill so I told him I’d see him when I got home. I didn’t rush. 

There are only two levels accessible to the public but it was better than one!

The mill is certainly an interesting building but I don’t know what all the things are and the owners were busy at the till. There is an upstairs with a lot of handmade crafts as well. Beautiful stuff that I don’t need or can’t afford. 😊 I had fun wandering around and came home with a free painted ‘apple’ basket and some clear glass pieces for our tree. I’m hoping to paint or write on them first.


Main level ceiliing

Large drums upstairs

Bill was in the kitchen eating his lunch, seems they worked right through digging fence post holes. Sometimes that is nice, not stopping, and finishing early. We often wished we had that choice at our regular job in the school board warehouse! I’d finalized plans with Donna that we’d meet in Hanover at their home and the boys would go and get takeout at Chuck’s Roadhouse. It will be nice to do supper with my sibs again.

Back on the mail level there is an old kitchen
behind these triangle displays

‘Someone’ had his snooze around 3:30 and I sat beside him with my crocheting. No book from the library yet. It must be a popular one! When Bill got up, I made the call to Chuck’s for our take-out order. Donna had decided that everyone call in their own. At 4:30, we got dressed semi-nice, packed a cooler of beverages and left the house at 5 for Hanover. Took about 30 minutes and we arrived at the Bains’ residence.

Mitch asked me if I'd found the Paisley Creamery yet
He used to play here as a kid with his family
Not sure if this is the building he means

This is the back side

The boys got our food and we sat around their table and enjoyed it with the company. The meal could have been better. My fish was good, it was haddock but I wasn’t fond of the dry coating (give me the greasy soggy stuff!) and Bill’s bacon cheeseburger was good but the fries weren’t anything special. At least I didn’t have to cook and we didn’t have dishes to do. 😊 I brought home a couple of the containers for leftovers here at the house as I didn’t bring a selection with me.

Still geese in the river

Here, let me zoom in for you

We visited until around 8:30 and drove home. Next time, we hope to do an eat-in restaurant meal but that’s just us. Wes and Susan were half way through a Christmas movie so Bill went in and joined them for the hour. 

I wanted to get Christmas lights on camera but there weren't many yet
and they just didn't turn out
This shot of Walkerton (?) will have to do

I crawled into bed and started a new book. It is Sue Grafton’s ‘G is for Gumshoe’. Bill had started it but couldn’t get into it for some reason and before I pass it off, I wanted to give it a try.

I've certainly had better fish but it was still pretty good

At 10 or so, it was lights out. This was a good day and probably the last of our warm ones this month. I hope you enjoyed your day whatever you got up to!

In the parking lot at Giant Tiger, I saw Tommy's friend

a 1930 Model A
Nicely done!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. A very interesting day. A combination of Eat, Work and Play all put together.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the approaching colder weather.

    It's about time.

  2. Good for you for challenging yourself on your walk and it was totally worth it! What a view!

    The Mill looks like a fun place to spend some time :-)

  3. Good to have a nice day for a walk and the river was beautiful. Nice to have interesting places near by. I have corn fields.

  4. What a lovely walk! The old car is fantastic too.

  5. The walk across the Trestle bridge certainly was worth it for the views. I know what you mean though about the height, good for you. The mill looks like it was a fun visit. Sounds like a wonderful evening spent with family. Stay safe.

  6. That trestle is cool, as is the mill. How fun to investigate those old buildings. Tell your geese they need to get on down to our rest stop so I can photograph them!!