Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tip Top Today! Another Go-Go Day

The Ridge

We slept well, I guess I should speak for myself. I slept well. I was awake at 2:30 but dropped off easily until 5:30. I had my window open and rain was blowing against the blind so I closed the window. At one point, it was quite a heavy downpour but no need for the warnings in our area. Bill’s alarm went off at 6:30 today, Wednesday, June 3rd. He was giving himself some extra sleep time as he made his lunch last night.

I didn't have many pictures today so I have
one from a blogger friend's blog that I borrowed
The credit goes to Bob
Each time you check in to his blog, the pictures are different
he has 100 on the roll, each one awesome
(I hope you don't mind, Bob! These are so beautiful and real although they look like toys)
He hopped in the shower and gradually around 7, I got up too, feeling great. I’d stripped and remade the bed yesterday with fresh sheets, I might have told you that, and maybe that added to the nice sleep. A lighter top cover helped too. It felt like a summer sleep! I brought the bundle of sheets and towels downstairs and opted to wait for my tea. It seems to taste so much better if I have worked for it either at the Mat or on a walk. 😊 Head games.

I read a couple of blogs quickly and at 7:20 said goodbye to Bill, who leaves around 7:30, and drove into Durham. No one was there when I arrived but soon enough it became busy. All friendly people. Some just washed and others washed and dried their clothes. I had a nice chat with the owner of the Krazy Dollar at the edge of town. Nice man who filled me in a bit on why he never closed when the pandemic hit.

Yesterday, I finished some rocks
They didn't turn out great but it was fun
I loaded a washer and went about my job. It took a little longer today, working around people isn’t as easy, but after damp mopping the floor I was out of there before 9. I haven’t made up my work chart yet and I’m not sure if it is even necessary. Jamie trusts me and I just need to keep track for myself and tell him my hours on ‘payday’.  Back home, I hung the sheets and came inside for my tea. Aaah.

The sky started out ominous enough this morning but we knew it wasn’t supposed to be a wet day. A hot one for sure, but not a rainy one. I changed into my grubby clothes and attached the last segments of the dreaded hill. Determination got me through and it was after at least 2 ½ hours I was finishing up. Because there is still grassy/weedy areas on all sides of this ‘newly planted’ area, I placed rocks sporadically as an edging. Bill can now whipper snip knowing where to stop without nicking my plants. He would surely be in trouble!

And yes, finished for now
I may square it up across the bottom but it is hard work
When I was done, I felt such satisfaction and since it was 1 and I’d missed my coffee break, made one and my lunch plate. I washed and changed into summer attire. Yesterday, I had called in a prescription renewal for Bill so headed back into town now that stores would be open. Drug store, Bank, Liquor Store, Foodland and then home by 2. I was done for the day. Literally. My left arm was aching from the work and possible arthritis so I knew not to do anything else.

The sun reflections on the pond never cease to please
I took my book and went outside with my water. Before settling at the patio table though, I walked down the laneway. It never fails. I seem to get rewarded when I do that and I can’t wait to show you, even though it is somewhat confusing to me. I specifically looked at the spot where Mama Yertle was sitting yesterday for her egg-laying. When I saw the hole in the sandy gravel, I expected to see just that. Lo and behold, her eggs were in plain view.

I thought they would be in danger so pushed a bit of gravel over them not knowing if this was the right thing to do. The pictures that I took are exciting to me as I’ve never seen them before. I wonder if this was the Mama who was up to visit me yesterday. Of course, they all look alike, don’t they? I just don’t understand why she left them. I walked back up the hill and Googled what I could about turtle eggs. It wasn’t a lot of help.

My lucky capture of the day
Looks like about 4 that I can see
I wasn’t sitting long at the table when Bill called and asked me to meet him in Hanover at Heinz Auto Body. They have the camera for our tailgate in now and can put it in tomorrow. He will leave BB tonight and I’ll take him to work in the morning. We have dinner plans tomorrow so I will pick him up early afternoon.  I grabbed my purse and headed out. Even though I didn’t dawdle, with construction on the highway and the distance, I knew he’d be there before me.

When we returned home, I asked if he’d help me get the sheets off the line. It isn’t hard but with the wind, it is much easier if he can hold the umbrella line from spinning. Sounds silly but it saves me a bit of aggravation.  First, he said he needed a shower, it was a dirty job today that they got into. With the sheets folded and put away, we agreed on a simple supper. Not keto though but he at least is doing well with his weight. He must be working it off!

It was an awesome day
Ghosty is back
good night!
After he rested for a while, we had toasted bacon, tomato and cheese sandwiches. They were very good and an easy clean up afterwards. The sky was clear of clouds tonight and after a 27C/81F day, the breeze between 7 – 22 mph has been totally welcome. Our sheets dried really quickly and it has been an enjoyable day to be outside working. Both Bill and I can attest to that. This was another great day.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today! Your comments are always great to read.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Slow Moving Day, Temperatures on the Rise

The Ridge
On Tuesday, June 2nd Bill was up on schedule and I stayed put until 7:00. When I got up, I felt a little bit off. Just a tad dizzy so came down and sat in my chair with some water until Bill left at 7:30. He felt my forehead and although a wee bit warm, nothing to worry about. Later, I had a tea and some Shreddies with half a banana and strawberries. That gave me energy enough to get up and take some cards down to the mailbox for today’s pick up. She’d better take these! 

Walking back up the lane, I am always struck by our home on the Ridge
It looked a bit damp out this morning as if it had recently rained but the day slowly cleared up. It was going up to 24C/76F today with a chance of storms tonight. When I came back in, I went upstairs with my blanket to try and sleep a bit more. That was fruitless, as it usually is when you are trying. LOL.  I at least rested and felt better for it. I didn’t want to rush into anything so remained upstairs for close to an hour.

Chippy made the seed bell easier to grip but it was off the
hanger this morning so I put it in the suet feeder
This little chic-a-dee-dee-dee liked that
At 11, I decided to put the tv on and found a cute movie, Eat, Play, Love. It was a bit silly in a couple of spots but it was about dogs (no spoiler here) being adopted among other things so I enjoyed it. Two of the star actors were Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors so that was fun seeing them in their older years. He was not worth ‘millions’ and she was not ‘bionic’ in any way. 😊

I should have waited until her eyes were open
but it's Lindsay (alias Jamie Somers)

Same here, not a good picture of Lee
When it was over, I made myself another nice lunch plate and had a coffee with it outside at the table. Back inside, I cleaned up the few dishes and then stripped and remade the bed, slipping the duvet and cover under the bed and placing our chenille bedspread over the sheet. We have been discussing getting rid of the heaviness during the summer. Last night, we noticed it warm for sleeping. I will take the sheets and our towels in for washing in the morning.

No pictures of the early part of my day
However, sitting outside after 4, I had a visitor
 I knew I wasn’t going to work in the weeds today so instead after a walk to the corner (the cards were picked up) I painted a few rocks in the cool Bunky. With those done, I sat on the patio with my book. I was waiting to hear that Bill was on his way home and he texted just after 4:30 with that news. 

We had a nice little conversation before she moved on
I was happy that she stopped at the edge down to the pond
as Bill was able to see her too

My surprise visitor today was a turtle, she came right up beside me in my chair and sat there until Bill returned. Cute!

Got my toenails paiinted today, finally
We came inside and I started supper after 6. Pork chop for Bill and a fat chicken leg for me with salad on the side. Tonight, maybe we’ll be opening that new carton of Chapman’s black cherry ice cream. 😊 

This silly red winged blackbird loves this post
so much, he sat here for a few minutes
We received an invite to join my two sisters and their hubbies for supper on Thursday so that will be a nice change. We’ve also made plans for a bbq here on Friday night with our buddies. That will be nice too. A small way of thanking them for just being who they are.

My supper
Bill's supper
Chapman's black cherry - YUMMY!
So, supper for us was consumed by 7 and cleaned up soon after. It was very good. The chops and chicken get cooked together for 10 minutes and NR for 8 minutes. They turned out perfectly. I decided to go for a walk down the lane since my step count was hurting today.  

Two turtle sightings today?
I got lucky!

When I returned, I downloaded my very few pictures and published this post. Not much to say yet I sure manage to ramble.

We know what she is trying to do here in the middle of the laneway
So, we'll leave her alone
It was a quiet, slow moving day for me and yet I still enjoyed it. At 9, the rain and thunder started. Sounds like a gentle rain shower tonight. 

This is a better picture of yesterday's work
maybe tomorrow I can finish the job
Good night!

Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to.