Monday, October 31, 2022

A Great Swimming Day, A Great Anything Day, Happy Hallowe’en

Ridgeview RV Resort

On Monday, Oct. 31st we had two things on the agenda. We were up around 7:30 and had our cereal and hot drinks. By 9, we were on the Parkway into Bullhead City to the Walmart. There were a few key things we couldn’t (or don’t) buy at Sam’s Club but things we needed to have. Bread, for example, can only be bought in packs of 3 and we don’t want 3 loaves going bad in the house.

First thing, I watched and waited as the sun rose onto
our site

We got the items and scooted back via I-95 towards the park. I get confused every single time I’m here so it is a very good thing I don’t do the driving! Back home, Bill finished connecting the satellite and we got our channels. Last night, we had a snag with the head and borrowed a spare one from Roland to try. It worked just great so there you go, friends in the right places.

I missed the last word but
I think this banner says it all anyway.
We're in your country, so this impressed me

Looking across at Laughlin,
a cool looking casino

Lori and Roland were getting ready for a ride
A pretty lady on a pretty motorcycle ♥

I took Gibbs for a walk to the dog park an as expected, he sniffed around for about 10 minutes and then went to the gate to get out. 😊 What a nut! 

Sniff, sniff and then 'okay, let's go Mom'

We had lunch around noon and I had toasted bread that I’d just bought. The packaging said it was Keto Seed so I thought I’d try it. It tasted quite good! After lunch, we relaxed until around 1 when I walked up to the pool for a couple of hours.

The water wasn’t real warm but I was able to slip in and swim around a bit without feeling chilled. The winds were up again today but they were warm and felt refreshing. I enjoyed the time lounging in the heat of the sun. It reached 82F/28C today and we were just thrilled about that. When I was dried off after a couple of dips, and after a long conversation with my son, I went in to work on the puzzle for half hour.

It looks like the light is on at the top
of this pole
but instead it is obviously God's light 💗

Back home, we declined the offer to sit with Lori and Roland not for any other reason that that Bill was watching a movie and I wanted to sit in the shade with Gibbs and read a bit. They understood, none of us are under any obligation to each other when we camp together. It is a given that we are welcome to each other’s homes but not a commitment. 😊 Gibbs was very good today without his bark collar on and we praised him often.

Gibbs keeps Daddy's chair 'warm'

A lovely day for sitting in the shade
with a good book and your sweeties

We sat together outside until 6 when Bill grilled cheeseburgers for supper. Nice to have the Weber set up for a few days. Our burgers were delicious, messy but great. The Tailgater buns we picked up were wonderful. We loaded the few dishes in the washer and set it on a quick wash. We’d recorded The Voice at 5 so watched it at 7 while I finished my post. What a great day!

Supper was great
The buns were so good that I didn't even mind
the odd bite without the meat! 

Happy Hallowe'en! Going back into the archives for this one. I used to love dressing up. 

Happy Hallowe'en
Good night

Thank you for the pop in! Your comments are always appreciated.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Moving Day, Windy and Warm

Ridgeview RV Resort, Bullhead City, AZ

On Sunday, Oct. 30th we lounged in bed until 8 and then took our time getting up and ready for the day. We were obviously in no hurry. Today is moving day but we can’t check in to our park until 12 noon and we don’t have to check out of Davis Camp Park until noon. That worked out perfectly!

The view of Laughlin Casinos from
Davis Camp Park

The thing we noticed this morning was how windy it was. Bill didn’t have his weather station out but it was a pretty steady wind all morning. Enough to blow things around if they weren’t secured and it was certainly hard to walk with Gibbs and for Bill to get things put away outside. We pulled out at 11:45 and drove the 10 minutes to Ridgeview RV Resort. This is a Coast-to-Coast Park which means $10/night for us. 😊

Gibbs and I walked around while
Bill hooked up

We found a sad little rock
I left it behind

Bill asked for Site #20, beside our friends on the north end of the park and we were in location pretty quickly. Once set up, we noticed, appreciatively, that the winds were not as bad here. We were sheltered by the hill of rock behind us so that was a good thing. This park, this city, is known for being a windy location so we are not surprised. The weather is forecasted to be warm until Thursday so the winds could very well be welcome!

at Ridgeview, from the far side of the wide wash
our home for the next 5 days
beside Lori and Roland

The view of Laughlin casinos
from our site
Our friends' motorcycles sitting waiting for the next ride

The wash is quite big along here
so I'm sure it is necessary at some point

The pool and clubhouse

We had lunch, a rest and a visit from Lori – part of the Greeting Committee. Gibbs and I went for a walk around the ‘block’ and since it turned into a pull, tug and sniff session, I went on my own after I took him back. I checked out the pool, the clubhouse and even put a few pieces of the puzzle in before heading back to the Suite. Bill was setting things up, like the weather station, the barbecue and the satellite.

I love their clubhouse here,
with view inspired windows all around


Our Happy Hour was complete
with a visit from the Gamble quail ♥♥

We popped over next door for Happy Hour, which I hope we didn’t overstay, and decided on eggs and mini sausages for supper. They hit the spot and we finished the meal off with our last little cherry pie. 😊 

A simple supper but a filling, easy one

We watched some tv together and I worked on my blog. This was a great day and we think the winds will be less tomorrow so I’ll be checking out (like physically getting in) the pool!

The sun sets on another great day
good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Settling for a Couple of Days, It’s Warm and Windy!

Davis Camp Park, Bullhead City, AZ

On Saturday, Oct. 29th we were nearing the end of this fall month. Hallowe’en is just around the corner and on the road, it always reminds me of the year we stopped at the Mesquite, NV casino. It was the year we made the acquaintance of our friends, Jim and Sharon. We didn’t really get to know them, just spoke and Bill got a tour of their American Dream Class A.

Morning view across the parkk

We didn’t see them again until we were all in the pool together at Lake Havasu RV Park later that same winter. 😊 We’ve bumped into them a couple of times since then, once in Yuma Lakes and once at Silverview in Bullhead City. This is a shout out to them back in their home province of Alberta. We miss seeing you guys! Memories are sure lovely to have. Funny, but special how some things just trigger them.

Driving to the city for groceries
Looking across at our park

There is the Suite sitting there with Gibbs
in charge 💓

This morning, we were determined not to get up before 7 since it wasn’t a travel day. The boys were up at 4:30 for a nature call, me at 6:30 but we all came back to bed. That was a nice change. Looking out my window and seeing the blue sky and palm trees in the near distance, made me smile. Oh yes, it’s warm here and it was a treat not to need the heat on last night. I hopped in the shower first and enjoyed the pressure of hookups. Aaah!

We had breakfast and left Gibbs in charge at 9 when we drove to Sam’s Club, not too far from our park. We only had about 4 things on the list but came out with about 14 but that is usually the way it goes. We needed the things we bought. I did find a nice lumberjack-style ‘shirt/jacket’ for cool nights and chilly mornings. I really like Sam’s Club and Costco clothing and I think their prices are very good. Here or at home.

Driving into Ridgeview RV Resort

Back home, we had a coffee and relaxed for a bit over the lunch hour. Bill and Gibbs snoozed and I read a few more chapters. Around 2, we drove down the road to Ridgeview Rv Resort to see our friends, Roland and Lori. 😊 

Schatzi, the little sweetheart

They had difficulties this past spring with the refrigerator in their home on wheels. Thank the good Lord, they are all fixed up and back on the road again.

Roland, Gibbs and Bill in the shade

It was a great visit and we’ll see them for a few days again as we’re moving into that park tomorrow. 

Lori and I prefer the sun
Sometimes Schatzi does too ♥

More reading back home and I started supper just before 6. Air fried chicken thighs, corn for Bill, squash for me and potatoes to share. This was a nice meal. We even have one little cherry pie to share if we’re still hungry. As it turned, the meal was great and we didn’t need dessert tonight. At least we ate at the appropriate time tonight! 😊

It was a tasty meal, the chicken was perfect!

The evening was spent quietly. We watched a movie together and I finished my book. This was a great day!

A few pictures from my walk with Gibbs
after lunch

Look at this beauty tucked in a carport
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to pop by.

Friday, October 28, 2022

On the Road Again! About Time for Warmer Temps

David Camp Park, Bullhead City, AZ

We were up early again on Friday, Oct. 28th.  It was just after 5 when Bill and Gibbs got up first. Our batteries had dropped enough that Bill wanted to be sure I was awake before starting the genny. Didn’t matter, once awake, the trains drowned everything else out. 😊 They didn’t bother us overnight, we had ear plugs in. Gibbs didn’t but he always sleeps well.

A frosty Black Beauty in the dark
when we pulled out

We were on I-40W within 5 minutes and within 10 minutes,
he was settled

We were pulling out at 6:45 and boy was it cold! 21F/-6C meant frost on the windshield that didn’t take long to clear with defrost. The truck warms up really quickly especially with our heated seats. We got on I-40W from Rte 66 and that will be the last time we’ll be on that historical road, this winter at least. The sky was clear blue and we are definitely headed for warmer temperatures today!

No Arizona picture, it blurred
but here is a better picture of our shadow today 
No Sci-Fi

We crossed the state line into Arizona at 7:20. The huge rock cliffs beside us are amazing! Of course, more pictures. 😊 We had some rough sections of highway but the most of our trip today was on really nice roads. No complaints. When we were at half a tank of fuel, we started watching for fuel prices.

Good roads today for the most part

They ranged from $4.82 to $.577 (you know who) so when we saw a Maverick for $4.99, we pulled in and fueled up. It also gave us the opportunity to use the restrooms. Gibbs pulls toward grass, even if there isn’t really any but he is so used to it. We were back on the road before 9:30. While driving I Googled our destination park and saw that a reservation was required so made it online.

The Coconino National Forest

Skimming by one of the 7 Wonders of the World
It gives me a warm feeling, that something so
famous was just 'over there'.

It’s a new place for us since we can’t get in to our park right away. Hopefully it is as nice as it looks. The elevation today was like a roller coaster, leaving the casino at 6,660’ and then down to 5,000’ for a while. As we entered the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests, we once again found ourselves over 7,200’.

Every so often, he sits up to check where we are
He looks tired and he does sleep a lot in the truck 💕

It was pretty though and brought back wonderful memories with a few friends and family with jaunts to the north at Williams to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. We’ve been to the Grand Canyon 3 times but is it ever enough? Not today though, we stayed on I-40W and took the 6% downgrade to more reasonable heights. 😊 Such views!! Good to note that our elevation dropped to 541' when we stopped. 

Starting to see Beavertail cacti as we get
to warmer temps

Stunning views

Looking down to Laughlin, NV

At 1 pm we arrived at Davis Camp Park just northeast of Bullhead City on McCormick Blvd. We secured a pull through 30 amp site with full hookups. We had to pay their regular rate but are quite happy to do so, as it is close to the city and we can tour around. Gibbs is happy as he can be on his rope outside and the best part is that it is warm! It 72F/22C at 2 pm.

On our walk, Gibbs and I saw a few things
I think this might be a doggy memorial
Gibbs paid his respects


I took Gibbs for a walk just to stir up the neighbourhood of dogs, 😊, and we came back to sit and relax for the remainder of the afternoon. Bill got my chair out so I could soak up a bit of sun and Gibbs sat on the steps of the Suite as they were in the shade. I read my book for a while and after about 40 minutes, I had to come inside. It was lovely out there but my eyes were getting sleepy!

Our site on the corner

Yup, that's us, Gibbs!

Behind us, between the two rvs
you can see a bit of the Colorado River

My book is The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and it is quite fun for a quick read. I’m enjoying his adventures. For supper, we had the stew that I’d had in the freezer and then later split one of the little cherry pies. Warmed up this time, because we can!

supper was early tonight
We totally missed that there was a time change
(thanks Deb for updating us on that!)

We had a great day of traveling, not quite as long but you check out the details on Bill’s blog post. We’re here for a couple of nights and then moving down the road.

the sun begins to set

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.