Saturday, June 30, 2018

Early Cut, Hanover Run, Hot and Humid, Another Dip and Memory Pictures

When I woke up on Saturday, June 30th two things crossed my mind. Bill wasn’t in bed with Clemmy and I so it must be time to get up. Secondly, it was the end of this month which mean Canada Day was tomorrow and tomorrow also meant a fresh start on our 19 gb of wifi. Stupid to think of that, but there you have it. It has been on our minds the last week trying to be cautious so as not to go over and have to pay Bell extra. I do believe, on that front, we’ll make it with just over .40 gb to spare!

               (Because I only took one picture today, I'm going to share some originals                            from the first days Donna and Gerry bought the Ridge property)

Gerry at the front gate
I know I slept well with the bedroom a/c on at a comfortable sleeping temperature and Bill did his usual light sleeping, hearing most things going on. Ear plugs!! He had pretty much finished his coffee when I made my tea and we avoided the laptops and blogs for the moment. Before 7:30, Bill went out to start cutting grass in the front field. I took my tea outside to finish the fire starters, there was a lovely breeze on the patio. The sun had not appeared this morning but we knew the heat would soon arrive.

Donna in the corral
When I had about 10 wrapped in waxed paper, I came to the end of the roll so just sat in my chair and finished my tea while chatting with Donna on text. She is always up an hour before Gerry so we check in with each other each morning. I walked down to the end of the lane to see how close Bill was to finishing and the timing was perfect. As he finished the last strip and then up the driveway, I walked back and started frying our breakfast.

This is the area where we now park the Suite
After we ate, we cleaned up dishes, washed and headed in to Hanover. We wanted to pick up a couple of Canadian Flags that were on sale at Canadian Tire and a Dremel set. We replace our flag every year and the price couldn’t be beat at $9.99. A quick stop at Rona for hinges and to place an order for the starter and tray for our Weber. We left there forgetting about getting one last 2’x4’ piece of lumber to finish the wash stand. Proof that two heads are NOT always better than one.

We were here to decide whether we would use it for the summer
if Gerry purchased it
We fueled up at the Pioneer station and then back in Durham, Bill parked at FS on the south side of Garafraxa St. while I ran across the busy highway to Foodland. They had their Leadbetter Cowboy burgers on sale and I needed potatoes as well. A steak would be nice this weekend too so I grabbed a double pack of those too. They look very good. We off loaded our things, picked Clemson up and drove over to the Acreage for water.

And how many times have you seen today's view of this ?
Donna and Gerry were finishing up a couple of hot jobs when we arrived. Those two are working too hard on this hot weekend! Bill is going to leave the back field and berm area to cut until either later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. Then he’ll be done too. No need to do any trimming in this heat. I just don’t believe anything is that important, when you have a choice.

The lane after 3rd cut
We’d eaten our bacon and eggs around 8:30 which is almost too early for me and I didn’t feel hungry yet now at 12:30 I feel the need to eat something. We’ll probably have to have some lunch because I know Bill will also be feeling the hunger. Donna and Gerry mentioned a swim this afternoon so we may go back over to the Acreage. We’ll pick up the two seats for our paddle boat so we can get it advertised.

I had picked up a pack of Carrot Muffins at the Bread Store on Tuesday and although I sent a couple with Bill to London, I hadn’t tried them yet. I know there are a lot of ingredients I usually shy away from, but for $1 a pack, it was cheaper than making my own. I warmed one up in the microwave and with butter and cheese, it hit the spot and tasted really good. With a glass of milk, I should be good for the rest of the day.

That is the hydro pole behind our bunky
Picture shows no sheds, no outhouse
Bill and I have been helping Patrick purchase a Coleman tent trailer from CanAm. Bill was able to check it out initially and feed me info over the phone which I fed to Patrick. It seems like the plan is coming together and if it all works out, they should be able to experience their first time camping off the ground when my brother comes home. Patrick sounds excited and I am for them. Nate, who is 8, will truly love this! Fingers crossed that it all comes together for them.

$ scrap that Gerry had to clean up
At least this stuff was revenue

At 2:30 we drove over to the Acreage one more time and joined Donna and Gerry for a swim. The guys had a beer first while Donna and I stepped down into the pond. I use a pool noodle because I can’t tread water for any length of time and you can’t touch the bottom. You don’t want to touch the bottom because it is quite gooshy and you’ll sink. I float around on a noodle and get refreshed. After we got out, the beer was done so Bill and Gerry took a dive to cool off.

Scrap that was left on the property
Gayle and John helped them burn this junk
We left for home around 4 and came inside to the air-conditioned Suite. I started into a new book by J.D. Robb called Apprentice in Death. It caught me right away but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. With Clemson, the little heat ball, curled up against me, we both dozed. Bill also had a nap on the sofa after our pooch moved into his recliner. It was let’s say, a lazy hour before we got started on supper.

Creating a berm and leveling an area for our rv
We had leftover mac and cheese but not enough for both of us so we had toasted tomato sandwiches along with it. It served us well as neither of us was hungry enough for a big barbecued dinner. After cleaning up the dishes, Bill hopped on the mower and cut more grass. The wind feels fresher outside and it has dropped off to 87F/30C (!!) so it is a good time to do a bit more cutting. I, on the other hand, could still feel the humidity so came back inside with Clemson to write my post.

Our first year, we were able to use the paddle boat for a while
Clemson enjoyed it too!
This has been a very hot day, one of the hottest we’ve felt so far but it has been a great one. I hope you have managed to remain comfortable in your heated area. This is summer!

This is the only picture I took today and it's a good one!
Bill and Gerry enjoying the pond
Thank you for reading today. I love reading your comments.

Friday, June 29, 2018

No Complaints Here! Grass Cutting, Dip in the Pond, Bill Returns

It was 6:30 when Clemson first woke up and hopped off the bed on Friday, June 29th. With every window, minus two behind the sofa, in the Suite open all night, we slept like logs. For the first time in a long time, Clem did not sleep next to me but instead spread out across Bill’s side of the bed. Even with his haircut, he feels the heat too. I won’t complain about it though, never, it is the summer weather I love.

the grass looks so nice cut
(ignore the brown sandy area please)

The humidity does get pretty unbearable at times but my system seems to accept it like a pro. I know how to slow down and take it easy, especially now in retirement. This in no way negates the empathy felt for those who have to work in it on a daily basis with no relief. I hope their employers are considerate and flexible at these times.

 I had a goal in mind this morning as soon as I finished my tea. After chatting with Bill in the big city, I got dressed and took a bottle of water outside with my cowboy hat. It was already 63F/17C and I had grass to cut. The grass itself isn’t that long but those long spindly weeds, you all probably know what I’m talking about, have shot up 12” since the last cutting! I knew that I would work in stages so began with our ‘front lawn’.
Early on, there was hardly a breeze as this flag indicates
45 minutes later, I took a break in the shade and I took the hat and glasses off. After a cool down of about 20 minutes I cut the hill beside the corral. That was a little more strenuous because it is inclined (it’s a hill!) so 25 minutes later, it was done. Phew! The mower battery had a full charge when I started so it was still going strong. Another 15 minutes of rest and then the push to finish by the outhouse and sitting area. The battery died about the same time that I did. 😊

and Bill's wind sock
When cooled down for the last time, the mower went back by the shed, the battery got plugged in and I put some bird seed in the bird bath. Soon enough, Chippy found it and took it as a special gift as he hopped up and down a few times filling his cheeks. It was a nice opportunity, sitting in the shade, to use my telephoto lens and snap pictures of him and the birds around the area.

The sleek gray bird is back
He's so plain, he's beautiful
Inside, Clemson sleeps in his bed on the couch. I don’t like him to be outside when I am cutting, it is too hard to keep an eye on him at the same time. He wouldn’t be happy for very long out there anyway and that would be an interruption I don’t need. I communicated with Donna, my son, Patrick and Bill for a bit and then came inside for a glass of my smoothie. At noon, I made myself an egg sandwich using those 'heels' Shirley and I love. 

doesn't look too appetizing but it was!
As I sit here, catching up on my morning, I’m thinking of the busy month ahead. I love plans and preparations for things as much as I love the heat. That is what summer is all about for me. We have a lot of things going on and one of the most important ones is that my little brother, Michael, and his wife, Crystal are bringing their travel trailer to Ontario for a holiday! Yay! It will be so nice for all of my family to get some ‘chill’ time with them.

Pretty robin red breast

Sooner or later, they sense me watching
My Sisterfest is July 9 – 12th. Should be another good time together. A couple of new things on the agenda this year! We are also having a few of our rv’er friends bring their units here to the Ridge for a week or so near the end of the month so lots of fun times on the horizon. I’m sure that all means that the month will zip by and before we know it, we will be getting serious about our fall plans to head south. So far, we haven’t discussed too much other than a possible departure date.

Last night Donna gave me a kohl rabi
I peeled it and sampled some raw, it was actually a very fresh taste
I decided, since it was now too muggy to work outside on my fire starters (too much trouble to move everything into the shade) so pulled my sewing machine out and re-created a summer top. I actually turned it into a tankini. It was a semi-sloppy job but it is very comfortable and works very well. To test it out, I was invited over to the Acreage to have a swim with Donna. You don’t have to ask me twice! I closed windows, plugged us in to power, turned the inverter off and the a/c on before I left. I had to take a few back-up steps but the result was the same.

Chippy checks out the bird seed
But if you think this is cute................

this is my favourite picture today
He looks so modest with his little paws crossed and his cheeks full
"what? I'm not doing anything!"
Clemson and I loaded into Black Beauty with a pool noodle, my hat, water, phone, towel, water shoes and my purse just after 2:30. Donna and Gerry were sitting in the shade facing the pond. Many would think the pond is dirty, and yes without a doubt, it is brown and the bottom is gushy. We wear our water shoes and float on noodles or in boats or rafts. We don’t touch the bottom. But you know what? On a 90F day after working, cutting grass or whatever, it was sure refreshing!

this bird sits as part of the tree and a few pictures in a row
He hardly moves over the few minutes I watched him
Gerry kept an eye on Clemson for me and Clemson kept an eye on me which I found quite endearing. When we got out of the water, we sat in the sun for a while to dry off. Bill texted at 3:30 to let me know he was leaving London for home so I knew what time to expect him. After a nice visit of an hour and a half, we returned home. Bill pulled in the driveway 45 minutes later, right on time! We unloaded Ptooties of the groceries and I found cubbies for everything. We are fully stocked again!

and this finch poses
The wind is quite brisk but knowing tomorrow will be hot and humid again, we are going to leave the windows closed and the air conditioning running. I have thawed a couple of Italian sausages for supper and will warm up the last bit of potatoes for me. That dish has certainly sustained us all week! Bill will have his sausage on a bun with sweet and sour sauce and onion.

and he especially likes to show off his profile from this side
We were all cleaned up by 7:50 which is later than usual but considering Bill didn’t walk in the door until 5:50, we did pretty good. Supper was good. The rest of the evening was quiet and we settled in for the night. Too windy for the awnings and too windy for an outside fire. I hope you’ve had a great day like we have!

Clemson stretches out at the Acreage

And at home, loves his bed
good night all!
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Busy Day! Mom Time, Candle Wax, Hair Colour, Acreage Visit

My working husband was up to the alarm at 5:15 and in the shower immediately on Thursday, June 28th. I remained in bed staying out of the way, not wanting to be a distraction. That’s how he forgets things. At 6, he crept up onto the bed and gave me my kiss and hug goodbye. See you tomorrow, sweetie! I remained in bed with Clemson, who rejoined me after Bill let him out, until 6:30 when I got up. Snuggle bum stayed put for another hour.

I love these bright yellow fields
Is it mustard?

It was cloudy and a wee bit sprinkly when Bill left and there was some low-lying fog out on the country roads. I admonished that Bill drive safely as I always do. I made my tea since it wasn’t a good morning to walk so early and sat in my chair and read the West-Grey News Week. There was a nice article on the back of the Crossword puzzle page about the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre in Owen Sound and my sister , Wendy, was featured.  That is kinda cool!

Here's a better picture
When the sun popped up from the east around 8:30, I turned the inverter on and unplugged us from electric. Now, as I type there are only tell-tale signs of the clouds hugging the horizon. It is already 67F/19.5C at 10:30 which is a true indication of what we can expect today. I will pull the blinds to half mast but leave the windows open for now. I don’t care to use the a/c unless I have to. I got washed and cleaned up and had a glass of my peanut butter/banana smoothie.

As if the beautiful aroma wasn't enough.........

I’d received a gift from our friend, Pat’s, daughter, Sandra a few weeks ago. It was a Charmed Aroma candle. I placed it in our bathroom in the Suite and would burn it on occasion, when I knew we would be home and not forget about it. Now this morning, as I’m down to the last inch and a half of melted wax, I discover the ‘charmed’ part of this gift. In tightly wrapped foil is a little plastic bag with a gorgeous ring. I’m tickled that Sandra thought of me. I love it!

At 10:40 I took the bag of purged items from yesterday’s organizing and drove into Durham to visit Mom. I’m thinking we might be able to sit outside today if she wants. She wasn’t in her room, her door was closed so I cleaned off her white board (we all sign in with our name and date of our visit) and signed for today. I always check the halls as I walk in but hadn’t seen her so went on a ‘Mom chase’.

She's so pretty in her blues and her necklace
She thought this was funny and tried to scrunch down
I found her coming out of a sitting room near the nurse's station and her face lit up. “Good thing you found me because I was thinking I was lost!” She should write for Hallmark, she is such a card. We walked back to her room and some confusion set in but we talked past it to other things. Talking about her 'boyfriends' she asked if Daddy had passed and was that why she had so many men in her life. Interesting that she ask that now because it was 23 years ago today, exactly, that we lost him. At one point, she mentioned her address book so I opened her night table drawer in search of it.

Reliving her days in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force)
Instead, I found her Autograph book from 1940! OMG! If I knew she had this, I’d forgotten and we started at the beginning. Here is where Mom shines. The names she was reading off the pages were bringing back instant memories of her friends from all those years ago. 

How I remember our Autograph books
Unfortunately, as a teenager, I never kept mine
I just didn't think of that!
The more she thought about them, the more the memories faded so we just continued to flip the pages. She enjoyed telling me ‘she was our Flight Attendant’ or ‘we used to call her Pug’ and even ‘oh, we had a nickname for Harold L. Bancroft too, what was it?’

All too soon, it was 10 to 12, her lunch time so we promised each other to go through them again starting at the back next time. I took her down to the Main Floor and got her seated at her table. Numerous hugs and kisses later, we waved “don’t say goodbye, say ‘see you later’s”. I stopped to say Hello and wish Aunt Mary a nice lunch before making my exit. Mom’s arm was still in the air when last I turned to check, in between the front doors.

this was one of my favourite entries
written by Mom's Mom, my Grandma
I’m sure all my sisters feel the same as I do when we leave Mom. Full, full of her outpouring of love. Lately, there have been more good days and if we don’t dwell on her spells of confusion, they seem to pass quickly. Mom is receiving a visitor this afternoon from a Legionnaire. I didn’t know they did this but Donna said it was all set up. Mom will like that. She is dressed to impress too in her ‘blues’ as she calls them. I was happy to see her in her new denim dress pants and a white blouse. She looked lovely.

I drove uptown and easily found a parking spot for Black Beauty even though it was just past noon hour. I walked to Rethreads and dropped the donation bag off to the ladies. Then it was home for me. I could feel the heat closing in and had a couple of things to take care of at home. After greeting Mr. Sleepyhead and thanking him for a job well done, I swept the floors while drinking another glass of my smoothie. They are quite filling and tasty too.

Got the gloves on and Daddy's old plaid shirt
In the bathroom I prepared for the first chore. My hair roots are looking pretty silvery so I wanted to get that taken care of. Bill isn’t keen on helping me with this process so I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it myself. Setting my mind to it is the hardest part of it all. With my hair in a plastic hair net for 25 minutes, I noticed that I still had some recipes sitting on the island, yet to make.

all ready to start
The top one was for the Easiest Coconut Oil Fudge you’ll ever make. Quite the name, huh? I’ve made it before and it is easy and it is good. The best part is that it contains 3 ingredients, 4 if you count the vanilla, and natural ingredients. So, I made it up in 10 minutes and put it in the fridge to harden.

hardening in the fridge
I actually added a few walnuts that the recipe didn't call for
At 2, my time was up so back up to the bathroom I went and rinsed. Now that my hair just needs to dry, I moved on to project #3. I lit the Weber Q and set up to begin a new challenge. I have all these free candles from the garage sale I went to a while back and the wind is down today, so a good day to melt wax outside. 

a box of old candles

Melting on the Weber

Sawdust shavings in the egg cups

My home made pouring apparatus

almost ready to pour

Interesting how this looks like a cherry dessert
First, I need everything together: wax paper, egg cartons, sawdust shavings, candles, broiler pan, stir stick. I wasn't able to finish them, needing to let the wax harden around the shavings before I wrap them in the paper. 

That was a messy job, but also an easy thing to clean up off an old table. The dilemma of how I get the hot wax from the broiler pan onto my sawdust shavings was answered easily thanks to Bill. He had cut the top off of a jug in the recycle bin for something. So, with an empty Kraft peanut butter jar, it worked like a charm. I did two batches and still have enough candles left for two more. There will be plenty of fire starters when I finish the meltdown. Yay!

I have two trays that need to be cut and wrapped and 36 egg cup starters to wrap
I do believe I accomplished everything on my list today and that feels great. I even managed to finish The Escape before 5. What a great book! Clemson and I walked down the lane but there was no mail today. Donna and Gerry arrived at the Acreage after lunch and were busy cutting grass and trimming. Wow, that is a hot job today! They only have weekends to do this stuff so at least they got some of it out of the way today before it gets hotter. Maybe in the early morning I’ll dig my mower out of the shed and cut my part of the lawn.

simple but delish
After feeding Clemson, I made plans to drive over to the Acreage for a short visit tonight. They had an early supper so after I fried up some bacon and potatoes and did the dishes, Clem and I headed down the road. 
thank you Mom for letting me sit with you
Hard to know, when it is 80F now, what to wear over there. It will likely drop off quickly so needed to either change into warmer clothes or at least take something to slip on overtop. I’ll be driving tonight so won’t be taking anything potent like my beer margaritas! I'll stick to water. 
Their beautiful pond and reflections
Clemson felt quite honoured to be riding in the driver's seat with me on the way over. First time he seemed to enjoy the wind in his face.

The outside is quaint

Donna showing me changes to the Hilton cabin

I was killing myself laughing over the antics of these two
pumping up the boat
I think the conversation should have been X-rated!
On the way home, the sunset is in our rearview mirrors
This has been a fantastic day and I’ve chatted with my sweetie, long distance, a few times. His day was a good one as well and ended shortly after 5 pm. I hope you can say the same for your day as we all approach this Canada Day long weekend.

Good night all!
Thank you for taking the time to stop in. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.