Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Yahouie Louie! Sunshine Across the Quartzsite Land, Some Upsetting Possibilities

It was around 6 am on Wednesday, Jan. 16th when I first woke and rolled over on to my stomach. I timed that perfectly as I got a lovely back rub before we both got up closer to 7. It was still dark but as we made our tea and coffee, I could see that there was going to be a sunrise this morning. Yippee Kiyay! There were low lying clouds but nothing could dampen today’s spirits. I felt like skipping around the kitchen.

The promise of a great day
The road was drying up
After my tea I slipped on my runners and headed out the door. It was 7:30. I didn’t know how far I was going to go this morning but I had dressed for the 49F/10C and had my camera and phone with me. It felt so good to be out of doors after a couple of wet days and I snapped multiple pictures of the eastern mountains as the sun made its appearance. Good morning!

Before I knew it, I was past the maintenance sheds and arriving at the garbage dumpsters on the right and the rv dump stations on the left. Then I saw George driving back from his morning touring. I still felt great so kept going. Once I got to the small Blue Boy dump station I decided to go for it, go all the way to the front entrance. If nothing else, I’d have a peek at the ‘junk’ on the table.

This could  be our undoing

Hey! I know you! We exchanged good mornings
and carried on
I trudged onward, unzipping my vest as I went and it was worth it as I found a couple of books that sounded good when I read the preface. I also found giveaway cards about rules of boondocking. 

Both of these sound very good
#5 makes us laugh
Give us a shout out?

Boy do I wish I’d had one of these in Borrego Springs! On my way back, I was quite warm and I really hadn’t over-layered according to my standards. When I reached the garbage, Bill texted and said he was on his way to visit our friends, Rick and Kathy.

I used the facilities as I waited and we walked back, through the wash to their Jayco Eagle. When Bill knocked, Rick came out to say hello. They were thankfully on their way soon to go to Yuma and pick up their truck. They have experienced numerous problems with it on this winter’s travels and we hope that it is finally going to be fixed for their sake. We walked back home and let me tell you, by this time I was damp from sweat. With the sun out full, I was definitely overdressed!

There is such a thing as over staying your welcome
This guy has definitely been here too long
Can you see him?
Back home, the vest, the windbreaker and my light hoody came off and when I took Clem out for his piddle the cooler air felt great. I needed the cool down. I had walked 4 miles in an hour and a half, no record, but a lot for me. 

Chuckled at this 'boondockers' clothesline
Good thing I’d had my tea before I left. I chugged water when I got inside and relaxed for 15 minutes before starting breakfast. Today, was an egg, cheese, bacon and onion quesadilla for me and the same on a toasted bun for Bill. I made enough for 2 meals so tomorrow’s breakfast is already cooked.

I love this breakfast
We cleaned up dishes and I needed to change out of my sweaty clothes before I could get too comfy. Bill took our Blue Flame heater outside to use the air compressor on it, hoping that changes the flame distribution. I left him to it, he’ll write about what he found. I took my wool outside and sat in the sun for a while. It didn’t take long and I had to start disrobing. First the wind breaker, then the hoody and soon enough, I was indoors putting shorts on and removing my socks.

This is how hot it was today - perfect weather!
Bill wanted to do a small job up on the roof this morning and soon discovered that he needed something from town to complete it. Even though we’d declined going into Quartzsite with Rob and Pat earlier, he ended up having to make a quick trip to RV Lifestyles. It is the Harbor Freight for rv’ers and just about every man camping out here in the desert has been there once or twice already since their arrival.

Such a little snuggle bug these mornings
He dropped our garbage off at the over-full dumpsters and happened to have a conversation with one of the Maintenance guys. One thing Bill was told was that the fellow himself has been working for the last two months on a volunteer basis to keep the grounds open and water and dump services available – in other words, without pay. Then he informed Bill that his concern is about the contracted garbage pickup. If it doesn’t happen soon, he may be instructed by his boss to close the blm land where we are all parked.  

In case you forgot how bad it was from my previous picture
They would barricade the entrance and individually advise all of us to depart. That is not the best thing we’ve heard this trip and could very well be the most upsetting. It means we would have to scramble to find a free spot to park until the end of the month. In the meantime, we wait it out and at least hope that ‘if’ we do get booted out, it isn’t until after the show begins so we can visit once before leaving the area.

There was a lot of friendly banter going on
So nice to see friends making friends
And this was my view for much of the day
Other than that what an absolutely gorgeous day! It easily got up to 74F/23C in the sunshine and in the shade, surprisingly not uncomfortable. I worked away at my crocheting project and when I showed Rose how far I’d come, it was like a teacher’s appraisal. I’m so glad she sat me down in Lake Havasu and basically put the wool and crochet hook in my hands. I’m not anywhere beyond the chain stitch and the half double crochet but I’m actually doing it. One day, I hope to be able to follow a simple pattern.

Shall we gather in the circle?
A great spot for H.H.while we are here
It was 3:30 when Rob came over and asked about Happy Hour so he and I began the move into a circle in the middle of our group. This made it easy. No one had to remember who was hosting and there was no need to run around saying “it’s at our place”. Just meet in the middle, bring your own chairs, tables and drinks. I like it, I like it a lot. Rose and George had gone into town earlier so were not around for the gathering. I’m sure they’ll attend tomorrow.

I wanted to share with those who don't do this type of camping
a few 'homesteads'

You know, how the other half lives and all that
People can live in next to nothing

and much of everything

This is cute
A teeny tent with a beautiful dog on guard
and look at the motorhomes behind it
From simple to extravagant

This one caught my eye when we drove in
a matching set

And of course, an Airstream of the older model
Bill lit the Weber and I put a packet of cut-up potatoes and butter on the grill. We had a sirloin steak to barbecue, a big thick juicy one to share so we wouldn’t need anything other than spuds and our last piece of pie for dessert. Never in my life have I had need to pay so much attention to the spelling of dessert and desert. Before we started coming to Arizona, it was simpler, the only spelling we had in our vocabulary was 2 ‘sses’. Now, I have to slow down and think what I’m writing.

My plate looks empty but I don't need a big portion of steak
and with half a large potato, it was just the right amount
Supper was ready at 6:20 and it was very good. Steak is not my favourite meat to grill nor is it my favourite meat to watch Bill grill. We are not connoisseurs at all so it is mostly guesswork. Tonight, it worked well. I never need a large piece of steak and even less when it is so thick. So, I cut what I wanted and Bill ate the rest. The nice thing about barbecuing is the cleanup. 2 plates, our happy hour glasses, a milk glass, silverware and tongs.

Bill and I played with camera settings on today's sunset

Bill started the generator so we could watch some tv and use our microwave to warm up the pie. We do want our luxuries, don’t we? We watched our recorded episodes of Madame Secretary and Magnum P.I. before heading to bed. This has been a beautiful day and it brought all of us campers out of our recreational vehicles for the day. The place was alive while we all enjoyed ourselves in the manner that we expect to.
The clouds look like a sleeping giant over the mountains

Just hanging there

Good night! Sleep tight!
I know I will after walking 6 miles today.
Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Damp Forecast, Getting Comfortable and a Special Birthday

So, the rain continued throughout the evening last night and Bill said even most of the overnight. I woke around 5 and then at 6 on Tuesday, Jan. 15th. That was all the sleep I’d be getting so at 6:45 we both got up. There would be no ‘first’ walk happening for me this morning as we heard the rain pitter pattering on the roof. The nights are mild though and our Blue Flame heater kept us cozy without overheating us.

I'll start off with a picture of our group
The thing about being out in the desert, it is even blacker outside after dark than back at the Ridge. Bill hasn’t put our solar lights out yet and with no sun there is no rush to do that. Nor has he tilted the roof panels but with the teensy possibility of some sun around 3 pm, he’ll probably get up and do that this afternoon. It needs to stop raining though! Good grief!

Our setup
We read on our laptops that there were flood warnings in this area and that since yesterday afternoon, Quartzsite received an inch of rain. All one can do is make the best of it and find indoor things to do. Bill has a model to start and I have many things to putter away at too. We had our first hot drinks together and then alternatively hopped in the shower. A together shower would save water, true, but not with water pump pressure only, thank you very much.

Water water everywhere........
While Bill finished up upstairs, I began frying the bacon and eggs for breakfast. After eating, Bill and Rob went into Q to fill their gas cans for the generators. They would be running more here than anywhere this winter. I cleaned up dishes and then did a thorough sweep through the Suite. There was so much sand and gravel mix at Borrego that it was evident throughout the house, no matter how often we swept.

And the wash behind us was running
I slipped on my rain coat and walked out to take some pictures of our set ups here together. Everyone likes to have the same directional positioning to get the best out of the sun’s rays and that puts us all spread across the area. We are further back from our location last year and not as close to the wash. Perhaps that is a good thing! The water puddles were everywhere and will get a lot worse over the course of the day. At least tomorrow looks dry.

I wrote on my post for a bit and made myself a second tea. Hmm, what do I feel like doing today? At 10:40 I heard Bill and Rob return in Black Beauty. She should be clean at least! They got what they needed plus a stop at K & B Tools and RV Lifestyles to check some things out. I have an Alta Fitbit, whether you remember that or not, and it has the capability to interchange bands. If you know me at all, I do like to co-ordinate colours as well as just change things up for fun, in clothes, décor and accessories.

So, they are much cleaner and now I know how to keep them that way
My sister, Gayle, is very much like me (or rather me like her because she is older) in that regard and when she ordered new Fitbit bands a while back, she offered me a few colours that she would never wear. I got a couple of dark ones for days like today and at the Ridge but have my own brighter colours that I’d ordered from Amazon last summer. I love the brighter coral, turquoise and the off white but they get dirty quicker. Or at least the dirt shows more.

I Googled how to clean them and everyone has the same issue with their lighter colours. Fitbit will replace them if they get stained from clothing because they can’t offer a valid resolution. Mine are dirty just from grime, I don’t sweat so much that the colours of a bright sleeve runs. LOL That would be too much strenuous activity! Therefore, the Fitbit solutions didn’t really apply to me anyway. Mine should be easier to clean.
It is filling up in here
So, I Googled just ‘how to clean light coloured rubber’ and got a few tips which I put together and tried. With an old toothbrush, some water, dish soap and some Dryel stain remover which we’ve had forever, I scrubbed them. Not all of the dirt came off but they are much better and I’m happy to have found a solution that works for me. I’ll have to respond to some of the questions and see if it helps others. For today, I’m wearing a brown one.

Bill up there tilting the panels
The sun's reflection on the Suite is kind of cool, eh?
Bill set up across from me at the table so when I finished that job, so I got my needlepoint kit out. This kit was started in 1996, the year Bill and I got engaged. Who knew it would take me over a couple of decades to complete? No worries, I have no place to hang it anyway and may have to make a cushion cover out of it. After all that, I decided instead to get a ball of wool out and crochet. I was in the mood to do something less involved.

After about an hour and a half of doing that, the rain had stopped so I put my raincoat on again and went for a walk. There were puddles everywhere and where they weren’t the ground was still very soft. I made my way up to the main road just taking my time, taking some pictures of the clouds and the mountains. The place was filling up and that isn’t surprising since the Big Tent Sale starts on Saturday. There is always lots of interest in the ‘big show’.  

Definition of 'hope'
the blue patch in the sky
and the pink patch on the mountain
I was past the Maintenance sheds, just nicely onto the paved road when it started to spatter rain – again! I turned around and picked up the pace. The rain got heavier and I knew I would be pretty wet by the time I got back. At the ‘y’ in the road, just after I turned towards the Suite I saw Black Beauty coming to save me. Bill was paying attention to the weather and came to pick me up. What a guy.

Rob and Pat came over around 1:30, Pat wanted me to trim a bit of her hair for her. When you are particular about something, you fix it. I still want to be her friend for a long time so I paid careful attention to her wishes of how much I was allowed to trim. 😊 She seemed pleased when I finished taking off the smallest amount of hair that I’ve ever cut. I trim mine all the time and this was easy.

They sat and had a drink with us and we all watched little bits of sunshine trying desperately to poke through the clouds. After they left, I worked more on my project with Clemson sleeping with his little head on my leg. Bill also dozed and when he woke up, he went outside to finish setting some things up. Like our solar lights, tilting the solar panels and placing my sunflower in a suitable location. He lit the Weber for me at 5 and I placed 2 chicken thighs on the grill mat on low.

Hey George Gooden! I told you they would come! :)
As I stepped out, the sun arrived between the mountain peak and the clouds. Just a brief enough appearance to draw Deb, Pat and myself out with our cameras. At least if it was going to be late, it came in its full dress uniform, just in time to disappear. Suzie, George, Tom and Rose all gathered to discuss the day. “What were you up to today?” “Crazy weather, huh?” Eventually, we snapped our last pictures and our supper was ready.

Tough choice tonight so you get them all

I had boiled a large potato inside so that was what we had with the chicken. It was a good meal and it appears that we are all set up now too. We cleaned up dishes before 6 and were able to sit down and watch NCIS. If you remember, it is our busy night for tv. It has been a different kind of day but definitely one to be spent inside. We all got a few things taken care of and we can enjoy the rest of our time here.

I can't end this post until I wish my first Grandson a very happy birthday. I assisted in bringing Taylor (TJ) into the world by cutting the umbilical cord and scaring his Mom half to death in the process. A story we'll laugh about forever. Taylor is 24 today and has fended for himself since he was 17. We are so proud of this young man.

Happy Birthday, Taylor!
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the visit to my blog today.