Friday, April 16, 2021

TGIF – As Workers We Get Happy for the Weekend - But This One? 

Friday, Apr. 16th I got up on time to say goodbye to my sweetie. With a ‘proper hug’. Did you every watch Blind Side? 😊 πŸ’• After he pulled out, I made my tea and sat at my laptop to read some blogs and comments on my own posting. The day looked drab, damp and cool but at least no white stuff was visible. Phew! For now, that’s a good sign.

I nibbled on a plum and some 11% Greek yogourt to tide me over until noon hour and slipped out the door at 7:45. Trepidation was unfounded as other than one customer, no 'unwanteds' were in attendance. Mike, who has lived here ‘forever’, apparently, was a chatterer. I didn’t like the comments about the Mat going downhill since Jamie took over……..I get defensive even if I know there are some things that could/should be looked after.

Our forecast for the next 7 days
Not out of the woods yet?

When I finished cleaning and ‘spit-mopping’ (just washing up the coffee and mud stains) he was still folding his clothes. I’d listen to his non-stop (almost) complaining and groaning about his sciatica discomfort over the vagrants anyday. I could just block my mind to it. I’m ordering an MP3 player and plan on having that tucked in my pocket for just such occasions. πŸ˜‰

I drove home, quite pleased that my week of cleaning was behind me on a good note. When I passed the body shop on my way home, the Paramedics and Firemen were present so I texted M to make sure he/everything was okay. His tenant’s Dad was the issue and that is none of my business so I made a thermos of coffee and drove over at 9:30. The shop is at the back of the building, tenants at the front.

Because I didn't take more than 2 pictures today
this perked me up
It was my rhubarb on Apr. 16, 2019

More taping/sanding and papering was done today on the F150 with a quick trip into the Shell station for RO water and diesel for the boss. The station is on our end of town so I didn’t mind. I needed a break from sanding the bottom edges of the doors. Bending over, holding a power sander steady takes concentration, arm strength and I was out of breath. It isn’t hard work but it does take effort.

so, an improvement already this year, 3 days ago

I left work at 12:30, with pay for the day and with a dish of homemade chili from his freezer. He has lots and quietly as he brought it out he said “ I need to butter up Patritia as it is getting close to cheesecake time”. 😊 He is a character and we laugh a lot. At home, I heated it up and enjoyed every morsel with a piece of toast. The toast was required as he makes it spicier than I do. πŸ˜“

M's chili was a bit spicy but very good

The air outside today is cold and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was fall and we were moving towards winter instead of leaving it behind. It is April though so we don’t get too excited about the weather here in Canada until we are into the middle of May. Once more Bill surprised me and got off early, short Fridays are always nice. We both felt sleepy so I wrote some of my blog and then sat beside him in our chairs with our blankets. He slept, I worked on a crossword puzzle.

At 6, the news was on our agenda. It isn’t always a priority for us to watch it. 'No news' right now IS  good news even if it means we are living in a bubble. Tonight, we knew we had to watch it and hear for ourselves about Premier Ford’s new enforcement measures. Starting in the morning, we are even on further lockdown for a total of 6 weeks. A strict lockdown.


We could be stopped by the police when driving anywhere and asked our reason for leaving our home and for our home address. It puts a whole lot of questions in our heads now. Bill’s work, my cleaning, us needing to get water for our tanks, us needing propane, us needing to do our laundry. I’m sure we’ll be fine with our explanations for the latter 3 needs BUT it could be ‘every’ time we drive into town. I don't envy the cops for this added policing.

The question is ‘can I go beyond Durham to Walmart for the better prices?’ I guess we’ll find out as it plays out but we sure don’t want to be fined for being where we shouldn’t be. It is frightening and stressful. So, between now and May 20th the one thing I want to focus on is that we are here, on the Ridge, and have a great outdoors to be out and about in. That’s more than many towns or city people have. Here we go again, is what it feels like.

A reminder from last year, Apr. 16, 2020
that I was doing puzzles on our table πŸ˜€
Something else making me smile

Supper was leftover meatloaf, stew and a salad. It worked well and tasted good. We each had a piece of pie for dessert, warmed in the oven, and after dishes we sat together watching tv. What a way for the weekend to start. 😟

A Happy memory from November 2018
for the next 5+ weeks, it'll be You and Me, dear
we can do this
good night, everyone.

Thank you for stopping by. Bottom line, stay safe and stay well.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Kicking up Stones, (so to speak) Baking up a Storm

The Ridge

On Thursday, Apr. 15th I was up out of bed again just before Bill left at 7. Looking outside at the weather, it was a dull gray sky. Blech. However, no rain (or otherwise) so I slipped into my walking gear and headed down the hill to the road. There was no wind so it truly felt like 0C/32F and that was actually quite pleasant.

It was very still around the Ridge this morning

 I passed the auto body shop where I work and halfway to Turbine Lane, it started to rain. Wait a minute! That’s not rain! I slipped my glasses off, into my pocket and carried on a bit further. I didn’t make it to the lane, I was afraid of a heavier downpour so pulled my hoody up over my head and stepped up my pace. By the time I reached our corner, it had stopped. I gave myself some praise for getting out and came inside for a nice cup of tea.

The view I love as I looked back up the hill

From the road, I spotted this white spec across the field
I zoomed in with my little camera to 48x and wish I had my
telescopic lens

I needed to change something on my blog posting from last night so after publishing it, sent it back to ‘draft’ format. This morning, I fixed it and added the video for our friend, Loree. I read the latest blog postings from friends and then got washed up to go into town. 

The sky was busy moving clouds around
black ones

Yesterday, I meant to get the RO water jug filled but forgot so did that in town today and turned around for home. It was going to be an on again, off again kind of day for rain, snow and sun so I decided to stay indoors and bake.

On the way back from my walk, I noticed the new
shelter for the first time from this side

First on the agenda, was chocolate cupcakes for Bill’s dessert lunches. I found a keto recipe using almond flour and wondered if he would like them. Well, let’s give it a go. If he doesn’t, I know I can eat them guilt-free. They look great but I knew he’d prefer frosting. I wanted to make a supper dessert and so got a bit creative there too. Until I taste it, I don’t know how it will turn out.

This view is from the road but the front corner of the property

Apple cranberry pie using one of my last bags of frozen apples in the freezer and cranberries I’d made into sauce from the fridge. The bottom crust was keto, again, made from almond flour. It can’t be rolled so I used my fingers to spread it in the pie plate before baking it for 12 minutes. I doubt it will lift out easily but I couldn’t do anything about that now. The fruit went in next with a blend of flour and Splenda before I added a regular flour pie crust on top. Fluted, it looks passable.

Ready to bake cupcakes

They turned out great!

Bill came in at 2:30, surprising me, so he taste-tested a cupcake before frosting. That was a thumbs up so I proceeded to blend the keto buttercream mixture. πŸ˜‰ It was a passing grade there too as we shared licking the beaters. The next ‘guinea pig’ test was supper. Hmm, I have a package of beef strips out that I am making into a stew using one of George’s recipes. He used chunks of beef but this will have to do for us today. Trying to get creative with meals is often a challenge.

This was lunch and it held me over until supper

It was different to work with than a regular dough

But it baked up really nice with a nice almond flavour
I filled it with fruit and a top crust

At 5, I started getting the ingredients out, cut and ready. Madame IP was on standby for sautΓ©ing as I chopped carrots, potatoes and onions. I also have biscuits in the fridge that I may bake although the convection oven has been used quite a bit today already. Sitting here at 4, the cool outside air can be felt and by the look of the clouds, there may be some not so nice precipitation overnight tonight. Bummer.

It was a nice supper without the rolls

Supper was ready to eat at 6. I cooked some mixed vegetables in the microwave and thickened the liquid in the stew. It was pretty basic but it had good flavour and there is a small amount leftover for another night. For dessert, I cut into my 3 storey high pie. I’m surprised it didn’t run over since the top crust could not be sealed to the bottom one. It was delicious! The two fruit flavours together were really nice. It was still a bit warm so I didn’t have to reheat our slices.

Yummy, both crusts were flaky and delicious

A very deep dish pie

We did the dishes and after Bill made his lunch, we enjoyed the evening together. Neither of us can believe that tomorrow is Friday already and that we are half way through this month of April. Time does fly when you’re having fun. 😊

Good night

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Confirmations, Cooler Air Moves In

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Apr. 14th I was up before 7 and was able to see Bill off properly. I was fully awake and thought it would be good to start my work day a bit sooner. Usually, I dawdle and go in to the Mat for cleaning for 8:45 and then I’m ready for working at the body shop for 10.

Just about to leave the Mat

The sky was clear blue and the sun had given me that burst of encouragement. I would leave for town and work from 8 to 9 and hopefully start at M’s for 9:30. It was only 30 minutes difference but that is a big deal for me. 😊 First, I had to stop at the bank and take out some cash. I needed coin to wash Bill’s work overalls and 2 work coats. I won’t lie to you, my nerves were a bit on edge, afraid of what I would encounter this morning.

Back home, the serene pond was calming
when I needed it

It was quite a relief to see ‘homeless girl’ sitting outside the RBC branch with her bags set inside the foyer. That meant she wasn’t going to be in my way at the laundromat. I relaxed, withdrew my $$ and left. I found the floor a mess, so before doing anything else, I swept first instead of one of the last things today. Within 10 minutes the front door opened and in she came and set up shop to sleep in the chairs.

No mail today - a chilly walk to the end of the lane

I’ve read your comments and I’m so touched with your concerns. I’m paying attention and have decided that I won’t speak to them anymore. If it is a hopeless situation to do my job, I’ll leave, otherwise, I’ll go about my business as best I can and get out asap. They are not my responsibility even though I have great concern myself for the customers who come in. So, I cleaned, didn’t speak to her and left at 9.

He's back

He has his eye on that feeder too

As I turned down a side street towards home, I was pleased to see the familiar West Grey police parked at the side. I rolled my window down and stopped across from him. Whether he recognized me from last fall or not, he was very friendly. After the pleasantries, I said “I clean at the laundromat”. He said without missing a beat “Is Tara at the laundromat?” Me: “is that her name? yes, she is” Him: “Tara or Renee” with a shrug.

Now there's a nice splash of colours

Back and forth about how I saw her at the bank, him saying he had booted her out of there too and would do the same at the Mat. 😊 Nothing more needed to be said but I let him know that I will not approach or speak to her anymore. He confirmed that was a good idea. The Mat can’t be monitored any better than what Jamie is doing now with his home cameras unless he drives in to town every evening and kicks everyone (customers or not) out at 10. So, this is how I move forward because I do enjoy the job.


I came home feeling better, made a coffee in my thermos and drove to the shop. I taped and sanded the F150 for 3 hours. As I was leaving, a neighbour who occasionally uses the Mat stopped in for Jamie’s #. She was doing some laundry when a man and woman (different ones) walked in (daylight). One began asking for $$ and the other passed out in the chair. She. left with her granddaughters. It’s sad and it can be scary for young and old alike.

And another pretty visitor
but these trees are pretty hard to peck at

Okay, my rant is over. I had hung Bill’s things on the line and that sun had dried them within the 3 hours that I was gone even though the air is much cooler today. I’ve had to run the blue flame heater, set on low, to keep the chill out. We’ve stopped using our infra-red heater, for now, hope to use propane instead but we’ll see. The temperature reached 10C/41F today but will be going down to freezing tonight. That means there may be some mixed precipitation. Yeuch!

He sat unmoving for a few seconds

Inside, I changed out of my work clothes and got washed up. I had no other plans than to have some lunch (another yummy jam-packed wrap) and read my book. Around 4, my book was done and it was added to Bill’s pile. He’s not reading much these days so I may have to pack some away under the bed for now. He texted and said he was working late which is good to know. I’m just planning a simple, poor man’s supper so no big deal.

Two batches of pancake mix

There was no mail for us today and although I’m expecting a parcel, no word of when it will be arriving either. I looked out my window and saw a picture/video worthy scene. Loree, only for you. If I’d been quicker on the draw, 3 of the calves were running back and forth before following their parents into the barn. They head in every night around this time for milking and the evening. I love how they just follow each other.

                                        It is a bit blurry but it worked!

Bill's plateful

Bill was home by 5:30 and at 6 I started supper. I knew he’d be pleased with what I’d planned as he loves pancakes. 😊 Regular for him and almond flour no carb for me along with peameal bacon/ham. It was delicious but it meant a lot of dirty dishes. Woops! I made way too many pancakes and had some left over for lunch. We didn’t need dessert tonight.

My supper, I wish we'd had more of the bacon

The evening went along quietly. After dishes, Bill made his lunch for tomorrow and we watched ‘useless’ tv until bedtime. Wednesday night doesn’t provide much for entertainment for us. Our CTV meteorologist didn’t confirm any snow flurries tonight but in the wee hours of Friday morning we could have some in the air. She doesn’t expect accumulation so that is good. Lots of rain though over the next few days.

A memory from 2 years ago
when we brought Bridgette and Chris
their new slippers πŸ˜‰

Then we moved on to Easton's baby shower

then we moved on to dinner with Bill's family
Apr. 14, 2019
Good night!

This was a good day here in The Ridge neighbourhood. Your comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Work at Home Day, Sunshine Surprised Me

The Ridge

Bill was up and on his way around 7 am on Tuesday, Apr. 13th. I got up after he left since I was wide awake from chatting with him. It was another wet dreary looking day out there and hovering around 7C. There goes any chance of my early walk. I made my tea and sat at my laptop to read blogs and just plain ‘surf’ online. I chatted a bit with my daughter, on Messenger, and that brought her to recommending a movie to me. I'm going to order it for my collection.πŸ‘€

Stitching the towel was the easy part

I always have this ‘where do I have to be and at what time?’ feeling while sitting here. That comes with the territory of still having a job, I guess. On my days off, it is hard to get myself into relaxing mode. 😊 I did have jobs to do, I’d made a list for Tuesday and today was the day but for an hour or so, I still had the feeling. Crazy! When I was done my tea, I finished getting dressed and drove into town.

Sewing the zipper back in was pretty basic too
If it was a good piece of clothing, I would have
taken more care

The I.D.A. Pharmacy was open to shoppers so I picked up the greeting card I needed. Back home, I put the $ in it since it was for a grandchild. We don’t give them much, ‘el cheapos’ compared to most, but it is something and enough to let them know that we are thinking of them. It was down to the mailbox with another one for a sibling. No $ there. They will be picked up today and I'm curious to see how long they take for delivery. πŸ˜‰ 

No judging please! 😁

I pulled my sewing machine out of the closet and stitched the zipper on Bill’s winter work coat. The coat was the one I found in the garbage at the Mat so I wasn’t too concerned what it looked like when I was finished. We also had a hand towel with stitching that had come out so I sewed it as well. My next project was vacuuming so I got out the central vac and cleaned the floors from top to bottom. My little Dirt Devil does an okay 'in between' job but not on the scatter mats and not as deep a clean.

Mayo, ham, egg, corned beef, cheese, lettuce

Lastly, I needed to dust. With the exception of the buffet beside our table (which is covered in all kinds of little oddities, his and mine) every piece of woodwork has been wiped down. Boy, that feels great! I put everything away and by the hunger I felt, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was 12:30. I’d had a tea, a coffee and a plum so it was time to make something yummy. My wrap fit the bill and then some.

After I heated it flat for 60 seconds, it was
easy to roll and delicious!!

I texted our buddies, who have been away for a vacation (in Ontario), to ask Rob what procedure I need to follow to spread the cow manure in my rhubarb patch(es). With that answer and dishes done inside, I went out to take care of it. I am being very hopeful for a crop but won’t be too disappointed if nothing comes of it. I’ve not had any up here on the Ridge yet. It would be a real treat!

Fingers crossed 

The mail lady stopped for the cards but when I walked down later, she had left nothing for us. No news is good news. 😊 Earlier, after vacuuming, Bill had called suggesting that I unplug from power if the sun was out here. It was and it was a total surprise. Neither of us expected to see anything but rain today. Yay! The wind was still cool and we didn’t get above 13C/57F but it was a lovely day after all.

The mail lady comes just before 1 pm

It was a beautiful day

I sat in a chair outside with my book for an hour and a half, just enjoying being outside. I know I dozed, which indicates how comfy the chair was, as I caught myself at one point with an open mouth. 😴 

Of course, with the sun out, there was more
turtle stalking involved

Before coming in I took a walk up to the back corners of our property to take pictures for a commenter. Maybe this will give her a better perspective of what The Ridge actually entails. Our summer home and we love it. Truly Home Sweet Home for us.

From the top southeast corner
My garden waits for me to till and plant

From the south, you can see the pond
my view each day

From the top of the berm, southwest corner

Same spot, looking to the northwest
Bill cuts this field over to the fence on the left

This is from behind our storage shed and new shelter
That's the outhouse directly in front

Bill texted around 4 that he was done work and had stopped to have a beer with Gerry on his porch. From that, I knew I had time for a shower before he got home. I finished a couple more chapters and then came inside to take care of it. 

Bill came in around 5 and I could tell he’d been sanding drywall for a big part of his day. “Get outside and take your clothes off!” I told him. Ha ha. After my cleaning, he was not allowed to undress and get dust all over our small living space. He almost followed my direction, shaking his clothes outside.😊

Listen carefully to what I listen to up here in an afternoon

For supper, I fried 2 Mediterranean chicken breasts. It didn’t matter how I cooked them; they pretty much would take the same amount of time so I chose the electric fry pan rather than the Weber so Bill could relax after his day. We still have some rice left and with a vegetable on the side it will be a complete meal. We were finished with our ice cream dessert by 6:45 and took care of dishes. The sun was still bright off in the eastern sky.

a good supper, the chicken was perfectly cooked

This was a good day. NCIS is on tonight but it isn’t a new one – again! We’re not sure if we’ve seen it though, for some reason, so we’ll watch it. I hope you’ve had a happy day!

The photographer didn't do such a great job
but it was a beautiful sunset tonight
Good night!

Thanks for your visit.