Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Real Puzzle! Blythe Shopping

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Jan. 31st, we slept in. It was the last day of the month so perhaps our subconscious selves were trying to extend the last day. It was warm already at 7:30, mid 50’s (low teens C), and Bill got ready for the field. He didn’t sleep well so there will definitely be a nap later today for him! 😊 Gibbs and I went for our walk and it was very pleasant, with a clear blue sky again.  

Good morning!

Gibbs watches his Daddy leave

I walked over to work on the puzzle. This one is going to be a real challenge, with many pieces fitting into the same slots. You don’t realize it until other pieces just don’t fit and you need to start adjusting. I guess that is why it’s called a (say it with me now) PUZZLE. While a few of the others played poker pool to pass the time, I declined today, I worked away until noon when I walked home for lunch.

Deb D gifted a goody bag for each 
of us and boy are these treats delicious!
Made in their 'home' town of Escanaba
since 1906. Thank you!♥

Bill and I drove to Blythe for a few groceries and he needed some supplies for the club. There were a fair number of transports on the highway between here and there but the 20 minutes went quickly. Ace Hardware is where he found plexiglass but nothing else that ‘he’ needed and we picked up a smaller staple gun than what we borrowed from our friends, Sheila and Randy. The hardware store had nothing smaller than 3/4" which is what we had. We needed smaller staples and now we have a spare gun to keep in the Suite. I’ll return theirs tomorrow. 😉

The job is a fairly easy one, one we have been talking about since last winter or early spring. Our 2 dining chairs are wooden with upholstered seats. Like some, they do not have storage under them. I’d bought material at a garage sale back home and we’ve ordered the foam. Oh my, my butt can almost sense the relief it will feel once this job is done! Ha ha Bill can write about it if he chooses, he is the one doing the work! After a stop at Albertson’s for a few food items, we headed home.

The drive to Blythe is a pretty one
through the mountains

I walked over to the puzzle and worked away for an hour and a half. I did make some progress but it will keep me busy – seems I’m on my own today! Back home, I made a cup of tea and then Gibbs and I went for our walk. Bill reminded me that now that we are at the end of January, in 60 days we will be pulling out. Holy cow! We know the time will fly, as it has already, so need to just enjoy every minute. 😊

Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk
and boy, was it a pretty one.

We walk by this motor home most afternoons.
this little poodle is insane!!! She goes nuts
back and forth across the front dash until we pass.
Barking like crazy. Gibbs just ignores her now.

The sky just before supper.
Our meal was delicious tonight.

For supper, Bill grilled steak and we added the potatoes to the barbecue as well. I mixed up some coleslaw and it was a wonderful meal with sour cream and bacon bits on my spuds. Yum! After supper, Bill loaded the dishwasher and set to work on the chairs. I worked on my blog, hoping to get this one done before my wine puts me to sleep! 

A gorgeous sunset sky tonight

This has been a lovely day and although I haven’t sat outside much, I appreciate that warm weather is gracing us with its presence. We had a video chat with Jess, Matt and the 2 little monsters tonight. Neither of our grandchildren wanted to talk to us but it was nice to see 'our' daughter all the same. ♥ 

Good night!

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It’s Been a Day, Clubhouse Fun and a New Experience with Friends

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Jan. 30th, we woke to another morning of clear blue skies. We could never tire of this view, when we look across the land, all around us is sunshine. We were both feeling pretty top notch. It has been a week since I first felt the touches of a cold and I’m glad to be have it out of my system. I shouldn’t complain though, because it never really amounted to much at all. Bill experienced more stuffiness in his sinuses but all in all, we’ve been lucky. 😊

Good morning!
This is the sky we had all day long. 💗

Gibbs and I went for our walk after Bill left for the flying field. We’ve had a few cloudy days in January which meant more days that we weren’t relying on our solar to keep our electric charges down. However, more recently, he has been able to disconnect from the park post before he leaves so we can use our own system to provide electricity. We do pay .20¢/kw here, billed monthly and we’ve never paid more than $35. We feel that it is a pretty good deal!

I'll show you this pretty winter picture
although I had no hand in putting this puzzle together.
Sadly, one piece missing down in the corner. 

I was in the mood to start a puzzle so chose a panorama one of horses this time. It is 1000-pc and although a narrow 14”high, it is 38”long. I needed to spread it out over 2 sheets of the 28” Bristol board. I worked away until noon in between a bit of ‘tom-foolery’ at the clubhouse with a few of the ladies. We laughed, I puzzled, Patti baked, Sheila sang and we all grooved as D played on the keyboard. 😊 We had fun!

This could prove to be a challenge for us.

Bill and I had lunch at home and then I went back to the puzzle for a couple of hours. My eyes were getting heavy so I came home, sat outside for a few minutes and then came in for a bit of shut-eye. Our friends from the desert have invited us to join them for supper at the Outback Pizza & Bar. Only Tom and Deb have eaten there and the rest of us were keen on a new experience. We’ve heard good things about their pizza.

Gibbs and I got our for our walk before
we left for town.

We met at 5:30 and although a different set up completely from Silly Al’s, we all enjoyed their pizza offerings. You order, find a table around the corner at the bar area and then pick it up when it is ready. We ordered a drink each and walked out of there with no leftovers () but after having spent less $. It was much quieter in the building and we could actually hear each other talk from one end of the table to the other! That’s a huge bonus!

This is mine. A small 'Buckle' pizza.
It was good, not quite as cheesy as I like it but it was gooood!

Ain't he cute!? You decide if I mean
the box cactus or my Sweetie! 😂💘

It was 7 when we left for home after saying goodbye (for this trip) to Tom and Deb. We won’t see them until the fall again. They were having their Happy Hour at Roadrunner and we would have joined had they not planned the meal outing. It did save us the trip! 😊 Bill and I watched the latest episode of NCIS:Sydney and then each found our own movie to watch. Mine was called Role Play and quite action-packed although I still was tired enough to drop off and miss about 10 minutes in the middle. LOL

In a way, it was a 'last' supper together.
Kim, Keith, Ken

This was a great day and the weather reached a balmy 77F/25C. Just as we get our hopes up for it to stay though, the forecast is going to be changing again. Oh well, we take each day as it comes.

Bill, Tom, Deb
Safe travels you two!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!

Monday, January 29, 2024

Back into the Swing, Temperatures Improving

Park Place RV Park

On Monday, Jan. 29th, I knew as soon as I opened my eyes that I was on the positive side of this cold bug. I felt great. When I looked at the time reflected on our bedroom ceiling, I was surprised that it was already 6:25. That was a doozy of a sleep, I never woke once. We knew Nancy was planning on leaving early this morning and although it was still very dark, we got up.

First picture of the day
Good morning from Gibbs!

Bill took Gibbs out for his morning constitution and knew that as soon as it lightened up, she would be heading out. I slipped into something warm and we went out with Gibbs. She was hooked up and ready by then so Bill helped her check her lights. 

My favourite picture of the day, I think
'Where are Nancy and Cooper going?'

Checking her lights

Hugs all around and a quick snapshot of little Cooper, her navigator , they were pulling out. It was around 7:20.

This picture is also a favourite.
Cooper strapped in the passenger seat
He looks 3" tall. 💖


Bill made me a tea and he got himself ready to go flying. He was feeling a bit better as well; it will run its course through him also. I was happy because I knew I would be playing poker pool with the ladies. I took Gibbs for his walk and Bill was ready to leave when we returned. There were 8 of us playing today, so a full house today! The office was busy so some games were slower than others, but we like when the host on duty can join us, but we finished by 12:15. (I think)

It was a pretty sky this morning
when we walked.

Bill and I had egg salad sandwiches on homemade bread for lunch and then I went outside to read. Gibbs had no interest in going out with me, silly goose. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open so came in and stretched out in my recliner. Bill wanted to work on a plane so went to Jim’s for a couple of hours this afternoon. When he returned, it was Happy Hour so we had a rum and Coke together. 😊

Sometimes you just can't keep your eyes open.
This is how I felt with my book early afternoon.

Today, we reached a beautiful high of 76F/25C. Perfect! This is more like it but we all know that it won’t last. Before supper, as we were all sitting outside, our neighbours (2 sites down) walked by and stopped to chat. They are curious about a few things so we helped them out with their questions about Los Algodones as best we can. Connie and Dave are from Pennsylvania and are enjoying the adventure here in Arizona.

Another pretty evening sky

Gibbs and I took our walk around 5:30 and Bill made French fries for supper with the defrosted shrimp. It was all very good without being too heavy. This has been a great day and we’ll settle in with some tv or our books for the evening. I'm sure I'll find another good movie if I choose. Last night, I watched A Perfect Game, a baseball movie, but quite funny and based on a true story. I enjoyed it. 

An easy tasty supper.
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping by! Your comments are always appreciated.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Laundry Day, Hanging Around

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Jan. 28th we took this day as it came, with only laundry on the agenda. We were awake around 6:30. Bill took Gibbs out, took some Advil and crawled back into bed. He was not feeling great with a headache from this cold. I felt pretty good although I know I coughed a few times through the night. Even with my Vicks and socked feet.

When I first carried the basket of laundry
over, this was the sky all around us.
I had to set the basket down so I wouldn't miss it.

I got up at 7, sorted clothes at the foot of the bed while he stayed covered up. As I slipped out the door, Gibbs didn’t know where he wanted to be – watching Mom leave or staying with Dad. The laundry room was empty, so I loaded two machines and left again. When I returned, the bed was made and Bill was getting up. The Advil was helping so he left for the flying field to meet Keith and other flying friends.

When I went back out to swap clothes from
washers to dryers, it was perfect timing 
and I captured the sunrise. ♥
Later, walking back for the dry clothes,
the clouds had shifted giving another nice photo.

Gibbs and I went for our walk after my tea and then it was so lovely out with the sun beating its way through the wispy clouds that we sat outside in my chair. 😊 It felt great, however, the temperature didn’t feel like 71F/20C as forecasted. Oh well, we enjoyed sitting out together and Nancy joined us for a chat too. I’m enjoying the book I’m reading; it is about the ladies hired to help in WWII, taking on dangerous jobs.

After our walk, Gibbs and I just stayed outside
until Bill came home at noon. It was lovely and only 55F/13C

Bill came home for lunch and then went to get propane for both the Suite and the barbecue. He ran out last night while grilling our burgers, of course. It was time to get the 20lb tank either re-certified or replaced so Bill bought a new one. I didn’t know what to get into today, not ready yet to sit and work on the puzzle so I sat outside again with Gibbs until cool air returned. Bill was working on the tonneau cover (I won’t begin to explain what he’s fixing) and charging batteries.

Gibb's yak cheese bones
With a wee chunk left,
after the treatment, he can crunch it like a potato chip!

I removed my orange nail polish and took the time to repaint while drinking my tea. Gibbs and I got our afternoon walk in around 4:30. He has eaten his first yak cheese treat down to a small 1” piece, which is the point where we would take it away so he doesn’t choke on it. However, the owner gave me instructions what to do so he can finish it safely. Soak in water for 5 minutes, microwave for a minute or less and once cooled, give Gibbs the ‘cheese puff’! 😊 He loved it and gobbled it up.

Bill worked outside
I worked inside. 😁

Madame IP boiled some eggs for egg salad sandwiches now that the ham slices are gone and I started supper. She also cooked our rice with mixed vegetables and then I steamed the leftover pork slices and chicken piece from last night. It was a tasty supper. We had the last two skinny pieces of peanut butter pie for dessert. The sky was gorgeous tonight but we were in the middle of eating when it was at its best so I left the pictures up to others.

The sky when we went for our afternoon walk.
Get your cameras ready!

Supper was good! With a few slices of
French bread from the freezer too!

We loaded the dishwasher and settled in for the evening. Bill is quite stuffed up but I feel good enough to participate in poker pool in the morning. I miss it. 😊 This was a quiet Sunday and we have clean clothes for another week. I chatted back and forth with our Buddies back home, still missing their presence. I hope your day was a good one too.

This was only the beginning.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Scrappy Cold but Otherwise, A Wonderful Day!

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Jan. 27th we felt kind of ‘scrappy’ when we first woke. No other word to describe it. Bill was sniffling and when they came back inside at 6:30, my voice was a mere crackle – for a few minutes. Lucky Bill, a silent wife! 😊 I took a capsule of cold remedy and went back to bed for another 45 minutes. Bill settled himself at the laptop and did our banking.

Good morning, another clear day!

Government pensions back home were in our accounts with a bonus raise. Yay! We never begrudge taking money from the government. He finished up by transferring some $$ to our US account and then left for the flying field. Gibbs and I slipped out for a nice refreshing walk after my tea was finished. First things first, you know. We met up with Nancy and Cooper, we’ll miss doing that, and walked back to our rigs together.

Look at these little munchkins.
Left: Coopers little nose appears to be high in the air
Top right: Are you following me, Gibbs?
Bottom right: Let's play!

Nancy and I then went to the residential area to the east for another bit of a walk. I was certainly feeling better than when I first got up, but still a bit sneezy. The first thing on my agenda was to stitch the doggy’s head on his body.

Our walk through the neighbourhood
Top house is on two lots. Room for an rv and multiple cars
We love the colours in the bottom photo and a healthy
cactus garden at the senior's apartments

I wasn’t looking forward to doing this, it was just not going to work out right, I knew it. But, I did it and then thankfully was able to tie his scarf around his neck to hide the mess. Ha ha. Not necessarily does he look like a dog, the ears didn’t turn out right but he is done and according to my dear friend, Nancy, ‘as cute as can be’.

Even Gibbs is trying to figure it out.
Um, actually he's likely recognizing the smell of fibrefill
from Stuffy.

My sister and niece entered a puzzle contest back home this afternoon. Two entrants had 2 hours to work on a 500-pc. puzzle with 10 other partners. The one with the least pieces (or a finished puzzle) at the end won a prize. It intrigued me with this 300-pc one that I brought home. I timed myself. It was more of a challenge than I’m used to because the pieces remained in the box lid while I worked on the border – and so on. It took me 2 ½ hours so not too bad. 😊

Not so childish afterall. It was a time challenge for me
with very odd shaped pieces. Fun!
Our coffee table lifts so I could sit on my dining chair to do it.

Bill and I had our lunch and he went up for a snooze with Gibbs. I took my book outside, a new one called The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff, and soaked up some sun while it lasted on our patio. Nancy and I walked over around 3:30 to check out the park and surrounding area’s talent at the Music Jam. We stayed for a whole set so she could hear each ‘talent’ before we came home.

Music Jam
You can hardly see Mary Jo's head over the book on
the keyboard. She is very good.

Pretty evening sky on our walk.

MaryJo on the keyboard came out far and ahead, both our opinions. Check out Nancy’s blog in the morning for a sample. 

When you are colour co-ordinated with our couch,
you get your photo taken. 😂

She is leaving the park on Monday for almost a month so we invited her over for one of Bill’s bacon cheeseburgers for supper. She provided sun chips and caramel popcorn and I provided some Barefoot wine. It was delicious and we are all stuffed!

Supper with Nancy.
A simple but tasty meal.

This afternoon, I used the bread machine to knead a loaf and it rose to perfection in the heat of our counter lights. After supper, I popped it in the oven so Bill has bread for sandwiches tomorrow. Yum! Half of it will go in the freezer too. This has been a lovely day reaching a high of 68F/20C and warmer still tomorrow. Bring it on!

After rising and after baking.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in for a peek.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Sharing is What we Do, Tyson Wells and Big Tent

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Jan. 26th we were awake by 6:30 when Bill took Gibbs out. This little pooch is so good. At 5:45 when he nudged Bill and was told ‘it’s not time yet, go back to sleep’ he crawled back to me and slept until 6:30. 😊 When they returned, Bill came back up to bed after taking some Advil for a headache. Oh no! I guess it is only fair and not a surprise that I shared this bug.

Good Friday morning

He felt better once we got up an hour later and I admit to feeling more stuffed up than I have over the last 3 days. That convinced me to stay away from the clubhouse puzzle one more day. Bill left for the field and then Gibbs and I went for our walk. What a lovely morning! The sky was clear blue and the sun was already warm on my face. When we returned, I messaged Nancy with an offer to join me for a walk.

Gibbs and I walked past Rick and Patti's 'new to them' cart

I slipped my hoody off and just wore my windbreaker over a t-shirt and that was perfect. We walked to Family Dollar and just poked through the aisles. I had a few things in mind and found a couple of them, once I remembered what they were! Nancy also found a couple of items. It was a lovely morning and great to get out in the fresh air where we can enjoy each other’s company.

Funniest thing I've ever seen in
a dollar store!
A home test kit.........what, you're acting
different so you need to test yourself for mj?

When we returned, I walked over to drop off 3 books that we’ve (Bill) finished. I’d previously read them all. I grabbed a 300-piece puzzle, against my better judgement (haha), and will put it together on the coffee table until I feel comfortable going back to work on the big one. 😊 The pieces are huge so I feel a bit silly……..but I’ll get over it. Bill was home late for lunch so I opened a can of broccoli cheddar soup for myself. He made himself a ham and cheese sandwich.

You are going out again?

We first went back to the Big Tent
and walked through the vendors there

They, my boys, went upstairs for a snooze and I finished my J.P. book. It was very good so I put it in the cupboard for Bill to read next. We left Gibbs in charge of our home and drove to the Big Tent for our second walk through. Got a parking spot easily but only because a couple walking back told us they were leaving. Perfect! The parking lot and tent were very busy which is great for the businesses and the town.

For Deb D. They even have a
Madagascar Ocotillo for sale. 

For those who have never been here,
this is an example of what the vendor tents look like at
Tyson Wells. Everything and anything.

Bill picked up some tank treatment that he saw on Saturday and I picked up more yak cheese bones for Gibbs to take back home. He loves them! Nancy found something too and then we drove to Tyson Wells for a walk around. It was also quite busy but we found a spot at the back and began at aisle Z making our way to the vendors we like. I think we all found something and Bill picked up a box of 120 grit sandpaper that M and I use on the vehicles we work on. It’s a good price. 😊

Saguaro & cholla cacti skeletons

Colourful jackets and a pretty lady
with popcorn!

We drove past this beautiful property on
W. Tyson St. on our way home.

Nancy and I picked up a ShadePro visor
for $1

Gibbs got a basket for his toys

Back home, I made my tea and Bill poured himself a Zero Coke. It has been a good day. Gibbs and I went for our walk around the park at 5 and a few light clouds had moved in. No special sunset here though. For supper, I baked chicken breasts, we had coleslaw and pie for dessert. We’re both feeling okay, but Bill is sniffling, something that didn’t affect me, although I’ve been sneezing today.

Our afternoon walk was pleasant

Supper was good and after dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, we watched an episode of Reacher together. We’ve had a good day and soon these remnants of the ‘almost’ cold symptoms will abandon us. I appreciate your concerns and best wishes. 😊

Supper was good.
Good night.

Thank you for stopping around.