Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Working, Walking, Enjoying the Day, Tree Woes

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Nov. 25th, hump day, Bill was up and off to work at his normal time. I heard him get up this time but drifted off again until he slipped out to go get his breakfast. I heard the door creak and I was ready for my kiss today. 😊 I was up at 7, washed and downstairs for my own tea. I’d decided, from the clear day, to get going by 8:30.

The drive to Durham was just wet
Too mild to be icy
I'm okay with 'wet'

The roads were wet and the forecast was above freezing as I readied for the drive to Durham. I had nothing to be concerned about today. We were expecting rain for a lot of the day and it felt surprisingly mild at 3C/37F. Perhaps we are just getting used to it. The Mat was in pretty fair condition and I busied myself following the normal routine. The floors only needed a dust mopping which indicated that it hadn’t been that busy or Jamie had been in recently.

Norm's restaurant always has creative signs
both sides but I keep missing them
This is blurred but it says:
'Past, Present and Future walked into a room'
It was Tense'
Hardy har!

As I was on my way out the door, Bill called to say he was on his way home too. It was only 10:30 so that was good for both of us. We met at home and he was outside helping me to get Ptooties backed in behind Black Beauty beside Wes’s van. I didn’t need too much help but I’m glad he was there all the same to meet me. Seldom does he make it home before I do. Inside, we had some lunch together and he read while I did some crocheting. It is relaxing and a good time passer.

Driving home to see my hubby
Not as rainy

Around 2:30, I was getting restless and I realized that I hadn’t been out for some fresh air and exercise yet. Earlier, a Purolator package was delivered for Bill and I, some over-the-glasses goggles and a fitbit screen cover for me. I like to have a spare to keep it protected when I’m working. I knew it was pretty mild out still, although very dull, and I was anxious to get out there. I didn't have a hope in heck that the sun would appear today.

I walked a back street and saw this obedient pooch
He was as close as he could get to the edge of their property
but never moved
I love that!

This house appealed to me
Doesn't it look welcoming with those chairs
and front porch?

The walk was wonderful, up through town and then the park and the river beckoned to me. If you listen, you can hear it too, looking at my pictures. 


An open area and it's calling to me

"Patsy, come walk here!"

It was muddy in places so I was glad I wore my boots but I also walked on the grass. I was surprised at the many broken/damaged trees along the river, many were large enough indicating how strong that wind storm was over a week ago. Some of the trees must have been pretty near dead as they were large branches and trunks.

Where's that black squirrel now?

Back up Water St. I returned home from a different direction. When I got inside, I realized how hungry I was and had a pepperette with a cup of creamy tea. That hit the spot and would tide me over until supper. The rest of our afternoon together was spent dozing, talking about our fortunate friends 😊 who were able to travel south (Americans), reading, crocheting and on our laptops. When it was time, we both went down to reheat our supper.

I felt like a selfie today
so why the heck not?

Bill had the leftover goulash (or however you spell it) with potato and I had the leftover ribs with potato and carrots. Emptying leftover dishes in the fridge is always satisfying and not only because it makes the meal planning and prep easier. Real estate is valuable in there! We watched some of the news with Wes and Susan before doing dishes and then watched one of our favourite NCIS reruns. 

Tree tragedy #1

#2 & #3

#4 & #5


This was not from the storm but a large split tree trunk
sometimes adds character and a home for critters
I didn't see any inside today though

Upstairs, Bill got his book out and I worked on my post until 7:30 when Jeopardy came on. At 8, I was back in our room to finish the blog and pop in a movie. when Bill went next door. Working alphabetically through our movie binder, I pulled out Autumn in New York. It’s a heart breaker but a good one. I crawled into bed and prepared for the tears that I’ve cried before over this same movie. 😊

I'm still intigued and puzzled by this 'water falls and stream from nowhere'

I love this look, as a child I would have to play in there
Reminds me of our farm in Mt. Brydges

Of course, a picture of the Saugeen River

An interesting fence, would have been to watch them erect it

This was a good day. I earned a bit of $ and spent the afternoon with my sweetie. Life is good.

Wes added lovely red Christmas bows and balls to their fence out front
Good night!

Thank you for your visit! Your comments are always welcome. 


  1. Gosh it's green there! We have about a foot of snow now!

  2. It does look like many of the branches down were old and dead. Hopefully that will be all that is missing come spring. We have some pretty heavy winds here on the prairies during the winter.

    I also love clearing real estate in the fridge and I have a very large fridge.

    God bless.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from California. I'm cooking so you can watch for flames!! That's a great selfie picture!!!

  4. My favorite photo is the one of the house with the pretty chairs on the verandah. Wow, there sure was a good bit of damage to the trees.

    Have a great day!

  5. Lots of tree damage. Probably see more before the end of Winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Cute Selfie! Love the colorful chairs on the porch! Great pictures!

  7. Just in case you might be interested, the rock "fence" is made of what is called "gabions", a french word meaning rock filled wire baskets. Google has this to say about them: a wirework container filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material, used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, etc.

  8. I read today that there's a model train exhibit of the WGandB railway at the Bruce County Museum. Don't know what it covers, but it might be interesting. It did get a provincial award.

  9. You have an eye for interesting pictures. Thanks for sharing.