Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Time to Roll, Goodbye Sis! New Park, Friends Reunion

Picacho Peak RV Resort, AZ

On Tuesday, Nov. 30th it was time to move on, already. The week has zipped by and we have had a great time here in the desert with friends and family. Parking beside my sister and her husband was a first and we enjoyed each other’s company without being on each other’s doorstep all the time. We were up shortly after 7 and slowly began the routine for a travel day.

Last morning at the Q

All packed up ready to go
(Boy, I look tall!)

We only have a minimum distance to go today, 200 miles to Picacho Peak RV Resort near Phoenix but still wanted to be on the road asap. Our site is reserved for us and ready anytime for our arrival. We said goodbye to Gayle and John after we were hooked up. Rv’ers understand the need to leave each other alone while unhooking/setting up and hooking/tearing down. It makes for a stress-free time. 😊 We learned that early on in our journeys.

A wonderful driving day
(see the ghost?)

We pulled up to the dump station on our way out at 8:45 and within 15 minutes, we were dumped and leaving La Posa South. Gibbs settled down in the back seat once we hit the highway, familiar with this travel thing. 

Off in the distance, some beautiful jagged mountains

It was 55F/13C and the sky was clear, even the low-lying clouds from 7:30 had disappeared. It was smooth sailing until we got close to Phoenix. We had addresses for PetSmart and Camping World first, since they were on the way.

Gibbs gets right back into the day trippin'

What a rigmarole. If Gibbs didn’t need food, we might have skipped it but we found it and it was easy to get into. Next was worse, simply because C.W. seldom has room in their lots for big rigs. Now, doesn’t that make the least sense you’ve heard of? 

Gibbs goes shopping
Whee! I like these over here, Dad!

We pulled in and just stopped while we ran in the store. They didn’t have the blue boy that we want but I did find a grill pan and brush. We had to back up as there was no exit. LOL Thank goodness there were no customers parked in front of the store.

Camping World always has the huge flag
too bad they don't have the huge parking lot to go with it

Getting back on I-10E took a few decisions because of signs inappropriately placed or missing but once again, we persevered. Woops! There’s the 202 loop over there………oh well, we zipped through Phoenix pretty easily, despite the traffic.  There are so many Saguaros on both sides of the road along here, a very pretty drive. So, we find Picacho Peak RV Resort off I-10E at Exit 219. Nice and easy, just like Ken told us. 😊

Looks like the Picacho Peak (Mountain) to me


We can tell before we even get in the park that it is a beautiful place to stay and we will enjoy the luxuries. Ken had emailed earlier asking us when we thought we’d arrive so they could meet us but because they had shopping and we were more than an hour away, we suggested they carry on and do what they needed. It is better for us anyway, as I mentioned above, setting up and THEN saying our hellos. No distractions and no mistakes that way.

We walked the paved streets to Ken and Nancy's

We knew our site # but stopped to register at the Office as required before following directions and pulling into our spot. #28. It is a pull thru and boy does that make life easy. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be at the site with the giant Saguaro as our ‘tree’! I’d seen it from the highway and though how lovely that would be………………and it worked out. 😊

The Saguaros are beautiful
but there is still something about seeing them in the 'wild'
that appeals to me
They are protected here by the park owners and that is great to hear

We set up and I replaced the things that had bounced all over the place (being stationary on the Ridge has spoiled me), we had a bite to eat. It was 2:30 and late for lunch and early for supper but we were starved. My head was beginning to ache, I had only eaten a snack bar on the drive. I should have made lunch, I guess, but I truly miscalculated how far it was and how long we’d be driving. My bad. Oh well, I had a wrap and Bill had cheese and crackers with a diet pop.

On our walk, Gibbs met (NCIS fans, are you ready?)
Zeva! No kidding!😂

I’d dusted as I was setting things up inside but could feel the grit of dirt and desert sand on the floors. We wanted to let our friends know that we were set up and ready for a pop-in visit so sent a text and then grabbed my dust mop. I was dusting the floors when they pulled up, returning from Casa Grande. Good timing! It takes us no time at all to remember the good times we’ve spent with these two and although we aren’t camped side by each, we’ll make more good memories.

Acquaintance time!
Molly, Gizmo - meet L.J. Gibbs


Gibbs had a heyday greeting the two of them, all in the wrong ways, but other than saying “off, off, off” continuously, we ignored him as best we could and he soon slowed down. They have one Malti-poo and one Shitzu so that should be a crazy, fun time when we get them all together in their park model. There are two dog runs here, so this will hopefully be the time to let our little guy spend some energy and to meet other dogs too. They didn’t stay long, didn’t even sit, but when they left it was with a “catch you later”.

aren't they adorable?
Molly is 8 (I think) and Gizmo is 2 1/2

Bill climbed the back ladder and installed his weather station to keep an eye on the weather outside as well as the wind speeds. We have a great spot, close to the Interstate, yes, but our bed is at the end that isn’t near it. 😊 It won’t keep me from any sleep. I finished dust mopping, Gibbs went out for a piddle and promptly passed out on the floor. Bill, almost as promptly, sat in his chair and dropped off. I like our little piece of heaven here.  

Riding on the back seat for our tour

Our tour guides in the front

Around 4, we walked and found K & N’s home and introduced Gibbs to Molly and Gizmo. That was cute. They were much better inside with leashes off and all got along famously. They have a lovely little home, perfect for someone after living in a fiver for 4 years.  Then we toured the park on their golf cart, all 7 of us. Gibbs loved riding in between Bill and I on the back seat. That was fun and they dropped us off around 6 to make supper.

It was as filling as it looks!

Burgers tonight on the Weber and a night of watching shows recorded on our PVR or reading. To be determined. This was a great day, a long one but a great one.

Site #28
See 'our' Saguaro? 😁

Good night!

Thank you for checking in to see where we ended up!

Monday, November 29, 2021

A Busy Day Filled with Good Stuff, Quail!!

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ

 We were up on Monday, Nov. 29th later than normal. That was the late night last night, as after we got home from the campfire, we watched a movie until 11. So, at 7:30 we dragged ourselves up out of bed. Me, dragging more than Bill. 😊 I’m not ashamed to say that I need my 8 ½ to 9 hours to be able to ‘bounce’ out of bed in the morning. Well, bounce was a bit of an exaggeration. LOL

In town, we went to Jim's shop

I had a blog to finish so I did that while letting the sun come up and charge up the batteries a bit. Gibbs and I went out after he’d eaten his breakfast and we saw Gayle coming back from her 50-minute walk. Good for her! She told me yesterday that she hadn’t quite got into the routine yet so I’m happy she has started. Us Snelgrove girls do like to walk!

They have lovely cactus gardens

Inside, I had my tea and we each had a shower. Before we hook up in the morning, Bill likes to fill the truck up so we took a jaunt into town. I’d seen an easier harness for dogs and one that wouldn’t be as hot on Gibbs so we stopped there to pick one up for his size. Getting it adjusted perfectly for a good fit is always a challenge with a squirmy pup but we’ll get it right after a few tries.

My first sighting - yay!
They're adorable

We found Jim’s RC planes shop on a back street that I can’t name and Bill went in to get a prop for the plane that did a nose dive. While he was inside, I heard a familiar noise and got all excited. I know what that is!! I was out of the truck with my phone camera all ready to go when I saw them. At least 25 Gamble quails were scampering all around the gardens, chattering to each other. My first sighting of them is always the best but I never tire of seeing them.

                                                            If you've never seen a quail

                                                            This is your sneak preview. ♥

Back home, it was noon hour so I made bacon and eggs for lunch. Our supper would be simple so this was good to have in our tummies. 😊 

this picture shows old vs new of rv's

After dishes, Bill snoozed and I wandered over to Gayle’s patio and she and I had another game of Cribbage. John was watching the football game inside and Gibbs was inside with Bill. It was fun and now after a taste of it, I’ll miss having her to play games with.

Gayle won this on by a mere 2 points
Now we're even

I had texted Lorne about maybe hitching a ride in his bright yellow Jeep, just for fun. I figured this could be my only chance to do that and he had kind of offered. After I hinted. 😊 Around 2:30, he pulled up and I hopped in. 

the windshield says OffRoad so that's where we went

The mountain base was our goal

Someone's gold claim

It was a hoot and I wasn’t even worried about where we were going because I knew he did. Hah! That was when he told me that he had no clue either, twisting and turning this way and that, over this wash, these rocks, bushes. It was only when the Jeep stalled that my mind went into freak-out mode for a few seconds. How far back is it??

Lots of cholla cacti out there but many
are trying to recoup from the winter

I was setting up the selfie on my phone
I'd say we found the King of the..........mountain? 😂

My pictures we slightly washed out but here we are
My tour guide and I at the  base of the mountain
and the yellow Jeep

Fun times, thank you Lorne for that experience. Back home, Bill drove Gibbs and I over to Lorne and Sue’s site just so Sue could say goodbye………….to Gibbs. 💕 (well, us too). Then, we relaxed together here at the Suite. Gibbs and I sat outside in the half shade and just watched the world go by on a quiet afternoon. Bill sat inside and read his book and the melancholy hit me that we were not only leaving Quartzsite for a bit but also our family and friends.

A Jeep with a/c

A fun ride and hopefully, down the road, there will be another

We’d not be seeing Gayle and John again this winter unless their plans jiggled. We’ll be back in January but they’ll be gone. For supper, we had toasted blt’s without the bacon tonight. Instead, we added cheese with, of course, my olives on the side. They were quite yummy! Tonight, is our best tv night but we’ve been invited to watch Nomadland at Judy and Gary’s site with Gayle and John. Bill has the pvr set up to record what is most important so we won’t miss anything. 😊

With most stuff put away, it was peaceful just
sitting out with my little guy

He likes the shade

He did dishes and I worked on my blog. It still may not get done tonight. We’ll see. The movie was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! It wasn’t probably as close to reality as the book was but it was entertaining, and other than 2 of the main characters, everyone played themselves. I like that. If you boondock at all, especially here in the Quartzsite area, I recommend taking the time to rent it. Gary and Judy have a great set up over there with a private patio setting and with their propane fire pit and tv, it was cozy and warm.

Easy, tasty supper

We were home before 9 and I planned on staying up until 10, if I could. It was a busy but wonderful day! Our last one here for a while but we are looking forward to going to a nice new rv park tomorrow and meeting up with our friends from Illinois.

Movie night was awesome!
Thanks Gary and Judy! ♥
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always a joy to read.

Getting a Walk in Before the Heat, Happy Hubby, Circle of Friends

La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ (mostly my walk pictures and of course, Gibbs)

We woke up at 7 on Sunday, Nov. 28th. That’s kind of sleeping in for us. Before my tea, I slipped out and went for a walk towards the southeast. The sun wasn’t quite up over the mountains to our east but on my return, it popped beautifully (from practice, I’m sure) and it was very warm on my back. I didn’t have my sunglasses so planned that just right. 😊

As barren as the foreground looks, it is made up for
by the pink mountains, glowing in the sunrise

It hasn't reached the lower land where we are yet

I was happy to get my vest off, even though it was required in the 46F/8C, and hoodie once back in the Suite. Bill was all ready to head out, with his thermos of coffee, water and a mug to go. He was going back to the flying field, this time he hoped to do some flying and then help them finish with the project they all started yesterday. I have a happy man. He is pretty content normally, but this is what he loves and why he likes to be in the Q.

Another creative 'home' set up with their own laneway

a closer look, cute tent shelter!

I made my tea and had a blog to finish. Finally, I hit ‘publish’ and was done with that. I grab my dust mitt in the morning and do a quick swipe across the coffee table, counter tops and table before getting into anything. After 2 days, I stopped grumbling about it, dust is part of the whole deal here in the desert. Gibbs and I spent the remainder of the morning outside on the ‘patio’. It was another hot one but lovely! Compared to the snow back home, we are in heaven.

It's the various shapes of the Saguaro's arms
that intrigue me
each one unique

A Palo Verde seems to be dying but
I don't think that is the case

This sign has us puzzling
Some sort of group with the welcoming rocks
La Posa R V Q???

Gibbs busied himself gathering rocks, big ones that can’t be swallowed so I let him at it. I started a new book and I’m not overly convinced that it will be good, until I get into it. The last one snuck up on me but once it introduced the religious factor, it just stronger and more prominent. 

This one has me interested so far

Fingers crossed on this story that it will keep me enthralled. Bill had texted at 11 that I should go ahead and eat lunch when I was ready, meaning he wouldn’t be home to join me for a while.

Of course, a selfie at the Q is called for

There is some greenery in the desert

It was a bit before noon when we came in and I made myself a nice cheese, meat and lettuce wrap. 

Almost as soon as I sat down with it, Bill texted that he was on his way home. Ha ha, this happens a few times but he would be on his own for lunch as I wasn’t planning on cooking. I had pulled sausage out for supper and we’ll barbecue those along with a potato. Bill went upstairs, after we did dishes, for a snooze.

It's sad when a Saguaro gives it up but I'll
bet this will be a 'location marker' for someone
to find their favourite site

This healthy one is 10' away

He didn’t have much luck this morning with his trip to the field. Not for flying anyway. They got to work first and by the time he could fly, the wind had picked up and he had a bit of a nose dive. Unfortunately, again, Lorne had driven out to watch some fliers and none of that was taking place. It just wasn’t working out. Bill says his Timber can be fixed so isn’t discouraged. To me, it would be a big deal but it is his small electric plane that has found the ground too fast a few times. 😊

This flag was just fluttering lazily
but it was welcome today in the 77F/25C

When Bill finished ‘rebuilding’ his plane around 3:00, he came in with Gibbs and gave me a break to do what I wanted outside. I love the little guy but it is a pretty steady job making sure he isn’t chewing on small stones that he could swallow or that could get stuck in his throat. We’re his parents and it keeps us on guard. I appreciated that I could go out and sun sit with my book and have no distractions. Gibbs slept after the long walk I took him on anyway.

It's difficult to write a blog with my
Little Gigolo on my lap

Wouldn't you rather play with me, Mom?

Who's the ham?
I guess we both are!!

His bed isn't the 'go-to' yet
but once in a while, in the shade
he likes it

Sometimes, it is our chair that
he can roll around in that makes him

Today, he found 5 or 6 rocks
that he brought back to the mat

Searching out shade

a good spot to watch
His security job lives on

At 4:15, I came in and made myself a cup of tea. The old-fashioned way, by boiling a kettle. Nothing wrong with that when we’re on solar and it’s late afternoon. It tastes just as good! For supper, as mentioned above, we had our sausage on the grill and mashed potatoes with veggies.

A good supper

We ate a bit earlier and after dishes took our chairs across the road to Lorne and Sue’s for a campfire. A real one. 😊 Gayle and John followed us within 15 minutes.

The sleeping Indian from our view
Once you see him, he is very prominent ♥

The sun sets just at our supper time tonight

Lorne had a nice wood fire going and there was a nice circle of friends started around it. When everyone arrived, we had a large group of 12. The stories came from all couples and we covered ground from the Magic Circle to our different work back home and lots in between. It was a mild, fun evening and we stayed until Lorne stopped putting logs on the fire “just one more log, just one more log”. It was 9:30. Bill turned the generator on so we could watch a bit of tv before bed and I worked on my blog.

Lorne beat me to the group photos
but I had to take one of him doing it

L to R: Sue, Deb, Tom, Angie, Chuck

L to R: Angie, Chuck, John, Gayle, my chair, Bill

What a great day! Mine didn’t consist of much other than sitting around with a good book, a couple of walks, ending with a nice evening with family and friends. 

Cool picture with a splash of colour
Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.