Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Enjoying a Day at Home, A Re-Visit to Valentine’s Mill aka Stark’s Mill, Library

Paisley, On

Tuesday, Nov. 24th was a day off for me. The day began with a ‘start’. I was sound asleep, in a dream of some sort and I felt something on my cheek. Apparently, I’d slept through the alarm (if it went off), Bill getting up, washed, dressed, the squeaky door as he went down for breakfast and then the same squeaks as he came up to brush his teeth and kiss me goodbye. That was what I felt, his kiss, and I woke quickly, apologizing, which made him chuckle. 😊

Good morning, Paisley
through blurred focus - woops!

What could be better then lovely classy decorations on a beautiful old home

He was debating whether to kiss me again or just slip out without waking me. I don’t think that has happened in a very long time. So, after he left at 6:30, of course I couldn’t go back to sleep. Isn’t that always the way? However, I did stay in bed until almost 7:30 when I got up, dressed and went directly out for my walk. I was well bundled and careful not to wake Wes and Susan who were up, but dozing in the front room.

I found a trail to the south of downtown, on the west side of the highway

You can see the glass-like ice on small puddles

Probably you 4-wheelers recognize these
BUT I've never noticed these little short street signs just for
the trail riders
I love that!

It was a cold -3C/28F feeling like -6C/20F and I was glad I wore my long coat, long johns under my leggings and a hat and long scarf. Only my face, chin actually, got the brunt of the cold. My mini gloves, which are very handy and I have a pair in each coat and jacket, were at the very brink of not quite doing the job this morning so I’ll have to dig out my ‘winter’ bag of woolens. It was a wonderful walk though and I soon warmed up.

The sky was promising sunshine, yay!

The trail I was shy about the other day
Silly me

I first saw this scrambling tree
and then I noticed that it came right through the back shed of this
empty (TG) house
Maybe that's WHY it's empty!

I followed the trail that I bypassed the other day because I’d seen from the main street that it only meandered behind the homes. At the very least, I’d see the backyards of the houses I’d only seen from the front up to now. I’m so glad that I did that, it was short but a great walk. Boy was I surprised, as I kept crossing streets to carry on, when it brought me out up on the hill that leads across the train trestle bridge. 😊

When I saw the apple tree, to my delight I noticed
a black squuirrel eating some leftovers

He was very watchful of me even though i told him I wasn't interested
in his food, just a picture

As you can see, there are lots of apples for him and his friends
I walked along and he scampered from one tree to the next
I'm sure he thought I was after him

In a heartbeat, the day changed to glowing orange
when the sun popped

I turned around and it was a different story behind me,
facing the benefactor

Back home, I had my tea and read our friends’ blogs upstairs. Then I curled up on the bed and finished my book. That was no hardship, it was another good story. Around noon, I had some lunch, pepperettes, cheese and the last cup of the sausage, corn and potato meal we had leftover. When I had the dishes cleaned up, around 1 or so, I slipped on my coat, took my wallet and the mailbox keys and went for another walk.

Next thing I knew, I was at the trestle bridge

But I didn't cross its frosty walkway today

Turning towards home, on Mill Dr. I walked along the quiet Teeswater River

This time, I headed for the Mill again. I’d picked up some glass ornaments last time but didn’t have enough for what I wanted them for. It was even nicer out now, not just in temperature but because the sun had come out. I grabbed my sunglasses from the car and headed off. I found what I was looking for and also picked up some free 12” dowels that the owners had set aside. Just 4 dowels, I’m not sure what I’ll do with them. Before returning home, I stopped at the library for the book I had on hold and stopped at the post office.

The Canoe & Kayak business across the river puts out a
wonderful reflection

I zoomed out to show you what first caught my eye

I made my afternoon tea at some point in the afternoon and Madame IP made up a couple breakfasts for me. The steel cut oatmeal I’d planned on making the other day finally got done. The rest of the day was spent with my crocheting, Googling a couple of stitches that Deb D. told me about (thanks Deb!) and then I started a new project. The other one isn’t done but it isn’t as important right now. Bill texted at 4:15 that he was 10 minutes away so I slipped down and unlocked the door.

I'm trying to understand the descriptions of these buildings on my paperwork
This is all part of the Woollen Mill (1885)
and it is currently for sale

The property stretches from back here on Mill Dr. up to Main Street

Which includes this building here
Built by the Fisher brothers, this was the last monument proclaiming the water power which made Paisley 
an important town site. From the bridge (on the left front corner) you can see the twin arched
openings in the stone foundation that allows the mill race to run under the building.
I've taken that picture before in my walks (I'll try and find them for another time)

I love the back door which takes you down to the walkway and the water
Not accessible unless you are interested in buying (Hmm)
I've also taken pictures of the Millbank House (1891), adjacent to the Mill
spacious with a beautiful view, all part of the entire mill complex
Also for sale
I'll try and repost that picture too

For supper, I cooked potatoes and ‘ghoulash’ with ground beef on the stove, giving Madame IP a break for the evening. It was good and supper was finished off with a piece of mixed berry crumble pie for dessert. Bill made his lunch after dishes and we met upstairs around 7 where he had his shower.

I returned to the Paisley City Mills/Valentine's Mill/Stark's Mill
These were wall photos of way back when it was up and running

This one is priceless

I love the huge old fashioned entry door - unchanged
with a metal lift latch handle
And I love their big wreaths

These are what I was looking for

Barn quilt on the barn in town

Two very cool different tree trunks
See? We can live in harmony!

Another black squirrel protective of his treat

In the Legion window, this looks similar to the poppies
my sisters and I painted at LadyFest a few years ago

Tonight, is tv night, Jeopardy at 7:30, NCIS at 8 for all of us and then they have a movie to watch at 9. I might just stick to crocheting or get into my new book rather than watch one of my own. I’m feeling tired anyway so probably won’t be up late. The winter is long, I’ll stretch them out! 😊 

You don't often see me cooking this way, do you?

Supper was delicious!

By the time I left the theatre room, the ground was white with new-fallen snow. I hope it doesn’t continue all through the night.

Just around the corner from our place of residence
Near the Cenataph, the town displays Christmas
good night!

Thank you for stopping in to our world. I’ve enjoyed this day at home and managed to get 4 ¾ miles walked today. No wonder I’m tired.


  1. I really enjoy your walks and history stories.

  2. Love the old house with the wreaths in the windows! Something out of an old movie! That black squirrel looks like a baby bear in the tree! so cute. Dinner looks yummy! Love the outside decorated tree :)

    1. It is pretty isn't it? Bill said the same thing you did about the squirrel! :) Now that I look back at it, I see it too!

  3. OK, I'll bite - I have no idea what those glass(?) items are. At a first glance I thought they were quite long, but on second view they appear to be 4-6 inches long. I'm curious and looking forward to seeing what they will be used for.

    There is so much history in Paisley! And great walking paths too. Have a good day, take care and stay well!

    1. Ha ha, sorry I didn't mean to puzzle you. They are just broken glass pieces with added hanging hooks for Christmas tree decorations. I'm hoping to do something with them. They are about 4" long. :) I am truly enjoying Paisley.

  4. It certainly is a lovely area to walk in. Great pictures you shared especially the ones of the canoe and kayak business. Wonderful reflections on the river. Like Shirley I thought that was a baby bear in the tree.
    Glad those stitches worked out for you.

    1. things happen for a reason and although we wish we were in the southwest, like you, we are in a nice and safe place for the winter.

  5. Thanks to you, your nice photos and history info, the town of Paisley is growing on us. Should we venture there in the future the surroundings will be quite familiar to us, I think. Hopefully you won't have too much snow there this winter or else you'd be shopping for snowshoes ;-)

    1. You're welcome Marlene. Yes, everyone should know Paisley quite well and I've only just started. Maybe you'll all be tired of it come april!

  6. Fresh Air definitely helps a person sleep.
    Paisley looks like a charming little town.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes it does indeed. Of course, sleeping has never been a problem for me. :)

  7. That trail looks so obviously like an old railway that I went away and looked it up. It's the old Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway track, that once went from Guelph to Southampton, via Walkerton and Paisley, abandoned in 1988. Apparently that bridge is quite famous itself.

    1. Well, the student is teaching the teacher! Ha ha, thank you FG. I didn't see that in any of my searches so I appreciate it. :)

  8. You always see such interesting things on your walks. Thank you for sharing them and the history of each of the buildings in your pretty little town.

    God bless.

    1. Ah thank you. Sometimes it depends on our frame of mind when we see things, doesn't it?
      You are quite welcome!

  9. Lots of times apples on the tree late are fantastic. Some types, the freeze makes them real crispy and tasty so don't pass any up at least without trying them to see. If they are still on the tree after a frost they may be real good ones. Hey, if it's no good throw it on the ground and carry on but don't miss such a good treat.

    1. Good to know! The ones on that tree looked pretty soft and brown but the ones today I saw might be worth checking out!