Sunday, January 31, 2021

Slow Sunday, C-c-c-cold Last Day of the Month

Paisley, On

Both of us were up watching movies last night until 11:30. I enjoyed seeing The Green Mile again, it brings out so many emotions and even a bit of fantasy. I like the show a lot but it is a long one. Bill and I slept in on Sunday, Jan. 31st, the last day of this month. It was 8 o’clock when I sat up to look at the clock. It was nice to hear Bill say that he slept right through, rare but great! 😊

Where the Saugeen is frozen
Yesterday I said it was where it meets Teeswater River
but not quite

I peeked out the window blinds and was pleased to see that it would be a day with some sunshine again. First, I’d have a tea with my sweetie and read some blogs. For some reason, I felt hunger pangs so had a bit of cereal with cream as well. The problem with sleeping in like that is that the morning goes so quickly but then that is what our weekends are for.

I walked the trail today
this part was pretty well tramped down

After I had a cup of tea at 9:30, I bundled up against the -8C/17F and went for my walk. I praise myself and thank the man upstairs as soon as I get out for pushing myself to get moving. Once out there, the walk was a reward in itself. It felt colder with the winds and I had my scarf across my chin and mouth when walking directly towards it. Once more, there were a few other walkers, all of us with rosy cheeks and smiles.

The little Baptist church has SOLD
I still think it will make a lovely home

The end of the trail and then I followed the streets

I took pictures of the street signs today since they are not regular ones and I wouldn’t remember. It was a 45 min. walk, 2 ½ miles today and I was happy to return home. I hadn’t layered up too much so wasn’t overly heated when I removed my coat. Some days, I just want to get the coat, sweater, t-shirt OFF! Ha ha. Once I cooled down, I slipped on my new leather jacket and asked Bill to take a picture of it for me.

I love how the sun shines through the trees

We didn’t really have lunch, per say, since we’d eaten breakfast, just a snack with our coffee break at 9:30. I went down and worked on the puzzle for a couple of hours and made good progress. I came upstairs around 4:15 with a tea for myself and a Zero Coke for Bill. I cut a few pieces of cheddar cheese for us to munch on to tide us over until supper and then relaxed.

The book I picked up from the library is a Biography, which I didn’t realize, so I’m not getting into it as quickly as I’d hoped. I’ll give it a few more chapters before I decide. My daughter loved the book but she is more into the history side of things than I am. We’ll see, I haven’t given up yet. 

I noticed 3 of these hearts under some trees
andI wonder if they are burial sites for their pets 😢
what else?

Gee, I think bikers live here

This was a nice street and I don't recall going down it all the way

Heading back towards town

The backyard ice rink seems to be done

A mural on this store front
Too bad for Covid, some of these stores would be interesting
this was a dance studio?

It was a few minutes before 6 when I went downstairs to start supper. We were eating the last half of the lasagna and having crescent rolls on the side. Madame IP hasn’t been used for a week so tonight is her night! 

It took 15 minutes to reheat the meal and 12 minutes in the oven for the rolls. 😊 It was a good Sunday night supper. Oh, we each had a piece of cheap Walmart cherry pie for dessert. For $2.50, I couldn’t make it for that and I’m pleased to say my crust is much better!

Here is the coat, I'm so pleased with
It has a fleece, front bodice with a hoody under the leather jacket
and it is very soft

I talk about my suedine mitts

Not sure if you can tell but inside, are finger
holes like gloves
They are so warm!

Bill stayed downstairs to watch a rerun of a movie since he’d made his lunch while supper was warming up. I came upstairs to finish my post and settle in for the evening. This was a quiet day but a good one. 

This is a nice puzzle to work on

My legs are still feeling some of the achy-ness from crawling around on the floors on Thursday and Friday but I’m not giving in to it, hence my walks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this last day of the month. It hasn’t been a bad winter – so far – but I’m still looking forward to February.

Today's memory
Jan. 31st, 2020
Kim, Ken, Oreo and Keith
Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Our temporary site along the fence line

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Nice Easy Saturday

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Jan. 30th we woke up pretty early. For a Saturday. It was 6:30 and then 7 when we got up. Slept out, I guess. We went down for our morning drinks and returned to our room to read blogs. I had one to finish so did that first. Susan called up around 8:30 that her wash was finished if I wanted to do ours today rather than tomorrow. Sure!

Got a good start on Brenda's puzzle today

We sorted our clothes and took them down to start. At 11:30 we had our bacon and eggs and after everything was done, including dishes, I went down to start the new puzzle. I was downloading the Samsung software update which took over 3 hours but I’d been putting it off for months. Susan came into the garage and worked beside me, painting some of her crafts. It was a change and nice to spend the time together.

I turned off Queen St. S onto Inkerman St.

Looking back up to the main street (Queen St. S.)
Lots of clouds that way

I think it was around 3:30 when we had done enough and parted ways. She went for a coffee and I decided I’d better get out for some fresh air and exercise. With my grippers on my boots, long coat, hat, muffs and a letter to mail, I headed out. The sun was actually shining so I stopped at Ptooties and grabbed my sunglasses. It was cold, -2C/28F, but there was no wind. I had my scarf up around my chin and at certain points even put my hood up.

I met a couple of cross country skiiers
coming back from the park

I walked down the main street, mailed the letter and carried on down Inkerman St. to Dundas, where the park began, then Alma, James and up Water St. It would have been easy walking through the park today as snowmobilers had tamped a trail but I chose not to. 

The park trail would have been easier today than
the last time I walked through there

Ahead of me were a couple of walkers, I waved and passed abald-headed man (who should have a hat on!) with a snowblower and then I met Phoebe and her owner.

This is zoomed in but it's a good thing I slow down to take pictures
or I would have been right on their heels

The sun followed me around the town so I left my sunglasses on

His head 'has' to be cold!

This one isn't zoomed in, I let them get ahead of me

Her owner talked, she just posed and was a very good girl for the 10 minutes we chatted. She is not a healthy 1 ½ yr. old but an adorable Labradoodle and she has ‘parents’ who love her enough to care for her and provide her with what she needs. Phoebe has Addison's disease. 😢 I walked back up to home. By now, I was nice and warm and it was a shame to end the walk. It was my 2 miles though and I was feeling tired. Seemed to be a lot of townsfolk out and about today.

Meet Phoebe in her booties

Isn't she adorable?
He said she doesn't seem to mind wearing them but
putting them on is a different story 😆
I remember putting the knitted ones Mom made on Clemson
He just stood there with his legs spread apart

"are you kidding me, Mom?"

James Street behind the playground

Water St. along the Saugeen River

It is frozen in the area under the bridge where it 
meets the Teeswater River

Inside, from the kitchen, I texted Bill to tell him that I was having a diet Gingerale instead of a tea. He requested a Zero Coke and upstairs we relaxed until supper time.

It was a pretty afternoon

 At 6, we went downstairs where I fried our burgers and mixed a batch of coleslaw. They were tasty as usual and didn’t take long. By 7, dishes were done and I was back upstairs in our room, working on today’s post. Bill went in to watch two movies tonight with Wes and Susan so I hooked up my tv and watched The Green Mile. 

A tasty easy supper
No dessert again!

This was a nice day. A relaxing day to do laundry and then fun things like my puzzle and a walk in the sunshine.

We said we were going to stop
many times and this day, Jan. 30, 2019
we finally did!

another fun memory at Quartzsite, AZ
Jan. 30, 2019
Kim's tutorial on the Instant Pot
good night!

Thank you for your visit!

Ending the Week with a Bang

Paisley, On

On Friday, Jan. 29th we were not only at the end of a work week, we were fast approaching the end of the month. Bill left for work at 6:30 and I was up and out the door before 8. There was some snow to clear off Ptooties but again, it was light enough that it wasn’t a chore. Some scraping on the windshield and I was on my way.

It was a clear day for a drive, which was nice

The sun gets bonus points for trying at least!

Clear sailing all the way to Durham with track bare and then completely bare roads. I stuck to the main ones again. The laundromat had one customer. Guess who it was? Remember on Wednesday, the non-speaking man who did his wash and left 2 t-shirts in the machine? I’d hung them up to be dried on a cart and someone had tossed them on the bench.

When I arrived, he wasn’t there, so I put them in the Lost and Found. I told him about them so he was happy to get them back, although he never missed them. 😊 He and his girlfriend were still there waiting for the wash to finish when I was done with the floors and shoveling the front walk. There was no salt in the back room since I’d emptied the pail on Wednesday, so I texted Jamie as an update.

I got our water jug filled in Durham and then drove to Hanover for a stop at Walmart. I didn’t do too badly today. The store was busy, being a Friday, but still an easy checkout. I had 4 items on my list and came out with 6 things. Pretty good, eh? I turned left at Hanover and drove back to Neustadt, starting work there at 11:30. We stopped for lunch and I carried on in the bathroom until 1:30.

Where we get our water jug filled in Durham is a 2 in one
type of store and the do it yourself water
supply is outside the front door

Bill had done a lot of the tub cleanup, using a putty knife to gently scrape the plastic up where the grout had stuck to it. Better him than me, he has the patience of Job with his projects. When he finished, I took over and cleaned the wall tiles, tub, sinks, toilet, counter tops and cupboards and then moved on to the baseboard. Lastly, I washed the door on both sides and vacuumed the floor once more.

After Walmart in Hanover, another snow covered vehilce
Good grief!

I left soon after Billy reported my hours to Mike and Bill told me they headed out soon after. It was a straight forward drive with no interruptions and no weather to deal with. I was sure feeling achy last night when I went to bed but was happy that my body was functioning pretty much normal this morning. 😊 By the time, I arrived home and got groceries put away, I was feeling that I’d worked a full day.

Yesterday, I mentioned the dirty tub
Bill remembered to take a picture for me
You can't tell but there was a lot stuff stuck to the bottom that he took care of

Yesterday, I had an email from the library that my book was ready for pick up so after Bill texted that he was leaving Billy’s, I walked down and made the curbside pickup. She saw me coming so I didn’t have to make the phone call. So clandestine! Ha ha She opened the door and had my book sitting on a rolling cart. Lordy oh Lordy, what is the world coming to?

Bathroom is now done too

And the hallway showing all 3 rooms done 
and doors closed
They will need floors touched up with a washing later

I walked back across the bridge and marveled at the number of snowmobilers in town. Looks like they all stopped at one place across the road from us to gather and then took off for the trails. I’m sure they’re having a good time enjoying the winter snowfall. I crossed the street to home and Bill wasn’t too much later coming in the drive.

It's a skidoo gang! 😂
There were about 15 scooting around at the same time

Of course, a couple of pictures at the dam

We’d hoped for Marty’s for supper again, why not? But I couldn’t get through on the phone. I tried for half hour from when they opened at 4 and then hopped in the shower. I was pleased when I came out that Bill was dressing to walk over and place our order. It was quicker then continually calling to get through. Everyone wants to take advantage of their last weekend as our supper may not be ready until 7:30! We’ll wait, not a big deal.

In the meantime, Bill got paid and I got paid from Mike, by email. So, good news. We also got an email from Peggy at CanAm with our invoice for the work done on the Suite since the spring. Not so good news. We were not quite ready for the shock. Yes, it was a lot more than we expected but at least some was covered by the extended warranty. What do you do? It’s our home and now things are done, including our new flooring.

If you look at the end of the red brick wall
that's Bill going in to Marty's

That was the bang that ended our day. Hmmm, that sets us a step back after us doing so well but it is what it is and we’ll pay the bill. Bill got a call from Marty’s at 6:45 saying his order would be ready in a few minutes so he walked across the street. I appreciated him doing the pick up today, old achy bones here had wet hair. 😊 Bill had one of his usual orders, fish and chips and I had the hot roast beef sandwich with a baked potato. I’m still flabbergasted by their large meals.

Bill's fish and chips

Neither of us could finish all of our meal but Bill doesn’t like leftover fries so I was the only one that put away leftovers for another night. Again, there is enough roast beef to share with him. We’ve heard that the new owners are keeping everything the same PLUS they have hired Marty’s son (at least I believe that is what Susan said) to be their chef. Not much should be different but we’ll find out!

My hot roast beef sandwich, very little bread

We took care of dishes and since it was after 7:30 when we finished, I didn’t bother with the tail end of Jeopardy. I crawled up on the bed, not even into the publishing of this blog. Bill went down to watch a new movie in the games room and I stayed upstairs with my book. The book I picked up was another suggestion, kind of, from Bridgette. The Hillbilly Ellegy by J.D. Vance but I only managed 2 chapters before I was closing things up for the night.

My leftovers

Since I hadn’t gotten very far at all into the John Grisham book, it can wait. I did hear Bill come up at 10 and we both dropped off pretty quickly. It was another good day and even though I’m a sucker for punishment, going back to do more cleaning, it felt great to complete the job, for now. I hope Mike is pleased with the cleanup. (I guess he must be, since he paid me. 😆)

We took a drive on Jan. 29, 2019
to an old car lot in Quartszite, AZ

Fun to look at but we weren't in the market to buy

And yours truly beside my favourite cacti
Good night!

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