Friday, May 7, 2021

A Day Off for a Reason, An Interesting Turn of Events

The Ridge

Friday, May 7th Bill didn’t have to report to work. Mike texted last night and gave him the day off so he was able to sleep in until 7. I had no job today either so got up shortly after 7 and we came downstairs for our morning coffee and tea. After checking the propane and finding that we were in good standing, Bill had a parcel to mail in town so left for Durham.

Mr. Jay and Mr. Finch

We had decided to remove our 3 Kokopelli scatter mats because of how difficult they are to keep clean. They can be vacuumed well one day and within two days appear dirty again with lint and fluff. ?? So, I got the vacuum out and did the whole rv, including the mats. I measured them and finished by rolling them up and putting them in the Bunky. 

Morning views out our dining room window

With that done, I got washed, dressed and at 9:30 drove to Elmwood to pick up our wins at BizyBee auction. Nothing too exciting this time, but a few things we can use around here. When I returned home, Bill was emptying our water bladder into the Suite tank. We’re set for water now for another few days. The day was turning into a partly sunny one but it wasn’t going to get much warmer than 10C/49F and it was only 2C/36F now.

A delightful family with 11 babies

Bill was down in the Hangar working on one of his projects, so I sat at my laptop to download the pictures and put an ad together for the mats and a couple of other things we want to sell. Here comes the reason for Bill getting a day off.  I noticed a tab in Kijiji entitled ‘Puppies’. Well, I’d looked there a few times before but not for a few months, not at all during the winter. I clicked on it and started perusing. I was very surprised at all the puppies up for adoption but high prices and/or bigger dogs than what we have in mind.

It was a very calm day, thank goodness
as that made the 2C feel not too bad at all

I scrolled down further and Bingo! In Lucknow, 1 hour from us, there were 5 cockapoo puppies available to go home NOW. We’d been saving for this moment and, rather than wait for other litters to become available later in the summer, I called. The glee I felt when Henry advised that they had 3 males left and 3 females, is indescribable. Bill saw the tears in my eyes when I asked him if he was ready for some sleepless nights.

For Deb D

We have many fields of dandelions
I thought you'd appreciate them 😁

We had a bite to eat at noon and at 1, left the Suite for Lucknow. My heart was racing all the way. We met 5 beautiful, almost identical, little 8-week-old pups. Bill and I sat on the floor and played with them, trying to make a decision. We had a nice chat with the owner, Henry, but he left us a few times to make the connections and discuss our options. There was no doubt, we weren’t leaving without a new house mate. 😊

It was chaos for the little ones
when Henry let them out of their 'family' pen

From the blur, you can sense the hustle

We got to meet Mom, the cocker spaniel
and the babies couldn't leave her alone

She hasn't been with them for 2 weeks,
they are too hard on her nipples

So! Meet L.J. Gibbs, (Leroy Jethro) in case you were wondering, from NCIS. He is one of our favourite tv characters so it is fitting to us. Our new little boy will get a lot of names but that is his official handle. That’s it! Our news and it all happened in the course of 4 hours, changing our lives forever. We didn’t want a cockapoo the same colour of Clemson so this worked out perfect.

Tadah! We found the one!

He likes us he likes us!

Gibbs is now getting used to his new home and already he loves to cuddle on either one of us. We have a temporary crate for his night times and alone times when we can’t be here. We’re back to training a new born and at the same time correcting small things that we could have done differently with Clemson. Clemson, btw, fully approves with the new addition. 😊

This is where the babies were born

Lucknow and some dark clouds are coming our way

Storm clouds moved in

Gibbs likes car rides so you know THAT is a bonus

First time on grass, Gibbs hid between Daddy's legs
He was cold

Then he started moving but he wasn't keen 
on the feel of the grass on his little paws

It will be an interesting night so get ready for the ride! 

And then he ran under the Suite and wouldn't come out
Bill had to crawl underneath to shoo him out the other side 😂

And he thought that was pretty funny!

Good night, we're all smiles here on The Ridge tonight. 💗💕💓

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Pushing my Limit, MORE Babies!!

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 6th there wasn’t much time to breathe let alone relax. 😊 As Bill drove out the laneway at 7, he saw TWO families of baby geese so that was exciting news. The sky was blue and sunny when I ran out to start Ptooties. Pretty out but frosty and the windshield needed thawing. I left 15 minutes after Bill. The Mat was occupied by only one customer and she was out of there within 15 minutes.

These pictures were from the sunset last night
after I posted
Too pretty to not include somewhere

I put our sheets and some of Bill’s work shirts in a washer and went about the cleaning business. Within 40 minutes, I was on my way home. The sun encouraged me enough to take the clothes home for hanging. The clouds had moved in and it looked like rain but I hung them anyway. I made my thermos of coffee and left the Suite 5 minutes before 9. When I arrived at the shop, I removed the glue residue left behind from the decals on the van sitting outside.

My morning smile as I left for Durham

Looks like a proud parent to me

Pond reflections

There was a bit more sanding on the red Ford, well, a bit more than a ‘bit’, and after working for an hour we drove M’s pick up down the road to get more skids for kindling for the wood stove. We’re getting better at working on that process. Me in the back of the truck stacking and M handing them up to me. Back at the shop, I finished sanding and then we worked together removing the front fender from the van.

On my way home to cloudy skies

This took up my last hour and finally after a painstaking task of removing nuts and bolts, plus wipers, plus grills etc., it was off. Just in time for me to leave at 12 noon. At home, I warmed up a bowl of my soup and finished my coffee. I was out the door again at a few minutes past 1 and remembered that I needed fuel after yesterday’s drive. That took time I couldn’t really spare and as I was approaching Owen Sound, I knew I’d be late.

From geese to turtles
All those shiny dots in the picture ......... yup, Yertles 🐢

You know what that does to a person who is NEVER late? I felt stressed and even more so when I had never been to the VanVugt Greenhouses so was winging it with the help of our gps. The venue didn’t have a fire # on their website so I just followed it as best I could. When I came to a dead end, I had to call V.Vugt to ask for some guidance, at the same time explaining why I was late. Eventually, I found the place and picked up my plants.

I was happy to see the sun come out

Mail delivery

Package for Bill

The drive home was another one of despair. Needing a washroom, I hate being the age where more frequent visits are necessary! I made it home but again frustrated with the whole pandemic lockdown situation. When I arrived, Bill was down at the Hangar, after just arriving home too. We exchanged our ‘day’ stories and Bill settled in for a snooze. I went on the auction site, the Rockford one, and watched the 2 items that I was bidding on. It’s like entertainment and we blame Wes! Ha ha, just kidding, we’re glad to have access to the fun. 😊

Only a couple of pictures from Kelso Beach
because i was in too much of a hurry to get home

The drive home the back way was pretty

For supper, it was leftover stuffed peppers and Bill had some brown beans w/toast with his. There is still some leftover for one, for another night. We finished the strawberry cake tonight too so the fridge is slowly getting back to normal. With dishes done, we enjoyed the remainder of the evening quietly. It was truly a runaround day for me and it was nice to ‘chill’.

An easy filling supper
Good night!

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