Saturday, October 23, 2021

Frosty Morning, Nice Afternoon

The Ridge

On Saturday, Oct. 23rd we didn’t wake up until 7 am. I wanted to get into town asap so we sorted laundry right away, Bill made my tea-to-go and I left the boys home shortly after 7:30. The laundromat was empty, just the way I prefer it and I loaded 2 washers. I got a boost of confidence when a daughter, my age, and her Mom, came in. The first thing said was “oh! You’re the cleaning lady! I’m glad you’re back!”

Black Beauty and Ptooties
were covered in frost for the first time this season

Apparently, she must have been in on a day when I hadn’t cleaned, one of those dirty Mat days, but they were both sure complimentary on my efforts. By that time, I was folding our clothes out of the dryer so we had a nice chat about my plans to leave in a week. 

Last Tuesday, this had been left
at the Mat so I watered it and set it
up out of the way

Looking from the front door

Anyway, I left feeling the virtual pat on the back. 😊 I returned home by 9:30 and around 10, we all left for Walkerton. I’d advertised the doggie backpack that we bought for Gibbs to ride on the bike with us.

Jaime and Natalie have 3 Corgis and
2 new to the family cats
They will get use out of this, I'm sure

Since he’ has outgrown it, after only using it once, no point in keeping it. It sold very quickly on FB’s Marketplace. We met Jaime and her daughter at Tim Horton’s, Walkerton being a good half way point from our place to theirs in Kincardine. A sweet couple of gals and of course Natalie fell in love with Gibbs. We were in Hanover soon after where we stopped at Canadian Tire and Walmart briefly and then Home Hardware in Durham.

Our backseat driver

When we returned, it was noon hour so Bill did some outdoor painting, taking advantage of the periodic blue sky. I made us omelette sandwiches inside which tasted very good, filling our tummies and the boys had their little snooze in the chair. 

My lunch

I did dishes while Bill went out to do a few more odd jobs, towards packing things up. Our King chairs needed to be covered, as did our hibiscus plant for at least one more year.

Covering the hibiscus plant
with help

Bill burned some small pieces of wood 

I went out and dug up the glad bulbs and 2 of my 3 dahlia bulbs so Donna can store them over the winter for me. They would freeze if I left them in the Bunky, which I didn’t even realize so I’m glad she filled me in. I couldn’t get over how many dahlia bulbs I ended up with! I’ve never dug them up before, Gayle always had enough to supply us plenty each spring. I bagged them up to give to Donna.

this flower pot is jammed with bulbs
only 3 of which are gladiolas

Bill and I were able to get more things packed up and finally, his riding mower went into the shed. We folded the canopy for the shelter and got our king chairs, patio chairs and the picnic table covered at the back of the Bunky. We were surprised that everything fit under there, protected from the elements. 

Bill emptied and closed up the rain barrel
and hand pump

I came inside around 4:00 and made a cup of tea. I was feeling chilled when I brought in the 3 items I’d hung on the line. They didn’t get completely dry in the dryer.

This year, we were able to cover a lot more
without having to cram the sheds full

Gibbs had fun outside today

For supper, I baked salmon filets and Bill cooked the fries in the Fry Daddy. The salmon could have been cooked a wee bit more, but it was good all the same. For dessert, we had some of my warmed-up keto apple crisp. The bit of sauce created from the nuts and butter added to the taste of the softened apples. I had runny whipped cream on mine, obviously it wasn’t whipped quite enough after all. 😊

The dessert was pretty tasty after all!

After dishes, I took Gibbs out for a near-dark walk around the corral. I’m sure he’ll be out again, as he didn’t do everything on this walkabout. Bill has movies to watch so once I finish my blog post, it’s upstairs for me. I can read or watch something of my own. This was a really good day. We got a LOT done again.

I was sitting watching the fire and Bill work
but Gibbs was keeping an eye on and contemplating
jumping through the fence to the corral
Which he did soon enough
There's a lot of energy in that little body!
Good night!

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Chilly Day

The Ridge

Well, they said it was going to happen and when we woke up on Friday, Oct. 22nd, it was indeed cold. 4C/39F is all that our thermometer was reading. That was night #4 for Gibbs with his cone on and I can’t get over the resilience of pups. I expected the worse case scenario, which is bad of me, but I thought it would keep him awake and us. I’m happy to say I was wrong, he has settled quickly and slept through the nights.

Gibbs and I cuddled together
with the fireplace warmth

Bill was up and off to work this morning to the work site down the road again. Gibbs and I lazed, too wimpy for a walk today. Later, I regretted that decision, I should get used to the colder temperatures gradually and then I’ll be even more than pleasantly surprised when we hit the mild ones in the Midwestern states. 😊

Now isn't this impressive?
Especially with Black Beauty parked in front of it!

I was going back and forth with my sisters again this morning and I glanced at an email with the BizyBee auction invoice. Oh yah! I did win the bids on two items so although it wasn’t over 15$, I could either go today or Sunday to pick them up. I slipped Gibbs’ coat on him and we went for a short walk and then hopped in Ptooties. Today was the best day. We set out just after 10.

The brilliant Baptist Church Rd dresses are fading

I was almost to Hanover (10 minutes from my destination) when Bill called about bringing something to their site for them. After getting my things, (I love them both!) I popped back to the Ridge to get a fire ignitor and our recycle bin of cardboard. They were burning wood and we could also get rid of a heavy dampish load rather than lug it down the lane for pick up on Monday. What a sight to behold from the road! As I got close, I beamed at the beautiful red structure. 😊

Gibbs was happy to have his coat on today

On my way back home, I stopped at M’s to drop off 2 chair cushions from Dollarama. Two went on the white chair I painted and he had the first one I got him on another chair. We were testing the volume on his phone when I realized that I couldn’t send or receive a text because there was no network connection. What the? That’s very odd so back at home, I turned it off and on again. That old adage is true, it worked. Still weird.

One of my auction purchases
I've always wanted a set of these little
Russian dolls

Gibbs was tired right out from the ride. I leave his leash on and give him enough free reign to look out the windows. It is obvious that it tired him out, all that supervising! While I made a coffee, wrapped another gift and warmed up my soup, he moved from my chair, to his bed on the couch and then finally up to our big bed. He seems fine now to jump up and down so I’m not so worried.

And my second purchase was a new
8 cup mixing bowl for $4
My old faithful is a Tupperware one that I've
had for at least over 30 years!

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been chatting with my sisters. We are getting a head start on a change-up for next year’s LadyFest and it’s exciting! You’ll have to wait and see though, if it comes to fruition. A job that was on our list was to update our Contact Information (in case of emergency). We’ve had to make a change to our POA/Executor so wanted to get that taken care of and distributed to the appropriate people before we leave. I worked on that and will check that I didn’t miss anything when Bill gets home.

This little guy was worn out, it seems
and found many comfy places to sleep

Bill came up the lane as I was finishing dishes and because Billy was hooked up to the work trailer today, he followed closely behind with Cody and Darrin. They greeted Gibbs and Billy thanked me for the baby gift for their little River. 😉 Stacy will open it tonight and I hope they are okay with the clothing items being for a few months down the road. In my opinion, new babies always get an overabundance of 1 – 3-month items and they grow out of them so fast.

This tree is laden with more apples
but most are pock marked

I skipped my tea today because I got involved in cutting up the 7 large apples I’d gathered from our tree. I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I cut into them but it was a pleasant surprise! Only ½ an apple wasn’t usable. I peeled and sliced them up into two baking pans and proceeded to make a Keto Apple Crisp. My weight is rising slowly so I want to enjoy a dessert that doesn’t add anything else around my belly. 😊

Fingers crossed for a good batch
of apples

Bill and Gibbs snoozed in the chair and I couldn’t help but notice today, especially, how calm the pooch has been all day. Other than his excitement upon seeing people, including us, jumping and barking, maybe this is how he will be moving forward. There are still lessons to be learned but he hasn’t sat with me all day, has basically entertaining and sleeping on his own. I like this new development.

This was the only bad spot I found

At 4, we all piled into Black Beauty and drove over to the Acreage to get a bladder full of water. Donna and Gerry were going to be out there for a couple of hours packing up a few more things for their season closing. It’s too cold for them to stay out, they have a warm house to return to. Bill and I truly love the camping life and with our heaters and furnace, we make sure we are plenty comfortable. 

It reached 5C/41F today and going down to freezing tonight before it starts to warm up a bit again. We admit to not enjoying ‘camping’ in below zero temps too much! We have two more weeks here and will be able to obtain water from the Acreage well until the end of the month when they work with Bill to close things off. Donna and I chatted inside their Landmark while she packed some clothes or at least talked about packing clothes. It was nice and warm with their furnace on.

I was hopeful but they didn't look much different
after 30 minutes of cooking

Back home I started cooking the apple crisp. Well, it has pecans, sugar and butter as it’s only topping so I wasn’t expecting miracles. Good thing, because the apples weren’t done after the required 30 minutes. I coated 4 chicken thighs in bread crumbs and air fried those in Rosy, boiled 2 potatoes for mashing and cooked some veggies for each of us. I then put the apple dish back in the microwave. It just isn’t turning out as I’d thought.

The drive back to Donna and Gerry's trailer
and the water well

Supper was tasty and we finished the chocolate pudding for dessert. Gibbs and I went out for his ‘after dinner’ walk and this time it was successful. He just wanted to play ‘chase’ with his rubber bone so Bill entertained him while I worked on my blog post. Then Bill asked ‘THE’ question: “Are you up for our first Christmas movie?” I didn’t hesitate with my emphatic ‘NO!’ but since it was a new one, I told him to put it on. I could always go upstairs if it was too much. I wonder if our friends, Susan and Wes, are watching it? 😊

I think Rosy makes these thigh the absolute
best of any cooking method

This was a good day even though the temperatures drastically changed. Oh well, just 2 weeks to go! 

Bill keeps saying that he's Momma's boy
He waited by the door for 30 minutes when
Daddy was still outside 💖
I believe he just wants both of us inside with him.
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to see how we’re doing.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

It’s Been a Go-Go-Go Day

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 21st I woke up when Bill brought Gibbs back to bed. I must have been deep in a sleep again, never heard him get up earlier. Having the cone on for sleeping doesn’t seem to be too much of a hardship for the little pup but he does get anxious when we start taking it off for him to eat. Some dogs can manage it around their dishes but it didn’t seem like Gibbs was getting the hang of it.

My first picture was of Bill
changing Jazz's oil

It was raining, not heavy but pretty steady so Bill returned to lay with us for a while. He wouldn’t be working this morning at least. I got up around 7 since it was a cleaning day for me. I was pleased that Bill was home so I didn’t have to take Gibbs in the car again. The Mat was in fair condition, just normal cleaning was necessary. It surprised me that nothing on the door lock had been touched since Tuesday. Wonders never cease! 

The cows were either laying down or thinking about it

After damp mopping the floor, I headed home. Bill and Gibbs were in his recliner and the little guy had been good without the cone. 😊 I sat and made my tea while conversing with my sisters on Messenger. Bill went out and began changing the oil on Jazz, getting her ready for winter storage. Thankfully, Murray has room for us to store her there with Ptooties. Like a family affair.

Gibbs' drink choice of the day
Chocolate milk 😂

I took the opportunity while Bill was outside to vacuum the Suite. It has been a few days, tsk tsk. Gibbs thinks it is a game, where Clemson just knew to get up on the couch out of the way, Gibbs runs in front and at it with my back-and-forth motion. He makes me laugh and he seems relieved when I put the ‘floor monster’ back under the bed.

Look at that sky, all week we've heard 94% chance
of precipitation all day today
I'm glad they were wrong

Then at noon we went out to see what Daddy was up to. I had a brain wave, that since Bill wasn’t working, and it was our last mild day, we should be taking Jazz over today to Murray’s. Bill thought it was a great idea so Gibbs and I went for a walk while he cleaned up and leathered up. 😊 Picture that if you will! It was windy but the 17C/62F would make for a nice ride. And it did. I wish I’d been on the bike for a last one too.

Following Bill out the lane

Gibbs and I followed in Ptooties and after covering the bike we returned home. It was 2:15 and we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch. Woops! Bill had had cereal at 6:30 and I had some yogourt after returning from town but who wanted to eat at that time of day? Well, we needed something so we had some cheese to fill the small hole of hunger. This afternoon, we got a lot more stuff put away. Things removed from the front yard and Bill did the last lawn cutting in that area. It looks very bare out there now!

And down the highway through Durham

I do believe this is the first time I've noticed this sign
at Murrays

We have things yet to store away and others to cover. Once we’re done in the storage shed, we can put the riding mower away and take the shelter cover off. My wagon went inside the outhouse so I pulled the toilet paper off the roll and stored it in the cupboard since we can’t use that anymore. Our motorcycle gear all went into the Bunky as it is insulated and we have never had critters in there. Again, I hope I haven’t spoke out of turn and jinxed something! 😊

The barn where the vehicles are safely stored
I should have taken a picture of Jazz in there but will get one
later when we take Ptooties
Daisy is the security guard 💘

I made a tea inside and wrapped the ‘auction Angels’ I got way back last winter. I’ve chosen a few special people to receive them according to their birthdays, since they are labelled for every month of the year. Silly, maybe, but also something I want to do so it doesn’t matter. 

They sleep

Bill and Gibbs both snoozed, Gibbs in various places and Bill in his chair. The wind has calmed somewhat and we have not received any more rain since this morning.

This is the whipped cream maker
I made a real mess because I followed the instructions
on how much cream to put in - duh!
It turned out fine but what a waste of good whipped
Cleaning the 'plunger' was not easy

That all changed at suppertime. Just before I started reheating our leftover spaghetti, I noticed rain on the window. Here it comes. As things heated, it became heavy and the television went haywire off and on.

Gibbs in one of his favourite positions with his Daddy

Supper was very good and I was surprised that there was enough leftover for both of us. I’d mixed up some chocolate mousse for dessert and even test out the new Pampered Chef whipped cream maker I’d purchased.

Well, that was quite the experience! Ha ha. I’m sure the next time mixing up a batch of whipped cream with it will be an improvement. My main disappointment was not being able to lick beaters but my main joy from using it was that I didn’t have to get the mixer and beaters out! It worked well though and I’m happy with the purchase. 😉 After dishes and Gibbs had eaten, he had to go out. Bill and he got quite wet, his timing is impeccable. (sarcasm)

A quick dessert to make and yet tasty
Good night!

This was a good day, I feel a lot got taken care of again. Pictures tomorrow, once it stops raining, of how our front lawn looks.

Thank you for the drop in!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Week Flies By

The Ridge

Wednesday, Oct. 20th already and for those who commented yesterday about sensing our excitement for the winter, I’m all for the days flying by. 😊 We do enjoy the present, each day being a gift and all that, BUT after hearing about the cold days on their way after tomorrow, time can fly all it wants right now. It was going to be a lazing day for me but Bill got up as always and was out the door by 7:30.

Such a beautiful morning sky

And as we were leaving for our walk
I captured the sunrise

Gibbs and I were up early too so I had my cup of tea. It was looking like a lovely day with a gorgeous sky so we went for a walk. I left his cone at home and we walked to the corner and turned right for a change. I wasn’t sure how far he’d go but we went over a mile one way and I decided to turn back. 

This might be my favourite pix of the day

These two properties are appealing and well looked after

It was a great walk! Back home, it was time to relax. For both of us. I really had hoped it would tire him out and it worked! He slept beside me in the chair.

Gibbs had to drink his coffee on the go
When I told him we can't recycle that cup,
he dropped it

At 10:30 M called and asked if I could work for a couple of hours after lunch. I hesitated because of leaving Gibbs at home but then decided to take him along. He could stay in the car with the windows down since it was such a lovely day. The temperature reached 19C/67F so he would be fine. M and I were in and out of the shop, near Ptooties, so I could hear if he was misbehaving. He wasn’t. 😊

Yesterday, I finally cut the holes in my hats
hoping the birds might be attracted for nests in the spring
We'll see

When I left, I remembered that Bill had told me his purchase at Saunders Men’s Wear was ready for pickup. No secret, he needed a suit for the upcoming wedding. I turned the car around and drove into town to get it for him. I am happy that he is buying more clothing items for himself, and since he didn’t have a suit, it was a good thing to do. As he said, it'll be the last one he ever buys. And, he’s supporting the local community! Funny that when I returned home, he had another bundle of clothes from Atlas for Men waiting.

Are you mad at me, Gibbs?

Inside, I took Gibbs’ leash and cone off and made myself a tea. It was a good time to start my post for today. Gibbs slept ‘briefly’ in his bed but I laughed because it looks like he’s ticked with me, his back facing me. I’m happy to see him using his bed more often especially after my cousin, Rita, suggested that I not cuddle him more than necessary. 😊 She’s right, I don’t want him getting used to anything out of the ordinary. Our cuddles are pretty normal on a daily basis and who doesn't love puppy snuggles?

The geese drew his attention
I did wrap a few small gifts to send in the mail today

Bill pulled in shortly after 4 'sans' the work trailer and we relaxed together before supper. Billy took it home tonight for a different job tomorrow. The rain or the no rain will determine what Bill does tomorrow.  For supper, I reheated the last of the turkey breast, some glazed carrots, fried some cauliflower rice while Bill cooked himself some French fries. It was good, that turkey is definitely going on my list of ‘get it again’ food items.

We were surprised that even after Daddy was home,
he remained in his bed

After dishes, Gibbs had his supper and then took me on our walk around the corral. He thinks this is our habit now as he didn’t do anything. With darkness coming so quickly in the evening, and it not being my favourite thing, I don’t like to dawdle out there. Bill obliges when he wants to go out later. 😊 This was a pleasant day, a bit of resting, some work and some time with my family.

Good night!

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