Friday, February 20, 2015

Go Big or Go Home!

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case although we have been gradually going bigger and bigger and bigger when it comes to our rvs’.  You may have already read my blurb on Rigs and Dreams so have a good picture of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Let me elaborate………..briefly. We started ONLY because my sister and her husband had property and invited family for the August long weekend. One weekend per year. Because we had tried this marriage/camping thing in prior lives and left all our stuff behind, we were starting from scratch.

The tent was so small it fit in our apartment living-room. We slept in it 2 times. Even though we were younger and in love, we were still done with sleeping on the ground. Sold it. ($39.99)

The tent trailer was the largest one we’d seen but it was very old and needed repair. We used it for the one family weekend and we gave it away to a lovely young handyman and his family. ($500.00)

The truck camper sat on the bed of our truck and was beautiful . We were so proud to be carrying around our bed, toilet and even the kitchen sink! Used it probably 8 times over 2 years and traded it in. ($6,000.00)

The first 5th wheel was 24’,  we couldn’t stand up in the bedroom, 1 slide-out. Nice older unit, used it a couple of years, more regularly and traded it in. ($7,500.00)

 The second 5th wheel was 29’, 2 slide-outs, L-shaped kitchen in the middle of the unit, 2 swivel chairs one behind the counter, split bathroom. Brand new, bought at the RV show, gorgeous and we used it a lot. Traded it in.  ($34,900.00)

 The third 5th wheel (see a pattern?) was 35’, 3 slide-outs, king bed, lots of room everywhere including the basement but not a lot of counter space. Fell in love on the lot of so went a year older and used it quite regularly on weekends for a whole summer and 2 autumns, even as it sat in our driveway! It was so purty! Traded it in.  ($34,500.00)

It's beginning to seem like we are afraid of commitments.

 Now, we have blown the budget (not really) and done it right. Not bigger just better, waaaay better, in our opinion and that’s what matters.

36’, lots of room everywhere, huge fridge, island with double sink, dishwasher, laundry prep (going to use this space for more clothes), king bed, huge basement with slide trays, 4 season (insulated R16” walls) etc etc etc.           ($PRICELESS)

We didn’t have to go bigger and we didn't have to go home. We just had to figure out what we  really really wanted, and go find our ideal home.

We went better and
                            we now have to change the phrase to :

                             DO IT RIGHT AND TAKE YOUR HOME WITH YOU!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KEEP Your Nose out of It!!

Famous last words, I know. And almost fightin' words!

August 7, 2014 All excited for our week long visit to Silver Creek RV Resort, Silver Lake, Michigan.
Once a year retreat
whether we need it or not.
Our Jayco Designer is packed up and ready to go bright and early. Check-in is 3 pm.

Double-checking my list.

Dog  checkmark-24-black
Clemson, seatbelt on, ready to go.

                 cross border list    checkmark-24-black                           
  • Animal fat / suet: up to 20 kg
  • Baked goods, candies, etc. not containing meat: up to 20 kg
  • Dairy (cheese / milk / butter): up to 20 kg, not exceeding $20 total
  • Frozen or canned fruits / vegetables:  Fruits: up to 15 frozen packages or 15 cans, not exceeding 250 kg
  • Vegetables: up to 20 kg of frozen or chilled vegetables
  • Fresh fruits / vegetables: This is where people seem to run into the most trouble. There are some fruits and vegetables that you can technically bring across , but there are many restrictions. 
  • Eggs: 2 dozen                   etc.                                                                                                                                                  bicycle  checkmark-24-black   

Folding 6 speed, Love it!
                                                                         Bill  checkmark-24-black

                                                                                                       camera and purse   checkmark-24-black

After stopping at Camping World in Grand Rapids, dropping our payment and leaving with a bunch of new goods, (it seems like a payment, always buying more than we plan) we arrive at S.C.RV R. in good time.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day and the day is young! Our friends, Nancy and Ken have not arrived yet from Antioch, Il.

2015 set up with Jayco Designer and Ford 250 K.R.
So I settle outside in my gravity chair, face to the sun (as usual) and relax with Clemson on my lap.

Rod extender to turn knob
We bought a few things at C.W. and some needed ‘assembly’, a folding bike for Bill, like mine above and a rod extension for our exhaust fan in the kitchen area. Easy peasy so you say.

As I said, sitting, relaxing. In my birds-eye view into the trailer I see my worker bee climbing on 2 stools, one on top of the other. These are the C.W. foldable stools. Sturdy? Yes. This is an accident waiting to happen, methinks, so I move the dog, get up and go in and give said worker a talking to. “Are you trying to break your neck and leave me a widow?” Or something to that effect.

Once he explains that he had to remove the current handle on the fan and replace it with the newly purchased knob, I offer my assistance.  Reluctantly, I prop myself on my knees, hands positioned to brace the legs of the top smaller stool to the flat top corners of the base stool.

There was no video taken of this momentus please don't mind my attempt with my untalented hand at stick people, this drawing to make it all clear.
 He proceeds to step on the top stool at the same time I’m watching the stool shift and thinking “this is NOT going to work”. The thoughts hadn’t even formed fully in my head when the stool slips, Bill falls towards the sink and stairs and the stool edge very poignantly connects with the bridge of my schnoz. We couldn't have planned such precision if we had tried.

                                              I hear a crack and double up in pain. YOWSA!!

You don’t need to hear about the gory details, but I can tell you it all involved ice packs, tears then sobs, apologies (from both of us!) lots of Kleenexes. With no further delay, we were en route to the hospital in Shelby, MI.

When the bleeding subsided on the way, and the tears slowed, it only took a glance in the mirror to start me up all over again. LOL A broken nose??? Are you freaking kidding me? I’m almost 60 without a single broken bone and there ya go…………I think Bob from The Caretaker Chronicles wrote a post on saying things like that just last week.

                                          We are Canadians  
 and this was our first experience in an out of country hospital. (Another Bob-ism?) Let me say this slowly………they………….were…………amazing!! Small town hospital versus our big city hospital? Worth repeating...........amazing!

We walked into emerg, were taken in within 10 minutes tops, saw 5 or 6 various staff plus a doctor and within 2 hours I had x-ray results and we were on our way. No significant break, just a hairline fracture. When asked we showed our insurance cards. Our only complaint is that instead of taking the time to call right away, the nurse took our information and said she would just submit it for us. This slowed the process.

As far as me? Well, I was good to go although I now sported a crook in my nose.
Two hours after, swollen

Not quite the 'nose job' I would have chosen for myself, I'll tell you that!

So far only a wee bruise

I knew the next day would bring black eyes and bruising and I’d be a sight for sore eyes for the remainder of our stay. This was indeed true and the questioning looks were embarrassing but it didn’t ruin our vacation… all.

A little pampering never hurts
The fallout of this, months later, is that we are still waiting to be reimbursed for the x-ray and doctor’s bill. Maybe it was our negligence but for these short trips we do not purchase extra out of country insurance. We have Manulife coverage through our employer. Would it have gone smoother and been cleared up earlier if we had put money out for extra coverage? Who knows. Manulife is coming through for us now and that is all that matters. If this was a test, did we pass?

In 2015 before we go we will follow the same practice. We did learn that it was unnecessary to visit the hospital in this instance, they really did nothing anyway. Next time we’ll be more thorough in our examination of what is wrong before we go to emerg.

The positive? I’m happy to say that our new trailer has a remote to turn the exhaust fan on and off. Insert happy dance here. :)

I’ve also forbidden my dear sweet handy man husband from climbing on anything that is double stacked and he has forbidden me from being anywhere near him if he chooses to ignore my ever-wise words.

Glasses don’t sit on my nose properly anymore………..I thought they were just out of alignment, but no........... it’s me who is out of alignment.
A lovely dinner out before out week ended

Our week went off without anymore hitches, and we had a wonderful time with our friends. I wore sunglasses where I felt it helped stave off questioning looks and hung on tight to Bill to dispel any doubts.
yup, definitely a crook there!

Lookin' pretty rough

Ken and Nancy relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine.
Thanks for stopping in for a read and stay off the dangerous course! It's not worth it!