Thursday, May 19, 2022

Where Has the Week Gone?

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 19th, I stayed in bed until after Bill left. Well, I did get up at 6:30 to get my kiss goodbye though. Can you believe that it is Thursday already? I can't. It was a drizzly rain at 7 so Gibbs and I didn’t get out for our walk this morning. It was a cleaning day but I wanted to stop in to see our accountant while in town and he didn’t open until 9. That meant I didn’t leave until a few minutes before 8.

It's from the laneway so blurry
but I didn't want to get any closer
Ma and Pa and 5 babies were already spooked

When I got to the Mat, it looked as if it had just been cleaned. Either that or it hadn’t been used since I cleaned on Tuesday but that would be odd. So, rather than cleaning a clean place, I saved Jamie the $$ and went to wait outside Tim’s office until he opened. I’ll go back on Saturday morning instead. I chatted with Tim about Bill’s Notice of Assessment and when I left, was much happier with the result. 😊

The corral irises are short but still pretty

Back home, it was still rainy and that made it feel even colder than it was. Usually 8C/47F is pretty comfortable for a morning temperature as long as there is no wind but the dampness gave me the chills. So, Gibbs and I stayed indoors for the morning and neither of us had any inclination to go outside. I had some chicken noodle soup for lunch and by then it was warmed up a bit and the sun was making appearances so we went for our walk.

and look who came creeping across
our patio mat today

a baby painted turtle
was hatched
She's about 1" across

After returning home the mail lady delivered Bill’s parcel to our door and now we are waiting for one more thing today. A lawn mower blade for my battery powered mower is coming UPS. I’m anxious to get back to cutting my portion of the lawn again. I missed that last year as it is helpful to Bill plus good exercise for me. 😊

Simple but delicious supper

We have been communicating with our trailer insurance company to see what we can get reimbursed for the problems we had from the park. That is coming along on the positive side and that is a good thing. We just need to fill out more details. Gibbs and I went out to my sanctuary. I worked on the puzzle and he kept an eye on the surroundings for me.

A cloudy but pretty sky tonight

This turned into quite a warm sunny day so I unplugged from power around noon. Every little bit helps. Bill was home before 5; he has farther to go now with their new job site in Wingham so knowing he likes to relax before supper, I waited until 6 to start. We had big sausage and salad and finished the cheesecake for dessert. We loaded the dishwasher and relaxed for the evening. We’ve got a ridiculously hot day forecasted for tomorrow, summer returns briefly.

After supper, Bill cut some grass since
we have rain in the forecast AGAIN
Good night!

This was a good day. I hope yours was too.

Thank you for stopping around!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Seedlings Stay Hidden, Rectangle Puzzle, Round Table

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May18th things started out pretty normally. The day was starting out at 4C/39F but Bill did say there was a bit of frost when he went out at 6:30 with Gibbs. I was happy that my spinach and chard hadn’t popped above the ground yet or they might have been nipped. Of course, I didn’t know that until Gibbs and I walked up later in the day.

By the time we walked at 7:15,
there was no frost, just fog on the pond

Before Bill left for work, we went for a short walk to the east before turning back home. When we returned, he needed a bit of encouragement from Daddy to eat his mixed kibble but gobbled it up entirely. Good. That’s 3 meals right in a row, things are looking up. I bought him some Blue Buffalo kibble yesterday and he was keen for his supper last night – because of the smell? 😊 Doesn’t matter, he ate.

This single primrose is blooming
like crazy

It was a mild morning but even though the sun seemed to try, it didn’t remain out for very long and was swallowed up by the clouds. There was no breeze first thing but it did increase a bit throughout the day. Inside, I sewed our small sofa pillow that Gibbs fell in love with. We kept it up on the bed and he found pleasure humping it night after night. Funny guy, but he got his jollies and wasn’t hurting anything. 😊 Until he chewed a hole in the corner and it needed to be put away.

I got a puzzle out today
Notice the little paws at the left of the picture
I don't need his help

So, he kept watch instead

With that sewn up, he can get back to his thrills and leave our bigger pillows alone! I mopped the floors and then had my shower. I made another wrap for lunch and then sat at my laptop going through old pictures from 2006 campouts and beyond. Lots of memories were stirred up from when Bill and I had Clemson, our older trailers and the family pictures brought many smiles.

With the all clear, he settled down

Gibbs needed exercise so we went out and I let him run while I checked the garden and picked up his droppings from the last couple of days. Living in the country, we don’t have to bag his poop, it goes off into the bushes and fertilizes things. 😊 He was pretty good but twice ducked under the fence up on the berm and wouldn’t come when called. Both times I had to trick him by opening the car door. This works every time as he doesn’t want to miss a ride.

I think I'll have room for a 1000 pc. puzzle too

Second time, he got snatched up and put on his rope tether and I went into my shed to work on something. I hung a new sign over the door and cleaned up my paints. It was time to start a puzzle. I have a round table but the 500 pc. puzzle was rectangle. Unlike a square peg in a round hole, this works just fine.

I changed 'The Ridge Roost" sign

It felt good working on the puzzles again and I managed to complete the border in good time. Gibbs was in and out, seeming to be managing the screen door perfectly. He does like sitting in the middle to keep watch though and while the bugs are minimal (ps, not one black fly was visible today!), he can do that. 😊 Bill arrived home early today, around 3, so that was nice. We are both always happy to see our ‘sweetie’ come home in good time.

Uh-oh. Our on/off switch on the shower head
fell apart during my shower today

I removed the switch and now we're back to 
turning the taps off and on the original way

For supper, Rosy air fried chicken thighs with Caesar salad on the side. It was filling and tasty, as usual. We had a piece of cheesecake with the strawberry sauce adorning it and filling us appropriately.  

I had to fill the hummer feeders today
and then I noticed he was back for the oranges

He is the main bird drinking the hummer feed
but I'm happy he likes the oranges
since I bought more yesterday

Bill finished loading the dishwasher and he made his lunch for tomorrow. It wasn’t much of a day for pictures so sorry for the wordy post. This was a good day and not only did we have the regular goldfinches but Mr. Oriole was back for a visit.

Chicken thighs and salad
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Bit of a Stock Up and Sticker Shock

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 17th Bill was up and getting ready for work when I woke up. I’d felt quite refreshed after a good sleep but stayed in bed until 7 before Gibbs and I got up. It was a cloudy and cool 3C/38F but with little wind so I dressed to go for our walk. We almost made it to the corner when Gibbs stopped and was ready to return home. He’s the boss so I turned back. (don't tell him I said that!)

I had my crocheting project on my lap
with Gibbs on top of that last night
so Bill obliged and took these pics for me

What a beautiful sky!

Off his leash, he hightailed it up the laneway ahead of me. Of course, there was a wee detour down to the pond’s edge, just enough to stick his nose in and dampen his feet. Bill encouraged him to eat all of his breakfast out of his dish so it helped that he wasn’t heading out the door as soon as we returned. 😊 We were both happy he ate. Just what he needs, more energy!

A view of the pond to the west
Difficult to see through the bushes now
No sign of the geese babies since Sunday

When Bill left, I wasn’t far behind him to clean the Mat. It was in fair condition again and I left after an hour, finishing up by washing the floors. My found profit today was .50¢, a few cents shy of Sunday’s $1.65. 😊 These are my tips/perks. When I left the Mat, I stopped briefly at Rob and Pat’s to drop off the straps we’d used to secure Jazz on the drive home Sunday.

Following his nose

From there, to Hanover’s Independent Grocery for a few stock up items. This is where I felt my first sticker shock on food. I literally put things back and left without them. I went to Walmart, which is still my favourite for groceries, and found a few better deals. Independent is where I can get my 9% Liberte plain Greek yogourt and it is a better price than at Foodland here in Durham so I was happy about that.

The sun improved the day gradually

Back home, I unloaded and put everything away. We’re trying a Blue Buffalo dog food that we used to buy for Clemson, just to see if it makes a difference for our little guy. If he likes it, we’ll mix the two but I’m not thinking that is the problem. He still seems to like what we’re giving him just very particular as to when he eats it. Hopefully, he’ll get used to Daddy’s routine like he’s gotten used to many other things.

My first blooming iris is one of the
transplants from last fall onto the corral hill 😁

After lunch, I had another lazy day. I found a new book to read and fell into it really quickly. John Grisham’s The Street Lawyer had me hooked on the first page. Now, that is a good writer! He ranks right up there with my other favourite authors like James Patterson, Lee Child and Michael Connelly. They all know how to keep me interested from the get-go.

And the Spirea bush is also looking good
I need to trim the dead branches

The sun had made appearances off and on but when Gibbs and I walked down to check the mailbox, the wind had me zipping my jacket right up to my neck. Brrrr! We aren’t expecting much summery weather over the next couple of weeks and a lot of rain so I guess that is Ontario spring for us. Bill was home early, around 3:30, after an afternoon of just Billy and him, drywalling a ceiling. Does not sound like fun to me, no wonder they stopped for the day.

Leftovers are still delicious and also easy

For supper, we had leftover meatloaf, potatoes for Bill with salad and beans on the side. Dessert tonight was cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Yum. It was another success. We loaded the dishwasher and Bill made his lunch. Oh! Before he left for work this morning, he went out to see if charging Jazz’s battery overnight did anything. He also had cleaned the battery posts and changed the lug. She started!

NY cheesecake with almond crust and strawberry sauce

So, tonight when he went out with Gibbs, he tried again and she roared to life with no delay. That is great news! Now, we just need the warm weather to return. 😊 This was another great day. There wasn’t a lot to do beyond cleaning and shopping so most of the day was to do as we pleased. Getting ready for another cool night.

I needed one more picture
Look at this 'baby' picture from May 17, 2021!!
That was at 2 months + 5 days old
and at about 6 lbs. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping in. Your comments are always appreciated.

Monday, May 16, 2022

A Slow and Easy Spring Day

The Ridge

On Monday, May 16th, spring returned. It was a short summer. The rains were very necessary and things are sure greening up nicely. Well, there is a fair amount of yellow too, with the dandelions. 😊 Not to mention the ever-present goldfinches. Bill’s job site is just down the road, 15 minutes away, if that, so he was able to sleep in until 6:30 and not leave until 7:45.

The rain hung around all morning

He took Black Beauty because it is so close and in the event he needs to bring the work trailer back here at the end of the day. I mentioned spring returning. It dropped to 10C/50F overnight and dropped even further to 8C/47F at 7:30 when I got up. It was raining off and on so I knew we wouldn’t be going for our walk. Sorry Gibbs.

After Bill left, it felt good to just sit in my chair with Gibbs close by and finish my book. This one has taken longer because I’ve had other things going on but today is a stay inside day, for the most part. 

Last night, after supper, I hand fed the little guy his supper and each time I brought the dish close, he turned away as if offended. I wondered if for some reason the metal dish is bothering him for some reason. ??? So, I tried something new but this morning it made no difference.

When Ma and Pa Goose made their
way up the hill

Our patrol dog was watching

Today is M’s 65th birthday so I was going to deliver his cheesecake, sauce and card but called him around 10 to extend my birthday wishes. 😊 He indicated that he wasn’t going anywhere all day because it was so crappy out so after I had some lunch, Gibbs and I drove over to deliver it. He was excited to have his favourite cheesecake again. He wouldn’t need the whole cake, being on his own, so I only take him half.

I'm glad the finch feeder holds so much
and lasts for so long

I called the vet this morning and made Gibbs’ appointment for heart worm test and flea and tick meds. Then I called the groomer and made that appointment for Friday. It will be warming up soon and he is getting quite the woolly little dog! He’ll feel better after a good cut and nail trim. He likes me brushing his teeth, well, he likes the toothpaste, so we did that in my chair this morning.

He sat still long enough for a photo shoot

Bill called about getting Jazz in and she can’t get in to the ‘doctor’ (as Chris calls it) for at least a week so we’ll get it off the trailer tonight. Chris suggested something first but it’s something Bill had already tried and Leroy at the shop suggested something else. If they don’t work, we’ll keep her at home until he has room to fit her in. We still don’t think it will take much to fix her up, at least we hope not!

I’m getting stuck on supper meals again but I know we need to eat good things. I decided to make one of Bill’s favourites, with potato and a vegetable for tonight. Around 2:30, the sun began breaking through the white clouds and it warmed up to 15C/59F which is quite a change. 😊

A better position to see things
He just wanted to sit outside πŸ’—

I’m hoping the rains are feeding my newly planted seeds and that I see something in a week or so. I’m dubious only because I’ve not planted these things before.  Put together the ingredients for the meatloaf and I’ll start cooking it when Bill gets home. 

Mr. Oriole made a return appearance

A wren? sparrow? Not sure, but it is
definitely a baby

Tea time right now! I enjoyed my cup of tea and at 4:20, Bill and Billy drove up the lane. Billy came with him to help get Jazz off the trailer and in the shelter. Gibbs ran around supervising and my job was simply to open the shelter door.

Blossoms on the apple tree by the Suite

A few blossoms on our sick Service Berry tree

Bill and Gibbs went right away into town to return Rob’s trailer and while they were gone, I put the meatloaf into the oven. We were eating supper at 6 with mashed potatoes and beans. Yummy, it is always a good meal that never fails me. We cleaned things up by loading the dishwasher. When Bill made his lunch, a little encouragement of some cheddar pieces mixed in his dish, Gibbs ate his food.

When we went out the laneway, these guys
had been relaxing
Too bad I had to disturb them

The sky is almost completely clear of clouds and speaking of the sky, was anyone in a position to see the Blood Moon last night? I wasn’t even aware so I’m bummed that now I have to wait until November for the next one. Lucky you, if you saw it. This was a super lazy day for me but it was very nice all the same. With my book done, I got back into crocheting to add to my afghan.

Well, he finally ate this food but it's only one meal

Our supper got gobbled up with no hesitation. Yum!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Some Days……..I Just Don’t Know What to Say

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 15th when I first opened my peepers, I saw Gibbs on Bill’s side of the bed but no Bill. It was 6:50 am. When I stirred, Gibbs moved as well and came over to see me and then went back to sleep himself. 😊 He’s probably thinking that I’m ‘so predictable’ same as I’m thinking about him. Except, I'm right. πŸ’—

The day was going fine until we
stopped at this Ultramar in Markdale for fuel

We got up shortly after 7 and I began sorting laundry. It was a cleaning day and we were doing our clothes as well. I took Gibbs out just for a short walk on the property and he headed back to the porch. We’ve determined that he just isn’t hungry for a morning meal since he didn’t eat breakfast even with Bill home. Two days in a row. Maybe he doesn’t like it but then he wouldn’t eat it at all, would he? It seems like one meal a day is sustaining him and he’s still very active.

The fuel prices are going up tomorrow
and you can tell from the full stations
It didn't stop for the whole hour and a half
we sat here

Bill and I drove into the Mat and I loaded 2 washers while Bill checked things out in the two storage rooms. Jamie needs some ‘handyman’ work done and has offered it to Bill if he’d like the job on his own hours. It means weekends only but I’ leaving it up to him. Before coming home, we stopped at Foodland so I could buy milk and a few clementines for the Orioles and then we got a water jug filled.

A selfie as we sit and wait for our ride
Bill's expression portrays our true feelings

I hung the clothes on the line and figured it would be another quick dry day. Were not sure if there will be more rains tonight or if the forecast has changed as it is wont to do. It was heating up to be a hot day so Bill mentioned about a ride after I ate something for lunch. He’d had his cereal late. So, we hopped on Jazz at 12:30 and I was thrilled for another ride.

Jazz just fits in the back of
Rob's trailer

I put some water and ice packs in a small cooler bag and off we went. Bill didn’t tell me where we were going but he knew I’d enjoy a ride no matter where we went. 😊 We made it to Markham, pulled into the Ultramar for fuel. Wow! $20 to fill Jazz, isn’t that a breath of fresh air after filling an SUV and Duelly? That was it for our ride, Jazz wouldn’t start again. We moved it away from the pumps and no matter what Bill tried, there was no power at all.

They were over cautious so nothing happened to her
on the ride

We weren’t going anywhere so we called Rob to see if he was able to come and pick us up. We were blessed that he also had a utility trailer available to him and he was free. Within an hour, he arrived. We loaded Jazz on and strapped her down but good. Back home, since it’s Sunday and no one is open, and we’ll call the mechanic in Hanover in the morning. We were really bummed, such a lovely day.

We were home by 2:30 and Rob left us with the loaded trailer. Bill went to the Hangar and I made a keto almond crust cheesecake for M. His 65th birthday is tomorrow and that is his favourite thing I prepare. It is cooking and once it has released, I’ll get outside and bring our clothes in. There is quite a film of clouds over what earlier was a blue sky so I won’t take any chances. The temperature reached it’s high of 26C/79F today and that’s a little too much so soon.

Rob left us with the trailer for a couple of days
in the hopes we'll get it to the shop
tomorrow or Tuesday

We often mutter the words ‘if we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have luck at all’ but deep down we know darn well things could be so much worse. We could have been further from home than the 16 km we were. We had a few issues with our old ’79 Goldwing back in the day but didn’t expect to have to worry about a 2003 Yamaha. I guess it’s what to expect with older rv’s and vehicles.

A birthday cheesecake for M

The afternoon that was left was quiet. Gibbs and I sat indoors, he slept and I read. Bill went down to the Hangar until about 4:30 and he came up and dozed. 😊 For supper, I was fresh out of ideas so just made scrambled eggs with mini pork sausages. It didn’t turn my crank but it was good for us. We had the last of the cheesecake pie for dessert and loaded the dishwasher.

Bill rested while Gibbs kept an eye
out for visitors aka birds

We are still waiting for Gibbs to eat. It’s like all of a sudden he doesn’t like it anymore. He was eating at least once a day but now it’s even less. I have to call tomorrow to get an appointment for his flea and tick meds as well as see if he needs a heart worm test. Also, he needs a haircut so I’ll call Kate at Bath an Biscuit too. None of those things have anything to do with his non-eating though.

Nothing to brag about here, it was just a meal.

This was a bit of a bummer of a day although it was a Sunday off and we were together. That counts for something!

Good night!

Thank you for your visit. I hope you had a great day.