Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sunny Saturday Work, Visit with our Buddies (finally)

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Nov. 28th Bill and I slept later than we’d planned. It was 7:20 when I looked at the clock. My goodness! We wanted to be on our way to Durham by 8. So, we washed, dressed and grabbed a coffee and tea-to-go and headed out the door. We were meeting Jamie at the Mat at 9. Bill decided to take along his work overalls and jacket to throw in the big washer while we were there. We also needed an RO water fillup.

What a beautiful morning

Bill took the ‘back’ way, south on Bruce County Rd. 3, east on Concession 8, south on Grey Road 3, east on Concession Rd. 4, south on Mulock Rd., east on Hwy 4, south on Hwy 6. We couldn’t believe that by not going through Walkerton and Hanover, we shaved about 25 minutes off our time. I’ll take that route or one close to it when driving to work as long as the roads and sky are clear. We fueled B.B. up at the Pioneer. Jamie met us at the laundromat within a few minutes of our arrival.

This is the type of shelf we need at the back door
As least this is what was there before it was stolen
a place for customers to set their baskets while opening the door

The boys set to work and although there wasn’t much for me to do, I’d just been in yesterday, I busied myself for about an hour and a bit throughout the time we were there. Bill and Jamie worked steady on one thing or another until after 3. Jamie treated us to lunch at noon and the last thing they completed was hanging the new sign and light out front of the building. The post was already there but there was some basic electrical work required, which Bill took care of while Jamie assisted.

It was a good 'fix-it' day
and I know Jamie appreciated Bill's help and expertise

Jamie works inside on machines while Bill fastens the kick plate thingy
at the front door

This one washer has given them and customers grief
Two heads are better than one and four hands better than two!

I could see why some U.S. laundromats have full-time personal on site for the bigger venues. There were a few customers using a lot of machines and after each one left, things would get dropped and left (dryer sheets, Kleenex) and just dirt and fluff from their boots or their clothing. I would wipe things down as they vacated and swept the floor in certain areas about 4 times.

A couple of the dryers had been 'jiggered' with and screws were
We're sure some kids were trying to get to the coins
Jamie has security cameras all over so it is easy to see the culprits

In between tidying, I got out the gray paint and did some touch up painting for Jamie on baseboards etc. and especially over a graffited wall inside. Seriously? I don’t care who loves who. I did some reading from a Lee Child book I picked up across the street at the book drop and chatted back and forth with Donna and Pat. We were packed up by 3:30 and drove over to Rob and Pat’s for Happy Hour. We hadn’t seen them for at least a month and a half and that’s a long time!

Preparing and then connecting the light

From both sides

And the new sign is up

We stopped to get water before leaving Durham

It took a lot of pictures to get three decent ones of the night sky
on the drive home

It was a great visit over coffee and some slices of banana bread and we caught up on a lot of things. We do miss these get-togethers. Time flew by and it was 5 that Bill said we needed to get a move on. Didn’t mean to cut into their meal time. 

But it was pretty sky and worth the effort

We weren’t that hungry when we got home so opted for cheese and a snack instead of a full meal. Even soup or grilled cheese seemed like too much. At 7, Bill went next door to watch the first of two movies with W & S.

It reminded me of the colours we see in Arizona
The gray marks in the sky here are geese 
the first flock in V formation

I finished yesterday’s post and started this one for today. It was a busy one, out and about, but it was a great day. Jamie sent me an evening picture of the new sign and it looks awesome! I hope you had a wonderful day too.

After we got home, Jamie sent me a picture
of the sign in the dark of night

From both sides
He is very pleased to have them up
Eventually, they may add a second light but for now
it looks great!
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Sure was a beautiful sunset this evening. Here too.

  2. Jamie is a lucky guy to have you two there.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad Bill is so 'handy' and can help him with things.

  3. Jamie lucked out when he decided to hire you to clean, he got a handyman too.

    Take care and stay well.

  4. I'm so impressed with how well Jamie takes care of the laundromat. One of the reasons I prefer having our combo unit was so many places we stopped were not as clean as I preferred. Maybe I was overly picky but I think I would like Jamie's just fine.
    What a beautiful sunset, and how nice to visit your buddies!!!

  5. A nice day of work and play.
    Being RVers trains you to be good at a lot of things.
    Nice Arizona sunset in Ontario.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. What a productive day. And you got lunch and saw your friends. Sounds like a winner type of day.

  7. It's amazing how many skills you and Bill have acquired,and refreshing what positive attitudes you both keep while staying in Canada instead of traveling south.- Mary

  8. I told you some of those back roads would save you time!

  9. Have followed your blog for a long time so went on Google Earth to see where Paisley was. Playing around with it imagine my surprise when I put Hanover Laundromat in and there it was with the sign and the shelf outside the door for baskets! I'm not stalking you but Google Earth can be fun while shut in with this covid virus! Enjoy your blog every day.