Thursday, August 31, 2023

Summer Returns, Food Shopping, Another Long Day for Bill

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 31st I remembered that I had to go to clean the Mat but I wasn’t in a rush. It was 6:30 when we saw Bill off in Black Beauty, the truck was needed today, and it was 7:20 when I made my mug of tea to-go and left for town. I knew Gibbs would be alone all morning since I would be carrying on for our groceries in Hanover.

It was a busy morning so my first
picture is of my lunch at 1:30.
It was delicious!

The Mat was pretty decent but there was a customer that needed some assistance a couple of times. The coin machine was making change for bills but not from loonies or twonies so she needed quarters for the dryers. I arrived just on time for her. With my routine thrown off, I was backtracking a bit and needed to empty the lint on the 3 big dryers. That is usually worth the effort as I seem to always find a ‘tip’ in there. Today, it was $2.60. 😊

A story and a lesson.
In Montreal, we discussed how the yellow jackets/bees
are pests at the hummer feeder. Audrey sent a link
on how to get rid of them.
On the right, I followed instructions and wrapped some of
my mint stalks around the feeding area. See the bees?
Later in the afternoon, the main picture shows no bees
and although Mr. Hummingbird isn't here, he 
frequented it all afternoon. πŸ’—
No bees!

I drove to Independent first, got the few things there that were on sale, then to Walmart for the bulk of our items, back to Dollarama searching for a cheaper price on almonds and then back in Durham, Foodland’s sale items finished off my shopping list. I don’t mind shopping but it is still tiring, searching for the right aisles for the right items. By the time I got home and unloaded Ptooties ‘full to the brim’ trunk, it was 12:15.

Gibbs and I enjoyed the outdoors
Bottom picture is him suntanning.

Gibbs watched as I found spaces for everything, the freezer is definitely full now! Then, I had some seeded rye bread toasted with sauteed tomatoes and zucchini. Oh my, that was good! I wish I’d thought to buy some feta cheese, that would have topped it off nicely. Today is such a beautiful day, the polar opposite of yesterday’s joke, so Gibbs and I went out to soak up some sun. He stayed in the shade mostly and I dozed in my gravity chair.  πŸ˜Š

I think I dozed more than read but
it is a good story.

Once cooked, heh heh, we went for a walk around 4:30 and it was then that Bill called to say they’d be late – again. Even later, methinks, once he told me what they had to do before getting home. 

Our walk to the corner
He plopped in the shade of the apple tree
as soon as we returned home.

Gibbs is tired out and while I sit to read my book, he stretches his little body across the cool floor. He’s too busy keeping watch when he's outside to really rest. It was 6:20 when I came inside for my tea and it was 7:15 when Bill drove up the lane. Loooonnnggg day = good $$.

My western doesn't look like much but it
was jam packed with goodies.
Bill's was twice the size, he earned it today!

I decided on toasted westerns for supper and they turned out to be just right. We finished the last 2 pieces of pie off and I did the dishes while Bill made his lunch and did the banking from today’s purchases. He records everything in Quicken. I could have done it, but didn’t today. This was a good day, our larder is full again and so is our fridge and freezer. That’s always a good feeling. We reached a high temp of 21C/71F and it was gorgeous!

The sun sets on our last August day
this year. 
We have a week of hot weather coming up.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Ups and Downs – Not Just Talking Weather

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 30th Bill was up and off to work at 6:30. Because of the distance, it made sense that he took Ptooties. The temperature this morning was again a cool 10C/50F but it was made worse by the present and impending rain. As of 6:30 and on through the morning, at least, it was just a damp drizzle which didn’t seem to want to let up.

Gibbs had to sit on Gayle to keep her warm
and comforted, I think. πŸ’•

I had no where to be today, really, I hadn’t forgotten anything. πŸ˜‰  In my loungewear, I had my tea early and sat with Gibbs playing my online Wordle games. Yesterday, I missed the morning games completely. Gayle and John were next door, hopefully sleeping in a bit as they were playing a waiting game today. Today is the closing day for their sold home as well as their new home and all you can do is wait.

A dull cloudy day

I had my oatmeal and yogourt and we stayed in the Suite. Just before noon, Gayle came over to spend time with us and then John joined before 2. They were both getting anxious, not having heard from the lawyer yet. It is hard to wait, when your hands are tied but you can’t help but run the ‘what if’ scenarios through your head and then all the impending consequences as a result of a negative response. Emotions were up and down for much of the day, nerves running taut yet trying to remain positive. 

It was after my sister left that we braved
the weather enough to walk to the mailbox
We're spoiled!

So, we chatted, trying to entertain other subjects. Tv shows, gardens, jury duty which lead us to criminals (!), back to the lawyers, Gibbs, coffee, world disasters etc. 😊 We covered a lot of ground and didn’t solve anything! At 3, the call came in that things were half done and they began packing some fridge items and were on their way to the new house by 3:45. The other half would be finished by then.

John drove the truck with the filled cargo trailer and Gayle followed in the car. By now, it has stopped the drizzle but it was a cool breeze and cloudy sky. I’ve had the furnace running off and on throughout the day. We were lucky to reach 12C/54F today and we’ll have two more cool nights of 6C/44F before we warm up again. This day felt like fall was trying desperately to sneak in. We’re not ready for that yet!

Supper was good for a cool day

I made a tea and finished making a grocery list. Tomorrow is shopping day now that our government pensions have hit the bank. 😊 I’ve started a new book and it is good right from page 1. The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan will be a good one, I get that feeling. Until Bill got home, I read, staying indoors. Gibbs and I slipped down for the mail around 4:15 and I was happy to get back up to the warmth of our Suite.

Bill was having another long day, trying to finish a bathroom in a house in Kincardine, and didn’t get home until 5:45. I started our supper soon after he arrived, pork kebab in Rosy, the air fryer and a pork chop for Bill in the convection oven. With our veggies and potatoes cooking on the stove, everything was ready by 6:30. It was very good and there are still pieces of the keto cookie pie for dessert.

I hope I remember to make this again.
It is just sweet enough and on the 'good' scale too

While I cleaned up, my working man went to the Acreage to get us water for the tank. It is reading quite low although we know it isn’t 100% accurate and there is always more in it than it says. 😊I’ve had a very lazy day but enjoyed spending it with Gayle and John. Not sure when we’ll see them next, they’ll be busy for a few days but one day soon we’ll get over to see their new home. They will be busy offloading the 27' cargo trailer tonight - well, their hired relatives will be. πŸ‘ 

Again, clouds making for a pretty evening sky

Another day, hump day, under our belt, the sun made an appearance around 7 until it set and we may get a view of the Super Moon tonight. Enjoy!

Good night

Thank you for popping by!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Forgetfulness, A Busy Day, She Returns

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Aug. 29th Bill was up as per his usual work morning. We’d both gone to bed last night by 10 so I was surprised that I still felt tired. I know much of my morning was filled with vivid dreams although I can’t recall anything about them. I got up at 6:20 so I could say goodbye to Bill but not too early to get in his way. He has a routine and I respect that.

A morning capture from inside the Suite

I slipped into my lounging clothes with nowhere to be until 9 and Gibbs and I watched as Bill pulled out on Jazz for one last day. The weather is changing this evening so he’ll need to take Ptooties. After seeing him off and waiting a few minutes, I realized that I DO have to be somewhere! LOL How could I forget that I have to clean this morning. Duh!

Then one more from outside on the berm
before I drove into town

I did phone Bill to double check that his Bluetooth was connecting. 😊 It is an antenna thingy in his helmet and now we know we can reach each other while he’s riding and that’s reassuring. Then I bustled to be out the door by 7. The Mat was empty and other than running a couple of washers because they were dirty, it was uneventful.

I remember gum ball machines from
my childhood but never wood ones and
never this small!
I'll clean it up and it might be good for peanuts.

Oh! My ‘friend’ from Cape Breton, with the really strong accent, came in and before I left he presented me with a sweet little gift. His reasoning was ‘because you’re a nice lady and you’re always working hard to make things nice for the customers – even though it is your job’. At least, I think that's what he said! πŸ˜‚Very kind, I guess I make an impression. Sometimes you don’t realize that until it is brought to your attention.

The baler behind M's 

Back home, Gayle and John were in the car, ready to head back to the house. They have more running around to do and a cargo trailer to fill from a storage unit that needs to be empty. Another crazy busy day for them. I sat Gibbs for 20 minutes and then left him alone while I went to M’s for 9. No real time for breath-catching for me today either. And me forgetting, thinking it was a fairly easy day on the horizon!

Those bales are huge, about the length of

I helped him do some online banking and then took a run into town. He had a lot of stops today so by the time we returned and unloaded the car; we called it a day after 2 ½ hours. Some days are like that. Back home, I had lunch and finished my book. It earned a 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads but I still enjoyed the story. Outside with Gibbs, he chased Chippy until the little beggar jumped up onto the wheels/support bars under the Suite and that kept my little guy entertained for a good hour. 😊

While I cut grass, Gibbs was
entertained - watching, listening and waiting
for Chippy to reappear.

So, I got my mower out and cut the lawn up here. The battery doesn’t last long but long enough to finish this area and just long enough for me too. It has turned quite warm and I was plenty hot when I put it away and plugged it in to charge. Just as I was sitting with my water, Gibbs could hear a car and took off before I had a chance to instruct him to stay. John first with the truck and full cargo trailer and Gayle behind him. They saw him so slowed down until I could get a handle on our ‘runaway’.

They had 35 minutes to get to Hanover so after offloading their fridge food, and getting the freezer items put into the Montana, I shooed them off and finished that job. Things will not be where she wants them but it is temporary anyway and they’ll be doing the reverse at their new home. At least here, they are plugged into power and things will stay fresh and/or frozen. Then, Gibbs and I sat outside in the shade enjoying the lovely breeze.

Around 5:00 or so, we went for our
afternoon walk and roll in the grass.
Not me, I was too busy chuckling.

Bill called that he hadn’t heard about the truck since this morning so I called Vanessa for an update. It was ready and Jeff was taking it for a test run and they’d have our invoice ready by 4:30. Bill left a deposit earlier this morning so I’ll drive over then and make the final payment. The sky had clouded over completely and there is a chance for thunderstorms this evening. I hoped for it to hold off for Bill and Jazz to get home. 😊

The sun peeking through the clouds
and the over-loaded apple tree.
The poor thing will need a serious trimming
either late fall or early spring.

It was after 5:30 when Bill returned home, completely dry, so that was good. We agreed on grilled cheese sandwiches with a piece of pie for dessert so it didn’t take long to prepare. Then we took Ptooties to Grey Bruce Fleet to bring BB home. When I returned first, Gayle and John had just nicely returned after another crazy day, lawyer and house inspection, so they were kapooped and done for the evening.

Quick, easy and tasty.
Mine with onion slices, of course. 

I gave them the connections to our Starlink in case they wanted to watch tv. It was around 7:45 when we felt the first light drops of rain and the sky has darkened up, not just from evening falling either. 😊 This was a busy day but things got done for all of us. I hope you had a good day too. We reached a high temperature of 19C/67F today, dropping to 11C/52F overnight. The rain started just after 8:30.

Black Beauty is a large truck
but here, she looks rather tiny!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


Monday, August 28, 2023

Helping our Sister, Summer is Back

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 28th Bill was up at 5:30 for work. With a great forecast, his plan to take Jazz came to fruition. Gibbs and I got up at 6:15 to see him off. I had my tea and then had my shower. Bill and I have a set of bathroom scales and the only time we weigh ourselves is when we have our showers. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but our showers are not daily unless we have been into some heavy duty jobs. 😊

Our morning walk
Gibbs checks out the pond
The real sun and its refletion

Lately, well, since Bill has been off work, he has been dropping weight at a nice pace. I think he has a special bond with those scales as mine hasn’t budged until the last couple of weeks. I’m happy to report that although he has lost almost 10 lbs. (although we’re not able to figure that out!) I have at least lost 2. It makes me pleased to see the lower side of a number that I’ve been hovering around for a few years. No change in clothing fit but still, it is going in the right direction.

My drive to Chatsworth

I left Gibbs in charge at 8:15 and drove Ptooties into town to fuel up. She ate up a lot yesterday pulling the cargo trailer so now she’s topped up again. From Durham, I drove towards Chatsworth to Gayle and John’s. Donna and I offered to help her pack up some smaller things as well as help her finish cleaning out cupboards, dusting ceiling webs etc.

Returning home, I noticed the first
bloom of my hibiscus.
It's about 7" wide. πŸ’–

We met around 9 and finished up around 12:30. A job well done and although it didn’t seem like we did a lot, it was very much appreciated by both of them. I must have done something because I felt quite exhausted when I got home. I can only imagine how both Gayle and John must feel after a month of packing and slugging furniture and I’m 6 years their junior!

I love the spiraler (?) for the zucchini.
She had green tomatoes coming out the ying yang.
If you know what I mean!

Gayle sent Donna and I home with a few green tomatoes, 2 peppers for me and a zucchini each. Her garden is flourishing and they leave that home on Wednesday. Back home, I fried an egg with bacon and spiraled zucchini and had a couple of mini pitas. That was quite tasty! 


I cleaned up the dishes and relaxed with Gibbs. I tried to read but my eyes were heavy. I felt like baking after I got up so made us a keto cookie pie. I was missing desserts and this is a ‘good’ one.

Gibbs and I went for an afternoon walk
around 4:30
The roadsides are ablaze in purple.

My entertainer in full swing.
He just dropped in the grass, bottom right.
Rolled around on some smell he picked up on, top right.
Then he stopped, left picture, waiting for Mom to rub his tummy.

Bill was home around 5, we sat at the picnic table waiting for him to park it in the shelter. Someone’s little tail was just-a-going, waiting. We just relaxed together for an hour and then started supper. Grilled bacon cheeseburgers but because we only had one bun, I had mine on a tortilla wrap. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed them this way without so much bread. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the whole package! Bill loaded the dishwasher and then made his lunch.

My wrap burger was quite good!

I need the car again tomorrow so he’ll be taking Jazz again. We should be good for another decent forecast. 😊 The evening was quiet and after my blog I read my book. Gayle and John will be loading their furniture and boxes into a borrowed 27’ cargo trailer tonight with the helping youthful hands of my nephew, niece and a couple of friends. Their house will be empty when they leave or close to it. They are spending the night in their Montana here on the Ridge. 

The pie turned out great, sweet
enough and only 8 g carbs, 6 g protein,
25 g fat and 5 g fibre.
My kind of dessert!

They will be so grateful to be done with the packing, unpacking and trips back and forth. We’ve all been there, done that, at some time in our life and know how all-consuming it can be. This has been a good day. We reached a lovely high of 23C/73F with very little wind. 

3 years ago on this day, Black Beauty
got a new windshield after a stone chip.

Plus, we went out for supper for Gayle's
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Just Another Sunny Sunday, A Go-Go Day, Sister’s Special Birthday

The Ridge

On Sunday, Aug. 27th it was 6:15 when we all got up. We’ve both noticed how dark it still is lately at 6 o’clock. We’re not ready for that to happen yet! Bill hopped in the shower while Gibbs and I began sorting the dirty laundry. 😊 Bill had his cereal and then loaded the car. I had some yogourt and made my tea in a to-go mug. With the coolness of the morning, Bill turned the heat pump on to take the chill out of the Suite. 

Playing with colours 
on the sunrise

Ptooties, rearing to pull her 'cargo'.
she did good but ate up a fair bit of fuel.

Last night, Bill hooked up his cargo trailer to Ptooties so he could go flying this morning. Worked for me! 

Look at that sky!

We could see over-lying fog ahead

We drove to his flying field first, 35 minutes or so, then on the way home, I stopped at the Mat to clean and to wash the clothes. M had also asked if I would wash his comforters so I had picked them up yesterday afternoon. With 5 machines loaded, I cleaned.

Can you say fog?

Can you say old?

Bill is the first to arrive so unlocks and opens
the gates.

The field is peaceful, the grass is wet from dew

And I did as he asked and left him alone to
wait for his friends to arrive.
He's happy, he loves the hobby so much. πŸ˜€πŸ˜

On the way home, I stopped to pick some little sunflowers

They were also wet, so I didn't venture too far into the field
but there are quite a few!

There were a total of 6 (or 7) customers that came in while I was there but the last 2, just as I was leaving. I dried M’s comforters at the laundromat but semi-folded our stuff to bring home and hang. This was the perfect day, even though it was a cool 8C/48F to start. The sky was clear although we hit patches of heavy fog in spots and even worse when I came back. We have another 3 weeks before fall!

My helper, on security duty.

I hung the laundry and knew it would dry fairly quickly. Gibbs helped with that too, of course. I was feeling peckish around 11 so had some sour bread rye toast with one of my little tomatoes and at the last keto biscuit that was still in the fridge. Both were good and filled me up with a coffee alongside. 😊 At 10 to 1, I drove over to pick M up for a run into town and give him his clean blankets.

A new gladiola in bloom and another moonflower. πŸ’•

It didn’t take long in town and at 10 to 2, I called Bill to see if he was ready for us to pick him up. Little whimpering Gibbs came with me and by then, Bill was alone at the field and all packed up. He hooked on and Ptooties brought the cargo home. It is a heavy trailer so she uses up more fuel, I’ll need to fill it up again tomorrow. LOL 

Watching and waiting for Daddy to come inside.

Back home, I brought the clean clothes in off the line and had a tea. Gibbs had a cookie and we had a small snack until supper.

Seems like it's time for a stogie.

I snipped and placed the sunflowers in our vase.

Hey Buddy! Bill counted over 14 buds so I'm waiting
for the first one to POP! So worth the wait
every year.

This was a wonderful Sunday dinner.

It has been a really nice day, although I do feel a bit run off my feet! Movement is good, no complaints, as it means I am still able to do it. 😊 For supper, Bill grilled a pork chop for him and a kabob for me with a potato and veggie. I hope my sister, especially, has enjoyed her Sunday since it is her three-quarter century birthday. In the midst of the moving process, it has been very hectic for both her and John, with many challenges along the way. We were back up to 20C/68F today so quite lovely.

Happy Birthday, Gayle!
Good night y'all.

Thank you for stopping by today!