Thursday, November 15, 2018


For some reason, Bill and I are having a very tough time, this season, dealing with the time changes. This last one especially from CT to MT. We have been going to bed much earlier than our ‘norm’ of 10 and 11 pm and therefore waking at 4 and rising at 5ish as a rule.

And the sun pops over the mountain behind me as I walk
Last night, it was 8:30 (yes, 8:30!!) when we both went to bed and dropped right off. We were awake at 11:30 (after what felt like a full night of sleep) and then at 12:30 (almost got up to read) and then I was wide awake at 5 am on Monday, Nov. 12th. I got up. 😴 Bill seemed to have dropped off again and didn’t rise until 5:45. We had our morning drinks.

Looking down at the river from up on Page Springs Road
Since we can’t read blog posts and I can’t post any, instead we delved into sorting and arranging our photos. Bill is still catching up on his from Graceland. Today, we are going to Sedona so today’s words will be fewer (Yay! You say?) and the pictures collaged. I hope you enjoy them.

We didn’t walk around town today as it was their Veteran’s Day holiday and the town and areas were crazy packed. Trying to get in and around with Black Beauty was a challenge. We jiggled the jello a bit from what we were originally going to do but ended up seeing better views by driving up Airport Road to a parking area and hiking a mile to the summit and back down. We had fun climbing together, took many pictures, as you can see and took a nice leisurely drive home down 179S to I-17S.

We reached the summit and had gorgeous views of Sedona
Some parts of the trail were steep and rocky
but we all did it with smiles and pride 
"No, dear, please don't jump!"
The rest of the day was quiet and very relaxing. None of us are as young as we used to be so we were all very proud of the exercise we took in today. For supper Bill barbecued steak and we had Caesar salad on the side with, of course, Tillamook White Chocolate and Raspberry Swirl ice cream for dessert. Bill likes peanuts on his and my favourite topping is walnuts. 

So many beautiful sights to see
The bottom right pictures are of a Chapel in the Rock
Not sure if that was the name of it (that was a few days ago!)
We drove in with our big truck and it was a challenge due to the Veteran's Holiday
the place was a  ZOO! so we got out without stopping
This water level in the park gives a heads up when to evacuate
Rob and Pat had to a number of years ago when they stayed here
It appears to be the number of feet from the river bed
We watched a new episode of Bull and then The Voice. These shows usually start at 7 which means we need to start watching at 5 pm.

Playing with camera settings in Google photos
Compare these two pictures

I was so excited with my discovery that I had to show Rob and Pat
By the time the latter was over, it was only 8, my eyes were droopy and Bill had switched channels to a Christmas movie. I decided to go up to bed to find something that I would enjoy and that would keep me awake. I enjoy Sex in the City (the program!) and haven’t seen it for a long time so watched a couple hours of that and turned the lights off at 10. That felt much better as I knew I’d sleep in later.

There are some huge trees on the walkway east of the park
It was a wonderful day. Thank you for popping by!

Quiet Day in the Park, Shopping, Photography, Plans, Remembrance Day

It was actually after 6 when I woke up and crawled out of bed on Sunday, Nov. 11th. I think Bill got up just a few minutes before me. That is the latest we’ve slept in for quite a few days. It felt great. It was still dark out but I felt pumped to go for a walk. Bill wanted to go but wasn’t quite ready so we agreed to have our hot drink and then go. Clemson was still in bed but he had Bill up at 3:15 so that was maybe the reason.

All 4 of us wore our Canadian poppies on the days surrounding
Remembrance Day
A few Americans were curious
We slipped out without waking him and walked along the river, looking for the source of the running water we could hear. We were surprised when we walked to the north end of the park when my phone started chirping with text messages. Woohoo! We found some reception but only briefly. By walking up the hill to the Bar & Grill at the road, it returned for long enough that I could text a couple of sisters and inform them that we were fine and in a valley with bad reception.

We were parked within 100 feet of the river
and I walked along it often
I felt relief when we walked back down into the park, knowing that we were not causing concern back home. Bill was also able to post a quick message on Facebook. We had a nice walk and I took a few pictures of the area before we returned and touched base with Rob and Pat. We informed them of our success with our cell connections and we made arrangements to meet up after breakfast to go into Cottonwood.

Up on the hill, when Bill and I walked, we caught the pink of the sunrise
I made us bacon and eggs and Bill hopped in the shower. Rob drove and we all did some shopping at Walmart before going to one of my favourite southwestern grocers. Fry’s is a great supermarket and with our shopper’s card, we always save a chunk on our purchases. It was turning into a beautiful day, with the sky clear and temperatures rising. We made sure to wear our poppies, as we have in the last week in honour of those who fought for and those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Love the food value in this supermarket
We were back home unloading our groceries just before noon and Bill and I made ourselves a coffee and had a couple of Nutter Butter cookies. Our early breakfast was wearing off and we’d just splurged and treated ourselves to a package (or two) of these great peanut butter snacks. I took Clemson for a nice long walk through the leaves and we met up with Pat who was out taking pictures too.

A jumbled collage of the beautiful park scenery
The boys had each purchased a new toy at Walmart and were in the process of setting things up. I’m sure Bill will be happy to write about his new CB radio when he next writes a post. Woops! I just let the cat out of the bag but I know this will make our traveling together even better. Pat and I were playing with our own toys, our Canon cameras. We, bit by bit, are figuring things out with Macro photos, Portraits, F-stops and Apertures. LOL I’m not good at all of this finessing!

Selfies, closeups and fun with our friends
Where are you going, big boy?
If your eyes are really sharp you'll see where he landed
about the centre of the picture
But if you still can't see him, try here
We gathered over at their place in the sunshine for an early Happy Hour and moved our chairs out towards the road, keeping ourselves in the heat. Pat put on a feast of crackers, cheese and summer sausage and Bill cut up some of our fudge to share. Clemson joined us for a bit, although shivering the whole time in Bill’s sweater. He had his own snack of cheese before Bill put him inside.

It was a beautiful day as we followed the sun out into the
driveway and the leaves
A nice little afternoon treat was shared
Bill did his best to keep Clemson warmed up
by tucking him in his sweater
He's not spoiled! No way!
By 3:30 we parted ways and returned inside where it was warm. Bill and I had planned Bacon Cheeseburgers for supper and so our Weber Q was put to use tonight for the first time since we left home. They were so good! We cleaned up dishes and found a Christmas movie to watch on television. When you are ‘forced’ inside because of the dark and cool temps, you can only read so much.

We loved the look of this tree that was overgrown with
vine leaves
We managed to get some shopping done today and we have ‘touristy’ plans for tomorrow firmed up.  The rest of the evening went quietly. It is unfortunate that I didn’t get yesterday’s post sent off this morning, it was hard to do that while we were shopping in town. All in time and I hope you understand.

Allow me a little vanity with these pictures that Pat took
And some goofiness trying to take a selfie together

Two buddies having fun

Thankyou for reading along.