Thursday, March 31, 2022

More Packup, The ‘Fix’, A Good Last Day, Birthday Wishes

 Park Place RV

Thursday, Mar. 31st was our last day in this park. The routine started out pretty normal, with a walk for Gibb and I, Bill driving once more to the field to say goodbye to Wayne, a regular from this area. We both showered and then walked over to the clubhouse to talk about our plans for the next winter season. We had a nice chat with Heather, Don and Patty and left them feeling quite welcome here. 😊

Another lovely morning walk
with my little buddy


Bill and I drove into town, he wanted one more walk through K & B Tools and I wanted to stop at Ken’s Grocery tent. What else did we do? We went into the Quartzsite Outpost store further down Main St. 

this store is easy to find
Just look for the army vehicles out front

Bill found a couple of things he needed/wanted and we picked up a couple of window screen kits to replace the ones in the door that need it. We were home before lunch and Bill had a toasted tomato sandwich and I had a vegetable quesadilla.

Unfortunately, they are closing for the season either
on the weekend or Wednesday
We're glad we came today and found what we wanted

Today, I was excited because it was hair appointment day in the desert. Judy’s Salon is opening for business for Gayle and I to get our haircuts today. We stopped first at Quiet Times, the delivery/courier outlet, to pick up a parcel for Gayle and then headed out to La Posa South. I still forgot to get a picture of their sites, close but not on top of each other. 😊 LOL, my brain!

At a wash close to their sites, this cholla
cactus is ready to bloom

Gayle offered her Montana for the hair cut since she has a big open space right inside their entrance. Judy was all prepared with her cape and scissors but I had taken some water in a spray bottle and my hand-held mirror. It took a couple of cuts before I was satisfied ‘all to heck!’. 😊 Judy did a great job and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. I should have taken a before photo though.

Could my head of thin hair afford to lose this much? 😂

Apparently, so!
I love what Judy did to my hair
The before picture showed mostly 2 lengths at the back
and this is what I was going for

This is going to be so much easier to look after
Now, I'm a happy camper again!

We walked back to Judy and Gary’s home where Judy showed us her crafts. Oh my! She puts my attempts at everything I do to shame! She is quite talented and very modest about it. I had to take a picture of her style of quilts to show our quilting buddy, they are different but still lovely! I don’t even know if I can call what I do with embroidery cross stitching! Hers are quite professional looking. Thank you for sharing that, Judy!

This is quite unique and her style with fringed edges

then we looked at her latest counted cross stitch project

Oh, don't worry. Gary has his own hobbies
This boat and a couple of remote control airplanes 
share space in their bedroom

Back home, we relaxed outside for a while, enjoying the fresh air. It has been quite a nice day, for our last one in the park. We did not feel the need to turn the a/c on as it only reached 81F/27C and, again, it is good practice for the next 4 days. 😊 We came in around 5:00 and by 5:30 my tummy was calling for food. Bill grilled his wonderful bacon cheeseburgers and inside I made a garden salad. More than opening a bag this time!

Bill put a few things away before and after supper
With supervision, of course
Mom, look, Daddy came from down there

And now he's all the way up there! 💓

Another great burger meal

We loaded the dishwasher and sat together for the evening. Bill wrote a new post today on his blog, On Our Way. Please check it out, if you haven't already, as it is a great wrap up, without all the babble of my blog, of things going on. 

Pretty sky when Gibbs and I walked the park

This has been a great day but I’m not done yet. My little sister, Wendy, is celebrating a birthday back home 

Wendy, the animal lover 💕
I think this little goat's name is Potato
We met him on last summer's Ladyfest

and a high school bestie, Ruth, is also celebrating another year as well. 

A very special reunion with Ruth and her sweet Dad

Happy Birthday to both of you!

this pretty little cactus garden
is set up at one site here in the park
Well, this is our last night here so
Good night!

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my post. Your comments are always welcome.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Taking Care of Things, Gibbs Gets a Bath/Shower ♥

Park Place RV

On Wednesday, Mar. 30th, the heat returns. We were near 60F/15C at 7:20 when Gibbs and I walked.  I overdressed. 😊 The sky was clear blue so the clouds have moved off for another stint and the day’s forecast is 82F/28C. That is actually quite nice and with a slight breeze, we decided to turn our power off and use solar for the last couple of days here. With windows open and blinds pulled, it is quite pleasant indoors.

Good morning!
Clear skies have returned

Looks like 3 of us walking today

Bill went to the flying field briefly, just to say goodbye to the remaining few members. We topped up with fuel on the way home from the desert last night, at $5.05/gal, taking no chances on an increase overnight. Well, this morning he reported that it was $4.99/gal, wouldn’t ya know? LOL

We see this seed block every day and today
we got a surprise
It wasn't just birdies!

Dare I say "no truer words were spoken?" 😁

Bill had a job to do and set about finishing his tire check. One of the truck tires was ‘flat’ so they all got topped up before lunch. He’ll keep an eye on it but now both vehicles are ready for the move. It is a short jaunt on Friday when we leave here which is nice. We’re kind of spoiled with all the hookups, a/c and what not, but it is always a good test for us, doing the dry camping/boon docking thing here and there.

After his shower, dried off in my chair
rolling around, always with eyes on me

While Bill worked outside, I took my Norwex Enviro cloth and washed down the windows, screens, leather couch (dust!), and back cupboards as well as the coffee table. I know we’ll be in the desert but I have water hookup here to rinse my cloth often and boy did it need it! 😊 I won’t do the outside of the windows until we get to our next park, where we’ll be for 5 nights. It wasn’t lunch time yet and Gibbs showed an interest in the shower. So, I gave him one. He’s such a good boy!

Plus talking back 😀

The antics afterwards though made me wonder if he was excited or mad at me! Ha ha. We were both quite wet, he hopped out of the shower once before we were finished so Mom got a bath too. He smelled like a sweet little puppy again rather than the desert doggie we’ve come to know. He kept running up to the shower to check it out, seemingly with no fear which is a great thing.

I got a bath as well

We had poached eggs on toast for lunch and set the dishwasher to run. Since we didn’t eat here last night, it wasn’t full enough to start and waiting until supper would have been too many dishes. It was the perfect day for outside sitting so we moved out to the patio. Gibbs was good and impish, barking and/or picking up stones in between slipping under the dirty truck. My oh my, like a little kid in clean knickers!


I walked over to the clubhouse with a large roll of mid-size garbage bags that we’ll never use in 10 lifetimes and Heather appreciated it for their garbage cans in the various rooms. We didn’t care who used them but it makes sense for the park to utilize them.  😊 Bill and I got the world atlas out and talked more about our journey home. During that conversation, we came to another conclusion about next year.

New hair style
It's called the 'shaggy dog'

Some play time on the patio

It was a treat when Johnnie and Rich from next door joined us. They saw us getting ready to leave and didn’t want to miss saying goodbye. After about half hour, we were thrilled to hear that they will be beside us again when we return and we’ve all agreed to get together for Happy Hours. New friends are always wonderful and these two will be a lot of fun! 😊

A great supper again tonight

For supper, Rosy air fried 3 chicken thighs, I boiled some potatoes, cabbage and nuked mixed veggies for Bill. Supper was perfect! Yum! We don’t have too many really good meals, tasty plus good for us, but this one hit both marks. We loaded the dishwasher again and it ran for the second time today. To put in time while I wrote my blog Bill turned the Domino Masters program on. Fun to watch their creativity.

This would have been a beauty of a picture if
I had only gone outside to get it

We watched American Idol together and the evening past us by. This was a really great day. Stick around, there will be another one tomorrow. 😊

Still a lovely sunset
Good night!

Thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Drop in Temperature, Lazy Day, An Invite to Supper

Park Place RV

On Tuesday, Mar. 29th Gibbs and I were up at 10 to 8. It was another one of those restless nights. I was too warm to drop off to sleep at 10 my own fault for not folding the duvet down. Then waking around midnight, I was just as hot and also couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. This morning, Gibbs woke up and Bill took him out at 6:30, then he went back to sleep.

Beautiful morning walk

At 7:15, when he crawled onto my chest and pawed at me, I’d asked him to go back to sleep for a bit. I was very surprised he went quiet for so long. 😊 He’s such a good little gapher (when he wants to be).  

Another surprise today, this rainbow hung around for 
the whole 30 minute walk

We went for our walk, leaving Bill in bed. It was the first time I’d seen a scorpion – thankfully squished on the pavement. Obviously, the rains brought him out.

Dead or alive, yeuch!

It was enough to keep my eyes double peeled for more as we walked. We actually got quite a bit of rainfall in the evening and at times through the night. A lot for here, anyway. Our windows were open and at one point the wet desert smell was too much for me and I closed my side window. The walk was a nice one but I was back to wearing long pants and a jacket, it was 56F/14C. Was I ever surprised to see two ends of a rainbow when we headed out. It lasted the whole walk.

Looking out the laundry room window

Lori and Roland were getting ready to pull
out - their chance to get things fixed
before moving on
Schatzi checking things out

After taking care of our 2 loads of laundry, Bill and I just hung around for the day. I had no puzzle to work on, deciding against starting a new one. I packed up a few things from the coffee table and entertainment centre, in preparation for our short journey on Friday. No point in getting ahead of myself but I think we’re ready for the move to take place. 😊

Someone is sleeping in my chair 💖

After multiple checks in the mirror, I’ve so decided that I don’t like my hair cut. I  checked out a few DIY Youtube videos on how to cut a shag style. I’ve cut my own hair often and if I were home, would do it in a beat but not here. I’m vain enough to know that this cut will drive me crazy if I don’t do something with it. I’ve debated calling Sandra and asking about a ‘redo’ but am a bit shy now of the result. Where’s my girlfriend, Brenda, when I need her?

Driving out to La Posa South always
makes for a double take

The black looks ominous
but it's just a clouds shadow

We sat, dozed and read our books and at 2:30 were pleasantly surprised with another invite to supper. This one from Judy and Gary out at La Posa South. We’re assuming Gayle and John will be there as well and hating to turn down such a nice offer, responded “Sure!” I had chicken thighs out but if I don’t have to cook, all the better. I’m not keen on the drive back in the pitch black again, but hopefully we’ll get our bearings going out and look for landmarks as we drive in. 😊

Gary, making a good 'Garcon!'

We left Gibbs home at 5:30 and headed south. Gayle and John have the big table on their patio so that’s where we were eating. Judy and Gary carried a pot roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy, salad and rolls over and what a great feast it was! Everything tasted wonderful, including the chocolate cake and whipped cream. Bill and I took our own drinks as always and my beer margaritas were good with the meal.

My camera comes out and this group goes crazy

Lots of great food and good times

Supper was yummy!

It was before 8 when we left with thank you’s all around but not before I made a flexible ‘hair appointment’ with Judy. I wasn’t sure if she’d be up for it but when Gayle told me the other day that she was cutting her hair………….the opportunity was there. 😊 I’ll be in touch with her to set things up. NOW I’m happier! We had no problem finding our way out of the desert tonight, paying much more attention to our surroundings.

Chocolate cake for dessert

Gibbs was waiting, with his happy piddles, and we settled down to watch our recorded programs while I worked on my blog. This has been a great day with a nice break from the heat!

Tonight, I caught the sunset 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.