Saturday, October 30, 2021

Laundry but no Cleaning Day, Lazing with our Pooch

The Ridge

It felt weird on Saturday, Oct. 30th when I drove into town to do our two loads of laundry. I wasn’t there to clean, just laundry. I usually, as you know, do them on the same day. However, yesterday was too soon because Bill would be wearing some work clothes for the last day and tomorrow, Sunday, is going to be too busy. It worked out fine, I was first in and first out at the Mat. I couldn’t help myself from picking up the pieces of lint, paper towel and Kleenex though. 😊

I enjoyed my book, Gibbs enjoyed a nap

After the loads dried, I popped into Foodland for a loaf of bread for Bill and drove home. I wish it felt more like the Hallowe’ens did when my kids were small. I loved to dress up myself and so seeing a couple of the staff at the grocery store in costume, made me smile. I always wore a costume at my job, often the only one. I hope it is dry enough for the trick and treaters tomorrow night. We might even see some since we’ll be at Donna’s for supper.

In case you need a tip on how to just let it all
hang out and relax like the best of us...........
Gibbs shows you how turn the picture backwards)

Back home, I met Bill on his way over to the Acreage to finish up the winterizing and closing down the pump. Bill got a bladder and a half first, just enough to fill our tank and keep us topped up for the week. It was a cold day, not even getting to the forecasted high of 9C/48F but it was dry at least. Gibbs had gone with Daddy to get the first water fill up and Bill said he had fun but was soaking wet from running wild over there. 😊

It took longer over there than I (& they) expected so I was ready with bacon, eggs and ham for lunch. Once he arrived, I started cooking. I’d been puttering around inside after putting the clothes away. My bedroom cupboard beside the tv is now cleaned out and one jewellery box in the closet is covered for travel. I use hair nets since the boxes are open, they prevent things from falling out. I know I still have way too much costume jewellery and that’s from selling Avon but for now, I’m not concerned. It weighs nothing.

And I'm not the only one he cuddles with

Bill and Gibbs had a snooze while I did dishes. He went to the Hangar and his cargo trailer; he has plane batteries to charge for the journey and he wanted to straighten things up as well. I’ve decided what to do about my hair, since we won’t be around for Bonnie to do anything Saturday morning. You’ll just have to wait and see but I think a professional trim is in order for sure on Wednesday morning.

Supper was quite good
for a last minute decision
Here I am again, Saturday afternoon and I’m at a standstill. It is kind of nice, you might think, not to have things to do but too much idleness isn’t good either. I feel lazy. Oh well, I have a good book to read. 😊 Bill and I made one more reservation yesterday in a park in Arizona where friends have a park model. This is exciting for us because we never seem to spend much time with them anymore. We used to enjoy a week together each summer in Michigan so this will be a treat.

Cheesecake with sour cream topping and pecan crust

Thank you, MT, an rv’er, blogger and commenter, as well as Bonkers for the ‘news’ about the Covid-19 testing. We’ve read the references, one in our favour and others against it so we’re still confused. It would be very, very frustrating if we arrived at the border to the US w/o a test and it was necessary. We’ll be keeping our ears open and if we still don’t find anything out definite, we’ll get the Rapid test in London on Sunday. It’s just crazy, why decisions can’t be cut and dry.

Last year at this time, 
I was at Hometown Tire getting snow tires installed
Moka had to be admonished by Joe NOT to get in my car

Supper was hot beef sandwiches and we used up our last burgers. There will be some serious menu planning this weekend to plan for the coming weeks’ meals. 😊 Because Bill had the last of our hamburg buns with his egg and bacon, I decided on making gravy and switching up the meal. I had spinach and Bill had corn and it was awesome! I’ve only made homemade gravy from ‘nothing’ once or twice and this was the easiest best tasting yet. Yay!

Inside, while I waited, Joe's Mom's dog, Buddy
sits on her desk watching me
A friendly sweetheart too

After dishes, I fed Gibbs and then had to oblige him after his bell ringing. LOL It wasn’t dark yet at 6:45 so we sauntered along. As long as he does one job, I don’t regrudge the time. Surprisingly, without a wind, it doesn’t feel too cold out tonight. If you had a roaring fire plus a warm blanket, it would be quite comfy sitting around it, I think. Bill watched his new Hallmark movie tonight so I went upstairs after I finished my blog post.

I'm glad we don't have to do that this year
So, with that......
Good night!

This was another good day and the countdown is really moving along! 😊

Thank you for your visit!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Down to the Working Wire, Miserable Day

The Ridge

On Friday, Oct. 29th Bill was up and on his way to his LAST work day by 7:30. It was a windy dry morning but that soon changed and by noon hour we were seeing scattered showers off and on. I left within minutes after him to clean the Mat. The floor was normal messy and with only one customer, it was a quick and easy clean otherwise. It’s my second last day to clean.

By the time I got to Durham, the 
pink clouds floated across the east sky

I nipped down to the Water Store and filled Gibbs’ small 1 gallon water bottle. We decided it would be good to take along for when we have day trips plus the travel time going down. Back home, I had my tea and a nibble to eat. Gibbs and I found ourselves sitting again, LOL, what else to do. Mrs. Sew & Sew called that she had finished my duvet cover (so quickly!) and I planned to go back in after lunch hour.

I crossed the street to get a better shot
before I went into the Mat

The plans are up in the air regarding what day we are actually pulling out of the Ridge. If we can park at the venue for the wedding reception for the day and overnight, we’ll leave here Saturday morning. I had hoped to get my hair done to some extent down the road that morning but it wouldn’t work out if the plan to leave early worked out. If we can’t park there overnight, I’ll make an appointment with Bonnie after all.

Nothing stands in his way when he wants to see out
a window

Bottom line, I want to be prepared so, I attempted, feebly, to come up with some kind of hair ‘do’ on my own as a back up. Fine, thin hair is not easy to work with especially with only two hands. Anyway, I tried a couple of things and left it in an updo waiting for the “Wow, you look nice!” when Bill walked in the door after work. If there was the perfect emoticon to put in here, I would. 😂

It was another dull, damp day
You'd think we'd had enough of those
It wasn't freezing though

Bill came up the lane and dropped the work trailer for the guys to use next week. He was done, done and done for this year. Yay! I didn't get any positive words from my hairdo but I didn't get anything negative either. It didn't look much different from my everyday 'flip up' I guess. 🙎 That's okay I wasn't sold on it myself. While he settled in his chair with Gibbs, I drove back into town to deposit some rolled coin and pick up the cover. It was a quick trip in and out, made easier by the construction crew on main street having finished their work on Wednesday, ahead of schedule. No more detour.

Our new duvet cover is pretty sweet
It was hilarious watching me trying to get the duvet in
I just can't get the hang of it!
I had to lock Gibbs downstairs, his help 
was NO help. 😍

Bill went out to clean out the truck of work items and clothing and I started my blog post for the day. I’d read an rv’ing friend’s comments on FB about the possibility of land border crossers needing to have that negative Covid-19 test after all. So, I’ve done some research and we are preparing in advance just in case.

Milk pods in the lane way
Another childhood flashback

The afternoon went quietly and we started supper around 6. Salmon and fries for Bill and I had squash with my fish. 😊 Delicious! I love that squash and the salmon was done perfectly in Rosy, the air fryer. It took longer than the recipe said but that worked out okay. After dishes, I finished my blog and went upstairs to watch my kind of tv. We’re just not on the same page in the evenings except for Monday nights.

A chilly walk down the lane with Gibbs

Our pond

This was a good day. We got the news this afternoon that we are allowed to park at the Community Centre so from here on, we know how next weekend will play out. Yay! Happy weekend and happy retirement (again) to my sweetie!

Salmon and squash - yum
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Today was Another Gift,

The Ridge

On Thursday, Oct. 28th, Gibbs once again woke me around 6 with a kiss. Good thing I love the little bum. Bill rose to get ready for work around 6:30 and took him out for his business. I listen to them from upstairs when they come in. “You need to get your feet wiped. One paw, two paws, Give Daddy Three, Where’s Four?” It is the sweetest thing to hear. Sometimes, Gibbs is perfectly responsive, other times it is not so smooth. 😉 I take no credit for this teaching, it’s all Bill so I remember to do the same routine each time he comes in with wet feet.

It wasn't a wet morning but as you can see,
we've had lots of rain
The pond is higher than it has been for a few years

It was after 7 when we made the bed and joined together downstairs to say goodbye to Bill/Daddy. Gibbs runs up on the bed to look out the little window and watch him go to the truck. Up and down, in all his excitement. That is what he does on the mornings that I’m not dressed enough to go out with him for that regular ritual. I made my tea and fed him before we sat together. Often, I’m taking him right away after he eats, as if it runs right through him. LOL

Today was to be the mildest day yet, 14C/57F but the winds would be gusty to about 17 km/h from the east. It was only about 5C/41F when I got up so I wasn’t about to go for our walk – yet. Maybe later. Later did come but not until 10 and it wasn’t long. We just walked down the lane, down North Line to our front field gate and cut across there. Gibbs seemed quite happy to head back up the laneway and I was good with that.

Inside, we sat. The little bum was really in a cuddling mood this morning and I didn’t object as I sat and finished my Map of the World book. Another good one, different again from anything I’ve read. I have the hard copy but finished it on my downloaded version from Libby and then returned it early. Libby is an interesting app, it tells me how many times I opened it to read PLUS how many hours in total it took me to finish it! That’s cool. In this case, 13 hours. 😊

My next book

I dusted the counter tops and then found a recipe to use up some canned pumpkin puree that I have had in the cupboard. Oooh, Keto Pumpkin Mousse sounds delightful! One of my favourite foods of all time is cream cheese so many of my keto recipes feature this delicious delight. Licking the beaters had me smiling, this is going to be so good! I popped it in the fridge for the 4 hours of chill time and then Gibbs and I hopped in the car.

I’d called Mrs. Sew & Sew (Lorna) in town about replacing a broken zipper in the duvet cover I bought Tuesday at Value Village. No wonder it was so cheap ($3.49 with my discount), I noticed the zipper but didn’t look closely enough. No worries, she said she could fix it for me before the end of next week. 😊 She’s a sweetheart and while dropping it off, we had a great chit-chat about our plans. She is excited for us and once again very curious about the lifestyle.

I stopped to check the price to mail these 
light weight advent calendars and was shocked
They came back home with me

I had advent calendars that I’d picked up for the oldest grandchildren, not for the two wee ones. Chocolate is no mother’s friend at that age. It’s perhaps a silly gift but that goes right along with my personality, right? I can hand deliver 6 of them to their parents at the wedding but sadly, I won’t be seeing my 3 grandsons before we leave. So! That meant mailing them to their individual homes. Easy peasey. So, I thought.

I stopped at the post office and was floored! She priced one mailing at $17.34!! That is highway robbery! I paid under $1.50 for each one and was not about to pay that for each parcel no matter how much I love those boys! It is looking like perhaps Bill, Gibbs and I will have one to open come December 1st. Back home, it had warmed up to 11C and the outing seems to have worn our little guy right out. He hopped up on the bed and I haven’t seen him since.

At 3, Gibbs went up to wait for Daddy

I dry mopped the floors down here and then moved upstairs to do the hall and bathroom. They’ll probably get washed once more before we head out. Gotta have a clean Suite! 😊 My next book is by Helen Forrester called ‘A cuppa tea and an aspirin’. I’m already enjoying the beginnings of what they call a ‘powerful’ story. I’ll keep you informed as I go along, just how powerful it is.

Just before 4, Gibbs and I were outside picking up sticks (dawdling) when I heard Bill coming down the road. So, we dawdled a bit more until he came up the lane. It is always quite the greeting when Gibbs rushes to Daddy. Even though we try hard to keep him down, he still jumps. We don’t bend down to pet him until he sits his butt down, as recommended, but it doesn’t last long.

My Mint bin up on the berm

Gibbs greets Daddy

Bill changed and sat in his chair with one of his movies on so Gibbs and I went upstairs to the bedroom with my book. We had an hour and a half before I needed to start supper. Gibbs pretty much follows me anywhere, I guess that is what comes from being home with him all day and maybe it will change down the road. 😊 Supper was simple, weiners, beans on toast for Bill, pepper squash for me. It was good and we cleaned up something else from the freezer.

Supper with cheesecake for dessert
All good things!
Good night!

This was a good day. Thank you for stopping around!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

What a Change!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Oct. 27th Bill came in from outside at one point and commented on how mild it seemed. Anything would feel mild after our bitter day yesterday so that was good news. I hear that some sunshine is expected this afternoon so that forecast has definitely improved since I heard it last night. Yay! 😊

Within 2 hours of going to work,
the sky changed
Sorry about the reflection

Bill left, pulling the work trailer, hoping it wouldn’t be too muddy up there on the hill. They should be able to get a full day in today. I left Gibbs with a treat to look after the house and drove to the Mat for cleaning. It was in decent condition so with one customer only, I completed the regular routine easily leaving a damp floor when I walked out. It seems weird (but good) that I only have 2 more cleaning days.

And by the time I got home,
this is the view

Back home Gibbs met me at the door and nothing seemed the worse for wear. Ha ha, he was a little imp this morning when he came back up to bed. I was sleeping and when I woke he was chewing on our fleece blanket. Yup, enough to make a quarter size hole. He got a swat on the bum with Daddy’s fly swatter. 😕 Will this chewing ever stop? He has so many toys and things to chew on all over the Suite. I don’t blame him, he’s a puppy still, it has to be me not being persistent enough.

This is only half of his toys

It was lovely to see the sun making periodic appearances throughout the rest of the morning and it had warmed up nicely to 11C/52F by noon hour so I turned heaters down. I mentioned earlier that there wasn’t anything for me to do outside. If I was into raking and burning leaves, I could do that but out in the country, it isn’t anything that is necessary. The wind has blown most of them off over the edge anyway.

While I searched recipes,
Gibbs slept

So, inside, after my coffee at 10:30, I got things out to make some cookies. Keto, of course. Bill didn’t mind the peanut butter ones although they never stay together which is frustrating. He liked the taste but still prefers his Nutter Butters the best when it comes to p.b. cookies. I like them too but would rather eat something that is better for me so I can munch on these. I also found a recipe for Low Carb almond cookies so made a batch of those.

    Keto peanut butter cookies
3 ingredient

Gibbs pretty much stayed out of my way, up on the bed, well, up and down. He didn’t settle anywhere for long periods of time but that’s okay. He is too nosy to just leave me on my own, even for a bathroom visit, he has to come with and make sure I know what I’m doing. 😉 We don’t mind, as long as he lays on the mat or just outside the door. No such thing as private in this household! It’s love, unconditional love.

Maybe a cigarette, Mom?

When the cookies were done cooking and cooling, I debated whether to make cheesecake and won the debate with my inner self. I like the ease of making it in Madame IP but a batch is almost too much and it rises over the pan. Today, I’ll split it in two and bake one in the convection oven and the other in the IP. I guess it is time to spoil M with a few pieces too. There is someone else who deserves a piece or two as well.

time for our selfie
He's not letting go of his 'fags' 😂

I began making the crust for the cheesecake but my little coffee/nut grinder began overheating with the last cup. Darn! I was patient but it took way longer than I’d hoped. It was then I realized that I hadn’t used almonds – I used them all last time – and had grabbed the bag of pecans. LOL This will be interesting! Good interesting, I hope. With both pans ready to be baked, I decided Gibbs had been a good boy on his own long enough so we went out to enjoy the fresh air.

I like his shadow

We walked a way down B.C. Rd before turning back. I am not embarrassed to say that we were both overheated, just like my grinder. I shouldn’t have worn the jacket, that’s for sure, but it was a lovely day and a lovely walk all the same. Of course, we stopped for a selfie, using my Funky tripod. Gibbs found an empty cigarette box so it seems to be a new habit. He carried it most of the way home which made the walk smoother. He wasn’t distracted by every stick, stone or flower. 😊

The neighbours front yard, I mean - pool?
We're grateful not to have this to deal with

We stayed outside for about an hour and boy did he have fun! He just ran and ran and then ran some more. That will be a regret when on our travels this winter – you all know what I mean. He will be tethered the whole time. It just means lots of walks and maybe longer leashes sometimes. My jacket came off and then my tee shirt, a tank top being plenty while sitting in the sun. I read my book on my phone while he spent his excessive energy. It would be a great day for a bike ride! If only.

Our pond is really high this season

It was 3 when we came inside and I began baking both cakes and finished cleaning up the baking dishes. The fridge was empty of Zero Coke so I brought a case in for Bill and then Gibbs and I got comfy in my chair, waiting for Daddy. It was just before 4 that he came up the lane, unhooked, offloaded a propane tank and went into town to get it filled as well as Black Beauty. She was mighty thirsty!!

He was worn out from the walk so found
shade immediately

A dish full of keto snacks

Of the few things left in the freezer, I pulled out 2 Angus beef patties for supper. I haven’t decided if I’ll have mine in a bun, likely, since the buns have been in the fridge for a while. It was a bit messier because the burgers had to be fried on the stove. Spatter, spatter, you get it. The bbq isn’t packed away yet but it is cleaned, the table is away and we don’t plan on using it here again.

The burgers were good with a salad. Not a very embodied salad but I was just using what we had in the fridge. Spinach, lettuce, onions and peppers. For dessert, we had a small piece of cheesecake. It wasn’t the best I’ve made but it still tasted pretty good. After dishes, I worked on my blog and then went upstairs to watch something on tv – that wasn’t focused on Christmas. Ha ha, it’s way too soon for me!

                                    Hope you don't get dizzy watching this     

                                     but thought you'd enjoy someone's energy

                                                     Good night!

This was a really nice day, weather-wise and in the whole scheme of things too. Thank you for coming by for a visit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A Fun-Filled Tuesday, An Errand, Memory Pictures

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Oct. 26th Bill was up at 6 and Gibbs and I got up at 6:30. I didn’t think Bill would be working because of the information I got last night but even though it was very wet, spitting and misty out there, Bill was told they were meeting at the red shed. I thought this was odd because it was an outdoor job. Anyway, he left at 7:30 and Gibbs and I stayed put.

we've gone from one lovebug to another
This was Oct. 26th, 2018
Clemson sleeping in the back seat on our trip south

My plan was to leave the Suite at 9:15 to meet Donna in Durham. By 8:30, Bill texted that he was on his way home. Too wet to work. 😊 That gave me some relief because it meant that Gibbs wouldn’t be alone for the 3+ hours I would be away. Donna and I were at Value Village by 10:10 and went our separate ways. Neither of us ‘needed’ anything nor were we looking for anything specific. We still spent 1 ½ hours in the store and had fun. I found a duvet cover to change up the look at home, a couple of tops and a gift for a friend.

We stopped at a Sam's Club, Lincoln, Nebraska
Oct. 26, 2018

After we were at the car, we saw my brother-in-law’s truck parked behind us so we went back in the store just to track them down. We made a point not to take our purses back in, and laughed about it because it meant we couldn’t be tempted to buy anything else. We saw John and then Gayle for a few minutes and headed out to the Heritage Mall. I’d never been in before. We had more laughs at the two of us getting ‘lost’, we must be sisters!

Our second year to the southwest took us on a 
different journey than our usual

Before heading home, we drove to our other sister, Wendy’s, and I left her with a small gift for her and Morgan. I also got a goodbye hug which is always special. The rain never let up all day, even if it wasn’t heavy. The winds made the day bitter cold, feeling like -1C/30F. Tomorrow sounds better, for a few days we’ll be around 12C/52F so that will be easier to take.

Bill and Gibbs had a good day at home. More reservations made on top of last night’s confirmed stops for the drive down so things are looking great. So far. 😊 I had to pick M up at his mechanic’s shop since he finished the Chev pick up and was taking it back this afternoon. It took half hour but he wouldn’t let me leave without giving me $ for my time and fuel. That was nice but not necessary.

Wind socks along the open plains were something
we hadn't yet seen

Back home, we watched Sully, a good Tom Hanks movie about Captain Chesley ‘landing’ his plane on the Hudson River to save his passengers and crew. True story and worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. For supper, I reheated the last of the ham, cooked a potato for Bill with some corn and some cauliflower rice and spinach for me. It was quite good and easy. The freezer is pretty bare so I have to be a bit creative.

A good supper tonight, here at home

The evening slipped by in the warmth of our home with the cold windy night whipping around outside. Brrr. I hope you have a great evening too. Needless to say, I didn't take any pictures other than my supper plate. LOL

This was taken in Oct. 2018 and I was obviously
playing with my settings
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. We had a great day.