Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Is it Fall or Summer? A Sweet Happy Hour

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 31st we woke to the last day of this month. It has been pretty decent weather, with weekends being quite conducive to flying for Bill and whatever I wanted to do as well. Two happy campers! 😊 Bill left for work in Durham at 7:30 and Gibbs and I went for a walk to the corner and back. It was a chilly morning so I layered two hoodies before we went out.

I'll probably never get tired of looking at our property
nor the turbines in the back'yard'.

Pretty white fluffies dotted the sky

Look at how proud he is walking

The sky was quite pretty, clear mostly with a few poufy clouds. Back home, we sat together and I played my Word games before I got ready for work at the shop. I left at 9:20 after taking the extra clothes pegs out to the line and moving the stool into position. I knew Patty and Duncan were doing their laundry in town and she would want to hang their clothes out. 😊 She loves my clothesline.

Now you see why.
Up ahead there was another dog walker 😀
and Gibbs was keeping an eye on them

M asked me to go into town to run a few errands so with a list and his cash in hand, I visited the necessary places and got what he needed. Back at the shop, I worked outside on the Volkswagen Jetta. Taping and sanding around the mirrors and door frames. It was a nice day to be working out of doors, not hot and not cold. At 12:30, I returned home and after a stir fry for lunch, joined our friends outside.


Bill was home from work around 2:30 and we were thrilled that Rob and Pat were free to join us for Happy Hour today! Yay! It’s been so long since we’ve seen them. Their time, when they are home from the island, is so busy so today just worked out perfectly. The conversation flowed and our new friends got along great with our old friends, as we knew they would. When they left, (I forgot to get a picture) we sat a bit longer and Patty and Duncan gave us a ‘parting’ gift – of sorts. (we may see them once more! 😊)

Finished that last little bit of puzzle
before Happy Hour

I was hungry so we came inside and heated M's Elvis meatloaf and scalloped potatoes for our supper around 6:30. I cooked peas on the side and the meal was really more than what I needed but I managed to eat it all. No room for dessert tonight, we cleaned up the dishes and Bill made his lunch for tomorrow. He would be leaving early for work in the morning so popped over to say goodbye to our Airstream guests. 💕 They would be heading out tomorrow. 

some corn, some ground coffee, some rum and some gin
all gifted to us in my stock pot 💓
Just a thank you for opening up our place to their visits
We have such wonderful friends.

This was a great day. We both feel exhausted – excuse me – all 3 of us are exhausted. Gibbs is asleep on the floor and Bill has dropped off in his chair. Gibbs was the best little pooch today; off leash the whole time, really quiet little barks when company came up the drive. His collar came off around 7:30. He has received a lot of well-deserved praises. We’re so proud of him. We're all feeling that fall has arrived early, we've had jackets off and on all day. It's just too soon, we're not quite ready. 

A huge meal but it was delicious!
Good night!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A Very Indecisive Day! Haircuts, Guests Arrive

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 30th I was up at 6:30 after a restless night. We didn’t have anything but the top sheet over us all night, if that, but the one window open at the foot of the bed just wasn’t enough to give me relief. I think Bill felt the same as each time I moved, he did as well. Gibbs was up and down, on and off the bed, so he was feeling it too. Therefore, 6:30 came early.

The earliest picture today
is of the puzzle
Almost done

I left for Durham at 6:50 and Bill left by 7:30 for his job site, in Durham as well. The Mat was in a state this morning, used dryer sheets, Kleenex and the “Don’t use me” notes were all over the floor. I don’t get it and I guess I never will. Pick up after yourself, that’s all we expect! Anyway, I finished cleaning, testing one washer while I worked and left for home before 8.

I'm terrible at selfies
but it's the 'after our haircuts' pose

I’d topped up Ptooties with fuel on the way in and therefore, taking advantage of the ‘low’ (heh heh) price of $1.56/litre before the long weekend and they decide to put them up – again. She was thirsty and took $59.30. 😊 I also stopped at the bank machine to take out cash for our haircuts this afternoon. Gibbs and I spent the next hour together and managed to squeeze a walk in between the rain returned.

The sky tricked us often today

It was a fairly easy day at the auto shop, for 2 ½ hours, I cut big rags into little rags. Old sheets, blouses, t-shirts etc. work well and M gets them from the Rethreads store in town. It is a monotonous job but easy enough and we use rags all the time on the job. The last half hour, I spent wiping, taping and covering the remaining windows of the Chev, including the newly replaced windshield. Remember that incident with the ‘hood vs windshield?’ Well, now it is brand new. 😊

When it was good, it was very good. 💓

I had taken a couple of pieces of cheesecake to M, and I was sent home with food that he’d prepared. He’d made some Elvis Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes and because it was too much for one person, he wanted to share with us. A very nice gesture as it means I don’t have to cook! When I arrived home, Bill was just coming up the lane too. He was also done for the day!

Company! Duncan, Bill and Gibbs

After lunch, Kaitlyn brought my August pay to me and we chatted briefly. One bark from Gibbs as she came up the laneway and he stopped with a whine. No other sound from him while we chatted for about 15 minutes. He’s a good boy and my prayer is that he learns quickly so we can get rid of the collar. We went in to the Bunky after she left, Gibbs laying beside me on the floor. No leash. I swear that he is becoming more of a home-body with this new collar. ???

Duncan brought me some clippings from a pine tree
in North Bay
They sell wonderful!

I drove us down the road at 3:30 to Bonnies for our haircuts. We were in and out within 30 minutes or so. That feels better. Before leaving, we made one last appointment during the week before we are pulling out in October. Duncan and Patty were just getting set up when we returned to the Ridge and grateful to Bill for plugging them in and turning the fridge on. He even made Patty some ice in her freezer! 😊

Their hot dogs are awesome!

We had Happy Hour around 5 and, once more, got treated to supper. Hot dogs and corn on the cob from North Bay. It was only fitting that I provided the cheesecake for dessert. We hung around in the Airstream until about 8:30 when we came home to Gibbs and removed his collar. He’s being a very good boy and is getting rewarded for it, pretty regularly. The rain came and went, as did the sun and clouds. Some clouds darker than others and the air cooled down considerably.

I was a piggy and had 3 pieces of corn!

Looking forward to a nice sunny day tomorrow, we said our goodbyes. Bill brought the supper dishes home and loaded the dishwasher. 😊 It was a lovely evening and we are happy to see our friends again.

With full tummies, I say
Good night!

Thank you for the stopover to see what we’re up to!

Monday, August 29, 2022

Back in the Groove, Still Hot, Still Humid

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 29th we are dropping quickly to the end of this month. No more sliding, it is a rapid downward drop! We woke up to rain so Gibbs ran outside at 6:15 but turned right back without having his morning piddle. Within 5 minutes, it stopped enough so Bill took him out again. They stood under the nose of the Suite while the little guy did his thing. 😊

Our day started like this

The rain didn’t last, off and on for the half hour before Bill left to take the garbage down and go to work. Another job in Durham, at a place they’ve been already this month. A much nicer customer too. I left Gibbs at home in charge of the house and went to M’s for 9:30. I got the news that I was waiting to hear about the apartment.

I'm getting good at these! 💗

He had 4 showings over the weekend and the last lady agreed to take it. Actually, all 3 ladies wanted it but for one reason or another, they weren’t suitable. I’m happy that all of our work getting it ready has paid off. Well, come Sept. 1st, we’ll know for sure. 😊 The only thing left to do in there was trip a few of the scatter mats that were cut from the full floor carpets we laid earlier. I did that and then moved on to Mike’s truck. Sanding the primer. The box is now done and can be painted anytime.

Gibbs models his new hardware
It is big for a little guy but
he doesn't mind it too much

It was so humid and hot, even though the sun was cloud covered for most of the day. When I got home, I didn’t hear any barking so that was nice. He doesn’t always bark when I return alone so not the best test of the collar. The windows were closed except for one so I closed it and turned the a/c on. By then, the outside temp was 26C/79F and immediately she clicked on to start cooling our home. It was a wise decision.

Remember early spring when I moved 
some of my mint plants from up on the berm?
They are finally showing some growth 

I was covered in paint dust when I returned home so hopped in the shower first thing then I had a stir fry quesadilla for lunch. Gibbs and I sat inside while I worked on my blog from yesterday, still not finishing until later in the day, and then we went out to wander the property. He has only uttered a couple of low barks so I doubt he felt anything from those but I did notice that he is sticking close by my side without a leash as I walked up to the garden to gather tomatoes.

Gibbs loves the hammock
He just waits for me to come back

We sat in the hammock for about an hour again today and he never wandered anywhere. Interesting. We came in when I decided I wanted to make a cheesecake for supper. Our friends, Patty and Duncan, were expected on Wednesday for the night and to leave with their Airstream on Thursday. They may arrive early because of weather moving in off the lake (up north) so we may see them tomorrow. They are providing us with supper again so I will be prepared with dessert this time! 😊

I've made it with the crushed almond crust
but baking it in the oven this time

Bill was home from work shortly after 4 and I sat outside with Gibbs on his leash to judge his reaction. He barked once and quit immediately and once more with the same response. The collar is working. When we all came inside, Bill took his collar off for the evening. We’ll start again tomorrow; evenings are pretty uneventful. For supper, we had a ‘poor boys’ meal of weiners and beans. I had a couple of my grape tomatoes along with mine. 😊

Our poor boys supper.
Filling, no dessert tonight. 

After clean up and his lunch made, Bill did some banking while I worked on today’s blog post. No promises!! This was a good day back to work for both of us. Before supper, I had a text from Kaitlyn, laundromat boss, and she will be coming out tomorrow afternoon to pay me for the month. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I started working for her! I hope you’ve had as good a day wherever you are!

Last year on this day
A visitor on our railing.
Haven't seen too many up here this year.
Good night

Thank you for your visit!

An Easy Going Sunday Together

The Ridge

We were up together around 7 on Sunday, Aug. 28th. It was going to be another hot, humid day for us with temperatures hovering around 30C/86F with the humidity factored in. The morning was warm but windy so Bill had no plans to go flying today. We had our morning tea and coffee and I think Bill had cereal.

Before we went to Owen Sound, our little boy
had been rolling in goose poop or something???
He had to have a bath before he was allowed
in Ptooties. 

We’d planned a drive to Owen Sound for dog food and to check out the bark collars. Also in the same plaza, Princess Auto was calling Bill’s name with an item on sale for the last day. 😊 Yes, Gibbs got to go for the drive. He seems anxious for the first 15 minutes, whining, but then settles right down. Not sure where that came from. We try to ignore the behaviour but reward when he quietens.

It's a tad blurry, but I love roads like this,
especially our back roads, with the trees
meeting over top. 
I have a different opinion when we are pulling the Suite. 

In Pet Smart, he was like a little kid in a toy store. I’m not sure if it was all the goodies or just the “I’m allowed in a store!!” excitement. He was funny and touched noses and sniffed the butt of another little munchkin. 😊 We were very hesitant about the collar, as I’m sure everyone is, but after being assured that it would not hurt him, we chose a middle-of-the-road (price) one and felt confident it would work.

It didn't take the clothes long to dry today

Back home, we had some lunch and Bill got the collar fitted to the little guy’s neck. He sat so patiently while Daddy adjusted it. It seems quite bulky under his chin but after the first ‘what the heck, Dad?’ moment, he didn’t seem to notice it. The first test was a bark that ended quickly with a beep and Gibbs jumped in a circle trying to figure where it came from. No yelp, so we know it didn’t hurt. He stopped barking though and the rest of the afternoon went quietly.

With his new collar on,
he lays in the Bunky beside Mama
Too hot outside today

One bark and he would stop and that is perfect for us. It isn’t going to be on him after bedtime and only for a maximum of 12 hours, according to the instructions. Eventually, we’re believing this will not be necessary for him to wear, he’ll learn. Fingers crossed. I worked on the puzzle while Gibbs laid inside under the table and then we went out to the shade when my eyes grew heavy too. 😉

This was a wonderful meal
I need to buy more of these ribs 💖

We were back in the hammock for a while and then came inside to start supper. It was a great Sunday meal. Pork ribs in Madame IP, all spiced up nicely, then browned with sweet and sour sauce on the grill mat on the Weber Q. I had potatoes for the bbq as well and mixed vegetables inside. It was delicious! Just enough ribs so we could finish off with some Butter Pecan ice cream for dessert.

It was a pretty sky 
See Bill's light on down at the Hangar?
It's pitch black when he walks up at 11.

Bill went to the Hangar after making his lunch and Gibbs and I were in bed at 9. I don’t know why I was so tired. The heat of the day, maybe. Gibbs did bark at Bill when he came up at 11, but he didn’t have the collar on by then. We’ll get there! This was a nice relaxing day together as a family.

This made me laugh because our last 
Cockapoo, Clemson, was afraid of the water too
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

My Delivery! Gorgeous but Cool Morning, Party, Ride, Campfire, Birthday

The Ridge

Saturday, Aug. 27th, I didn’t have to get up for anything specific so it was 7:30 when I got up. Gibbs only jumped off the bed a few minutes before me because he heard his Daddy into the cookie cupboard. Bill was getting ready to go flying and was packing some snacks. It’s a cool 10C/50F when I came downstairs so when Bill left, I turned the furnace on for a couple of cycles. I know that’s silly but it was 14C/60F inside our home and I was chilly.

We had a nice walk
longer than normal

The house on the corner has this
in their yard
I had to look twice and then realized it was just target practice

I had my tea snuggled with Gibbs and then we went for a walk. I knew that would warm me up so I turned the furnace off before we went out. It was a great walk, down as far as M’s shop when Gibbs decided it was far enough. 😊 I will be unplugging from power today too; the sky is fully blue. Love these days! It will be quite warm by mid-afternoon, somewhere near 30C/84F, so I may regret not keeping things closed up at some point. We’ll see.

My latest book

I forgot to mention that I received a delivery yesterday when I was in Hanover. No signature was required but at least Bill was here to accept it. 😊 The photobook that I’ve been working on during August arrived! I’m always excited to see the finished product and Bill pleases me that he is always anxious to read it too. I think I mentioned it was a new company, if I mentioned the book at all, and I went a bit too big on the font (the better for older eyes to read it!), but I’m very pleased.

The hummers are so cute to watch
but a challenge to capture on camera
when swinging in a hammock with Gibbs

Unless I tell him to get off the hammock,
he waits for me to come back

Gibbs and I hung around outside with the birds, swinging in the hammock until Bill texted at 12:40 that he was leaving the field. I came in and made some toast and peanut butter for a quick lunch. I was thinking there would be food at the party we’re going to. Yes, we’ve been invited to our neighbour’s place, 2 doors down, to a Housewarming/Birthday party for 6-year-old, Carson.

I'm still baffled

One eggplant is flowering nicely
I don't know if it will be ready for harvesting
before we leave though

The tomatoes are happy!

Meagan gave us a heads up that there would be about 15 little ones and their parents. 😊 We won’t stay long, methinks! We dressed in our jeans, even though it was a hot day, and we rode Jazz down the road. I’d listened to Carson and his brother on their dirt bikes all morning so we decided to show them ours. Ha ha.

I was happy to see white hosta flowers
A nice change from the usual purple 

King of the castle
Ever wondered why birds perch on the tallest branch?

Meagan met us with hugs and we were introduced to many young people, 3 sets of parents (in-laws plus step parents), and about 6 large friendly dogs. The place was buzzing. 😊 They have lots of room for the overnight, shelter tents and a parent’s trailer. 

This is actually Carson's little brother, Colton,
opening some gifts too.
I remember doing that for our children

The family dogs
Luna is on the left, Gibbs' furry 'fighter'

It was nice to be included and after a tour of the house and chit chat for about 90 minutes, I slipped into my boots and leather jacket and we went for a bike ride for a couple of hours. It was perfect weather.

A few places on our ride
Mount Forest


Clifford wins the prize for the most
gorgeous flowers along the Main street

Prettiest town in Ontario?
So the sign says

It does have some pretty cool looking
buildings, of which are still in business

On the way home, we were hungry around 5 so stopped at our favourite stop, Jenny G’s, for fish and chips. Oh my, they were very good. Back home, we felt exhausted so cat-napped for half hour. 

There was a Harvard flying over
It wasn't easy to catch a moving target in that
blue sky on a moving motorcycle!

Are the kids ready to go back?
I'm sure it's 50/50

Droool, this was delicious!

A selfie on the bike
Not a halo, just bright sun behind me 😂

Bill slept and Gibbs and I rested. I can never drop off so easily in the afternoon. We were having a campfire tonight so invited Donna and Gerry over around 7. It started out to be a very calm night but by 10, the winds from the south were cool on our backs.

Gibbs was a little imp around the fire
Good thing we love him
He went inside around 9:30 and went to bed. 💗

Long post, many pictures, a day late.
Good night!

This was a busy but good day for all of us. 

My big sister is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Gayle!

Thank you for stopping by!