Saturday, February 29, 2020

Move Day – Quick Post, Lots of Collages

Lake Havasu RV Resort, L.H.C., AZ
On Saturday, Feb. 29th I was up and out the door for my walk at 7. Bill had his shower while I was gone then he started packing up – with a vengeance. 

Morning at Pilot Knob
Dean and Cheri's Big Horn
Our Mobile Suite in the sunlight at the opposite end
We had said 9 – 9:30 for departure and we were hooking up by 9. Kim and Ken walked down to say goodbye so that was very nice. We had no issue with the hookup and pull out so that was a sigh of relief. As we rounded the corner, Dean and Cheri were just hopping in their truck so stopped and waved as well.

Our friends say s'long!
I texted Jo-Anne and Bob once we pulled out of the park and agreed to meet at a designated spot near the foothills on I-95. Our gps took us around Yuma on Fortuna Drive and that was pretty easy with one tight turn. It was only tight because the motor home in the right lane neglected to acknowledge that we were turning in the left lane at the same time. It was close but we dodged a bullet there and at one other spot along the interstate where a neighbourly Albertan tried a similar move with his pick up. Bob saw this guy almost wipe us out.

Driving around Yuma we noticed the horizon was heavy
with smoke
Never did find out what it was
The scenery was gorgeous and ever changing so of course, my camera, was doing double duty. This blog will end up more like a photo shop today. We arrived at Lake Havasu around 1:30 and the park is very full. We couldn’t get on the east side of London Bridge Rd but she set us up side by side on the west. It is a tight squeeze and other than moving into the wrong sites, we are quite happy with our back end facing a fence.

Yuma Proving Grounds
Nice to see yellow and purple flowers
along the highway
I like the pool and clubhouse on the other side so will probably go there for any swims. I need to check out the rooms here to see about puzzles. I think the week will go fast enough so won’t be trying to jam too much extra in. With the satellite dish set up, we moved inside. There were quite a few upsets inside the Suite when I walked in. Where did we hit so many bumps? It took me a fair bit of time putting things back in order and that did nothing for my mood.

Quartzsite is looking different these days
After notifying a couple of people that we’ve arrived safely, I started this post. Started and finished it, basically. With one of Bill’s movies on downstairs, I took my book upstairs to read a few chapters. It was very warm when we pulled in, 79F so when the clouds moved overhead, it was a bit of a relief. I opened the windows and stretched out on the bed. As you would expect, it wasn’t long and I was having to close my book for a snooze.

The drive was beautiful
Through Parker

And eventually into Lake Havasu City

For lunch, we stopped at Mcdonald's
and I had a coupe of egg sandwiches
without eating all of the biscuits

They weren't as good as Tim Horton's breakfasts but not bad
I heard Bill’s phone indicating a text message and he called up to tell me that Keith was settling in at Lone Tree BLM to the north of Lake Havasu City. We are happy that he is there, it is our favourite in the area………..well, with the exception of one personal property on Kibby that we’ve camped on. We think that Keith will like it up there very much and he is only 7 miles from our park. We’ll take a drive tomorrow to see him and his set up.

I missed getting a picture of the worst scenario
Madame IP had jumped out of the coffee cupboard and was upside down on
the corner of the island
Had I opened this slide, she would have dropped to the floor
The dishes on the stove top all came out and dropped from the cupboard in
the bottom right photo
The fridge was also jumbled although all my bars were in place
After I came downstairs at 5, Bill said he wasn’t overly hungry (we’d had a big lunch) and was happy with a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. I needed to find something so ate the last of the Caesar salad and opened a can of salmon. That was tasty and hit the spot with a cup of tea on the side. Bill took care of the dishes tonight and then we walked next door to see if Jo-Anne and Bob were up for a visit. We’d skipped Happy Hour today; we just weren’t in the right frame of mind.

Jim, our neighbour at P.K. has flamingos and woodpeckers
in various stages of construction
We got our friends eating but instead of letting us leave they invited us in while they ate. We caught up a bit on what has been going on and a few tips were shared with each other. Higgins was typical Higgins, with his chewed-up toys, his face kisses and the way he just stretches out on the floor after greeting us. Such a little cutie pie, he is. I missed him. It was around 7 when we said goodnight after making plans to go to the flea market in the morning. I hope it is still a Sunday event.

We visited the Francis' after supper
As I wrote the last of my blog and downloaded pictures, Bill watched a movie. I’d mixed up a package of sugar-free, low carb chocolate pudding and whipped cream so got us each a dish. It was very good and guilt-free! That’s it for the night, uneventful. The air had cooled off since the sun went down and even though some wind was still evident at the tree tops, 72F felt quite nice filtering in through the windows of the Suite.

An easy tasty supper
This was a good day and we are set up in a new park in a pretty city. I'll get a picture of our sites for tomorrow's blog post.

Dessert was quite good
Good night from Lake Havasu City

Thank you for checking us out!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Laundry, Poker Pool, Pack Up, Happy Hour with Friends

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
It was a cloudy morning on Friday, Feb. 28th but I did espy the sun peeking through the streaks of clouds on the horizon. Looked like a bit of a battle was going on but the telltale sky was an indication of who would be the winner. We drove up to the laundry room and put 2 loads in. First in, first out, the way we like it. Actually, no one else was around again. Bonus!

Good morning
Back home, I made my tea, Bill had already had a coffee before you know who crawled out of bed at 6:30. When I finished drinking it, I walked up to move the sheets, towels etc. into the dryers and then went to work on the puzzle. I don’t think it will be finished today but I’d like to make a good effort. Carmen says I can’t leave until it is finished! Won't she be surprised tomorrow!😊 

Bill joined me to help bring things back home in Black Beauty and once things were put away, I made the bed. Hmmm, nice fresh smelling sheets. It’s not an outdoor smell but instead the fresh smell of Downy from my soaked tea towels. It is almost time to soak them again. At 9:45, after a sink wash, I walked back up to the clubhouse, this time for Poker Pool. There was a good turnout, 13 of us, so we needed both tables.

                                   When I returned from Poker Pool, things were all put away

I played well for the first game but then it went downhill from there. Still, not the only loser again today. Yay! Everyone is very kind when they know someone who has been participating in things is leaving. I received a few great hugs and had to promise that we’ll be back next winter. Yup, all things considered, that is our plan. I was surprised (well, knowing Bill, not really) when I returned to see that everything outside was neatly put away except our patio chairs. Need those later today!

The seating area outside the laundry room
is very comfortable
Bill was busy in my absence and had just nicely finished and made a coffee before I walked in. I made one and joined him. It was almost noon hour so I poached some eggs and made toast. It was nice for a change and since Bill had munched on a breakfast bar earlier, I knew it would be enough. I sent an email to Cheri about us walking over to meet them after lunch and left the Suite a bit after 12:30 to do that. Funny, we’ve never met but it just seemed like the right thing to do – we hugged ‘hello’.

Poached eggs on rye toast
We sat inside their lovely Big Horn and got to know each other better than what the blogs allow us to do. I’d told that I’d help Carmen with the puzzle before I left so we only stayed at our new friend’s for about 45 minutes. We didn’t leave until we’d extended an invitation to them for Happy Hour at Site 166. We walked back to the Suite and Bill stretched out in his recliner for a snooze. He’d worked harder than I did this morning so I guess he deserves it!

Gradually the clouds broke up and the sun was winning
I walked up to the puzzle room and worked away popping pieces in. Carmen joined me a bit later until I had to leave at 2:30. Happy Hour waits for no one! I packed our cooler and we wandered over with our chairs for 3 o’clock. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before Dean and Cheri joined us. Smiles all around as we all love to meet new friends and fellow bloggers too. After introductions, we fell into a familiar banter as everyone got to know each other.
New blogger friends
Dean and Cheri
Doug and Yuma arrived within another few minutes and it was just like a group of longtime friends rehashing life stories. Cheri made sure that she had Doug’s and Ken’s blog information so she could follow their stories too. The sun was hot and by 4:30, Cheri and I were cooking in its warmth. This weather is the best they have had on their journey so I don’t think she minded it at all on her back. I could have moved but I didn’t. I wasn't about to complain about the heat here. 

Happy Hour
Kim, Ken, Doug, Yuma, Bill and Dean

That's Cheri way on the far side, she was missed in the first picture
When we said goodbye to everyone, I felt a bit sad. We are ready to move on, after a month, but now that we’ve just met new friends who will be here longer, it makes it harder. I’m just tickled that their trip brought them to Yuma, we have never been this close to each other so it was perfect, even if only for one day. It makes a world of difference now, knowing them personally. Ken extended the invite for them to join in the H H for the next couple of days and I thought that was very nice.

There are still RV washes going on in here
For supper, back home, I fried up 2 fish fillets and cooked some carrots for me and corn for Bill. Holy cow, that was a lot of carrots but I wanted them cleaned up so I ate them all. Supper was very good and we had dishes taken care of by 6:30. I caught up on my blog post before taking a walk back up to the puzzle room. One more shot at it and at least I’m not afraid to walk back in the dark here in this park. I feel very safe and know a lot of guests here.

Supper was good
No way could I finish it but I really enjoyed this one
I returned home to my sweetie at 7:45 and the rest of the evening was quiet. With pictures downloaded and my blog done, I sat with my book for as long as I could read without falling asleep. It feels weird that we are moving tomorrow after sitting here for a month. But it is time. We are leaving the Yuma area and heading further north in the morning. Please check in with us tomorrow to find out where we end up. This was another wonderful day.

And a bit of a pretty Arizona sky tonight
Good night all!
Thank you for popping around!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A 10th Birthday, More ‘Last Times’, More Friends’ Time, More Great Weather

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
When I joined Bill downstairs on Thursday, Feb. 27th it was almost 7 am. The daylight was visible, I love how the days are longer now. It wasn’t as cool as I’d expected it to be, thinking it was going down to 46F overnight. After his coffee, Bill and I went for a nice walk around the park. Back home, I sat with my tea before having my shower. Bill was curious how much water we use here with our longer showers and now I know.

I've taken sunset pictures with my little camera
but not liking the reflections

I took them with my cell phone
and was happier with the results
I texted my son, Patrick, to wish our 2nd youngest grandson a happy birthday but knew he would be at school. The plan is that Patrick calls me after supper tonight so we can talk to the little guy. After he got washed up, he had some oatmeal and we walked up to play a couple of games of bocce ball, with the gang. We always miss this bunch after a fun winter with them. We are leaving on Saturday so this is the last time we’ll be able to play the game.

We played 3 games of bocce ball and then bowed out for the day
We headed back home and I changed into shorts. Another gorgeous 81F day is afoot. Kim and Ken followed us in their own car to Yuma Palms Mall. They wanted to check out Sam’s Club as they’d never been in before. Because it is a Member’s store, they can purchase using our card and it is a good way to see what is offered.

Sometimes, the points are hard fought
My partner and I are green and had this point
until Bill, with another partner, threw the blue ball
right next to the pea
First, Kim and I nipped into Ross’s as I wanted to exchange the 2-pack of bras I bought last time. They don’t remove the security tags for try-ons so with that encumbrance (of both attached together!) and my buying the wrong size, needless to say, they didn’t fit. So, I may have mentioned before that Ross’s is like a Winner’s. Almost no two things are alike and there isn’t a whole lot of organizing other than size lots. It took us a while and I found 4 more 2-packs similar to try.

At Sam's Club, Bill helps Kim and Ken through the self-checkout
It isn't something they normally do
A happy camper I was when I walked out with even nicer bras. We drove across the mall, through Saturday traffic to Sam’s. Bill and I needed 4 or 5 things and came out only with items on our ‘today’ list, a couple of things better priced than Fry’s. From there, we said goodbye to K & K as they left to do their own thing and we drove to the Arizona Marketplace once more - our last time this season. Fry’s was the next stop for the remaining items on our list and then fuel at .10¢/gallon off. 😊 Black Beauty was thirsty, down to 1/8th of a tank.

A stop at fry's
Lastly, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up ink tanks for our printer. We’d made a big enough ding in our bank account today so returned home by 2. We felt snookered and after unloading the truck, he rested while I put the last few items away. The freezer and fridge are full again. The day is pretty much shot (I don’t mean that in a negative way) so there won’t be any packing up done until tomorrow. We aren’t going anywhere tomorrow other than to the laundry room early.

Doug had politely texted me last night to invite us all out to Happy Hour at his spot for today so Ken and Kim picked us up at 3. Ken and I stopped at the office, me to get a roll of quarters for laundry and Ken to renew their stay. Doug and Yuma were ready for us and it was not as hot today out there as it was the last time. We were able to sit on his patio and enjoy the company. Ken, Bill and Doug went around the White Lion and talked about things that Kim and I are not interested in.

The Arizona Marketplace was busy today
We are, however, both happy that Doug has enough solar panels on order to leave him stress-free. Whether he is getting too much, is not for us to say, it will be plenty which in my book is better than not enough. Yay Doug! Once they are installed, you can take advantages of food specials. And Dolly will love that big fridge! I'm sure George Yates would be very pleased that you have also ordered a Weber. Because Bill and I were expecting a phone call from home tonight, we all packed up and Ken drove us home shortly after 5.

Happy Hour
Kim, Ken, Bill, Doug and of course, Yuma poses too
 The sky was covered in clouds and it was still very warm at 76F. Inside the Suite it was 80F, so we opened windows to let some of the ‘cooler’ air in. I was disappointed in myself on the drive back that I hadn't checked email messages earlier. I’d missed  that bloggers from Travel with Bentley had tried to contact me. Sounds like they have arrived at Pilot Knob today so we need to find out where they are set up so we can make contact tomorrow. I'm so sorry, Cheri and Dean! We’d like to meet you!

I think he was bored with all the chatter
After Happy Hour, no call came from my son and although I was disappointed, it wasn’t surprising. Patrick is forgetful and has umpteen things going on in his life. Who knows what took place when he walked in the door tonight after work? Hopefully, we’ll make contact at some point soon and the main thing is that Nate had a fun birthday. He was on our minds.

When we returned from HH, our neighbours were trying to help an older gentleman
find his campsite
Eventually, they all realized where he lived with his son and his wife (behind us)
The man had ridden his 'scooter bike' and Luanne was going to
drive it back home for him
The view from Doug's patio
We weren’t overly hungry so waited until after 6 and I started getting things ready. We had enough leftover spaghetti and meatballs to cover tonight’s meal along with Caesar salad and it didn’t take long to prepare everything. 

Second-hand spaghetti just doesn’t taste as good as the first time but the meatballs were good and we were full when we finished. We took care of dishes while watching some television. TLC puts all kinds of programs on and tonight was no exception. Let’s just say we were entertained.

And over the fence, the sunset like in a painting

I sat at my laptop to work on my blog posting for today. This was a great day but almost too busy. We accomplished a lot in town and now have tomorrow free for a few fun things, a few chores and of course, a fair bit of packing up. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

On Nathan's 1st birthday, the traditional birthday cake photo
Happy 10th  Birthday Nathan!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Visiting Morning, Lazy Afternoon, Special Birthday

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Wednesday, Feb. 26th we woke up together, around 6:30 and got up to greet another beautiful day. We had one important thing FIRST on our morning agenda. So, I dialed the number of our buddy, Pat, back home. It was an original version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! in unison. 

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Let me tell you, she must have been so surprised to hear such lovely voices in the morning! 😊 She thanked us heartily for the phone call and we said goodbye.

Sun rise on a Wednesday
Bill had another phone call to make right away. He called Camping World to cancel the delivery of a second toilet! Yes, yesterday afternoon he got an email from them stating that our toilet would be shipped within the next day or two. Remember that we already have our toilet installed in the Suite. LOL how do these places stay in business? We don’t need another toilet and were only charged for one. It isn’t as if it was an Instant Pot or anything that I might be tempted to keep! This should be taken care of immediately, or so Durell assured us.

More than a buzzing overhead had me looking up
I went for a morning walk alone and Bill had his shower while I was gone. We had a bite to eat; toast for Bill and Cheerios with cream for me, before making ourselves a coffee for the road. At 10:30 MT we left to meet Lori, Roland, Judy and Oscar who are camped at Holtville Hot Springs LTVA. 

The drive to Holtville is very pretty
And on the wind swept sand hills, a few quads were 'playing'
It was busy enough for a Wednesday
We wanted to be sure to see them before we leave the area on Saturday. It was great to see them all and we had a very nice visit. Thank you, Lori, for the delicious bran muffins!

This is where Oscar, Judy, Roland and Lori
are set up this winter
We left around 1 MT and settled in at home for about an hour and a half before Happy Hour. The sun was gorgeous and it was a warm 66F so I put my shorts on and sat outside with my book. Bill snoozed inside; he was the one to have a bumpy night’s sleep last night. It was only for about an hour that I was out there but I enjoyed the peacefulness and managed to read a few more chapters. I dropped off for a few minutes too.

Roland, Oscar, Judy, Lori and Shatzi, Patsy

And then sweet little Shatzi game me her own personal pose
When I came inside at 2:30, I mixed us up blended Miami Vice drinks which tasted more like Pina Coladas. I didn’t mind that at all and I don’t think Bill did either. They were tasty drinks for a change. Doug had gone into town today and texted to let us know that he wouldn’t be joining us for Happy Hour. We all hope he had a good day and managed to get a few things taken care of on his shopping trip.

Hot Springs Long Term Visitor Area
We had a nice visit and managed to cover ground on a lot of movies that we’ve watched and enjoyed over the years. We all have favourites and the more we talked, more titles were mentioned. Some books were discussed too and now I need to go to the clubhouse before we leave and see if a couple that Ken has read are still up there. It was close to 5:30 when we said goodnight after making plans for one more trip into Yuma tomorrow.

Back home, these little birds were enjoying the seed bell
Bill and I waited until 6 before he lit the Weber and heated up the Fry Daddy. There were a few fries and a few hash browns in the freezer to eat up and we’d bought 2 Bacon wrapped Tenderloin filets for grilling. Bill had the Hickory Smoked and I had the Peppered flavor. Inside, I cooked some mixed veggies. As it turned out, the steak were perfectly cooked and even though the fries were tasty, they were a little too crunchy. The next bag will not be the crispy flavor.

I love the 'step' levels on the Pilot Knob mountains behind us
For dessert, I had dished up the last of the Jell-o so we were cleaning up a few things tonight. That will make room in the freezer for more when we shop tomorrow. Bill washed the dishes and I dried and put them away. Now it was time to sit and watch some tv. Tonight, we watched Live PD and then we chose America’s Top Dog for something new to watch. Bill relaxed after dishes and switched to a couple of our recorded programs.

Supper for tonight

This has been a great day today with perfect weather. It was great to see our Dryden friends before we all head home. That was on our 'must do' list while here.

Good night from Pilot Knob Resort
Thank you for stopping in. If you wish to leave a comment, I would enjoy reading it.