Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Another Ouch to our Budget, Working Morning

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Apr. 30th we welcome the last day of this unpredictable month. I won’t say it has been a month of hardships, but some financial burdens over the last 30 days have given us cause to pull up our socks. 😊 And we thought they were already as high as they could go! Anyway, we’re happy to turn over a new leaf tomorrow as we slide into May.

Good morning!
See that house? We should have new neighbours AGAIN
taking possession tomorrow. 
This will be 4 new owners since 2016.
We must be terrible!

I know Gibbs and Bill slept in until almost 6:30 this morning and I followed around 7. After getting washed, dressed and making my tea, I left the Suite for town. I was alone to clean again today, the place not being anything out of the ordinary, it was a ‘clean sweep’ (haha). I still work an hour, with or without washing the floors as I spend more time on the washers if I have time on my hands. After driving in to town, I make it last. 

It's a dull looking morning that lasted all day
with very few peeks at sunshine.
Notice the full bird bath?
Enough rain!

Just as I was leaving the lady from the Outdoors Store in town was unloading her basket. Patti and Rick will chuckle over this but I was in a t-shirt and capris as I held the door for her. Her comment reminded me of our park managers. “Look at you, dressed for summer and I’m in a jacket and jeans”. 😊 It was mild to me, 10C/51F, and the rain was non-existent. Today was one where the chance of rain after 9 was pretty miniscule. Good! I texted Sandy, my boss, with the hours I'd worked this month. 

Here is our happy boy. Nice to see his eyes again.
Hi Gerald and Nancy!

Back home, I wiped my shoes and left my runners on. They seemed to be better for my sore toe than not having them on. I still was hobbling but it didn’t seem as bad. At 10, I drove back to M’s to get that apartment ready, it was the last day to do it. The doors in between living room and hall got washed, her birds sat on their tops and left a very difficult mess, front and back. Gross. Elbow grease was required but I persevered.

Come play with me, Mom.

Some more floor washing in the kitchen and bathroom, fronts of the kitchen cupboards and some carpet trimming and I was done. Another cash pay out when I left 2 hours later to have lunch with Bill. I took an Afghan and a 5’ x 3’ colourful carpet to brighten the place up and placed a tea towel on the unusable wood stove before I left. The place looks pretty good. I may run over in the morning briefly to take pictures and discuss the lease with M before the new tenant arrives.

Tasty sausage on a bun.

Bill went out to cut grass and when I got the call that our Income Tax forms were ready, he finished ¾ of the property and we drove in to see Tim. This was another budget hit but since it was the last day to file, we came home and sent what we owed. I had made some changes to my deductions this past year and that helped me but we need to make changes to Bill’s income. Anyway, just another one of those inevitable things, right?

Mrs. Goldfinch is on the other side of the finch feeder.
I love how they flew in and flew out together. 💘

Bill finished cutting the field and then barbecued sausages for supper. We still have keto buns and everything tasted great, as usual. I sure wish I could get them here – I haven’t given up looking! After clean up, Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch visited our feeders, he is so bright you can’t miss him. I need to boil up some sugar food tomorrow as I hear the Orioles are arriving. I do love the birds. The evening will be quiet and I’ll probably be in bed early. None of our programs are on tonight.

This has been a good but dull day and I feel better for helping to get M’s apartment ready.  My foot is much better, Bill gave me some Advil with my afternoon tea and that has helped. Thank you to everyone who commented with concerns. Those boots are history or soon will be. Gibbs has had a good day, outside a fair bit and inside he has dug ole Stuffy out of his basket, giving him some lovin’. Funny, how they just decide to dig out a new ‘old’ toy.

My videos still won't download to my blog
so I'll share this instead. "don't stop dancing"
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.

Monday, April 29, 2024

A New Day and a New Week Dawns as the Month Prepares to Leave

The Ridge

On Monday, Apr. 29th Gibbs had Bill up early, or visa versa. I’m never sure who needs to get up first. I haven’t told you that I’ve been limping around like a cripple since Saturday morning. I had ordered 2 pair of shorty boots from a great Canadian deal last fall and had them shipped home to Donna – saving shipping costs. They’re not quite as I expected and of course, it is too late for a return.

Good morning!
A lumbering raccoon makes his way from the corner
of North Line and Baptist Church Rd. 

Anyway, I thought I’d wear a pair last Friday morning on our jaunt to Hanover. It was a 3-hour jaunt and although they were snug, I figured breaking them in would soften the leather and perhaps a toenail trim would help. Hmm. I didn’t notice then just how narrow the toe width was. Saturday morning, I had the worst ache I’ve ever had in a toe joint! It felt like a broken toe must feel. I couldn’t put pressure on my left foot pad without it causing me grief.

A tasty bowl of my favourite homemade soup

Well, dang it all! It had to be because the boots are so narrow. I hobbled around all day, trying different ways to walk in which to make it easier. I didn’t have to do much else on Saturday, it was a low-key day, so perhaps resting it would help. It was that day when we brought Jazz home, so I know I was out and about a bit. On Sunday, I woke with less aching and thought ‘yay’, it’s getting better. Still a bit of hobbling went on and I tried hard not to whine. 😊

It was a dry day and we were hopeful
when we saw the sun trying to break through.

This morning, before I even got out of bed it was aching badly again. Rats! It’s the not knowing which is best part. Should I sit or should I keep moving? This morning, I made my tea and sat with Bill and Gibbs. Bill is still trying to find the root of the problem with Jazz, fuel gauge or the sending unit, so rode her to Hanover for them to have a peek. There was no conclusion so we’ll just sit on it for a while.

I wandered further when I saw some purple colour
popping from my Periwinkle

Not bright colour, yet but it's coming!

I made a IP batch of Broccoli Cheddar Soup for my lunches, since my Keto bread is almost gone. I wanted to try once more to get back on track and stay there this time with as few carbs as possible. It just takes willpower to avoid the temptations! Ha ha. I responded to M’s request for help with the final apartment cleaning by going over at 1. He has a small Green Machine carpet cleaner that he bought last year.

 Primrose and one plot of rhubarb.

I used his old, pieced-together, shop vac as best I could and then got down on my hands and knees to shampoo the areas of bird messes etc. His past tenant was a slob, no easy way to say it. Anyway, I worked steady for 3 hours and the place has been improved 10-fold, if I do say so myself. He did pay me for my time today and I felt pretty good getting this place ready for new tenants.

A very bright red and brilliant green leaves

This rhubarb patch is in the corral corner
and last year, I did get a few pieces for the freezer.
It doesn't get enough sun to produce too well.

While I was gone, Bill took Black Beauty down the road to a new shop for her oil change and service check. I was tired when I returned home at 4 and Bill was not so much tired as bummed out at the cost of BB’s bill. We need her, she’s a primary vehicle, but prices have jumped so much. Makes you want to scream! I sat outside with Gibbs for a while before Bill returned and the wind whipped us around pretty good! It was mild though, at 16C/60F.

The corral garden has my ever faithful winter geranium
glowing green.
The brown patches are actually red leaves from 
the evening primrose. 

I can't recall what this is called. Perhaps you know?

I made a tea and sat to write my blog. For supper, we shared a large chicken breast, done in Rosy, my air fryer. Bill had the leftover potatoes, fried, and we’ll each have a vegetable. The chorus frogs had started up by 4:30 and just got louder as the evening progressed. I need to record them one night and see if I can download them into my blog now that I have a speedy laptop. 😉

Supper was filling and good.
Patti, I know you're eyeing my squash. 😋

This was a good day, no rain since we got up but it rained through the night – a lot. Enough already! The evening will be spent quietly for me, in my recliner with a tv playing. The other night I watched a nice movie, Tumbledown, and when I told Bill about it (he watches his in the Hangar if so inclined) he said he also enjoyed it and knew I would too. I hope you are enjoying your days too.

Donna texted fro Hanover (20 minutes away) around 6
that they were getting rain.
We could see it coming.

At 6:30, it arrived. Just what we need. Not!!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. As usual, your comments are always read and appreciated!

Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Ridge

The Beginning or the End?

On Sunday, Apr. 28th I joined Bill downstairs at 7:15. Do you consider this the beginning of your week or the end? I'm on the fence on that one. I made my tea to go and was on my way into the Mat at 7:30. The morning sunshine surprised us as we weren’t expecting to see any at all. It didn’t last, by the time I reached town, clouds had moved over us completely. There was a 99% chance of rain today so we knew at some point, we’d get wet. It was a mild 13C/55F when I left. 😊 

Good morning!
Even with clouds, our pond reflections are
picture worthy. 

The Mat was in pretty fair condition, nothing that made me grumble, and Dollar Store Dave was the only customer. That’s the first time I’ve seen him, he’s always in for early Sunday laundry since his store is open every other weekday. I was on my way home at 8:40. Bill and Gibbs were outside, puttering a bit so I came in and had some oatmeal and yogourt.

He behaves much better when I'm not around
so Bill finished when I vamoosed. 😂

M had asked if I would mind taking him into town at 10:30 to the pharmacy so I did that and the rest of the day was home free. He hates asking on a Sunday but did pay me for fuel. While I was gone today, Bill gave Gibbs a wee bit of haircut around his face. Now we can see his eyes again.

This is a pleasant read so far.

The latest word is that he has a tenant moving in to his apartment on the 1st but the previous renter has not picked up all of her stuff yet. She’s a real ‘case’, if you get my drift, in more ways than one. Anywho,(yes, I meant that), Bill and I drove over to help him move her stuff to his old trailer until she comes.

That kind of day. He was up with Daddy,
down with Mom and on the floor by himself. 

We didn’t get far, when M indicated that she said she’d be there by end of day today to get it. We returned home for lunch without putting too much hope into that taking place but we’ll see. After lunch, the rain arrived and it just wasn’t worth being out. Bill debated going to the Hangar but in between showers, he didn’t really feel up to it today. Sunday, a day of rest, right? 😊

He went upstairs with Gibbs and watched movies and I stayed downstairs and worked on my cross stitch for another couple of hours. You’d think my progress would be awesome but……..only to me, was the difference noticeable. Oh well, it passes the time and bit by bit, it is getting done.

Simple supper
The fat on that bacon was soooo tasty!
Great for my keto 'diet'

I put it away around 3:30 and delved into the new book I’m reading. Caroline by Sarah Miller. It is a continuation to the Little House on the Prairie collection, thus bringing up many sweet memories of watching the episodes with my daughter, my own ‘Half-Pint’. For supper, we went simple again and had bacon and eggs. It was easy, filling and a nice change. Who needs a big meal every night? Not us.

Gibbs has to jump up behind me whenever
Bill goes outside without him.
He needs to watch, security detail, you know.

Bill went to the Hangar before 7 and I started my blog. Super fast!! I’m in heaven! Today was not a wash out but with more rain in the forecast, there are some outdoor things that will definitely be on the back burner.

No sunset viewing tonight but at least it is mild.
The arrow is where Gibbs sees his Daddy disappear to.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Wild and Windy but Warm

The Ridge

On Saturday, Apr. 27th Bill and Gibbs didn’t get up until almost 6:30. So they tell me. I never paid much attention in my still half-asleep slumber. 😊 I didn’t get up until almost 7:30. For some reason my sleep was not normal for me. I was awake a few times, maybe too warm, and my legs seemed restless. Bill, on the other hand, seemed to sleep very well so that’s good.

Last night the sky was spooky
but still pretty.
Good morning!

It was a cloudy day from the very beginning until around 5:30 when the sun pushed through some of the clouds. “Here I am!” it seemed to be screaming. It was a mild day, once we got to mid-afternoon, reaching 18C/64F for a high. The wind was crazy though and our shelter cover I just flopping away. The rains came mostly for the morning, not too heavy but enough to get wet.

On our way to Hanover, 20 minute drive

We drove back to Hanover today with a stop first in Giant Tiger to check out their 35%/whipping cream price and I bought a half quart size with an 18% size. They don’t have that last one in the U.S., no where I could find. Strange. I like the thicker/ higher fat content cream in my coffee because unlike many (most?) I don’t LOVE the taste of coffee. It needs to be doctored, then I like it. 😊

Just hanging out while the water transferred
into the Suite

Our only other place to stop today was at Healthy Computers to pick up my laptop. Yay! I was excited since Tim told me he’d put in a solid-state drive and it was incredibly fast. For $200, it was a quick and easy fix so we were thrilled. Thank you to a commenter, KennyD, for that suggestion. I knew when you commented that it was what Tim told me on the phone but I couldn't remember what he called it. Worth the money, for sure.

The view over the pond.
It will change considerably over the next

Back home, it was raining still so we hung inside for the most part. I’d finished my book so needed to find a new one. Of course, I tested my laptop and Bill just laughed as I continuously exclaimed (purposely exaggerated with hand gestures) “wow!” I was grateful for the use of his HP last night as it is always very fast. I’m also happy not to have to break in a new laptop. Bonus! 😊

Gibbs love the outdoors
so we were happy the rain stopped earlier
than we first thought. 

We had lunch and Bill went out to the Hangar to putter on his Cub. I stayed inside with Gibbs and while he pined for Daddy, I worked on my cross stitch for a couple of hours. It’s looking hopeful but still a lot to do. I'm sure I won't get it done this summer.

Thank goodness for the vision aid with the funky glasses, it is too small to easily see the stitches let alone count where they go.

The sun is powerful and so is the wind.
One is responsible for the late day clearning. 😉

At 4:30, Bill went to the Acreage to put the filter in and turn the pump on. He also got a bladder full of water although we still had 45 gallons. Nice to have our water source available to us again now that the overnight temperatures will be above freezing. Thank you to Rob and Pat for the water we got a couple of times to tide us over.

Okay, time to get serious.
No potatoes for me.

For supper, I baked pork chops, cooked a potato and corn for Bill and some sprouts for me. It was very good. By the time dishes were cleared, the clouds were bumped completely out of the way and we were sitting at a lovely 19C/67F. Our overnight low was going to be 14C/58F, wow! 

Today was better than this shows,
maybe they'll be wrong tomorrow too.
Doubt it but....

This has been a good day  even though we weren’t working outside. We take each day as it comes. PS - it's like a have a new computer, I'd forgotten how swift one should be!

for my coffee loving friends
Good night!
(and within 15 minutes, my blog is done and posted!)
Happy Dance!

Thank you for the visit.

Friday, April 26, 2024

We Share Everything! (Huh?) Busy Morning, Jazz


The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 26th I woke up when I heard Bill telling Gibbs how good he was for sleeping in. That was at 6:30. It was another blue-sky morning and I knew it would last all day, according to the weather guessers. 😊 Good news! Sunshine just makes everything better. I got up just before 7, really, just a couple of minutes.

After getting washed and dressed, I made my tea-to-go. Today is government pay day for seniors so Bill was at his laptop taking care of business. On our first month back from the winter trip, we are always very anxious to get this first deposit into our accounts. I think the extra expenses on our return trip is to blame this year especially. I left the Suite at 7:30 and drove to Durham to clean.

The Foundry 1872
The fellow in the Mat told me that years ago it was
a restaurant of this name. Cool

I remembered to take a picture of the building across the road. It was in major construction last year, the outside parking area and building getting a makeover. Now, it is inside that the work goes on. A bar/restaurant should be really good for the town, we need a nice place to eat and to keep the locals from going to Hanover, Mount Forest and further. Not sure when it will open but it is looking very nice.

Today, was the first time a customer has come in since I’ve returned. He’s familiar, I don’t know their names, but he said “the Arizona lady is back!” It amazes me what people remember, he’s older than me! My memory is terrible. I had no issues today and finished by washing the floors again. Bill and I got changed and left for Hanover for our busy morning around 8:45. First stop was Healthy Computers to drop my laptop off. It is running ridiculously slow so we want an estimate.

Turning onto Murray's road, just one lone
goat in a field of horses

Tim assured us he’d call this afternoon, that we likely have a few options available to us. Then we went to the Hanover Medical Centre/Clinic. We talked to a nice gal about getting on a list for a new doctor in the area. It is a bit of a rigmarole because of few doctors available BUT we left there with things to think about in which way we want to go. So far, things were going good.

A horse for Nancy
Can't ride a goat, right?

From there, we drove to a motorcycle place where we can get Jazz checked out. Her fuel gauge is not working. It may cost a bundle so we have to again make a decision. How important is it? We’ll wait to find out the cost before ordering one. I think that was the last thing before we drove to Walmart for a few groceries. This is where I first noticed a hike in some food prices and opted to walk past a few things today.

On our second stop at Murray's
Jazz was ready to come home
Bill walks her out of the barn.

We picked up a couple of things for M and on the way home, stopped in to pick Jazz up from storage. Bill had all of his gear in the back of Ptooties. We are expecting rain for a week at least and this day, although windy, was the best day before the end of the month. Murray was generous and didn’t charge as much as we expected. 😊 Unfortunately, Jazz wouldn’t start. Her battery wouldn’t turn the engine over. She wasn’t ready to come home?

It's a heavy bike, much concentration
required after a winter's break.

Back into Hanover to Car Quest, we picked up a new battery (ouch!) and things went smoothly from that point on. I dropped M’s items off and met Bill back at home. He said it was a nice ride, not cold at all. I love seeing him on the bike and I love being on behind him too! Jazz is parked in her shelter and all the groceries were put away. 1 o’clock, time for a late lunch. Clam chowder from the cupboard worked well. I was starved.

It was difficult after seeing him in his
leathers, but I let him get back on Jazz. ♥

For some reason, we/I was especially tired. Last night’s 11 pm bedtime was a bad idea, getting up so early. Not my usual hours for sure. We had a snooze (Bill in his recliner and me upstairs) and I was surprised that I was gone for an hour! I felt much improved when I came down at 3:30 but neither of us felt like starting anything outside at the stage. The winds today were making the 13C/57F feel colder.

Here is Bill's Dad's birdhouse, repaired
and installed. Looks great!

Just chillin'

Our whirly-jig is up and twirling today!

I finished my book, it was so good, and at 5:15 Bill barbecued his famous burgers. Our first bbq since we left Park Place RV Resort. 😊 They were goooood, as usual and really sloppy. Bill went to the Hangar and handed over his laptop so I could write today’s blog post. I'm glad he was happy to share! The good news is that Tim called and is installing a new hard drive in my Lenova! Woohoo! He said my original (8 yrs old) was working at less than half what it used to. 😊

Gibbs found a goose feather
and likes to chew on the 'plastic' spine.
I tossed one away and it landed in this bush.
Eventually, the wind blew it down so he got it again.

I’m so happy! The cost will be about $600 less than a new laptop – at least. This has turned into an awesome day. Now if I can manage to download pictures into my post, I’ll be feeling pretty great too!

Taking the opportunity to grill supper.

To this, I added pickles, onion and tomato.
Real messy - real good!

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Carol, today. We had a few laughs during our phone call this morning.

Because I'm on Bill's laptop, I don't have access
to my gallery of pictures.
This is an old one of Carol from Bill's collection but it defines her
powerful giving nature. ♥
You deserve a wonderful day, Carol!

Good night!

Thank you for popping by!