Selfie Fun

For years, I have found fault with each and every one of the pictures taken of me. Too fat, look at my chins, look at that belly, my hair is scraggly..........I harbor all of the excuses in the book. It is time I took the bull by the horns and accepted that if I don't like 'your' pictures of me, I'll start taking my own. I'm feeling better and I'm learning also how to smile and pose in a manner that I'm happy with. The results are better, for me, even when someone else is behind the camera.

Bill took this one and I can actually say that I like it
That, my friends, is from practicing. :)
That is what this page is all about. Me, playing with my camera and my tripod and my selfies. 
This is one of my first selfies taken a few years back
but I like it

This group of photos are taken at
Elephant Butte Lake State Park
New Mexico


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This is the little shelter where I found
my painted rock

Lucky Star Casino, El Reno, Ok

El Reno, Ok

Eagle's Landing RV Resort
Grove, Ok 2018

Grove, Ok
Grand Lake and Sailboat Bridge behind me
Goodbye Eagle's Landing!

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