Monday, July 26, 2021

One More Sleep, Gorgeous Hot Day

The Ridge

On Monday, July 26th the week began as per normal. Bill up around 6, Gibbs and I lounging until close to 7 when we got up to send him off to work. It was a bit confusing at first, just where he was working, but he headed off to Hanover as his first destination. Gibbs is always happiest, when one of us leaves, to actually see us drive away. Then he can settle at home with the other parent. Otherwise, I believe he thinks we are outside without him and that is upsetting to him. 🐶

We set off down the lane early

I’d decided that today was the day we (Gibbs and I) would go for a walk. Not just out the lane and down North Line but all the way to Baptist Church Road and test his ability to walk proper. Out we went and as usual there was some tom-foolery (Gibbs foolery) going out the lane but on North Line, he got the hang of it and strutted along fairly well. At B.C.R. he improved even more and we walked along at a good clip together. 😉

I may not be alone for my walks anymore 😃

I was very pleased but didn’t want to push my luck and have to carry him all the way home so I cut the walk short. We walked past M’s home/shop, half way to Turbine Lane and I asked ‘do you want to go home?’ Gibbs stopped, sat and that’s when we turned around. I praised him a lot of the way and had taken a few small treats to encourage good behaviour. I sound like I know what I’m doing but it is mostly hit or miss and today it was working. Yay!

He was doing really well

The front field grass was quite wet so I didn’t let him run off leash across there today, instead we came to the lane and I let him lead, off leash. He knew our place and turned in with no problem. He was pretty tired and had a big drink before we came in for his breakfast and I had my tea. I wasn’t surprised when he crashed after an outdoor piddle when he was done eating. Those short little legs were really moving.

When I drove to town, this little Yertle was
crossing the lane and then stopped

The sandal above is to show how small he was
I had to stop the car, pick him up and move him to the other side

While he was snoozing, I slipped upstairs for my shower but it is hard to fool him! He was on my heels and slept outside the bathroom door waiting for me. Once cleaned up, I encouraged him to look after the house (this only once he was in my arms) and put him in his crate. He hasn’t been in it all night so easily walked in to get his reward of a couple of treats. 😊

It's a cute little gazebo

The Suite door wouldn’t lock using the key pad so I left it unlocked while I nipped into town for some errands. I wouldn’t be long and we do have manual keys if we need them. Bill says the battery must be going. First, the bank, then the LCBO, next the variety for lotto tickets and then I took a walk across the street to the little pavilion. They play music on Sunday nights through the summer but I’ve never walked to it.

I'm sure a lot of these have meaning to someone

I like the sign in the back too but you can't see it

In the past, I’d noticed painted rocks, lots and lots of them on the benches and today they were spread out in the surrounding gardens. What a nice idea. 

Down the steps, leading into the park area

Lunch along the river?

Then, unbeknownst to me, there were steps leading down to the river and a lovely shaded seating area in a small day park. Quite small but still pretty. I took some pictures, a selfie, and headed back to the car. 

This was a huge hosta or two!!

Lastly, I filled our water jug and Gibbs’ small outdoor one at the water storeTime for home! Gibbs was a good boy, and we went outside together while I unloaded. Oh yah, on the way home, I stopped at my favourite garage sale on the highway. It was the first time this year that she has been there so we caught up on their huge renovations and our new addition to the family. Nice gal. 

Did I ever show you my Turtle Rock?
There are eggs under there
I'll move the rock before we leave this fall

I had the last of my soup and also cleaned out a few other dishes in the fridge that needed to go. Sometimes, it just gets too cluttered and that is just an accident waiting to happen. I’d finished eating and was sitting growling at my laptop, the darn cursor keeps freezing today! Grrr so it meant shutting right down and hoping it would return with the new start up. As I was doing this, there was a light tap tap at the door and when I turned to look out the window behind me, Bill was there.

Tomatoes are coming

I saw this hawk hovering over the road
so caught hold of Gibbs's leash

Good Lord! He scared the bejeesus out of me!! I gave him proper you know what as it took a while for my heart to settle down! I felt like passing out, that’s how much it spooked me to see ‘someone’ standing just outside the window not 2’ from me. Ha ha, now I can laugh about it but it wasn’t funny at the time!! LOL. I did the dishes and even though it is nice to see him home, too bad that can't happen on Wed. or Thurs. this week.

One more sleep means that tomorrow Ladyfest starts for me. I will clean in the morning and then come home to finish the last-minute packing and loading Ptooties. I’ll spend as much time as I can with Gibbs in that short 2-hour period before I leave for Gayle’s  and then he’ll be in his crate until Daddy gets home. Wednesday and Thursday will be a bit of a challenge for Bill (and Gibbs) but it will work out one way or another.

Between the Bunky and the lane, my flowers are
really filling the area

At 5:30 or so, I started making our salads for supper. Bill came in just before 6, happy with how things were going on his project. He had water in the bladder to transfer to the fresh tanks so started that as well. I reheated my meatloaf and spaghetti squash from the other night and a larger piece of meatloaf for Bill.

Supper turned out just perfect. Just meatloaf and salad.  I didn’t have any dessert planned so Bill may need to have a yogourt or peanut butter cookies if he is still hungry. Gibbs has been good today, but now he is full of the devil. Between ringing the bell to go out and jumping up at us and licking my legs. Yes, I forgot and put lotion on after my shower. 😁

A nice easy supper
Later, I had popcorn 😃

With dishes done, I worked on finishing my blog. I went out and dumped our pool so I could put it away in the Bunky for the week. We are expecting rain overnight, at least I heard this morning that it ‘may’ rain so it doesn’t need to be full of rain water. That would just encourage Gibbs to drink from it. 

And the sun gets ready to set

This was another nice day and I think things are ready for tomorrow, with just a few food/drink items to pack in the morning. While I think of it, apparently I made a couple of booboo's in yesterday's blog posting. Bill is my proofreader, after the fact, but I usually try to get back in and fix them. I haven't done that. Sorry!

And as Gibbs settles, he blends
right into the flooring
Good night y'all!

Thank you for taking the time to check out what we’re up to. As always, I welcome your comments!

A Day Off…………………………….From Blogging, Outdoor Fun

The Ridge

On Sunday, July 25th, I truly took a day off. Not from work, because I cleaned at the Mat from 8 to 9, at the same time I did our two loads of laundry. The temperature was already rising quickly yet the sky was quite overcast. We knew there was a ZERO expectancy for rain today so I followed through with my plan and brought the clothes to hang on the line. It turned out to be the right choice.

Gibbs drags his bed all over the floor
Here he is trying to get it behind our chairs

Back home, Bill were relaxing in the recliner, waiting for me. Neither of them heard Ptooties coming up the and were surprised when I walked in. I had my tea before hanging the clothes and by the time I finished, the sun had poked through the light clouds. I always have ‘big’ plans to do things but you know, by the time you finish one thing, things change.

are you surprised that this happens?
He continues to chew, even after I sew it.
Bill turned it inside out so he's laying on the nylon
side but he still manages to rip holes in it
LOL Puppies!! He is getting new teeth though so...

Bill was puttering (he does a lot of that!), still on the on-going project. Maybe by summer’s end he’ll be able to write about success. 😊 I thought I should do some weed-eating with him home to help start the trimmer, if I needed it. As we were sitting outside with Gibbs on the patio, I mentioned forgoing the trimming and he readily agreed. It was already hot at 10 am, reaching 26C/79F  by the end of the day. When he said he was done what he could do today on his project and that he was going to get his big plane out, my final decision was made too.

All set up for some fun

So, I set things up on the picnic table this time. it takes a while to get organized, bringing things out from the Bunky. Since Paisley, I at least have all my paints in one box now and although the box is ‘luggy aka heavy’ it saves me a lot of trips. I left Gibbs tied up at the steps since it was definitely cooler there. I did open my umbrella but there was still limited shade, which I sat under.

Gibbs stayed linked to the step where there was a breeze
and more shade first thing

I had a barn board, not sure if I showed you when I got it from V.V. but it had HOME SWEET HOME, burned in it. It is nice but hard to see the etching and my attempts at redoing it were of no use. Bill suggested I paint it. 😉 That’s what today’s painting was all about. I was running out of good rocks to decorate anyway. I am so pleased with what I did to the board and then I sprayed clear over it to save it. It will be sitting outside.

What do you think?
It turned out better than I thought!

I also had 3 wood flower heads that I’d picked up at V.V. a while ago so freshened them up with brighter colours. They have little clips on the back for hanging so I’ll find a place for them. As I was finishing, I brought Gibbs over to the table where there was shade and Bill added fresh water to our pool for us. Yup, great day for a swim! It only put about 2” in the bottom but it was enough and because it had been sitting in the bladder in the back of the truck, it was a nice temperature.

For now my board sits in this garden

I haven't decided yet where these flowers are
going yet

I set Gibbs in and he hopped out. As I played with my feet in the water, he soon got in on his own. It is good water so I didn’t mind that he drank it and I got a kick out of watching him get in and out. 

I can do it myself, Mom

And he did, in and out a few times

A little wet head

We had fun

The bright umbrella made us feel like we were
on a great vacation somewhere!
I guess we are! 😍

At one point, I looked and his whole head was wet so I missed a Candid moment apparently! 😊 The rest of the day was Bill in the Hangar area, making progress he said on his plane, and me making progress with a new book. I’ll probably finish it quickly, it is a real page turner.

A Mimosa, a pool, a special friend

a hammock, book, beautiful sky

I think it is a pretty nice private vacation spot,
wouldn't you?

And my coneflowers have bloomed!

They are gorgeous too, worth the wait

Because I was enjoying myself outside, rarely indoors, my blog didn’t even get a minute of my time until Monday morning. Woops! 

The ice cream cone didn't last long so no picture 🍦🍦

We just had a nice garden salad for supper, finishing up with an ice cream cone. Neither of us were very hungry. After dishes, we watched The Good Witch and I watched Why Women Kill while Bill had his shower and made his lunch. It was a wonderful summer day! I'll close with a couple of small videos of the munchkin. The second one might explain how things get damaged with sharp teeth! Ha ha.

Thank you for your visit!