Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week One of Full-Timing

I have so settled in to this retirement thing that it isn't funny. I'm loving it. Of course the first 2 weeks were a flurry of packing, donating, selling and moving things into the rv. Our best rule after the necessities was that if it didn't fit, we probably didn't need it and got rid of it.
Piled at the door for Mission Services pick up
No storage unit for us, instead we choose living by the seat of our pants with plenty of optimism! The $100 monthly fee just isn't worth it and our goal is to full time for a very long time. I think we did really good finding homes for everything.

Cargo trailer - free storage at park entrance
April 15th Bill took the afternoon off work. We moved the cargo trailer first to Golden Pond in Putnam and then came back for the fifth wheel Mobile Suite.

Golden Pond RV Reort
Easy entry right now until the long weekend when we have
use a swipe card. Still easy.
Our site C78 close to everything we need

I drove away from the house in the Toyota and my last glance was to see Bill in the driveway with truck and rv so nothing was different. It wasn't shocking, it was focus focus focus on getting to where we were going. The only tearful moment was saying goodbye to our beautiful neighbour, Caroline, who was the first person we met along with her wonderful husband, Wayne, almost 13 years ago. Great great people.

From that Friday forward, I could feel even more 'stuff' slipping off my shoulders. The first day alone was Saturday and Bill was obligated to work at CanAm helping them assist new trailer owners. The obligation is his alone as he loves this part time job. Clemson and I settled in. It was a gorgeous day so we just relaxed for the most part. I couldn't believe there wasn't really anything that had to be done, and I believe that is a total mind set, so we walked the park.......a lot. I set up the outdoor mat, our folding chairs and found a spot for my indoor plants. That alone made it look so much more like 'home'. The only downside so far in the park is that because of the coolness of the overnights, the main water is not hooked up yet. We knew this coming in so made sure we had our 100 gal. water tank full.

When Bill arrived home around 4:30 we cleaned up and headed to Stratford for his sister's 60th birthday dinner. It was a nice time with his parents, 2 sisters, 2 nieces and their families.

Bill's parents

Bill's sister & hostess
Niece and husband
Birthday girl

We knew we were approximately halfway to Durham when in Stratford so had loaded up the truck with more stuff to take to our summer location, The Ridge. So after dinner we headed up to my sister Donna's in Hanover for a quick overnight stay. Sunday morning we were up and off to unload, this meant freeing up more space in our home. It was another gorgeous day! I wished we could have stayed longer, there was no wind at all up there on the hill.

When we returned to G.P. RV Resort, we relaxed a bit and took a walk around the park. We have friends in the park up on the hill so stopped by to say hello briefly. It was an early night as we retired
by 9:30.
What is it about walking with a couple of loved ones? :)

Monday, I was busy with a trip to London for Clemson's blood work and flea & heart worm medication. All came back normal and we didn't notice much change in his weight. He sure doesn't like standing on that scale!

At 3:30 I headed back in to the city to pick Bill up from work with my car. We had a downtown appointment with our lawyer to sign off on the house and update our wills. It is much easier to park the Corolla than his truck. We were able to make an appt. to drop the car off at our mechanics on the way out of town for an all around checkup. Before we leave this area we want to know it is in tip top shape. Hi-Tech Auto Care is where we go, they treat us right and Dan and Brad are friends as well.

Tuesday, our friend, Colin, drove from Toronto while there on a business trip from B.C. We picked him up at his motel and took him to Bourbon St. on Oxford St. for a lovely seafood dinner. We had a wonderful visit with him, as usual, and sent him on his way at 10 pm with hugs and good wishes for his family back home.

Wednesday was our actual house closing date so Bill had taken the day as a vacation. As it turned out, since we had already dealt with the lawyer, he needed it more for a stress test and a dentist appointment. We also had a lot of scooting around while in London so made pit stops at BOM, Superior Computers to drop off my laptop for some finessing, CanAm to make an appt. for July and Costco for some groceries. All in all a good but tiring day. Clemson was alone all day in the rv for the first time and behaved like a champ. When we arrived, the water was turned on, yay! no more skimping.

Thursday was a rainy, cooler day so I decided to tackle some things inside. I sorted pictures and scanned through paperwork and then rearranged my dish cupboard. So much nicer now! I know things went in originally in a bit of a rush so needed to take time and be more methodical with the planning.
That is the laundry facilities behind & to the right of our trailer

Friday, was my first laundry day in the park.

On any given day I am up with Bill or very very soon after so sorted laundry at 6:30 and headed over to the building that I can see from our back window. It is so close that I don't have to sit there and wait for it. I was the only one there so took 2 loads over before 7. By 8:30 my laundry was done, folded and put away. Nice! There is a benefit from being in the park, for a mere $5.50 I had access to 2 washers and done in just under 2 hours.

Clemson and I have made multiple trips around the park, met friends of the two legged and four legged kind. Chatted with the parks host, Ann, for a bit and found out about the recycling pick up on Thursdays so that is a bonus. We always have recyclables collecting and like to do what we can for the environment as much as the next person!
Clemson is settling in quite nicely

I do miss my laptop but since they needed to order a part I have to be patient.

We, my pooch and I, have come across a killdeers' nest in the most conspicuous of locations! Within 2 feet of a dirt road isn't the best spot to have babies!
If you look close you can see her 4 eggs

Madame killdeer trying to get my attention away from her nest
They are a very funny bird with all of their shenanigans trying to lure us away from the nest. Instead of all the parading the mama should just stay put so her eggs are not out in the open like that. LOL I was amazed to discover the 4 beautiful eggs. I make a point to walk by them every day in the hopes of seeing the babies after they hatch.

Around the north end of the park the pond extension features a cute little island with a large tree.
On the island mama sits on her nest, papa cruises as protection
This is pretty in itself but it seems papa and mama goose have also settled in to raise their new family. I have a feeling they are not new to the park as we are, but instead familiar residents. They are very smart and she has laid her eggs on the island where no human or animal can reach her. I also frequent this area under the watchful eye of papa either on the bank or swimming in the pond. Not me, papa swims the pond. :)

Well this is very long and detailed but I wanted to let you all know that we are doing fine at our new temporary location in our new home. There have been multiple trips in and out of the city and all we feel when we leave the hustle and bustle, noise and trains and traffic jams is relief when we enter the park to solace.

This post has been delayed incredibly long simply because we do not have good wifi in the park. I will need to update soon! Next post shouldn't be quite so long and out of date.

Thank you for reading along and following us on our journey.