Monday, October 31, 2016

Well Hidden "Hidden Valley RV Park" for 2 nights

Sunday morning, Oct. 30 and we were up, breakfast and reading done so we could head out at 8:15 am. We were at an elevation of 1582’ in Elk City, Ok.
Getting ready to pull out of the Walmart spot
The Walmart was quiet and we snuck out as if we’d never been there. The temperature last night for sleeping was wonderful with a couple of windows open although cooled off to 55F when we left. The sky was cloudy without much promise to change.

We knew we’d be rising in elevation above sea level so this meant wearing jeans for me so I would be warm enough on the travels. I feel the cold more than Bill does. The day started out cloudy.

TEXAS! First Time for these Richards
 We had decided on our route, while at a stop in Texas, that we were going to veer off onto Exit 60 to stop at Cadillac Ranch.
Pulled off to the side

 We’d read too much about this to miss it when we were so close and had the time. With it being windy and cool at an elevation of 3300’ we opened up the Suite to put on an extra layer of clothes.

If you weren't looking for these, you'd never know what they are
from the highway

Bill and Clemson walking to the Caddies

And then past this RV park to get back on I40W

All I can say is “Wow!” This was fun and we managed to find a spray can with some red paint so we could sign our names. I don’t know when they’ll get spray painted over in white but we’ll be visible for a while. Even Clemson got signed in!
This is so neat!

Here we all are by our names

I40 continued to be a nice travel route and it was made even nicer when the sun came out around 12:30. These views are amazing, miles and miles of flat lands with a ranch stuck out in the middle somewhere and then over a few more dips and rises not a speck of flat land in sight.
Some wealthy ranch owner out there?

Hills and dales

I'm in awe at the beauty
The hills and valleys were stunning. I do believe we’ve entered Texas. Lovely.

I feel like a kid in a candy store with my camera, just like George says, I took way too many pictures……………………no, that just isn’t possible in God’s country.

Leaning water tower of Britten, Tx
It's okay, there is only a rustic old abandoned tractor for it
to fall on when it finally lets go.
Abandoned grain millery

Cotton growing a'plenty!

and being transported away


Before 5 pm we reached our Exit 178 in Tijeras, NM for our R.O.D. park. Although we travelled along State Highway 333, following red signs that said “Hidden Valley RV
“ all of a sudden we realized we must have gone way too far. What’s with these parks that have no clear signs for new travelers? After asking at a gas station we came back and finally located it. Hidden Valley alright.

When we pulled into our assigned pull through site 16, our neighbors at site 15 had just nicely pulled in and were having a drink before completing their set up. I like their style! We soon discovered that they are from Vernon, B.C. That felt nice.
Set up on Site 16, Not large by any means but at least it
is a pull through.
We enjoyed chit chat during our set ups and bbq’d up sausage from our Canadian butcher. It sure hit the spot in our gurgling tummies. After dinner, we reconnected and upon request took them on a tour of our Suite. They have a 24’ travel trailer and are just nicely tossing around the idea of full-timing. Of course, we offered our opinion and answered any questions from our experiences.

Retiring for the night at 10 pm, I slept well with all windows closed and woke up this morning to a chilly 58F. Bill turned the furnace on to warm us up along with the fireplace. Soon we were toasty with our morning coffees and reads.

Thank you for following along. All comments are welcome!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time to Move On

Friday in Eagle’s Landing was an awesome day. We had decided to stay another night in this great park so we could really get some relaxing in before hitting the road again.
Kayaks available to borrow in the park, next time!

Someone is ready for Hallowe'en!

We enjoyed the area of Grove, Oklahoma
I have to admit we were really enjoying being hooked up to hydro, water and sewer.
The only thing on our list of things to do was to go into Grove to the post office and buy stamps for our post cards. Having already completed a couple of walks around the park and testing the water in the pool, what more to do but don my swimsuit and go for a bit of sunbathing.

Yes, the water was cold although the outside temperature was beautiful. I think it was around 80F and the water a cool 68F maybe. I stretched out on the lounge chair for about 30 minutes before getting hot enough to take a dip. It was indeed just a dip but I managed to swim a couple of short laps and go back to my place in the sun. It was ideal, I was the master of the whole area, not a soul in sight. I even tested the elliptical and electric bike in the exercise room before heading back to camp.

We had bbq’d steak and a potato for supper and retired inside for the night. I think we were semi-packed up and in bed by 9:30 pm. That is Central time an hour earlier than we are used to back home. We knew we wanted to get moving as early as possible.

Saturday morning, we were up and on our way, out of the park by 8:30 am. It proved to be another gorgeous day for driving. 
Between our gps', my notes and this atlas we were
definitely going to find our way!
Today we wanted to head towards Oklahoma City, without actually going through it and all the turnpikes, and end up at a Walmart Super Centre close to Elk City, OK.
Much wilder than the pool I was in yesterday
This was a cool drive, seeing things I’ve not seen before. That is what it is all about and I’m loving it. We travelled on a very winding 2 lane road, Alt 412, to avoid the toll roads, from US 59. 

This was a great ride and even though Bill had to be on his toes he loved it as well. We’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

We drove through Yukon, Ok which is, apparently Garth Brooks' home town, I didn't know that! 

and past Choctaw Road……………you know, where Billie Joe jumped off the Tallahachi bridge? 

Anyway, even though I know the Tallahachie bridge is/was in Mississippi, that is the song that continued going through my head after seeing that sign.

We travelled alongside the historic Route 66 and promised to drive on it soon.

With a few pit stops, some for pits (?) and some for fuel and lunch, we made it to our destination by 4 pm. We are set up nicely, fed the pooch, grabbed a bite to eat and settled in to write our posts. It is warm, quite warm at 84F so have all of the windows open in the Suite. There is a nice breeze blowing through

As usual, I’ve taken a few pictures of the day’s travels and have shared them with you.
Still many great looking water towers out there

Love this one!
Our quiet spot at Walmart, closest neighbour is the motor home
to the left of the picture
Beautiful sunset

I hope you had a great day as well. Thank you for reading along. Please feel free to comment.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sightseeing in the Grand Lake, Ok area

Today, Thurs. Oct. 27 Bill and I chose to go and see some things in the area that were recommended to us. Sometimes this is the best way to sightsee, otherwise there are so many things to choose from with no idea what is good and what isn’t. Having never been in this area before, we welcomed suggestions from fellow rv’ers and bloggers, George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels.

After breakfast and showers, gotta love the full power of water hookups, we left Clemson in charge of looking after the house and headed out. We drove across Sailboat Bridge on Hwy #59 to Har-ber Rd. to visit the Har-ber Village Museum.

Loved the road to the museum

Harvey and Bernice Jones have a request
Too bad the hundreds of school children did not read this!
Upon arrival, we realized that we didn't pick the best day when we saw 3 school buses in the lot. We got sympathy looks from more than one of the teacher helpers. However, we were given a map to follow our personal tour, at our own pace. The mile-long walk would take us as long or as short as we wanted. When you think of it, how short can you make visiting 101 buildings/displays last? I think all in all we were 2 hours and I loved every bit of it. This museum is a collection of artifacts that the Jones' have collected over the years and I have added pictures of a few of my favourite.
Bill in the Stagecoach Inn 

Stagecoach Inn Saloon
Good words to live by

Native Museum Collection

A nice writeup about the origin

Yup, delivering mail could be my new hobby, just gotta find a horse!
Of course, I took tons of pictures, about 90 but will narrow it down in my post here. Lucky, you!  The mannequins are so lifelike, some of my favourites ever. I picked up a few postcards and she gave me a real deal at .03 each.
School house is the former Mt. Home School from
Goshen, Arkansas with the original blackboard

And all of a sudden I'm in a set of Murdoch
A bridal consultation before choosing her gown

And we're in the roaring '20s

Hair salon (for Brenda)

They look so real!
This is for you Dad

Hair curler apparatus, looks like a torture!

So the goat chases a snack and walks on the treadmill to churn 
Waterwheel made of redwood lumber with
a flume of copper and cedar

Dolls and more dollsfor my sister, Wendy

When we left the museum, we decided to carry on and go to visit Darryl Starbird’s Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame, another suggestion. Bill was more excited for this although he did enjoy the Har-ber Village more than he expected to.

Airforce models for Mom
Entrance to the Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame
You can read Bill’s post from today to see his pictures of this amazing collection of cars. On Our Way  It boggles the mind to see so much creative talent from the decades of Darryl’s career. I was very impressed and quite happy to meet and get a picture with Donna Starbird. 
We bought Bill a t-shirt, a couple of post cards and a pin to add to our collection.

One last stop before we headed back to Clemson at the park was suggested by our neighbour. The Pensacola Dam near Disney was worth the trip and we got a few nice pictures.

A warm parlor, not a Regency fireplace, Bridgette

My favourite, the Brass Bedroom

Hydro insulators for Donna

The map of the Village, very well laid out, felt like
a real live home town

Pensacola Dam bridge, the longest dam in the world
It was a warm day and even though we thought we’d dressed prepared, we were happy to get home and change into less. I even debated going in the pool if I could figure out how to open the gate. Instead, we relaxed at the Suite and I soaked in some rays while checking emails.

  We have made an executive decision after a walk around the park after dinner that we’d like to stay at least one more night. We’ll firm it up with Sandra in the morning. A day to sit and do mostly nothing but plan our next few days will be really nice. I’m sure a swim is in order; the pool is gorgeous!

Eagle's Landing Park pool

All decked out for Hallowe'en

Sunset across the pond

Kayaks and paddle boats to borrow

A view across Grand Lake to the Sailboat Bridge

Thank you for catching up with us, I hope your day was a great one too!