Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Beat Goes On

With winter behind us, and I sure say that lightly since we had more than a dusting of snow and cold temps two days ago, it is time to get the creaks out of our bones, the warm clothes packed away as well as the scrapers, snow brushes and tires out of our vehicles. Soon a good wash will be in order for the little faithful Corolla that gets us back and forth to work through thick and thin, rain or sleet, sunshine or rain. It's our own little 'mail person'!

For me it means Nia classes can begin again and more walking outdoors than I do for the 5 months of my self-designated hibernation period.  I take at least one 7 week class with a couple of girlfriends from April to June and during September and October, after camping season is done and before the 'scrape off the car before I go anywhere' begins. The classes are an hour long and just help to loosen up the body to some soul searching tunes.  If you like some dancing/stretching/body rejuvenation without the strained poses of yoga and tai chi check it out.

I love a class where things are not so cut and dry that you have to beat yourself up inside if you can't keep up to everyone else.
Nia, a smooth long stretch in the right direction
This class is slow and easy and when I find myself turning the wrong way and I'm facing the back of the gym instead of the front, we can all just laugh about it because usually I'm not the only one! The walk to and from the school from my friend's house is a chatter-filled 8 blocks as we catch up on our week. We laugh a lot which is a good retreat from the daily business of a work week. "What did you do on the weekend? How would you describe me for my dating site? Whereever did you get that coat? Men! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" We cover a lot of ground in those few steps.

Wonderfully inviting, no?
Winter for us is a good time to huddle, cuddle and snuggle in front of the tv or computer and do indoor projects together or not together.
No one snuggles better than Clemson!
No one does it like Marilyn.
Cold is not my friend and I'm not afraid to admit that I'd rather curl up on the couch with a blankie and a book or a pooch with a needlepoint project
Not mine but I'm doing one
of my own
than bundle up in boots, scarves and mitts to step outside for any reason. You can't make me!!

Now that the sun is warmer, -14C has turned into +14C and even +24C, I find myself happier inside. My spirit is young, so a psychic told me recently, (and we believe what we want, no?) and that helps to explain my childhood exuberance when the warmth hits and I key in the combination to our Mobile Suite and step into our $500,000.00 home. Ha ha, well, it feels like that to us. It is luxurious, it is beautiful, it is well-equipped, it is solid and it is an extravagance we have never had before and we love it. I have put dishes, blankets, towels and some games in select cabinets but my fingers are just itching for our first trip out on the long weekend in May. The thrill of filling the residential size fridge and pantry with FULL size condiments makes my heart flutter with excitement. I am a camper at heart, even though we are oft told 'that isn't camping!' Say what you will, whether it be a tent or a truck camper, leaving the house for a trip away in any rv is in my blood and I feel excitement for it each and every time.

Our dog, Clemson another young spirit, will be 11 this July and he has loved our travels every year since his first. I'd give a lot to be able to delve into his brain.

In his seatbelt, ready for the next trip
What does he  think when we pack up, cart things in and out of the sticks and mortar home, in and out of a 'mobile' home, weekend after weekend?

Take me Take me! (how could you not, with that face?)
For the most part, he keeps a very close eye on us until the keys are picked up and we get ready to exit the front door. He is there, doing his little dance "don't forget me, don't forget me!"

No matter where we settle for that holiday, he accepts it with peace, even when it means putting him on a tether every time he is outside. He's such a good little dog and waits patiently for us to clip it on as soon as he is let out.

Clemson doesn't have a favourite 'parent' of all time but we know his routine as much as he knows ours and we know who is his favourite at any given part of the day or night.

The excitement we see him express when we approach our subdivision after every venture out is tell tale of what is going through his little head. Soon, we have to break the news to him that he will be 'homeless'. I can just imagine all the questions we'll have to answer!

Outdoor cuddling!

So today, I whole heartedly want to celebrate the season. I feel like tipping a glass to the upcoming trips during this spring/summer of 2015! I'm trying to be patient for today's +23C to climb so I can walk outside on the deck and put my pale winter face to the sky. Feel the warmth on my skin, that's what I want today and every day.

Walk with me and remember to keep the beat going on and on and on!

Thank you for stopping in for a peek. Clemson and I only wish we could see and hear you as you visit. :)