Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Still in London, Positive Spring Vibes, Hearing From Home Folk, Bill Keeps Busy, Another Special Birthday!

I woke up at a few minutes before 7 on Wednesday, Apr. 18th. It seemed bright out there but alas, just the white clouds in the sky were creating the illumination this morning. At least it was dry, nothing falling from them. 60% chance today of flurries here in London before it moves to the northeast tomorrow. We talk so much about this weather, that for the first time in a long time, I woke up with a positive vibe about spring.

A walk around the lot again
Yes, we are still in London

things are drying up nicely
Hope it lasts!
 On London CTV news last night, Julie forecasted something called **sunshine** for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! It has been so long that I’ve almost forgotten how lovely that words sounds, rolling over my tongue. We are so ready for it though. So, hopefully a couple more days of the white stuff and things will change. Spring will change for the better. 

Such a dull day, the clouds never budged here
Special mention today to our grandson, Connor. He is a teenager today and that is worth celebrating! It is one of those milestone ages and I remember how exciting it was for me to become 13. Happy Birthday, Connor! I'm so glad our birthday card arrived exactly on time!

Such a, handsome young teen!
I woke up also with the thought that I should finally try and get in and see my doctor. Typical, we, Bill and I, wait so long before doing that. It isn’t anything serious but something that has been nagging at me for a week now. My home ‘cure’ attempts suggested by the Pharmacist on Saturday seemed to be working but…. anyway, if I can get a quick appointment, great. Just long enough to write me a script at least. Fingers crossed, his hours are crazy.

Bill went from doing one orientation on a Momentum Toy Hauler this morning to doing two units today. Since we are here, if they need help, it is nice that they can keep him busy. I wonder if they need help filing? 😊 

My sister's home in Hanover 

20 minutes from The Ridge in Durham
We’ve been in close contact with my sister, Donna, in Hanover (20 min. west of the Ridge) regarding weather. She sent me pictures yesterday of their front yard. This morning our good friends, Rob and Pat, sent pictures of what they got yesterday. No idea how bad the Ridge is but we’ll touch base Thursday night or Friday morning. Jello plans may jiggle.

Durham got dumped on yesterday
 Today, I felt like listening to my Blue Rodeo cd. It is my absolute favourite cd and gets played in my car more than anything else. I still like the SiriusXM radio we have in the Suite but I like a change sometimes just like the next person. First, I turned the furnace on for a quick warm up in the bathroom and had my shower. Oh, that gave me the boost I needed! When you don’t feel you ‘need’ to shower, sometimes that gets put on the back burner so I’ve let 3 days slip by. Tsk tsk.
And our friend's home property in Durham

I made myself another tea and had a banana with some yogourt while listening to my tunes and waiting for the dr. office to open. I’m not expecting miracles today, he is only there for an hour and at the hospital the rest of the day. Clemson can’t decide where he wants to settle today. Perhaps he has that restless, let’s move, feeling too. He has been up on the bed 5 times and our chairs just as many. We always think that he is looking for clothes on the bed OR sunshine.

I spent the rest of my day with some reading, some walks with Clemson and a walk into the CanAm office/store with some chocolate macaroons. It was just around lunch time so my cookies were appreciated for dessert. I wanted to tell Bill that my doctor’s office called back and he is such a nice guy that he is calling in a brand new prescription for me without even seeing me! Awesome! That is one of the reasons we want to keep our home physician for now.

With a long afternoon ahead of me, Clemson and I chose a movie to watch again. One that I’ve never seen before yet was inclined to buy it at a garage sale. If you get the chance to see Charlie Wilson’s War with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts (and numerous others we like), I recommend it. It is based on a true story. So, when that finished, Clemson had fallen asleep on my lap and I watched the time slip past my tea time aka Happy Hour.

Bill returned from his day’s work at 4:30 and that was when the pooch jumped off my chair. I got up and made a tea after taking him out for another quick jaunt. We are trying to decide if we ‘like’ the new program called “Harry”. Harry Connick Jr. is following in the footsteps of Oprah and Ellen and many I can’t think of right now. We enjoy some of the guests but it is too premature to decide whether I can stick with watching it. I don’t like the bands that they have, to me they aren’t necessary.

Supper was good and I might even have room for some ice cream later
At 6, I cut up a potato for fries and coated 2 pollock fillets. Today was the day to try deep frying the fish in our fryer instead of a fry pan. Actually, supper turned out quite well and we will do that again. Other than 3 or 4 fries, I stuck to my salad as my side dish. We cleaned up the dishes and Bill will finish off the last of the rice pudding tonight. This has been another quiet day but I’ve enjoyed the movie and music time I’ve had. I hope yours has been a good one too.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Snow Returns, Bill Puts in 8+ Hours, I Get Lazy-er, Special Birthday

When I woke up on Tuesday, Apr. 17th, the clock read 6 am so I happily rolled over to go back to sleep. I knew Bill was in an awake state as well, when his feet stretched across the expanse of our king bed to touch mine. That is kind of our silent ‘good morning’ before first words are spoken. With Clemson in between us, there has always been that separation, especially in this large bed. Let’s face it, we couldn’t remain curled up together for too long anyway, body heat doesn’t allow it.

His alarm went off before 7, I think and he rose and got into the shower. I don’t remember when I crawled out but it wasn’t soon after and we had our first drinks together. Soon enough, the snow returned erupting a groan from each of us. Come on! Enough already! We are really getting the itch/urge/craving to move on to our ‘home’ ground at the Ridge. We checked, once more, the forecast for London as well as Durham for the next few days and made a decision. Friday, come hell or high water, we are leaving this spot.
at one point today, I couldn't find Clemson
He was sound asleep on my pillow sham and blended in so well
So, Bill went in to CanAm around 8. He had 2 orientations to do today, one this morning and one this afternoon. At one point he called and told me that he had heard from our mechanic and they are still waiting for our Hankook tires to arrive. The good news is that it means I don’t have to take the truck out in this weather. Remember, I haven’t driven in snow for quite a while. Hopefully though, they will arrive today so we can take care of it tomorrow or Thursday.

“Lazy” took over. I grabbed a banana, cleaned up the dishes from our hot chocolate last night and Bill’s cereal bowl before popping one of our newly purchased cd’s in. It was fun listening to some of the tunes we heard last night and knowing the artists in person. Then I switched to one of our Bee Gees dvd’s. We’d been trying the other night to get the dvd player working without success but lo and behold, I figured it out. Yay! Sometimes, you just frustrated with stuff and that increases the problem.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom!
Around 10 I made a phone call to Mom. Today is her 92nd birthday. My first call got a zero response so she wasn’t back up from breakfast yet. I waited 15 minutes and tried again to get a cheerful ‘Hello’. She thought it was so great that I called to wish her a Happy Birthday, otherwise she would not have known. Bless her heart. We had a nice chat and I told her I would see her in a few days. Sunday, our family is having a belated Easter and birthday celebration with her at Rockwood.

Mom, she can't believe she is 92!!
No wonder, she looks awesome!
So, I enjoyed the 2-hour special and then since I was on a roll, popped in one of our movies. Autumn in New York with the ever-handsome heart throb, Richard Gere and sweet Winona Ryder. Just what I needed, a romantic film, sitting here by myself. Ha ha! Bill isn’t often keen on the same movies I want to see so this is actually perfect for me. At one point, I paused it to take Mr. Clemson out for a piddle/poop and both of us felt the frigid cold wind hit us in the face. We weren’t out long, let me tell you.

The snow has been off and on all day, so not much is accumulating. We saw Bill doing the hitchwork on the Imagine but I don’t know if that was his morning appointment or his afternoon one. It was 1:30 so who knows? Back inside, I finished the movie and dug out a recipe for a chicken casserole of some kind. At least being hooked up to hydro/electric, I can bake using my oven or even electric appliances.

It turned out not too bad
I prepared the boneless chicken breasts and placed them in the baking pan. Spiced according to taste and poured a mix of soup, mushrooms and milk overtop. It is a little variation of the last time I made one. Instead of mixed vegetables from the freezer, I only had corn to add. There were some potatoes left over from the other night so Bill can eat those on the side with this dish. He still hasn’t returned from his full work day so I have no idea what he did for lunch. I don't worry about him, if he needs to eat, his home is not far away.

Clemson sat with me in my chair all afternoon, between my ups and downs and never once bothered me for his dinner. Finally, at quarter to 5, he moved and he got supper. He was a very good boy today. That means after he chows down, a walk out into the cold. By the time I bundled up good, I figured we would take a longer walk than usual. So we walked along the fence and then up the drive to the front lawn.

Bill returned just after 5 and had a full day, moving from one customer directly to the other. We sat together in our chairs, while supper cooked and it wasn’t long before his eyes were closing. Supper was ready at 5:45 and the chicken came out pretty moist. I added cottage cheese, olives and tomatoes to my plate and the meal went down well. We didn’t waste time cleaning up the dishes tonight.

And this has been the story all day
Cloudy, dull, some snow and only -4C
I apologize for the lack of pictures today. It just wasn’t the kind of day, again, to get out to snap photos. Same old same old. This is Tuesday, our favourite tv night so we are hoping to get reception on our antenna for the right channel. We missed the shows last week and survived so there are certainly no repercussions if we miss them. This has been a quiet day, we’ve had word that our tires are in and Bill has an appointment for Thursday afternoon. Yay! I hope yours has been a good one and mostly that yours was warmer than ours.

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Quieter and Not so Rocky, Black Beauty, Entertaining Evening

I woke up on Monday, Apr. 16th to the sound of stillness The Suite wasn’t rocking anymore. How nice that those over-powering winds from the past two days had died down. Maybe there will soon be relief from the precipitation too. It was still raining when Bill took Clemson out for his morning piddle but at least the ice and snow had completely melted and the parking lot was just wet and ‘puddly’.

A dry day to drive to Mt. Brydges

We had a tea and coffee together and Bill had a bowl of cereal while we read some posts. His appointment was for 8 o’clock at Hi-Tech, which is across the city on Trafalgar St. He left around 7:25. I finished reading and drinking my tea before getting out of my sweats and dressed for the day. What to eat, what to eat. I don’t usually cook bacon and eggs unless we are eating together.

Sold?? Oh-oh, I wondered if my daughter had been in earlier!!!

Some after effects from the ice and wind storm

Flooding was mostly retained to the creek and river areas
Thank goodness!
At 9, Bill called and was on his way home already. The safety check (needed for our buy-out process) was done with no issues but the tires that were supposed to come in this morning, did not arrive. Bummer. So, Dan will call when they arrive and if I have to take the truck over when Bill is working tomorrow, we’ll get them done then. When my sweetie got back, we made another cuppa and I had a banana with yogourt and wheat germ.

These guys traveled the winter with us,
Too bad they were dead, they didn't enjoy the trip!
We had an empty propane tank so Bill put it in the truck and drove up to CanAm’s main tank for a refill. How nice that the rain has stopped for a change! The rest of the morning went pretty quietly for me and Clemmy. I got myself into another book, this one is called Void Moon by Michael Connelly. It is a different theme than his usual ones but it has started out interesting. I thought it was comical that Deb just finished Sue Grafton’s R is for Ricochet when I did! Many rv’ers are avid readers too.

Supervising fro the best seat in the house
Al, one of the techs inside, loaned Bill a handy tool to remove the bezels from our overhead lights. During the winter, when he removed all the rest to get the flies out, the 4 over our sink would not budge. This tool worked like a charm! I should have taken a picture of it. Bill climbed up on the island and had them off, eww, and replaced, as clean and shiny as new. I supervised from my recliner. Bill made himself a sandwich and I grabbed a cheese stick for the drive to Mt. Brydges.

The Tour bus

the Scott Woods band
Five members shown here
We arrived shortly before 1 and the cute service guy who took our keys said “That’s a nice truck!” Well, that is twice we’ve been told that today, once earlier by our GM mechanic. We know, we made the right decision! Stopping in to see Al Fierra, within mere minutes we had signed paperwork to buy Black Beauty. This is such a good move and looking back through our process, we are pleased that it came to this. By 1:30 we were on our way home to the Suite.

This is their 5th member of the band
Leo is only 13 years old and is a very talented little fellow
Step Dance Champion and plays fiddle, piano and sings as well
Such a wonderful performer with a terrific sense of humour
Now the day really got lazy. We read, watched some tv and got out for short walks with the pooch. For supper, we made it simple and had mushroom soup and a sandwich for Bill. I had mine with a few Saltines. We were cleaned up by 5 as we had a date! A fellow rv’er and friend, ScottWoods, is a Canadian Fiddle Champion. From the age of 4, Scott followed in his talented family footsteps. (you can check him out also on Facebook and YouTube)

Meet the band from left to right
Top - Scott Woods, Steve Piticco
Centre - Bill Carruthers and Pete Sisk
Bottom - Kendra Norris (Scott's sister) and Leo Stock
Bill was chatting with him on Messenger Sunday and we received a complimentary invite to his show last night in London. Scott and his sister, Kendra, and the band have just nicely began a new tour called Fiddling up a Storm. We’ve never seen them perform so were keen to see them at the Victory Branch Legion. We arrived early to get good seats and they were prime. Front row, yay! We’ve never been to a fiddle concert before but my oh my, they were fantastic!

We were entertained from beginning to end
Kendra has an alias - Cousin Kendra Pearl?
Leo sang "I'm little but I'm loud" and warmed our hearts
Scott, the story teller reads a touching poem
Leo, doesn't stand still for long but we caught this finale pose
Steve on guitar obviously loves his job
Special guest - Marie Bottrell has a lovely powerful voice
We purchased a couple of cd’s, they had 23 to choose from, and got them signed. How nice to personally know the *star*. Thank you, Scott, for the invitation! We will definitely come and see you again when you are in our area. 

Rolling out the Barrel
It is important to note that many of these performances are done for charity, to aide churches and other community service groups. This was a real treat for us to see a group of 6 performers having such a fun time on stage. They truly love what they do. Young Leo is home schooled and with tapes from Mom at home, he dutifully keeps up with his studies. A comical query from him to his band mates as they drive down the road "Is this a snow day?"

Not only does Scott sing and perform by playing the fiddle
He plays the fiddle while 'performing'. Never missed a beat!

We arrived home around 9:30 and watched a bit of tv until bedtime at 11. This was a good day followed by a wonderful evening. I hope yours was a good one too!

Having a nice chat with Scott before we left

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Snowed and Iced In! Sunday Workers, Baking Day

Bill got up before me on Sunday, Apr. 15th. Again! This is getting to be a habit! So, at 7:30 when Clemson and I dragged ourselves out of bed, he was sitting at the table with his coffee and gave me his sweet morning smile. That was a whole lot nicer welcome than what the outdoors was giving me! Yeuck!! Still really windy and it was an icy, rainy, snowy mess off and on out there for the rest of the day. Plan today? Stay in my jammies!
Oh-oh, he caught me!
Well, not exactly but it certainly appealed to me. Bill slipped his winter boots on and went outside to take pictures of the CanAm lot, so this is my picture of him braving the wind and rain…..without his coat. LOL We finished our reading and checked the weather forecast for the beginning of the week. Even when the freezing rain stops, we are still in for some wet, cold days.

At least Black Beauty is parked out at the front parking lot so Bill should be able to get out easily in the morning. The appointment for our 4 tires to be replaced and a safety check is at 8 across the city. The ice is dropping off the Suite, every once in a while, I hear a smash and see another piece has dropped off the side. Bill bundled up once more, this time with the fleece hood/hat/scarf thingy I bought him years ago and went out with his Canon camera. The big one. Serious pictures now!

Messy, messy
There were some vehicles out front as a few of the staff came in to organize items on the new shelving units. When he went inside, Andy wondered if they’d put him to work yet. The store area is getting a facelift and of course, Bill offered to lend a hand. He does like to keep busy and if he can be of assistance, he feels good. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and he disappeared inside.

The lot is a mess, this is between the Suite and someone else's Suite
You can see the sheets of ice that keep falling off the Suite
as the temperature increases
We still only got to 0C/32F
I had decided a couple of days ago to make Baked Rice Pudding. Mostly for Bill. While I have been trying to mind what I eat over the past 3 weeks, he has not been treated to any desserts. With the exception of our dinners out at friends, where we both got spoiled! Rice pudding is not terrible for me but it does consist of heavy carbs so I will just have a bit here and there. The good thing about white rice is that it is a required resistant starch which acts like a beneficial fibre.  

So, I made the pudding, added raisins (for Bill only) and baked it in the convection oven. Hmm, smells and looks great! Thinking of my sweetie working inside, I also made up a batch of Chocolate Macaroons. Again, I was mindful of how sweet they are so switched up half the sugar for Stevia and hoped they’d still taste okay. They went into the fridge to cool and harden.

I chatted back and forth with my sister, Donna, who has been under the weather for a couple of days and danced a bit to some of the country tunes on SiriusXm. Who can resist Willie Nelson's "Always on my Mind"? 

Black Beauty wondering what's with the crappy weather?

Two customers are staying in their Airstreams out front
for a couple of nights
Bill called and said they were buying him lunch so, I was pleased about that. With the way the ice is blowing off the roof, I have no desire to venture out or I would have walked in to see how they were making out with the restocking.

Not nice to walk on this morning

Clemson and I remained warm and cozy inside the Suite while we listen to ice falling and sliding off both our roof and the roof of the CanAm building. I’m almost finished my book and when Bill returned around 2:30 he sat beside me and dozed off almost immediately. I kept my eyes open as I flipped pages, that being a testament to how good this book is. We held our pooch off again until almost 5 before he got his supper.

The old shelving
The new shelving and Nicole restocking
Closer to 5:30 I began our own supper. Tonight, is cheeseburgers and salad, done inside, of course. I’m not keen on frying them inside simply because of the spattering mess but on days like this, we don’t have a choice! And they tasted quite good. Bill tested the macaroons and I think they were a success but I admonished him to try and refrain from eating too many. A dish of warmed rice pudding also won his approval. Yay!

Nice new shelving all set up
We cleaned up dishes and I downloaded the pictures Bill took today for me. I have to admit that I didn’t step outside once today. My bad. I did get a breath or two of fresh air when the door opened the number of times Bill was in and out. Does that count for something? This certainly hasn’t been the kind of day we wanted to see after arriving back home but since we have no control, we make the best of our day. I hope you have remained warm and safe in your day as well.

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