Friday, December 31, 2021

Let’s Celebrate the End of this Crazy Year!

Pilot Knov RV Resort So, waking up on Friday, Dec. 31st we were both ready to say goodbye to 2021. There have been a few very good things that happened, some that I’ll mention here today but it has also been a disheartening year for other reasons, not even worth mentioning. Haven’t we wasted enough time talking about, listening to and focusing on Covid-19 and everything related to it? Our opinion is YES!
We received a fair bit of overnight rain Gibbs and I went for a shorter walk this morning because once we got out there, I realized we were walking in a misty rain. It wasn’t a cold morning, low 50’s (10C), and there was no wind so other than the dampness it was a nice walk. Here we are, back to wiping some little paws again but I’ll tell you that it is a lot easier wiping down his fur now that it is so much shorter. 😊
When we returned, Gibbs waits on the step for his Daddy to come downstairs We had our coffee and tea and at 9:45, I walked up to meet the ladies for Poker Pool. 2 ½ hours later, I returned home with a smile on my face. I won!! No $ is involved, which is why I play, but I had the winning score over all 7 ladies. Now that made me feel pretty darn good since some of them have been playing pool for years. When I walked in, Bill had lunch cooking on the stove. Be still my ♥. That meant a lot as he doesn’t generally cook our bacon and eggs.
This is the puzzle I'm working on
When I started at it today
How I left it at 4:30 After eating and doing dishes, he went upstairs with Gibbs and I got busy cleaning. Gibbs chases the vacuum so closing the door to downstairs was a help. I vacuumed and washed the floors. I’ve only been dusting with my Norwex dust mitt for the most part so today, I got out my cream polish and gave the island and other woodwork a good wipe down. It has been neglected. Moving on to the coffee table, I removed the baskets from underneath and scrubbed the shelf. I used that plastic nubby shelf cover and it stuck. ☹ I won't do that again but I was trying to prevent the seagrass baskets from scratching the wood.
The sky was beautiful on my walk back from the clubhouse The stainless steel fridge got a wipe down too, leaving it gleaming and then I kissed my sweeties goodbye and walked up to work on the puzzle. It has been a headache so far, as I wasn’t able to fit the border together. Someone else had added some pieces but they didn’t have any better luck either. Today, a light bulb came on. I switched a couple of sections and voila! The border was done and I was able to contribute a lot of pieces before heading back home at 4:30.
Our little guy was so tired! I met up with Allie and Gabby so we chatted for a few minutes. I will miss seeing them even though we don’t hang out together. This morning, everyone was asking if we were going to the NYE party tonight. It isn’t really a ‘party’, per say, or maybe we’d consider it. It’s a Happy Hour that starts at 5, bring a snack to share, then there will be music and probably Karaoke until 10 pm when they watch the ball drop. That’s midnight in New York. Time for us old folks to go home to bed. 😊
I see two snoozers, getting ready for 2022? Bill and I don’t enjoy this kind of ‘party’ especially with fellow rv’ers that we barely know. It isn’t a good time to get to know anyone either. So, we’ll stay home, have our own supper and spend a quiet evening together. We can watch the ball drop here in a much more comfortable setting. ♥ For supper, we had toasted bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Bill’s suggestion since tomorrow we will have a big meal.
I think this is the fattest hummer that I've ever seen!
He finally visits the feeder After our yummy sandwiches, we cleaned up dishes and watched old movies. Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and who knows what else? This was a good day and our Suite is quite a bit cleaner. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than spending the evening with my two Sweethearts. My life is full of blessings; our family, friends, health and enough resources to do what we want in life. 😊
A simple sandwich for our New Years eve supper. Drinks and snacks later.
a lovely sky this evening too. Good night! Thank you for your visit and HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best in 2022! ♥

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Someone Gets His Ears Lowered, The Foothills, Missed Pictures from Yesterday

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA Thursday, Dec. 30th after the first rituals of the day were taken care of, we loaded the empty water bottles into the truck. It was 10 when we left the park and headed into the Foothills of Yuma. We’re glad we left when we did, the traffic was quite busy and our little guy had an appointment at 11 am at Southwest Exchange/RV Superstore in Pooch Parlor.
This morning's sky.
I like how the sun slowly pours across the landscape, bit by bit. His last grooming was Oct. 15th and he is a shaggy little furball right now, having missed his regular 2 month cut. This place was booked up solid when we called on Dec. 8th but we’re happy we were able to get him in this month. He didn’t want to leave his Daddy but after she took his leash off, he paraded off into the bowels of the parlor. 😊 We weren’t expecting it to take 3 hours but it is what it is.
Pooch Parlor. So, we had some time to kill. We aren’t anywhere near the downtown Yuma that we frequent so first wandered through Southwest Exchange which in itself is a very ‘fun’ store to peruse. I found these adorable salt and pepper shakers and they, with the little oil and vinegar holder, will replace our tired old Tupperware ones that have with us for years. ♥
Pepper Salt & pepper shakers. From there, we drove to the closest Sally Beauty Supply store for the men’s cologne that Bill is most fond of only to find they were out of stock. We were hungry but with cash on a tight purse string at the end of the month, we feasted at a fast food joint. Wendy’s is usually a go-to for us and the Bacon Cheddar burger was great.
Lunch was great. Lastly, we drove to Wally World along the highway. All stores within the same general vicinity.
A couple of funky cars at Wally World's entrance. The yellow one is for sale. Then we headed back, a bit early, to pick up our baby. He looked adorable when we walked in to pay the tab. Oh my, he’s like a brand new puppy! We love the fluffy, pooch he’s become with long or short hair but I’m sure he will be feeling a whole lot better in the heat we are about to experience. 😉 Let’s go home!
Our brand new puppy.
It was 3 when we returned, after filling our 3 water bottles for the ridiculous low price of 5 gals for .50¢. We knew we wouldn’t be hungry for a normal supper and we also knew we were all worn out. Snoozes were in order and it didn’t take me (us) long to drop off for a while. When I got up, I had a cup of tea and we decided on soup for supper. Opening a can is all it took and that was just enough.
Hey! that's a great price for my water, Dad!
Mushroom soup with crackers and cheese for supper. This was a great day; one I was actually nervous about. Worrying about how Gibbs will behave at the groomers is no small feat, explaining the latest small batch of shingles. Serves me right, I should have known he’d be fine with the experienced staff. 😊
These pictures are from yesterday's Happy Hour. Bill watches to see how Gibbs and Yuma react with each other.
A few more pictures of the star of the day. Good night! I hope you have had a good day too. Thank you for popping by.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Feeling Normal, Shopping and Happy Hour!

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA On Wednesday, Dec. 29th we were realizing quickly that this month of the Christmas season was coming to a close. It seemed to have zipped by. I’d say that is a normal feeling for this stage of life that we’re in EXCEPT I remember our summers slipping by when we were kids. Hmmmm, I guess it just means that when we’re in the throes of living our life to the best of our ability, time flies. 😊 Not to mention the having fun part.
Gibbs and I walked east down the road and saw that glorious sun rise I felt better today, starting late yesterday, and when I woke (or was woken by Gibbs) at 7:30, there was no dragging when I got up to take the little guy for our walk. Correction: when he took me for a walk. ♥
Bill got this gift hung on the wall yesterday Yay! I was hoping I didn’t have a bug of some kind. I had my tea and he went through his latest ‘thing’ of not eating until we were both sitting. We headed into Yuma; destination: Yuma City Hall. Then, I wanted to peruse Ross’s again and Bill wanted to visit Hobby Lobby.
Morning pictures - this sign has been on this tree as long as we've been coming. I wonder if anyone ever calls this number?
The Ocotillo here is large but very brown still We took care of business there and were home again by 12:30 for lunch. Since we’d eaten earlier, we just had a sandwich/wrap. I guess taking the tree down will wait for another day.
The visit to City Hall was so Bill could get pictures of the Aeronca Sedan plane again
It's a very cool story from 1948. You can look it up by Googling City of Yuma Aeronca Sedan endurance record. I couldn't find one direct link or I would have included it.
After a nap and a bit of the movie Happy Feet, I packed our small cooler and drove to Ogilby Road for Happy Hour with our friends, Tom, Deb, Doug, Nick and Yuma. This felt good again, back into the swing of sitting outside in the fresh, warm air with great companions all of like mind. 😊
It was a nice drive out Ogilby Road.
Gibbs was hyper at the beginning and then again when Yuma joined us. Eventually, we let Gibbs go free with his leash in tow. Let’s just say he had fun as did we. We even got to meet friends of the Duchaines’, fellow ‘Yoopers’ Cathy and Shane. Another nice couple, enjoying the lifestyle. Gibbs took a liking to Nick, Doug’s grandson, can you blame him? Such a nice-looking young man.
We didn't mind being stopped by this speeding train. He was really moving with 6 engines
It was around 5 when we packed up to come home. Thanks for the Happy Hour, guys! Now, I’m even more ready for the desert life. 😊 For supper, I coated 3 chicken thighs and air fried them in Rosy. On the stove, I fried the last of the mashed potatoes and cooked some mixed vegetables. Bill had some fudge for dessert and I cut up a banana with cream and my baked oatmeal sprinkled on top. Yum, it was all very good!
It's always easy to find the Stinger B once in the right proximity.
Happy Hour!
This is my favourite picture of the day. Gibbs meets Nick. We watched bits and pieces of different movies. Hitch, which always makes us laugh, some comedy special with Howie Mandel hosting and I also worked on my post in between. This was a really nice day and the temperature seems to be on the rise again. When the sun shines for most of the day, things are looking up!
At home, he was so tired, he slept for a lot of the evening.
Tonight, we had a wonderful supper. Good night! Thank you for your visit!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Slow Moving Day for Me, Bill Doesn’t Stop

Winterhaven, CA On Tuesday, Dec. 28th I could feel slight discomfort when I first woke up. I’d had a couple of candy snacks before bedtime last night and I felt that was the culprit. It wasn’t terrible so when Gibbs and I got up at 7:30, we still went for our walk around the park. Temporarily, it made me feel better, the fresh air and all. However, I felt quite chilly even when we came back in so I sat in my chair with my blanket over my legs.
No matter which way you looked this morning, there were pink fluffy clouds
Bill offered me a tea but it took a while before I was ready for one. I didn't want to upset my stomach any more than it already was. We’ve been reading our friends’ blogs, trying to stay caught up on their whereabouts and what they’re up to.
And then the sun coming up from around the mountain Sometimes they have issues that Bill might be able to help with so today, he left Gibbs and I comfy in my chair and drove to Ogilby Rd. to try and find Doug. He wanted to lend a hand if he could. He returned sooner than I expected but only to report that our friend had left for town.
Upstairs with Gibbs while Bill was away, I saw the neighbours trailer - and longed for the desert of Quartzsite
Doug isn’t the only one camped there so Bill stayed and visited with Tom and Deb for a bit before coming home. We have been watching the weather and mostly playing it by ear as to when a good day will be for all 3 of us to go out for Happy Hour. With me feeling the way I am, fine but draggy, it wasn’t in the cards today. I knew Bill would be hungry so I made him eggs and bacon and heated up some of my faux oatmeal for me for our lunch. It was good with cream and milk! 😊
At the clubhouse, I searched through the loaner dvds and found this one! I won't watch it. After dishes, I put off taking the decorations down, deciding to wait until tomorrow, and walked up to start a new puzzle. I forgot to get a picture. My brain isn’t working today, I guess. I worked away until 2 and returned to find that Bill had carried on with the projects he set out to do. One being the installation of our Dog Walking hook. Now the leashes don’t need to be hanging in the handles of our cupboard door. Yay!
Everything but the tree and the outside decorations have been put away. The tree looks pretty even without all our ornaments
All the ornaments were boxed, not a Christmas decoration in sight When he finished up for the day, he got a text from Doug that he could use some help if Bill was able so without a second thought, he and Black Beauty were off and running. 😊 Well, not running. A friend in need…….you know. ♥ Bill is like that, as many people are, so if he can lend a hand, he will. I decided in the meantime, since it was early still, to start putting decorations away. That takes away part of the job tomorrow so that’s good.
The sky tonight was almost the same as it was first thing Bill was back by 3:30 and now settled himself down for a snooze. After starting my blog post, I also settled back into my chair with my book. I’m reading the book Bill gave me for Christmas. “It’s a Long Story: My Life” by Willie Nelson. 😊 I’m enjoying it as he knew I would. Fish and chips for supper tonight, nice and simple. I’m going to have a vegetable instead of fries.
Tonight's supper Supper was good and all cleaned up after by 7 o’clock. I had cauliflower, tomato and olives and the latter brightened up the plate display! We watched some tv and in between I read a bit more of Willie’s story. This was a good day, much improved from the morning start. Tomorrow, we’re going to town.
The last night for these lights, but my they're pretty on our site tree Good night! Thank you for your visit. Your comments are always welcome.