Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Warm and Breezy, Some Yard Work, New RV Friends, Happy Hours and Turtles

On Wednesday, May 30th Bill was up ahead of me again and I think it was actually 7:30 when I made my entrance to the downstairs. I made my tea and sat with Bill to read what everyone has been up to. We are approaching the end of another month and we did well again with the use of our 19 gb of wifi. On the last couple of days, we use more than usual just so not to waste it!

Clemson feels the cold and the heat
He stretches out here to enjoy the fan's breeze
After finishing our hot drinks, Bill took Black Beauty over to the Acreage and filled the water bladder. We just like to keep our fresh tank topped up, once we get to ½ tank (50 gal) we talk about when to go get more. Our water bladder has paid for itself 100 times over and if you are thinking about buying one, we highly recommend it. We never, no matter where we are, have to worry about how much water we use for a shower, washing up, doing dishes. I like that a lot.

Pretty sky resting over our Suite
While he was gone, I pulled a few weeds out of my flower garden and wished Donna and I had talked about the landscape screening before she began planting there. The grass, in particular, is such a nuisance coming up through the periwinkle and phlox. Oh well, too late now! I did buy 3 bags of black mulch so will finish pulling the weeds and then spread it around. It doesn’t need a lot, there is so much ground cover now, but it will help.

A new snapping turtle crossing the lane this spring
When Bill returned, we took Clemson with us into Durham. Bill needed to go to the bank and I went into the Liquor Store to buy some wine.  We are having company at 1:30 this afternoon from Flesherton. We’ve never met them before, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and want to be sure to have a drink selection for them. They are having a house showing so will be bringing their mini schnauzer. I hope Clem is on his best behavior!
I have 2 of these metal geckos
I made a bacon and eggs brunch and then skipped out to cut our ‘front lawn’ (it is the only way to describe it) while Bill cleaned up the dishes. Of course, I want it to look nice today but when I finished I was really hot and had to sit to cool down. A cool shower felt wonderful but I was still red-faced for a while afterwards. Bill was cleaned up so went outside and hopped on the rider and did the berm (hill) area behind us. We’re not happy with the darn dandelions, Deb D.!

this one got a new paint job first!
With windows open, our Fantastic Fan and ceiling fan pushing the hot air out, the Suite although warm, isn’t too bad. There is a lovely breeze up here on the Ridge and with our blinds half closed, we probably won’t be needing the a/c today again. We sat outside for a bit and soon enough a Chev Equinox drove up the driveway and our company had arrived right on time. We had a wonderful visit with Ellen and Scott. The conversation flowed easily, as it often does between fellow rv’ers and we shared some wine, water and rv'ing tips.

Bill, Pat, Ellen, Scott and Rob
Oh, and Tanner is between Pat and Ellen
After about an hour and a half of great chit chat, our friends Rob and Pat dropped in on their way home from Barrie. The more the merrier! That’s what we say so we pulled up a couple more chairs and they settled in quite nicely. Time flew by and when everyone left, it was with the guarantee that we would all see each other again soon. The wind had really picked up but with the high temps around 87F/30C and the humidex reading much higher, we were grateful for it.

Chair hopping a bit following the shade under the awning, which tended to flap crazily every once in a while, we managed to stay mostly out of the sun. Bill fed Clemson at 5 and Bill and I chatted about what a nice couple they are. They are almost 10 years younger than us, well Scott definitely is, and we are so excited for their upcoming adventure. We hope they went home after a successful showing to an offer on their home and property.

Look what Clemmy found!
Oh-oh, neither of us put any thought into supper tonight so when Bill said how does toasted bacon, tomato and cheese sandwiches sound? I said ‘Great!’ I went outside for another few minutes, enjoying the breeze sitting in the shaded king chairs. At 6:30 we were so lazy that we even skipped the bacon and just had toasted tomato, lettuce, cheese and mayo. That was quite enough, we were sated.

"And what are you doing up here?"
And Mr. Snapper had turned around to cross the road again

After dishes, we drove into Durham and took Clemson along. We were going to see his buddies again but this time so Bill could check Rob’s fifth wheel hitch. Something about the capture plate, things that I know what they are but don’t get involved in. Pat, Clemson and I sat up on the deck until the guys joined us. We discussed some weekend plans and took our leave around 8. It was a beautiful night but without the breeze, you could feel the day’s heat lingering.

Such a pretty sky
Back home, Bill finished a few things he was working on and we settled in for the night. Between the heat and the couple of glasses of Girl’s Night Out wine, I knew I wouldn’t be up too late tonight. I’d really planned on reading a few more chapters in my book. It is good. 

This has been a really nice day. Some work and lots of visits with friends at Happy Hour. It felt good to have company today and to meet new friends. I hope yours has been a good one too.

The sky before a possible evening/overnight storm
Good night from the Ridge!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Time to Get Back to Normal Life, Heat and Humidity, Small Jobs Getting Done

I actually can’t tell you for sure what time we got up this morning, Tuesday, May 29th. I think it was somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30, Bill the former and me closer to the latter. I remembered waking up at 3 am and clearly hearing the coyotes in the near distance (how is that for an oxymoron?). I took an earplug out and listened to them for the 5 minutes before they’d moved off.
One small thing I did today was dump our large bag
of sawdust into the garbage can that we bought this morning
We use this sawdust to keep the odor down and help 'things'
compost quicker in the outhouse
We had our tea and coffee and I finished posting my blog, as you’ve noticed. I was worn out yesterday and will be anxious now that things are settling down, to get back into our regular routine. By 8:45 we were on our way to Hanover with a few errands on the list. The Bread Store didn’t open until 10 so we went to Canadian Tire and dropped a load of cash. All things that we needed and most on sale.

Bill drilled holes into these two 'flower' boxes for me
Bill drove back to get our bread and a couple of butter tarts to fill our tummy until lunch. The last stop was Walmart and I ran in to get milk and Omega 3’s. I enjoy the chewable ones that I can get in the States but they only sell them for children. I find it difficult to swallow the large capsules but will manage. Zipping back through Durham, we stopped at Rob and Pat’s and together we booked a week’s stay at our home park, Rock Glen. We missed camping with them last winter.

Bill trying once more to get our genny running
It was lunch time when we returned to the Ridge so Bill made a sandwich and I warmed up the last batch of my soup and had a piece of toast with it. It was another hot (yay!) and humid (not so yay) day and Bill and I agreed that we would not be doing any heavy physical work in the heat. He fiddled with the Champion generator once more and then drove 3 driveways down North Line to the repair shop when he realized he needed a pro to look at it.
Painting the hammock
Not everybody paints in a dress - LOL
and of course, I never slopped any paint on it
Bill set up the folding table under the car shelter so I could paint the hammock base in the shade and the breeze. I had already sanded the 5 pieces down and began painting them using dark green. This would make it look almost new! I am not the neatest painter, I admit, so changed from my shorts and top into a very cool, sloppy summer dress that I’d already deposited into the donation pile. It was something I didn’t mind slopping green on as it could easily be disposed of.

the base brackets

Extension pole
When I finished the pieces, I left them in the sun and warm air to dry. I had to meet a lady in Durham who was interested in buying our little tent. Yay! We are down to just one thing left. Anyone want to buy an inflatable 3-person boat? 😊 We met promptly at 4 and then I drove to Rob and Pat’s once more. Pat had offered me a couple of flower pots since my garage sale shopping wasn’t working out for finding one.

My Cat and mouse ornament, all fixed
At the same time, I left my wind ornament (from our London neighbor, Carolyn) Three Blind Mice with Rob. I had hopes but not total expectations that he would be able to weld it for me. Not because of his ability, but because of the age and disrepair of the item. I sat on the front deck with Pat and Rob disappeared for a few minutes, only to return within 10 minutes. Both pieces had been welded and in prime working order! Thank you, Rob! Now I have another paint job.

A nice breeze today
We would have suffered without it
At 9:30 it has dropped from 87F/30C to 75F/23C
I drove back home with the a/c running in Ptooties, enjoying the coolness. Of course, that tends to make the out-of-doors feel even hotter. Bill had finished working on his 2nd or 3rd small project and the Cub Cadet was back in the shed. Earlier, he had drilled drainage holes in a couple of wooden boxes for me to plant flowers (or tomatoes) in so now I have lots of choices! I’ll fill them with something.

Pork chops, potatoes and veggies on the Weber Q
I sat outside in the shade of the awning with my book and my water. I think I’ve gone through 3 bottles already today. Around 5:30, I lit the barbecue and decided I’d do the cooking tonight. Bill was inside with Clemson and we could switch roles tonight. I cut up a couple of small potatoes and wrapped them in tinfoil with butter, wrapped some frozen mixed veggies in foil and prepared 2 pork chops. I add spice to mine, to make it more appealing for me. As you know, not my fav.

I love my irises, not very tall but almost all of these along the Restroom
are in full bloom
Chives are blooming
Supper was ready by 6:30 and it tasted quite good. I guess we were hungry, it disappeared pretty quickly off our plates. 

butter, sour cream and bbq sauce adorn my supper
After dishes, I sat to write my post and was stunned that I hadn’t started one yet. So, unlike me! As I say, I’m anxious to get back into our normal routine of life. Tomorrow, we have invited a couple we have not yet met to our place for a visit. RVillage is another great place to meet new friends. We are looking forward to that.

another pretty evening sky
 I hope your day has been a good one and that the humidity isn’t too hard on you. We have one more hot day before some relief. I never complain about heat, I just learn to adjust what I do and how I do it.

and a Ridge good night!
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A Full Day Celebrating Dad, Pool Time, Fields Get Stirred Up

           (My pictures today are mostly of the family fun after the sad part)
On Monday, May 29th, we woke up at 6 and Bill hopped in the shower. I think he slept surprisingly well and I know I certainly did. Bill has had a few restless nights, understandably so. Today, we want to be in top form so neither of us took a Benadryl for the itches, just added some cream to our few persistent bites.

A Mennonite farmer works the field
No a/c in this setup
We each had our morning brew and a bowl of cereal.  Bill took Clemson out for a little jaunt around the Suite to empty his bladder and other things. He packed our little cooler with drinks and I packed a bag with a change of clothes and swimsuits. I’d had my shower last night so only needed a quick wash and fussed with my hair and makeup. Things that men don’t need to worry about.

Gathering at Carol and Brians' for some pool fun
We were dressed, had the living room a/c turned on to 75C/24C for Clemson, and on the road by 10 to 8. It was a pleasant drive and I managed to snap only one picture of an early morning farmer working his fields the pioneer way. It still awes me that the Amish and Mennonite families can stick to their family traditions/cultures with so much modern techniques going on around them.

It didn't take long at all for the great grandchildren to get in the pool
Arriving at the W.G. Young's Funeral Home in Stratford in record time, we met with Bill’s immediate family and discussed seating, speech order and the follow up procedure. Everyone looked refreshed and ready for this difficult day. In the reception line, we greeted many that I didn’t know but surprisingly, many more that I did. Bill, his 2 sisters and step-sister all recited beautiful words at the service. They did very well, better than they probably expected to.

An extra canopy tent went up for shade
Granddaughters Shelley and Yvonne relax together
Words can’t express how wonderful it was to see 5 of my immediate family and 7 of Bill and my close friends travel from a distance to support us in our loss. Thank you! You know who you are! A beautiful reception followed our trip to the cemetery with lots of food and relaxing with friends and family. Dad was well loved by all who knew him and that was obvious by the 120+ in attendance today.

A nice 'paparazzi' picture of Bill and his girls
And then one without the sunglasses
From left: Krystal, Jess, Bill, Charlotte, Yvonne
Bill’s sister, Carol and her husband, Brian, has opened up her house to Marilynne, children, grand and great grandchildren after departing from the Funeral home. It was a perfect way and time to shed the dress attire and relax for an afternoon of swimming, toasting and barbecuing. Thankfully, Pat and Rob had offered to take Clemson under their wing on their way home from Stratford allowing Bill and I the relaxing time we needed too. We are so grateful to their friendship.

Matt and Jess
The engaged couple
I got in the pool a couple of times, the day was hot and humid and the water was deliciously refreshing! With my floppy hat and pool noodle, I reminisced of Arizona and tried to block out the excited banter of the great-grandchildren around me. 😊 We had burgers, dogs and bbq’d chicken legs for supper with salad and veggies and Bill and I said our goodbyes around 6:30.

Brother-in-law, Bruce, with his grandson, Johnny

Bill's 2 granddaughters and 2 grandson in this picture, on deck

Brother-in-law, Brian and his daughter, Danielle, pass out a rum
but I didn't get the picture for that group toast to Dad

5 of our grandchildren here playing ball in the pool
So many rules!

Johnny got passed around in the pool, he loved the water
Here with Bill's nephew, Cory
Johnny stole my camera, here with his Mom, Victoria

Another grouping over here
Marilynne, Caroline, Bill, Matt and Jess

Beautiful sky tonight

And the full moon in the eastern sky
When we reached Durham, Rob and Pat, Clemson’s second family, were outside on the deck with the little bum. We sat with them for a while and chatted about the day and upcoming days before heading off home. The smell of fresh turned earth reached me as we pulled into the Ridge area. Yes, the farmer was disking/cultivating the fields behind us. I tried to capture the machinery on the move but the pictures are not very clear.

Working at night when it is cooler

I hope you have had a good day. As Bill has said, after 4 days of mourning an awesome man, today was a wonderful day for Celebrating him. Rest in Peace, Dad, we love you.
Modern techniques here, more than just a reflective sign
lights are helpful for night time work
Goodnight from the Ridge
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Early Rising, Much Needed Calm Before the Storm? Heated Days

Bill and I woke pretty much together on Sunday, May 27th at 7. Temperatures were already reading 64F/18C so it didn’t cool down much last night. Well, 10 degrees I guess, which is enough. I slept well again with my first usual wakeup around 5:30. Last night was another late night for us. Around 8 pm we drove over to the Acreage to enjoy a campfire with Donna, Gerry, Mike and one of Mike's daughters, her boyfriend and their pooch, Ava. Another daughter, Emily, left soon after we'd arrived with Mike's granddaughter, Sofia.

Driving to the Acreage, the sky was saying goodnight
Darin, Gerry and Donna (the firestarter)

Ava looked like Clemson, she is part toy poodle and jack russel
So many attributes that Clemson has, she was a joy to watch
Today, I’ve already decided will be a leisurely day for the most part and I am ready for it.
My position for much of the day
The clouds rolled in and they were a blessing to relieve some heat
We had our tea and coffee and read blogs before driving into Durham. The Foodland in town opens its doors every day at 7 am which is unbelievable for a small town but we are grateful. The half and half cream we buy is on sale this week at a great price so we picked some up and then got Ms. Corolla washed at their car wash. We topped up with gas too before driving around to see Rob and Pat, who just got home yesterday from vacation.

Into another Stuart Woods book and it has hooked me immediately
Back home we were surprised to find the morning was almost over and wondered where the time went. I felt pretty exhausted after a few very late nights, remember I’m usually an early to bed person so anything after 10:30 knocks me out. Added to the mix, we believe was the Benadryl caplets we’d taken this morning. Bill been scratching a lot over the last couple of days and the pills help to ease them to some extent. However, they also make you drowsy.

Mrs. Yertle the Turtle has started leaving 'birth' holes
I almost crawled up to bed while Bill made himself some toast with a second coffee and then went out to charge plane batteries. I know I dropped off for about 40 minutes and after I got up and sat outside with my tea, he came back from his cargo trailer looking like I had earlier. His turn for a nap. Clemson was happy, he enjoys afternoon naps with either of us.

She's busy, at least we thought she was!
The rest of the day went pretty much like that. Bill working on his planes, back and forth, and me sitting outside in the shade with my book. I did manage to get my toenails clipped and painted as well as my finger nails. They badly needed attention and I actually sat still enough, long enough so as not to smudge them. Yay! At 5:30, I lit the Weber and wrapped the remaining 2 servings of lasagna in foil.

On the grill mat and on lo to medium, it took about 20 minutes to reheat. I made a salad inside and we shared the last two croissants. It hit the spot and we were all cleaned up before 6:30. I had my shower after sitting outside again in the nice breeze, catching up on today’s post. Not much happening so a short one for you today. 

I was hungry and this went down well
Tomorrow brings a full, tough morning but a relaxing afternoon with family at Carol and Brian’s backyard pool. It will be nice to have everything behind us so we can share in some fun with Dad’s siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The weather sounds like it is going to be ideal. I hope yours has been a fulfilling day today too, whatever you got into.

Thank you for stopping in. I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a note.