Monday, June 1, 2015

Here Ye, Hair Ye!!

At 6 years old or so I sported a short cut, cute and easy for Mom to look after. I had no say in the matter and really had no opinion anyway. With 5 older sibs that was important for her.
In the front with a bob cut and a bowler
hat to cover it up!
Short with ponytail on top
Teen hair, medium, brown
Few hair styles here over the years
School photo, young and innocent. Ha!
  My hair is fine and thin, always has been. For years it was the bane of my existence because it was never as 'long, thick, curly, shiny or lustrous' as my friends'. I always, as a teen, wanted the hair I didn't have.

I've had straight hair, permed hair, medium long hair and short hair.
Brown hair, pigtails, pony tails.

Since I was 30 years of age, I've had coloured hair in a few common shades, light blonde, dark blonde, red highlights
Some were mistakes, LOL

and red hair. I'll never forget the first time a dye ever touched my hair at my sister Donna's place near Hanover. I was sporting the same light brown hair colour I'd had for a lifetime and felt it was time to get brave! My hair was a little longer than shoulder length.  I bought the $3 kit, she put the cap on and began pulling hair through those little holes. I was so excited!
When it came time for the rinse out, I remember bending over the bathtub while she rinsed and rinsed. All I could see in front of my face was a very VERY blonde (almost white) colour. I was freaking out and we were laughing so hard at my remarks that I soon ended up in tears.                                                                                                     

Don't get me wrong..........I wasn't crying because I hated it, I was crying because I had to go home to a spouse who didn't know I was doing any of this! Because my hair was so fine, what started out to be streaks (that is what we called them in the 80's) ended up covering my whole head. Lordy oh Lordy!!

That was the generation of those elongated colourful plastic hair clips that held your hair vertically at the back of your head. They made your hair stand out like a fan. Aaah the 80's. I had one with me and before I left for home I firmly clipped as much hair back so it wasn't quite so dramatic! A peek in the rear view mirror every so often on the drive home would bring trepidation "what have I done?" Honestly though, it was gorgeous and I've never gone back to full natural colour since.

For my 50th birthday, I was bright red!

Those were the days when it was all for pleasure and fun! Now I colour because I'm not ready to go gray and those darn roots sprout quicker than my hosta shoots in the garden! And that, my friend, is pretty darn fast!

Mostly in the past I've coloured my hair myself. It's so easy and I was always very respectful of my tresses. I made sure that I didn't overdo it. My hair has been cut by my own hands, many many times, because I was too frugal to spend $15 to cut off 2 inches. I refuse to pay those high salon prices for anything! As a 15 year old, Cheryl Tiegs was all the rage and I just had to have her layered to the face lengths, so I created the look myself.

Even tried perms
When I found First Choice would cut my hair for $15 + tip they became my regular stopover. Most times I was pleased with the drop in style of appointment and having someone else do the clipping but after 'lucking' out with an unfriendly stylist once too often, I decided I didn't need that grief. I'm a much happier stylist anyway.

Liked that........once or twice
(Never thought you'd be reading a blog post about hair, did you? Well it doesn't end there.)

In 2007 I found a great friend who is a stylist, among other things, and now give myself over to her whenever it is time for a cut, colour or root touch-up. For the same or close to offer of First Choice Haircutter's prices, she has won Bill and I over to her beautiful little home business. We get to catch up on each other's news at the same time! She doesn't have a web site and there are only a few friends (w/benefit prices) but if you are in London and wish a great service you can find Brenda at Head Over Heals in the city directory. Or just ask me! She can also do a manicure, pedicure, hot stones treatment or reflexology if you wish.

Blonde, short
At this stage I didn't know what to do with it
Of the blogs that I follow Wheelin' It is one of my regulars. I find so much helpful information, so many tips from Nina  and Paul that we are keen to try. You can check her post out here, Since I'm speaking about HAIR, one of the favourites for me is her post on No 'Poo and now 95% of the time, I am also shampoo-free.

I love the idea that my hair is looking after itself with natural ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I haven't done the egg treatment, must read up a bit more on that first so I know what I'm dong. I'm grateful to Nina for being so open with her testimonials. Even mistakes during the testing of 'new things' is great information!

Starting to grow the bangs out for a new look

Back to a medium brown

When Bill and I are on the road, I'll have to either teach him to trim my hair or find someone along the way for the 6 months I'm away from Brenda. We're not worried about his hair, I have a lovely Conair set of electric clippers, combs and accessories that work very well. If it is hot, he'll want it short and I can do that.
So, a wee bit scalped but it'll grow and he still loves me!
Nice job, if I do say so myself

I know practice will make me nearer to perfect but I don't think my first attempt was half bad! Check it out!

My hair is still fine and thin, still a shade of blonde but it is healthy and shorter for the summer. The back of my neck actually gets some good old Vitamin D for a change after hiding under hair all winter long.

Okay, enough about hair. If you're still awake and reading along, thank you for taking the time. Drop me a quick note if you wish so I know I'm not alone out (in?) here.

Take care!
Thanks for reading!