Friday, January 31, 2020

Stocking Up at Fry’s, K & K Arrive, Lazy Afternoon and Happy Hour

Winterhaven, CA
On Friday, Jan. 31st we almost have to shake our heads. Already the end of the first full month of winter. It doesn’t seem like we have been down here for nigh on 3 months! This has been a great roller coaster ride for sure, filled with travel, sunshine, shopping and friends so why am I surprised that it has zipped by?

Remember how Keith's site looked yesterday?
Now, the cargo trailer with his quad is backed up to the cement pad
His little camper (Lunar Landing he calls it) is off the truck
His home for a couple of weeks
Bill and I were up shortly after 6:30 and agreed that it was a wonderful sleep. It had to be the clean sheets. 😊 We both walked this morning and it was then that we noticed the winds had picked up again, especially compared to yesterday. The nice thing was that it seemed more like a warm wind and sure enough, it was a mild 57F/14C. Those are nice walks where hats and gloves aren’t necessary.

Back home, after my tea, we got washed up and picked Keith up around 9. Now, it was time to do the ‘big’ grocery shopping after being in the desert for 2 weeks. We let Keith use our Fry’s card to check out and he is amazed at the savings he gets. Plus, he is happy to help build up our fuel points. We’ll be sure to top up his tank this month and give the savings right back to him. He has a gas truck but can cash in on 10¢, 20¢ per gallon or more. We have over 600 points already to be used during the month of February.

from the west corner of the park, the sun makes a statemen, drawing
my attention
We stopped at CVS Pharmacy to use the Allpoints machine and withdraw more cash without any extra charge. We need cash for Monday and Tuesday at the dentist, rather than write a cheque. Then we drove to Home Depot for a fix-it job that Keith is working on. From the back seat, after noticing that it was 11 am, I heard a voice “Can we go home now?” Ha ha. We were all ready to return to camp. With a reminder to Keith about signing up for Burgers tonight, we left him with his groceries.

Can't beat these prices
As a card member, we paid the price in yellow
 Our fridge is smiling again and I am too with the extra ribs, sausage and burgers in the freezer. I tried explaining to our single friend that the toughest part for the household ‘chef’ is to come up with meal ideas. Being on his own, Keith doesn’t find that to be an issue. When he wants something he makes it, he doesn’t need anyone to agree or disagree so it was hard for him to understand my dilemna.  Luckily, for me, tonight is easy. No planning, no cooking, no dishes!

I can't get over the deals at Fry's
The food is fresh
(fyi - Bill doesn't wear a kilt)
We had a text that Ken and Kim were on the way so after lunch and dishes, we weren't surprised to hear they had arrived. I made Bill bacon and eggs and I had bacon, ham, cheese wraps. I enjoyed that much better than eggs today. Bill stretched out in his chair after doing the banking so I started dishes to get them out of the way. I sat with Bill and we both got a bit of reading in. Our books are good so no chatter was taking place. 

I think Oreo won this battle
Keith doesn't seem to mind letting her be alpha sometimes
I’m almost finished mine and it is a nail biter! Kim texted that they were set up across the other side of the park. We’re happy that they got a spot here. Bill called Coast to Coast, one of our park memberships to confirm that we could get our friends, Bob and Jo-Anne, in to our next park location. They will be returning from Park near mid-month. That went without a hitch and I texted Jo-Anne to let her know. With that done, Happy Hour was just around the corner so I changed into shorts, ready to move outside when our company came. 

Kim, Ken, Oreo and Keith
I could have gone to the pool today but I’ll wait until tomorrow and Sunday. They will be 2 of our hottest days yet. Yes! (fist pump) Kim and Ken brought their chairs down and soon after Keith and Oreo came in around 3. It is always nice to get together with these guys. At 4:45 we walked up to supper at the clubhouse. It is burger night. $5/plate. It is more food than I’m used to so was very full walking back. I should have walked around 3X to wear it off! Always a good easy meal. Barb was happy to see us all and encouraged us to play Bocce Ball again. No encouragement necessary, we just need to get the dental work out of the way first.

Bill and Kim
Notice they're all in the shade?
It was a lovely hot day
Bill brought our sheepskin out for Oreo and she
appreciated it over the stones
(not spoiled at all)
Back home, we quickly discovered that we couldn’t do our 2 loads of wash as planned because we didn’t have enough quarters. Darn! So, first thing in the morning it will have to be. We’ll see how quick we get moving and in to the office for change. One can only hope not too many others have the same idea. Oh well. It was very hot in the clubhouse, so the outside air felt wonderful. Back at the Suite, it was very hot indoors too even though windows were open.

Pastor Bill up front making announcements
and saying Grace to a full house

It doesn't look like a lot but it truly was a great meal
I snapped an ‘almost too late’ picture of the sunset. It is a beautiful night. We sat to read and I finished mine after getting my blog posted. Bill is making quick work of David Baldacci’s The Fix. I got through it quickly so I’m not surprised. This was a very nice day and now we have lots of food for the next week or so. Most of our small ‘family’ is back together so there will be many good times yet to come. Whatever did we do to deserve this life? 😊

Good night from Pilot Knob!

Thank you for being a part of it in some way. Your comments are always welcome.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Big Laundry Job, The Boys Shop, A Clean Suite (Sweep), Company for Supper

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
When I woke up at a few minutes before 6 on Thursday, Jan. 30th Bill seemed to be still sound asleep. A few minutes later, he rolled over and faced me. We waited until about 6:30 before rising to greet the day in our new surroundings. We are in a park! Bill had plans to go to Yuma with Keith so I knew he wouldn’t be walking. Keith needed a few food items 'urgently' plus something to aid in fixing his quad belt. It was light enough at 7:30 so off I went.

And there is the sun coming up over the edge of the mountain
This park is now very full of rv’s. There are still a few spots but you don’t get much choice. After the Quartzsite show, this seems to always be the case. I met up with Keith and Oreo, and we chatted for a bit. 

These pictures were of their visit last night
Oreo's new quad-riding goggles
Who looks happier?
She'll love not getting sand in her eyes though

Oreo loves Bill and jumps up on his lap forgetting she is
not just 15 lbs. She was having fun

Keith has great control over her though and when it is time to settle down
she listens to him
She loves her daddy
She settled down nicely
I enjoyed the walk up and down the rows and saw 2 Mobile Suites that were interesting. They both had large tow vehicles which is always neat to see. Not that we want one, no thank you, but still it would be an easy tow for those trucks.

Notice the big truck and small car
This is the Elite Suite, higher end model
 Back home, I had my tea and Bill had finished in the shower and was eating oatmeal for breakfast. The guys left at 8:30 so I finished my tea, Googled a recipe for Keto IP cheesecake and then went looking online for a springform pan. I don’t have one at all so it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up that fits in Madame IP. The recipe looks easy and yummy. If I was ordering from Amazon or Walmart, I would also order a couple of coloured sealing rings for desserts.  For now, it is just research.

A Mobile Suite like ours
Same big truck, same small car
I went upstairs and sorted the dirty laundry. We have 4 good sized loads so because we are only allowed 2 washers at a time (there are only 5) we’ll start them when Bill returns. My laundry bag with wheels doesn’t hold much or I could have walked them up while they were gone. I've been noticing that my hair roots are pretty bad and most of the streaks from October’s appointment are non-existent. So, before going for a trim on Monday or Tuesday, in Algodones, I miraculously opened a box and took care of that. 

This is where the little cars ride between truck and trailer
Then I was due for a coffee, it was 10:30, so I made one and took it with my book outside. There was a breeze today but I was thankful for it. The sun was very hot beating down on our site. We get the sun until 3 or 4 in the afternoon and then we have to move our chairs to follow it to the back of the Suite. My book is very good, a typical thriller. Not much shocks me after reading some of Alex Cross’s adventures. After my coffee was finished, I moved inside.

The palm trees at our park entrance have been trimmed for the summer
I love how the sun is shining on them
Inside, after reading a recipe, I blended 2 cups of almonds so I can make a keto cheesecake. I was debating whether or not I need a mini food processor. The blender was a little more time-consuming than a processor would be, but it worked so for the time being I will save the $25. After getting our own groceries tomorrow, I’ll have the last couple of ingredients to make one up. We do like desserts on occasion so the more guilt-free they are, the better. 😊

This was Keith's set up this morning
I'll show you tomorrow of his new arrangement
It was around 12 noon when I began getting concerned for Bill and Keith. Usually, Bill would text me to give me an indication of when he’d be back so I knew about lunch. He’d eaten breakfast early but I hadn’t, other than some cottage cheese so I was getting ready for some food. Close to 12:30, I made up a couple of wraps with the meagre ingredients I had in the fridge. Mayo, shredded cheddar and cold meat. I said meagre!

Two of these simple wraps were yummy and filling
with just the carbs of a wrap
Warmed in the microwave, the tortillas were easy to roll and the wraps, delicious!
I couldn’t stand it any longer and texted Bill. I didn’t want to pester but just wanted to be sure they were okay. They were and within 10 minutes, were on their way home. Good, I can stop worrying. Bill drove in before 1 and he needed to eat something as well so had some cheese and a yogourt. That should tide him over until supper. He stretched out for a snooze so I read more of my book, waiting.

the sun began its demise for the night
It was around 2:30 when we drove to the laundry room and did our requisite 2 loads. Bill wandered back to see Keith who was moving his cargo trailer around on his site and taking his camper off the truck. I sat beside the pool and read for 30 minutes until it was time to transfer the clothes to the dryers. Then I texted Bill to come and help fold when they were done. We stopped to inform Keith that supper would be at 6 as I’ve invited him for a roast dinner.

I looked out at one point
and the sky behind us was painted in shades of blue, yellow and pink
Back home, we put the clothes away, still 2 more loads to do another day. The sheets on the bed have been changed and that always feels so good crawling into a freshly laundered bed. Earlier, Bill met up with someone he’d met at CanAm. ‘Steve’ is camping in an Airstream just down the row from Keith so they chatted about a couple of mutual friends. Bill got the vacuum out and made quick work of removing the last of Quartzsite from our floors.

And then some reds but I was too lazy to run outside
Close to 5 I had to get my act in gear and get the roast sautéed in Madame IP. The potatoes, onions and the last 2 carrots were washed and ready to go in as well. We’ve had nothing but good luck with roasts and Keith was one of the first to try it last spring after we arrived back in London. I hope tonight’s turns out just as well. When I remembered about the pressure build-up, I told Bill that supper would be closer to 7 so he informed Keith. He’s had a lot of chatterers up there so was still getting things set up the way he wants them. That happens, especially if you’re a nice guy and he is. 😊

The roast  beef sliced up nicely and we enjoyed
it for a change
Nice to have company, we eat well!
So, Keith showed up around 6:15 and we were eating by 7 or shortly after. The biggest kick I got was teaching Keith how to make gravy in the instant pot. I loved that moment and he will walk away with some new knowledge. Everything turned out great and we put the dishes in the dishwasher, because we can! (Right, George?) Keith sat for a little while after supper and then headed home shortly after 8. It was nice to have him over for a meal. We’ll do it again.

Bill and I still had a couple of programs to watch that we’d recorded so after reading a nice email from Charlotte, his second daughter, we debated whether to watch them or just read. How nice to hear from you, Char! We loved hearing how things are going at home. Your Dad will be responding. You touched our hearts tonight!

Plus, we get to use our good (better) dishes!
This was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, reaching a balmy 73F (feeling like 80) and little wind. I was ‘almost’ too hot when I sat out at the pool waiting for laundry. Even now, at 8:15 it is still 66F. That is 20C for everyone back home.

this was another sunrise picture
Good night everyone!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Let’s Find HookUps! Sad Goodbye, Site 79 Unavailable

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Jan. 29th we were both up at 6:30 and 7. I was the 7 o’clock riser. Downstairs soon after Bill informed me that he wasn’t going to walk so I left the Suite at 7:45. The sun wasn’t long coming up as I headed back to the southwest. 

I was going to walk as far as the Magic Circle and take a picture of their big sign. If you’ve been here, you know what the M.C. is. If not, it is the area where clothing is optional and we avoid crossing 'that' line.

good morning
Perhaps this intrigues some people but when I think of the age most/many of us are, I can think of thousands of things more appealing than seeing campers in the buff. As I approached, I saw a man coming in my direction out of the M.C. entrance, walking his dog. Minds out of the gutter, folks! 

It was a cool morning so I knew I wouldn’t see anything I didn’t want to see, however, in a pale tan shirt and tan shorts – my heart jolted for a moment and I changed direction. Ha! 

I still love looking across the desert to the mountains
I didn’t get 2 miles in but I was pleased with the mile and a half this morning before returning home for my cuppa tea. Bill was outside and had packed up the satellite dish and was folding our outdoor mat. I dallied inside putting shelf bars in cupboards and the fridge. We were ready by shortly after 9 and by the looks of it, Keith was hooked up and ready as well.

Looking back towards home

Following Keith up to the front entrance
We said our sad face goodbyes to Kim and Ken but we’re all happy that we’ll see them in a couple of days. While Keith drove into Q to get fuel, we dumped our garbage and put some fresh water in our tank to swish the CLR around for a good rinse. Bill will drain it tonight after we’re set up. We waited at the entrance and when Keith texted that he was on his way back, we pulled out in front of him onto I-95S. This is a nice drive from Quartzsite to Yuma, I love it. It is smooth, easy and very pretty. No hiccups today either and we arrived by 11:30.

Love this highway and this drive

Clear sky, sunny day, desert views
What else?

The unfortunate news is that our previous (and favourite) site 79 was taken. However, the good news is that those people are leaving on Feb. 5th. Yahooie Louie! It is quite the thing to see this park so full and we had only a few options of where to go in the meantime. The gal in the office said we could move once the current occupants are gone so we’ll be up to the office early to claim it. They don’t allow you to reserve specific sites, I'm sure for some valid reason.

Yuma Proving Grounds
 We backed into #45 at the fence and will have a nice view of the open desert behind us for a week. This isn’t a bad site but we’re facing east so no late afternoon sun. The winds today are high, 13 – 22 mph and inside I feel the gusts. Once set up, I got the dust cloth and polish out to give the Suite a good wipe down. I couldn’t believe how much had gathered from the desert. Well, actually, yes, I can believe it. We witnessed and experienced it on a daily basis, bringing it inside. Tomorrow, we’ll vacuum.

with a palm tree decoration
Bill and I took a walk up to find where Keith ended up and found him on the same site where he was in before. He wasn’t around but we didn’t think he’d be too happy with that. As we walked back towards home, we met him and Oreo. They had walked back to our location, on a different lane so great minds think alike. We chatted and the boys made plans to go into Yuma in the morning. We need cash and Keith needs groceries as well as a belt for his quad. I don’t need to go.

Nice to get back into this beauty too
It's like coming home again
Keith admitted that he was not happy at all with his site and that he was going back to the office to request another one. When we were back at home, he texted that they were able to find him another spot that was much better. With his small unit, he is able to get in here at a cheaper rate, 30-amp service only and for economy size rv’s. It just limits where they’ll put you. Anyway, it turned out good for him and he likes the new location.

Familiar sights
 Bill was feeling like a snooze and I was thinking the same thing but started out reading my book. Typical of James Patterson, I was hooked immediately and had read 6 of his short chapters before I knew it. But with heavy eyes, I stretched back hoping for a nap. Bill is not a quiet sleeper when on his back so I moved upstairs to the bed. The movement completely woke me and then I was unable to drop off. Isn’t that always the way? Back downstairs I realized it was happy hour so I made myself a cup of tea.

Seedlings being irrigated
what will it be?
When Bill woke, he cut some cheddar and we each had a snack. He had Ritz crackers with his, but I was happy without those carbs. We’re missing our friends who are probably enjoying their own quiet happy hour for the first time in two weeks! I have to admit that we also enjoy a quiet day once in a while, with no commitments. Moving today was our only scheduled thing so that was nice. The sun is beautiful outside but the winds and blowing sand have kept us indoors.

I went to dust the dresser and look at the marks left by
my fancy table runner - LOL
The rest of the afternoon went quietly with some reading, some Googling and chatting about where we go next from here. Bill lit the Weber Q and grilled farmer sausages on low for supper. Inside I cooked spaghetti squash for me and some corn for Bill’s side dish. The sausage was perfect and just the way I like it. After dishes I downloaded today’s pictures, read a few blogs to catch up on what they’re up to and worked on my own. We watched a recorded program and Keith dropped over for an evening visit.

Our temporary site #45

The sites are nice and roomy
Let me tell you how good it feels not to have to be concerned with water usage, electric and battery usage or how full our tanks are getting. Yay! I guess I’m spoiled. Quartzsite is always fun and we’ll always go during the show but I much prefer the lifestyle in a full-service park. This was a good day and we’re here for a while.

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The sun setting over the back fence
Good night y'all!
Thank you for your visit to my blog!