Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Finished the Puzzle, Early Christmas Present, Hot Day

Park Place RV Park

Wednesday, Dec. 6th Bill was readying for the field when my sister and her hubby messaged. Thinking they were on their way here, we heard that the bad news goblins were at work on them too. LOL Sometimes it is really hard to keep our spirits up when things go wrong with our homes on wheels but other than offering to go to Buckeye, Az to offer support, there wasn’t anything we could do. John is very handy and can and did take care of the issue. They were on the road before 10 and arrived in the Q area around 12:30. 😊

Good morning!

We walk outside the park and it takes us by
the back side of Carol-Ann and Kobus' home.
Gibbs always stops and looks but their car is gone
so they have left for the flying field too. ♥

Bill left for flying and Gibbs and I went for our walk around the outside perimeter of the park. I sat and finished writing up the last 6 or 7 Christmas cards. I made my coffee around 10 to go to work on the puzzle and remembered that I had pork chops and steak to repackage into meal sizes. The steak are huge and very thick so one will easily do both of us. 5 meals for $15, can’t beat that!

at Fry's, we picked up on this awesome
deal on boneless sirloin steak. Right place, right time.

Then I went to the clubhouse, since Coffee Hour was over. We worked away until lunch time before parting ways. Bill and I had ham sandwiches again and then I wandered back. 

The clubhouse tree looks pretty.

We were all determined and, actually, made good headway. So much so, that we worked right through until 4:20 to finish it. Yes! Fist pump and all that jazz. Now we can put it away and any new puzzles from here on in should be easy, right? 😊

The lollipop puzzle is done! Yay!
One missing piece, maybe someone got hungry?
These tiny pieces made this a difficult challenge.
But we did it!

I noticed back at home that Bill had received our first Christmas present. FedEx brought it today. A bread slicer for our homemade breads, now pieces should at least be consistent. I also noticed I had an email about my Zenni (glasses) delivery. Seems I should never order things! It says ‘Return to Sender’ after this morning saying it was out for delivery. Grrr.

this will be great for my homemade bread.
i can't cut straight to save my life!

The sun was preparing to set when we walked this

It must have been tired because it wasn't the
best performance, although still pretty.
We reached a high of 77F/23C today
but it will drop off tomorrow again.

Johnny and Rich's lights are pretty.

Our candy canes don't want to stand up straight.

We drove to chat with Don at our mail depot and he gave us some ideas. Tomorrow, we’ll check again and then I guess I’ll be chatting with the vendor. Somewhere along the line, they’ve messed up the shipping label. That’s me, bummed out over another missing shipment. LOL Gibbs and I nipped around for our walk and then Bill grilled some sausages for supper. A filling meal, however easy too. This was a pretty good, just disappointing about my new eye candy.

Supper tonight was easy.
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

What a Busy Day! For All of Us!

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Dec. 5th Bill and Gibbs went out at 6:20 for their first walk. I slipped out of bed and hopped into the shower. We had a full day planned. That was the only walk Gibbs got with me before Bill and I left him in charge at 8 o’clock. I left a note (from Gibbs to his sitters) on the island with treats, his leash, spot cleaner and doggie bags and gave him his ‘look after the house’ treat. 😉 

The drive to Yuma was uneventful.
Most of the traffic was heading north on I95.

The Yuma Proving Grounds
and Imperial Dam Rec Area

We drove to Yuma for some shopping, Christmas, grocery and otherwise. It was a beautiful day. I’m not sure what time Carol-Ann and Kobus collected him but I received this picture at 10:30 with the message ‘Gibbs all settled in’. We can’t say how much of a relief it is to know he is back home and in great hands. We were able to go about our day without a worry. He’s our child though so his name came up a couple of times in conversation because we missed him.

This is the picture I was sent at 10:30
He looks pretty happy and content!
They both do!
I wonder what Gibbs is thinking.

entering the agricultural capital
We could smell the vegetables in the air

We stopped at Target, Ross, Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight and the .99¢ Store before going to Black Bear Diner for lunch. It was 12 noon and they were very slow bringing us our meal. We did have milkshakes to tide us over and kind of fill us while we waited. 😊 The waiter was good and apologetic so he received a nice tip all the same. When we left there, we went back to Fry’s for our groceries.

Familiar sights in Yuma
Lin's, the Chinese Buffet we frequented in our first
few years down here. George introduced us to this restaurant.
Bottom right is the entrance to the
Yuma Palms Mall.

Black Beauty's happy face bobble held on tight
and didn't lost his hat.

There were a few good bargains and being there on Tuesday, Seniors’ Day, was an unexpected bonus as it got us 10% everything as well. We left Yuma around 2:30 and drove into our site at 3:40. Good timing! We unloaded bags and then went to gather our little boy. Needless to say, he was quite excited to see us and it was reported that they all had a great day together. We can’t thank them enough.

The menu comes in newspaper format

A little story about Gibbs' day. Carol-Ann took him for 3 walks. The first one, she wasn't thinking and came up towards the front of the park. When Gibbs got close to our site, he stopped and wouldn't move. She brought him to the door and inside so he could see that we weren't here. He walked a bit more and then laid down, not budging. Carol-Ann is a small lady and Gibbs is 25 pounds. You can guess what happened next. She carried him all the way back to their site. The next walks were in the opposite direction! 

My lunch was huge, filling and delicious!
I brought half of the milkshake home, what you
see is not what you get. They bring the metal cup
that it was blended in and it is 3/4 full still. ♥

I have packaged meat to separate into meal sizes but everything else found a home in the cupboards or fridge. We agreed that we won’t be needing supper tonight, my Bear Benedict with hash browns and fruit was filling! Bill had a large burger with fries. We may be snacking later, we’ll see.

On our drive home, we saw this familiar 'blimp' on the east side
and then the irregular blimp on the west side. It didn't show up
in my picture though. We've seen it once before.

It has been a good day and we’re quite tuckered. For those who don’t know the area, Yuma is 90 minutes from where we are but well worth the trip to and fro. We are ready for Christmas. 😊

This is one of Gibbs' favourite treats.

I'd say he had a busy day and he'll sleep well
Good night y'all!

Thank you for stopping by!