Monday, January 24, 2022

A Quiet Day All Around, Another Follower, Family Birthday

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az

It was 7:20 on Monday, Jan. 24th when Gibbs and I slipped out of bed, leaving Daddy to drop back off, if he could. It was another nice morning, clear sky, no wind and 44F/7C so therefore, a nice walk. Gibbs, our gigolo, met two little female dogs, nose to nose, but no valid prospects. I think he still has Gabby (or Allie?) in his mind. 😊

The pink mountains strike again. ♥

I took a peek at our battery situation this morning and was pleased that they were charged up to 12.2 before I left for my walk. This is just proof of what that glorious sun can do.  Yesterday was a zinger. We made our coffee and tea and relaxed while we drank it. Bill wanted to get our fresh water topped up so drove up around 9 to fill the bladder. When he came back, he wasn’t too happy. The inside of the cap broke when he turned it off so we stewed a bit about how to transfer the water to the tank.

Hello sunshine

While outside, there was a man heading across the gravel towards us. Hmm. Gibbs was going a bit crazy so rather than listening to the barking and trying to restrain him, I put him inside where he stopped immediately. We met James, an rv’er from southern Louisiana who reads our blogs. 😊 😊 So cool! I’m glad he stopped by and we chatted for quite some time about everything.

Back at home, I noticed Bill and Janet walking
through with the pompoms. :) We were inside though so I missed them.

He began by following The Bayfield Bunch, so sidebars do work. He’s read theirs, ours and Nancy’s plus, I’m sure, a number of others. I should have snapped a picture but I didn’t have my camera. Hopefully, we’ll see him and his wife, Cindy, when they walk through next time. Bill managed to hold the cap in a way that he transferred 90% of the water from the bladder to our tank so 3 cheers for his ingenuity – again.

The cap that attaches to the valve for draining
our water bladder

4 little pieces that broke out of it
Our old bladder is back home, so once more
we just need to get through this week.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. We had scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch and read our books. I spent most of the day out in either of our chairs, moving according to how hot I was. Bill and I noticed the hummingbird hovering around my new feeder so that is encouraging. Once he figures it out, he’ll be back, I hope. The day was quieter than normal because our neighbours were gone from 10 until about 3. 😊

This morning, Gibbs found a bottle he'd found
a week ago and left behind
He dropped it before we got home. 

They aren’t noisy, but we can hear every conversation which means they can probably hear ours. At 5:45, we started supper. Fish and chips tonight. We have tv to watch tonight, so Bill will try the generator to plug in the Fry Daddy. 

Okay, so all you crocheters, no laughing.
This doesn't look like it is supposed to - AT ALL!

This is the tutorial I was watching
I'm obviously an idiot with a crochet hook in my hands. LOL

I should have quit before I started. :(

I chatted on Messenger with Deb late this afternoon and she has graciously offered to help me get a blanket started before we go our separate ways. They are not far down Hwy 95 so we’ll try and get together on the weekend. Thanks Deb!

supper was good

Daddy's boy waiting by the door for him
Twice today he sat on the step, like he does at home. ♥

Supper was good. The cod fish was tasty, Bill had the fries and I cooked some sweetlet peas to share. This afternoon we had a snack so this meal was just enough to fill us. This was a good day and evening as well watching a few of our favourites. Yay, the generator started again! 

A hang glider flew over today

Lastly, today is a special day. My sister-in-law, Liz, is celebrating a birthday today so I can't miss wishing her all the best.😊

Happy Birthday to lovely Liz ♥

Good night everyone!

Thank you for stopping in.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Weather Changed Back to ‘Summer’, Yay!

La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az On Sunday, Jan. 23rd, we were all up around 7:30 and Gibbs and I scooted out right away for our walk. The sky was clear and with no wind, the 43F/6C made for a lovely walk. We both (Bill and I) felt like doing a happy dance when we saw the sun and knew it would be with us all day. Even the solar panels were smiling. 😊
After our tea and coffee, we took Gibbs along and went into town. It was around 9:45 when we reached the entrance to the RV Show/Tent and it was busy enough already. We weren’t going in today so carried on first to Coyote Fresh Foods for a few groceries. I couldn’t remember what prices were like compared to our usual Roadrunner Market. Well, I came out empty handed because of the higher costs. Be warned, for eg. 2% milk jug - $4.45, half & half cream/litre - $4.49 and it goes on from there. We drove to the Chevron to fill our gas can and then to Roadrunner. 2% milk jug - $4.09, half & half cream/litre - $3.49. They will continue to get our business.
Plus, I found bacon ‘pieces’ for ridiculously low prices which are a whole lot better than paying $8 anywhere for half as much. 😊 Lastly, we filled a propane tank that ‘still’ wasn’t empty after a very long time but it was really close as it took 9 gal. We had nowhere else to go so we returned home.
What do you think? All this for only $24. I vote for Roadrunner Market. :) I sat outside with Gibbs and read for a while and at 12:30 I made us French toast for lunch. Thanks Rick and Kathy for the suggestion. Sometimes I need a hint of what to have to change our meals up and his looked pretty darn good. ♥ Let me tell you, it tasted pretty darn good to us too!
The Pit Stop was crazy busy for dumping, but we drove right up for a propane fill with no wait. The guys here are really good. After dishes, it turned into a really slack day. I did get myself all frustrated trying to learn how to crochet the blanket from the centre and will surely rip-it out. It doesn’t help that the wool is blended but I have so much of it, I just want to use it up. A blanket seemed the best choice but, remember, I’m not very good at this crochet thing.
The French toast was yummy. I packed it up, closed the laptop with the video I was following, and went outside with my book again. This was safe and something that I excelled at! The sun felt great and I was thankful for the breeze. Bill was in and out at different times and we had a cold drink around 4:30 before he took Gibbs for a nice long walk to the south. 😉
So, if you're tired of seeing Gibbs in my pictures, sorry. However, he is the joy of our life right now and I can't help it! So, I found a pack of 4 pork chops today that are very thin but under $5 so thought there’s a couple of cheap meals. We’re barbecuing 2 tonight and I’ll reheat my leftover pizza on the grill too. Inside, I’ll fry the leftover potatoes and veggies for Bill since he isn’t fond of leftover pizza anyway. We’ll both be happy and clean some things up too.
He loves this bag chair and these positions all took place within 3 minutes. He could entertain an audience! ♥ The temperature was a nice improvement today over yesterday, reaching 68F/20C. Beautiful! Around 6, we started. Bill lit the Weber and chatted with the neighbour, who was gathering pretty stones, while it heated. The pizza heated up perfectly and the chops got moved over to Bill’s plate. I didn’t need any after all as I had quite enough on my plate. 😊
Spending quality time with Daddy.
Plays hard, sleeps hard. After dishes, I worked at my post and we turned tv on to watch a couple of programs. The generator started with a little encouragement tonight again. Yay! Thus ends a wonderful day here in the desert.
My leftover pizza was um, um good! Good night! Thank you for your visit today.