Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday, Wet, Windy and Cool and Saturday Checking out the Big Tent

Friday, Jan. 20th was a test of our love for Quartzsite. When Thursday brought us a few rain spatters off and on throughout the day we all hoped, out here in the desert, that would be it for the clouds. Since by supper hour it was mostly presenting us with blue overhead. Overnight the skies had cleared and we remained hopeful.

However, when I opened my peepers at 5 am this morning and peered out my bedside window, the blackness was more than a delaying of daylight. The big gray clouds were over us once again. Not only was it cloudy with the threat of rain, it was also very windy with pretty constant gusts.

The early wake up at 5 left me lying in wait for daylight to arrive and I mulled many things over and over in my mind instead of dropping off again. I did manage to get a peek at the sunrise, but it disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

the brief sun over the Western mountain ranges

Oh well, such as it is we rose and got about our day. Internet is slow here now and I can’t help but wonder If it is because of the influx of rv’ers who have arrived in the desert. I mean we all like to browse with our morning coffee or tea, right? I’m not sure if that is the cause and effect but what else could it be? It was quick and fulfilling up until a few days ago, hmmm.

Bill had to top up the genny with oil as it was giving us grief occasionally over the last couple of nights by shutting off. He knew last night that he wanted to check it over today and that seemed to be the problem. Good. Unfortunately, our friend, Gerry, is having some trouble with his generator as well so the two of them worked on that.

I decided to bundle up good and proper and go for my walk to see how full La Posa South is getting. The rain hadn’t started yet so it was a brisk walk to warm me up. 
Lots of  new arrivals
Way back off the road it is filling up

but still plenty of room

Bring your rig in and park here!

Although a lot of areas are packed to the gills, you can see by my pictures that there are still tons of empty spaces wherever you look. That walk did the trick and I came back in time to catch Bill putting the 45 gal. water bladder in the back of the truck.

It is nice here in the South that we don’t have far to drive to dump tanks, dump garbage or fill tanks. Our fresh water tank was around 50% so we thought we’d fill up before more people come in and line-ups cause delays. I’m sure we’ve mentioned how easy this process is for us. It doesn’t take long at all and we’re topped up for another couple of weeks.

Since Bill was still helping Gerry with his generator, while topping up our tank, I started making up lunch. A few ham bits, some bacon, onion and green pepper with eggs and sprinkled with cheese made for a tasty, filling omelet.

The day was cool, mostly due to the wind and no sun and 57F tells me it is another inside day. I wrote up a few postcards for mailing back home and figured I will get out my needlepoint. Since I’d finished my book “Hour Game” by David Baldacci last night I decided to start a new one today. This one was James Patterson’s Honeymoon so guaranteed to be a quick read.

We stayed inside for the most part as the rain soon started and the gusts of wind peaked out around 40 mph. It takes me a while to get organized with my needlepoint because I’m not at it every day or every week for that matter. Once I find my place I’m good to go for a while. It is a counted cross stitch so I need to finish it soon before my eyesight fails me!
Don't boycott my blog if you don't like him
Just an 'out with the old and in with the new' President pix
While doing that for a couple of hours, we watched Trumps Inauguration on tv. I’m not into Politics but Bill wanted to watch it for awhile. Interesting speech I must say, he sure knows how to shock a nation. Basically, it is what it is, I hope it doesn’t hurt us Canadians AND I hope he DOES fix things that need fixing. Don’t we all want to believe in better things? Since Trump is in power now I figure it is best to put faith (hope and prayers?) that he can follow through on some of the things he is promising.

The rest of the day was quiet, which we like sometimes, other than the rain on the roof and the driving wind over our panels and through our flags. The Suite even rocked a bit without any help from us inside! Soon it was bedtime so I finished my book and headed on up around 10. We knew we wanted to get up early to go to the Big Tent Show.
Outside the gate we see the entrance
 Saturday, Jan. 21st was definitely an improvement. The sun came up as it should and the sky was clear and blue with nary a cloud in sight. The gusty 12 mph winds gusting to 20 mph winds were keeping the temperature around 60 to 64F for the day. I was up and in the shower by 6:30 and Bill soon after. We had a bite to eat and by 8 am we were sitting just outside the tent in a perfect parking spot.
Not too busy yet 
This was our first time for this show and we had heard so much about it. I was bundled appropriately for the walk through, most everything was undercover. It put me in mind of our RV and Motorcycle shows in the London Fair Grounds. Lots  of people, lots of vendors and even some giveaways.
But soon walking space was minimal
I was particular what I stood in line for when it was a “spin the wheel” for a giveaway vendor.

 I scrawled an undecipherable email address on more than one if I didn’t want to be pestered down the road. I just wanted the free item.
Bill has his eye on this Viair portable compressor

comes with it's only handy carrying bag
Next year!
We met George and Suzie there without planning it and saw Rob and Pat fighting the crowds also. I recognized Barb from Me and My Dog and My RV and we were surprised when we were standing beside Don at the booth for the rv tank controls. 
Steve and Don

We met Don in London in July at Can Am when we were having work done on the Suite. He is here in La Posa South along with Steve in their Airstreams. How cool!
And Champion has come out with a quiet generator
with inverter and remote start so we will have to check these
out back home

Now this would be a fun ride!
 We left the show around 11:15 and made our way back to the truck. With a quick drive through L.P.S. we located where Steve was parked but his truck was not around. We’ll look him up later, he is parked relatively close to us.
Too chilly for ice cream today
Back home for lunch and probably a siesta. It was a great morning and I’m sure we’ll venture back on another day, just as early. I don’t mind walking for miles in a flea market, but when I’m done I like to have my ride really close by and ours was.

Before long I decided to take a walk up to the office and read the bulletin board and see how many new rv’s were coming in. That was the hot spot for sure, almost as busy as the Big Tent! At least 6 motor coaches were checking in and one worker was running around trying to read license plates to put stickers on the vehicles. I would have taken a picture but forgot Bill’s Canon.

Bill and Clemson had a snooze and when I came back we decided to host Happy Hour. When the sun is shining we know to check out and see who might be hosting. The wind was cool and coming from the north/northwest and Bill moving the truck to shelter it didn’t help much. However, that glorious sun was awesome!
Happy Hour with neighbours
When the sun is shining, join us!
At 4:45 the group split up and Bill bbq’d our T-bone steak and I prepared a salad. Yum, that was delicious! The night passed mostly without us having to turn the genny on with Bill reading and me cross-stitching. 
One of my many hobbies

it is getting there and I enjoy doing it

About 8 we turned the tv on to watch a movie until 10. 

Thank you for reading along, I love your comments.


  1. The big tent is an attraction and it certainly does get crowded. Always amazes me to see someone pull down that side road off 95, pulling their 5th wheel in all that traffic.

    I'll get up early one morning this week and Yuma and I will have to go up and see the big show.

    1. I didn't mind the crowds so much but certainly can't do it too often. We'll go back during the week when the sun comes back so we can walk around the vendors outside the tent as well.

  2. The sun was wonderful and warmed us all up, and will be back in full power by Tuesday according to the weather gods. Nothing real exciting about the show as we have everything we need now, and been there many times, but still enjoy walking about checking out things.

    1. I hope the weather changes for the better, the clouds were breaking up this afternoon.

  3. I'm sure we would find many interesting things at the big tent and outside vendors to look at. We love going to shows. Maybe next year :-) Doing needlepoint shows you got great patiece. When done make sure to show it off!

  4. Thanks Marlene for your comment. Yes, I have always had patience, never like to be rushed but surprisingly doing the needlepoint doesn't mean I am anal! There are a lot of little not noticeable errors. It could be years before I am finished! :)