Friday, March 31, 2023

Last Day and Last Post from Park Place

Park Place RV Park

Friday, Mar. 31st was go-go-go from the ‘get-go’.😊  Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:20 and at 6:35, I was up and making the bed. Bill was partially surprised but then remembered we were doing laundry this morning. We sorted 2 loads and I walked over with the basket before 7 and let myself in. Back and forth, having my tea and taking Gibbs for his walk, I worked away at the job.

Good morning
Hey, the blue dot is on the
Plomosa Mountains!

Bill left around 8 and had a few errands to run, plus since it was a calm morning, he wanted to see if there were any fliers at the field. After putting my clothes away, I sat with Gibbs and had a cup of coffee while waiting for my sweetie to return. We had lunch, mine was a salmon sandwich on keto bread, Bill’s was his typical peanut butter and cheese sandwich.

We had a tired little boy today

Sheila did her best to start a group text with all of us players and through that, we agreed to an afternoon pool game. We met at 2:30 and played until 4:30. There were 6 of us again and I didn’t do too badly, coming in 3rd with Susan. That makes me feel pretty good she is our best player. 😊 A couple more hugs and a cute little gift from Sheila. Patti walked back with me to give Bill a hug goodbye as well. She says all the right things to make us feel welcome and I hope we said all the right things to her about how much we appreciate her.

In the clubhouse library,
these signs are all over the walls
How did I not notice them before
The first one here is for my friend, Lori D ♥
The last one is for my daughter, Bridgette. ♥

I love them all

For supper, Bill and I had scrambled eggs and mini sausages with some French bread from Roadrunner Market. We have quite a few eggs to eat up so will b having them a lot over the next 2 weeks. We loaded the dishwasher and although Gibbs and I didn’t get out for an afternoon walk, he was outside with Bill for a fair bit this afternoon.

The sky didn't let me down

With a quiet evening ahead of us, things were all packed up except for the finalizing of shelf bars for cupboards and the fridge. It won’t take long to do the finishing touches in the morning. 

Sheila gave me a jar of sweet little
Jelly beans for our trip
and for Easter ♥

This has been a lovely warm day. We reached a high of 72F/23C and the low tonight will only reach 50F/10C so that will be pleasant for sleeping with a window open.

An unusual supper but a good one
Good night y'all from Park Place RV Park

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Countdown, Ain’t They Pretty? Last Scheduled Day

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Mar. 30th we were up by 7. Gibbs slept in until 6:30 and I had a late night so could’ve stayed in bed longer. We had scheduled for Coronas to come and wash Black Beauty and the Suite this morning at 9 so wanted to have things taken care of before then. Our breakfasts, our washups and Bill wanted to take the weather station down.

Good morning

With those things done, and a quick windy walk with Gibbs, I left at 9 for the clubhouse. We are down to our last 2 days here and my last ‘official’ game of Ladies Poker Pool.   It has been fun, I’ll tell you that, and this is a great bunch of ladies to play it with. 

Dora provided snacks today in honour
of my last official game 💖

They will carry on all summer, there will be 4 of them left. As much as I enjoy it, no thankyou, I don’t want to stay in the Arizona summer heat.

7 of us playing today
L to R
Sheila, Adele, Susan, Barb, Dora, Patti, Me
I'll miss them

I kept watching out of the window of the clubhouse but our detailers didn’t show up until 11. At least they showed up and the 2 young men did an awesome job in 2 hours. Other than their tardiness, we would recommend them to anyone and will use them another year.  Patti and Rick pass their card along to anyone who asks, for good reason. Bill paid them and we had toasted westerns for lunch. Our house and vehicle were pretty and ready for the trek homeward.

Coronas Detailing
They did a great job

Gibbs behaved very well inside
while the boys crawled over and around
the Suite
He supervised from indoors 💓

Instead of going back to the clubhouse, the puzzle was completed this morning while waiting to play pool, I sat with Bill and Gibbs and finished my book. It was a page turner and it felt peaceful and relaxing to take the time to read. I took Gibbs for our later walk around 6 and then we had air fried shrimp and fries for supper. Yum, it was so good.

I'll put it away tomorrow so I can bring it home

Lunch and supper

Today, we had a strange weather day. It only reached 66F/19C, compared to yesterday’s 77F/25C and with the stronger winds at 21 mph (gusts to 29.5), it felt even cooler. 

There are those clouds again

Tomorrow morning is laundry day so I have gathered the chair coverings, floor mats and towels/face and dish cloths for easy sorting. I hope to be up and over to the laundromat early. 😉 An awesome day with a couple of hugs from Barb and Dora in case I miss them tomorrow.

Today's biggest progresses
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Laundry, Avon, Puzzle, Pool

Park Place RV Park

The title of my post today pretty much sums up my Wednesday, Mar. 29th. We were up around 7 am and while Bill had his shower, I took the bed sheets and chair quilts over to the laundromat. Gerald had a load of clothes in the dryer at 7:15 but the washers were free. I used two. When they finished, I hung them on the clotheslines. It was a beautiful morning, one of the warmest yet, already 54F/13C, even with some clouds.

The morning sky was made great
by the clouds

Gibbs and I went for our walk and when we returned an hour after hanging them, the sheets and quilts were dry. 😊 Bill walked over with me to retrieve them and we made the bed together. It is easier with two of us, especially in an rv. At 10, we’d invited an Avon rep to come to the clubhouse for a ‘party’. My status as a representative has expired and the girls were looking for some things I recommended.

Ah, freshly dried bedding

A picture of the purse I bought
yesterday at the Outpost

Sammi is young and said this was her first party. She brought all of her product and set up a great display with samples and small gifts for everyone. There were 7 of us and when she left, she had made sales close to $100. She was quite thrilled and deserved to be proud. I was able to stock up on a couple of things that we were running low of. I was glad she had product for purchase since ordering at this late date didn’t work for me. We’ll have her back in the fall!

Sammi put on a great display
at her party
This is only 1/4 of the product she brought

Bill had things at home cleaned up. The barbecue, the patio mat and he had removed the generator from the back and packed things in the ‘basement’ by the time I returned. We had lunch and I walked back to work on the puzzle. Susan joined me and then 7 of us played Poker Pool, just because. 😊 Gerald had never played so we invited him to join us 6 ladies and learned how to play ‘our’ way. I think he enjoyed himself and realized how difficult it is. He’s a pool shark too!

Today was a landscape of clouds

So there was a lot of snapping with my camera

Each time I looked in a different direction,
Gibbs waited for me to take another picture

Back home at 3:30, we had a visit from our neighbour and chatted about a few things for half hour. Nice guy and he knows someone from Woodstock, Ontario, an hour away from our Ridge back home. 

Bill has things put away
Check in tomorrow to see why.

At 5:45, I started supper. Baked pork chops scalloped potatoes and a vegetable were on the menu with the last of the pineapple cheesecake for dessert. It all tasted great. After clean up, we watched a couple of programs while recording Farmer Takes a Wife.

In the gravel, even weeds are pretty

Good supper
Good night!

This was yet another bonus day and we have enjoyed it all. Thank you for the visit.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Warmer Still, Some Downtown Shopping

Park Place RV Park

We woke up to another promising day in Quartzsite on Tuesday, Mar. 28th. Our time is quickly drawing to a close. Bill noticed the low to nil winds and decided to drive to the field to see if any of the pilots were flying this morning. I hopped in the shower and then Gibbs and I went for our usual walk. Back home, Gibbs got a treat when I walked over to get going on my puzzle.

Nice start to the day, right here

I worked alone on the puzzle and made great strides with the fireworks in the sky before returning at noon for lunch. 

The new puzzle, bright and colourful

I finished my last two pizza slices and heated up in the air fryer, they were still delicious. This morning I took the time to put a few things away in the overhead cupboards so I could close them with bungee (?) cords. Remembering where to put things safely takes some thinking! 😊

Last S. A. pizza until November.

Bill had vacuumed when he got back this morning so that was another job off the list. When things are removed off the counter tops, I’ll do one final dusting before we leave. The hummingbird feeder is empty so Bill brought it in and washed it for me. I won’t fill it until we get home. The stupid thing leaks, yes, my new one that I got for Christmas so it doesn’t hurt my feelings to put it away even though the hummers did frequent it this winter.

3 cupboards ready for travel

After lunch, we drove to a few stores/vendors down town and I bought a new purse. I'm hoping it will work to hold the things I need without having to carry a big one around. A picture tomorrow, if I remember. I've been looking at it in the Outpost for a few weeks. 

This store is going out of business on Friday so
we stopped in to see their gift-type items
The owner is retiring

We also went to Celia's Gardens
to leave a few of my rocks

7 of these are mine

Quite a collection

I was watching where I walked, it is hot
and critters may be out so when I noticed something
skittering across, I saw him.
Can you? He's looking right at me.

Now he is posing. 

I went back to the puzzle at 2:15 and quietly worked on it while chuckling at the Pokeno ladies. Patti, my favourite, is so funny. I enjoy her so much.
😊 I worked on the lower part of the puzzle and returned home at 4. 

It's a fun puzzle and yet challenging too

Instead of a cup of tea, I made myself a gin and tonic this afternoon. Then when it was finished, I took Gibbs out to walk it off. My little blood hound found a teeny baby bird that had fallen from its nest in the storage area of the park. 

Gibbs found this little baby and wasn't
quite sure what to make of it

Poor thing had a cut on its head and was on its back. Sad to say it didn’t survive. Back home, we relaxed watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before starting supper.


NY strip steak, baked potato and fried mushrooms was on the menu with the finale being the last dregs of the ice cream. Thus leaving us room in the freezer again. Everything was delicious. Three programs are being recorded for later entertainment and I’m going to try and see the planets that are lining up beside the moon tonight.

The sunset was pretty so scanning the sky is never a waste regardless. I did go out at 9:15 just before posting and there are so many bright starts/planets around the moon that I was at a loss. Still beautiful to see so many stars. 

This was a good Tuesday and I hope y’all can say the same from your neck of the woods. We reached a high temperature of 77F/25C under gorgeous sunny skies and now at 7 pm, it is still 75F/24C. ♥♥ 

Good night!

Thank you for popping by.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Nancy Leaves, Getting the Most of our Remaining Days

Park Place RV Park

We were up by 7 on Monday, Mar. 27th and looking out my window by the bed, it was another lovely blue sky. The forecast was for clouds and 66F/19C and that’s how the day turned out. 

Good morning y'all!

First thing was to say goodbye to Nancy and at 7:30, she was at our door for just that reason. 😊 She was hooked up so we got our hugs, gave her a pack of Nutter Butters for the road and a painted rock for friendship.

A couple of good friends
right there. 😁

I had my tea and then got cleaned up for the day. Gibbs and I walked around the park and Bill packed away our gazebo. It was time. At 9:15, I headed over for our regularly scheduled Poker Pool games. I’m thrilled that the ladies are playing it on off days, meaning I get a few more games in than I planned! There were 6 of us playing this morning. Bill was having a great morning and I’m tickled for him that things are working out. 😊

Bye Nancy, safe travels!

After my warmed pizza for lunch, I went back to the clubhouse to start the new puzzle. Woops! I forgot to take a picture but will get one tomorrow. I gave 3 more rocks out to the ladies and still have one left for Patti before we leave. Dora was on duty and she and I played regular pool. I needed instruction, it is very different than the game we have been playing. The rules are not significant to me, I just want to practice and learn from her on how to bank etc.

Bill packs up the gazebo
It was a wise purchase

Sheila joined us and we switched to Poker Pool for a game. Back home at 4, Gibbs and I went for our walk before I made my tea. Bill and I caught up on our day and chatted with friends from back home. He’s a flying friend and Bill wanted to discuss all the ‘stuff’ that is going on regarding their licenses and such. 

The afternoon sky
Beautiful as always

For supper, we had chicken thighs and fries with pineapple cheesecake for dessert. Successful.

Supper took a long time
I need to time the fat chicken thighs better
but it all tasted great and was worth the wait

I missed playing my games online this morning, but maybe I will be able to play some tonight. We have tv programs recording and others to watch so we’ll see what I get accomplished! It has been an awesome day and although I didn’t get my puzzle ready for assembling, it will be there in the morning. 😊

Gosh, I love this cheesecake 💕
Good night!

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