Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cold, Warm, Cool. Bread and Squares.

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Nov. 29th we edge towards the end of the month and what………26 days to Christmas. Until I get my decorations up, it just doesn’t seem like it here. I don’t need snow to make it feel like the season is upon us, just decor and music. We woke up to a chilly 43F/6C with partially cloudy skies. The forecast was to reach 67F/19C but we’ll need sunshine to make it shorts weather. 😊

My walk with Gibbs

My walk with my shadow mate

Bill had his shower first thing and then after he left, Gibbs and I went for our walk. I had shorts on and many top layers to start but when we returned from our walk, I slipped into long pants and walked to Family Dollar. They didn’t have all that I was looking for but I did find a few things before returning home. The sun was out by then, an hour later, and I was feeling warmed up. At 10, I walked to work on the puzzle and among the 3 of us, we had it finished shortly after 11:30.

Zooming in across the way to the
Q Mountain. Fond memories of climbing
that with Bill, Gerry and Melinda in 2016/17.
Our first year.

Back home, Bill was smiling. That means good news regarding his luck at the flying field. 😊 We had lunch, salmon sandwiches, and then I began my second loaf of bread in the bread maker. I went outside to the gazebo but wasn’t really in the painting mood. The sun had disappeared again so it felt cool.

The barbed wire fencing keeps you out of
well, nothing really. 😂
But it does remind me of days on the farm.

The boys were sleeping inside so I came in quietly and began my blog. By the way, I’ve been watching my series, Justified, and doing some binging. Raylen Gibbons is quite entertaining. Thank you, Sue! I’m pretty sure that Billy the Kid is available to me again too. Our afternoon followed the regular normality with the exception that I made Peanut Butter Rice Krispie squares for a change. We just happened to have the right ingredients.

Bill charging batteries outside
with his bright Piper Cub at his heels.
Things are good today.

After my tea, Gibbs and I walked before I started warming up supper. Everything was leftovers except for our vegetables. We finished the meal off with a piece of pie tonight. Everything was good and filling. The package I’ve been waiting to be delivered back home is giving us grief. Well, not the package, but our Priceville post office. Seems they have a glich and our forwarding info has not gone through. We’ll check tomorrow and will know more then.

This sky, on our afternoon walk, is
incredible! Look how the sun is just dropping
below the rim of clouds.

My little walking partner beats
a shadow mate any day. 💗

Bill loaded the dishwasher and I finished my blog. After supper, we had a really nice phone call from our friends, Dave and Cheryl. Still back in Canada, it was wonderful to hear their voices. 

Tonight's supper.

This has been a good day, relatively quiet. I hope yours has been a good one as well!

Today's creations.
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

From One Set of Friends to Another 😊

Park Place RV Park

Tuesday, Nov. 28th started out quite normally, for us here in the park. The bonus for today was that our government pensions went into our bank back home (CPP & OAS) so when I came downstairs at 7:15 my personal banker was at his laptop moving funds around. Paying bills back home and transferring what we needed down here. As great as that is, it still is flabbergasting that we are 2 days from the end of another month. Our first month in the park.

the sky story
from beginning to noon

After my tea, but before Bill left for the flying field, Gibbs and I slipped out for our walk. It was chilly and I soon wimped out from my original plan. I was going to drop him off and head up to the Family Dollar for a box of Christmas cards so I could get a head start on those. My fingers were cold so I ixnayed that idea and took a coffee over to the clubhouse and the puzzle. Susan, Adele and I worked on it until lunch time.

It looks easy but it is a challenge at the same time as being darn cute. All those puppy dogs! For lunch, I mixed up chicken salad and had a sandwich in my keto bread while Bill had his on the last of the homemade bread. We have a bit of French bread to eat up so I’ll hold off on the next loaf until tomorrow or Thursday. We had to go to the post office, I had a couple of things to mail back home to two of my siblings. I didn’t see them this summer so a hand delivery was not possible.

No puzzle pix today but
this is the book I've started.
Still undecided about it, only a couple of chapters in.

The P.O. here is always, always, always crazy busy but I stood in a line, behind 9 others, to wait my turn. It took me longer to do my own business than I had hoped and by the time I left, there were at least 15 patrons behind me. I’m glad I’ve bought my Christmas stamps already because I’d hate to go back! After we left there, we drove out to Roadrunner BLM to see if the gang was ready for Happy Hour. We left Gibbs at home today.

The drive out to Roadrunner
means directions like turn at the Y's

They were all inside their rv’s doing this and that but came out and we gathered at the Duchaine’s around 3. It was good to see them all again and we were not surprised that there was one rv and 3 rv’ers short. 😊 Lorne and Sue left this morning for their next destination. It had turned into a wonderfully hot day, 70F/21C and the sky was totally blue. No awning, please, we said as we sat and soaked up the sun.

Until the sun played in the clouds,
it was wonderful and hot, hot, hot!

I tried to capture their 
frequent flyer but you
still can't see his red throat.

It was lively conversation, as usual, with only an occasional lull and at 5 Bill gave me the word “Well”. That means it’s time to move and head home. 

The clouds were amazing.
It looks like the sun is jumping
into an bag of cotton balls.

A name that stuck.
This mountain range is locally known
as the
Sleeping Indian.
I hope you can see it.

For supper, I’d planned on spaghetti but it’s like Old Mother Hubbard…….my pasta container only had about 15 noodles left. Improvise is the name of the game so I made mac & cheese and mixed it with the hamburger and onions and voila! Success! 

The drive home past the Saguaro's
and just before sunset was beautiful.

We had some Oregon Cherry ice cream for dessert but I should have forgot the chocolate sauce – it didn’t do it justice.


That was it for our day. We started out with friends: Bill at the field and me at the puzzle, and we ended it with our group of 5, Ken, Kim, Deb K, Deb D, & Tom. Always good times. 😊

You all know our little cookie monster.
Except, he's not sneaking cookies or flip flops.
When he's lacking attention (like when we're eating),
he grabs the tea towel and waits for us to get it.
We ignored him, so he laid his head on it to
go to sleep. ♥
Good night all (you too, Gibbs).

Thank you for taking the time to check out today’s story.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Back to Poker Pool, Visitors, Delays Back Home ☹

Park Place RV Park

On Monday, Nov. 27th the day started out pretty much the same as any. The boys were up first and then later, Gibbs and I got up around 7. I noticed that it was 50F/10C so was expecting a bit warmer start than yesterday. I made my tea and sat to finish it while playing my Wordle games. Bill had a mission and began to dismantle the dishwasher – parts that could be removed. It needed a good cleaning and by the time he finished, the dishes could probably clean themselves!

Strange sky this morning to the east

Gibbs and I went for our walk and it was a chilly walk, that wind and those clouds not helping matters. My fingers were quite cold when we got home. It felt a lot cooler than what the thermometer said. Bill left for the field around 8:45 and it was shortly after 9 that I walked over to the clubhouse with my pool stick. 😊 I missed playing, Thursday was a no-go because of the holiday, so was looking forward to it, as always.

Susan just shot but oh-oh, where did that cue ball go?

There were only 5 of us today, Adele, Sheila, Susan, Dora and myself. We played until 11:30 when 2 left and the last 3 finished around noon hour. I didn’t do terrible but I didn’t come in near the lead either! Fun times! 

By the time I walked home at noon,
the sky had cleared out nicely.

Back home, Bill and I had lunch, trying to eat the bread up. We sat together until our afternoon company arrived. Lorne and Sue probably weren’t expecting to be dragged inside to help us with our tv programming so I hope they didn’t mind the ‘different’ Happy Hour.

Gibbs found Sue's lap to be the most welcoming

Sue is a whiz with a phone and a remote so got us set up in a way that we will be able to access our Canadian programming. Yay! Thank you so much, Sue! And thanks Lorne for your patience while we peppered your wife with questions. After hugs goodbye, they were on their way. I remembered to give them a painted rock before they left, as I knew we would not see them anymore this season and I hadn’t gifted them with one yet. 😊

But he soon became tired of the whole tv thing. 
Not the lap, though. 💘

I made a cup of tea and sat quietly while Bill and Gibbs snoozed upstairs. Just before 5:30, L.J. and I went for our walk. He pulls hard towards Carol Ann and Kobos’ place but no one was out, so I had to convince him to keep walking. He missed out on those pets today. Bill used the Fry Daddy for our fries and I fried the pollock filets on the stove for supper. They were all good, of course, garnished with my green olives.

When we walked, I caught the tip of the
sun dropping behind the rv's

Finishing my blog, the dishwasher was running and Bill was watching a movie upstairs. In his glory, now that he has his home stations to watch again. I’ll get back into one of my two series as well later. We were invited to a fire at Roadrunner this evening but with supper at 6 and driving out in the dark and home in the dark 2 hours later, wasn’t in the cards tonight. Not to mention the chilly night. Another time, we hope it works out.

and behind the mountains

We also had an invite for a weekend supper from our friends at La Posa South so look forward to finally connecting with them. This was a quiet but full day and we enjoyed it. I finished my book today so have hunted in our book cupboard for the next likely read. I'll see if I like the beginning and share it with you tomorrow.

We heard from my brother-in-law and sister back home that they are having some winter woes. The snow has arrived making for some nasty driving. Their plans to pull out of their Ontario home tomorrow will be delayed a day or two until things clear. Be safe Gayle and John!

Supper was good and filling.
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too! Your comments are welcome any time.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Another One of Those Lazy Winter Daysbut That Sky!! 😊

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Nov. 26th Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:00. When they came back in from their walk, Gibbs came back to bed. 

Speaking of Gibbs:
This is him last night in Daddy's chair.
He was zonked!

Bill took the basket of laundry, that I sorted last night, over to the clubhouse laundromat. It was 6:15! He loaded 2 machines and returned home to get ready for the flying field. First, he moved the clothes over from washer to dryer.

I was up by 6:45 and Gibbs and I went for an earlier walk than usual. At 7:30, I walked over to retrieve the dry clothes but they were no where near dry. Bill was trying to be efficient by using only one dryer but there were too many clothes for them to properly dry. I split them up into 2 machines. I would never criticize though, he was being helpful, snagging the machines before any rush later on. I appreciated his efforts.

Apparently this is the prelude to the main event

When I walked back at 8, things were dry and I folded them while chatting with Carol Ann. We discussed any number of things from health issues to bread making and I carried the full basket back home. While over at the clubhouse, I broke the puzzle up and brought it home to give to Sheila to take back home to Minnesota. (I think) Then Gibbs and I just sat together while I read my book. I read a lot last night before bed so it will soon be done. Good story!

This beautiful sunrise deserved a frame all 
of its own. ♥

After Bill returned home around 10:30, we watched more Dan Vasc videos rather than turn the radio on. We are enjoying his covers of popular songs. For lunch, we had homemade bread (that sounds nice!) for our sandwiches and then relaxed. While my boys snoozed, I read and then walked over to start a new puzzle. This one is cute and will be fun to put together. At 3:30, I returned home.

Cute picture!

It's a cool , mostly cloudy day so we weren’t into sitting outside. The wind kept the temperature down to a moderate 64F/16C but still chilly. I made us each a cup of tea and then when it was done, slipped on my jacket for Gibbs’ and my walk. 

The sun was 'fuzzy' behind the clouds when we walked but
I didn't notice until I downloaded that I got the
sundogs and arc around it.

For supper, we had chicken legs, dressing and coleslaw. Tonight, we had room for pie for dessert. 😊

Sometimes our little cutie pie gets into trouble.
Mom: 'what have you got?'
Gibbs: guilty look with my sandal in his mouth
Mom: 'bring it to Mom'
Gibbs: a slow trek from under the chair to me
He doesn't drop it but usually he'll let us take it from him.
The little devil. ♥

We are sliding relatively quickly towards the end of the month and that is hard to believe that December is just over the hill. We’ve enjoyed the day and take each day as it comes. 

We can't say enough about these Arizona skies.
I missed the sunset but this is even better.

When I turned around, the moon had its own
beautiful performance going on.

I’m waiting for a couple of parcels so will hope to get shipping updates early in the week. I’m missing poker pool, not having played on Thursday, so looking forward to that tomorrow too!

Tonight's supper was another success.
With a little wine, it was just enough. 
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping around, not sure what we’ll get into this evening.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Cooler but Pleasant Day, Company, Missed the Jam but Not the Bread!


Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Nov. 25th we all slept in again until almost 7 o’clock. It was a clear morning again but there was a chill in the air that lasted all day. It was only 44F/6C when we got up. Today is the coolest day in the forecast for a while but we’re expecting the chilly nights. Nothing below 42F though so that’s good. Our Blue Flame heater will keep us warm, in the evenings, without using a lot of propane. 😊

The picture was too bright staring straight
at the sun, so I used the palm tree and it
turned out quite pretty.

I had my tea and when I finished that, Gibbs and I went for our walk. I had three goals today, well four, starting with my shower. With that done, Bill finished getting ready and left for the flying field. Goal two was to go through my closet and found about 6 items of clothing, 2 pair of shoes and a purse to take over for the FREE table. It’s not a big dent but it is a dent. It is hard to part with things!

I did some painting, Gibbs sat in the gazebo
with me and through the screen, Bill was
working on his Piper Cub.
He gets a lot of guys stopping to talk to him
about his planes. 😃

Around 9:30 ish, I walked over to the clubhouse. Goal three was to finish the puzzle. I chatted with Patti, Gerald and Sheila while working away and it was around 10:30 when Sammi, our Avon rep, dropped our orders off. With the puzzle finished, I took my picture and walked back home. Bill was home when I got here so we relaxed a bit before lunch. I was in a t-shirt and shorts so came inside to warm up.

It's a nice puzzle and I'm gifting it
to Sheila to take home. 

Since I hadn’t eaten yet, just a creamy tea and coffee this morning, I was ready for lunch. With keto bread I had a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich. Bill used the French bread for his and they fit the bill, easing our hunger. 😊 He went out to work on his plane and I started my last goal of the day. Make bread. It was so easy but I still followed the recipe provided ‘to the letter’. I wanted success off the get go.

And success, I got! Yum!
Just the Basic white bread this time.

It was in the middle of the bake process that Ken and Kim popped in for a visit. They were doing some errands in town and we’re always happy to see them. I forgot a picture though. Duh! Our group visits are great but we still like the one on ones when they happen. We sat in the gazebo, out of the wind, and it was quite cozy. Gibbs started out hyper but within 10 minutes, he’d settled down on my lap.

When they were leaving, Ken dropped his empty
water bottle.......'never miss a trick, Gibbs' grabbed it.
Thanks Ken! (he loves bottles)
When I told him he had to drop the bottle before coming
inside, this is the response I got. 

When they left, around 3:30, my bread had 10 minutes left to bake. There was a ‘first’ time Music Jam at the firepit from 2 to 4, trying to (excuse the language) DRUM up a new activity. I thought I’d pop over to give it a listen but didn’t make it. Today, there were just other priorities. My bread turned out looking wonderful! It is a small 1.5 lb. loaf and we haven’t cut into it yet but come supper time, we’ll give it a try. Yum!

They're so cute, I'll be making more.

I finished painting some bumblebees and spray coated them and the ladybugs before coming inside. Bill and Gibbs dozed and I started my blog before starting to prep some potatoes. Bill grilled the boneless rib eye steak along with the partially cooked potatoes and I mixed up the coleslaw. What better time or meal to taste the bread? Everything was delicious, topped off with a glass of wine each. We sure didn’t need dessert.

My grilling chef in action.

The best meal we've made together in a while.
We seldom have steak so it was a treat.

We loaded the dishwasher and sat together finishing our drink. Last night, I was disappointed that the Billy the Kid program didn’t work for me after all so I watched reruns of Magnum PI. I enjoy the characters so made it work until bedtime at 10:30. Tonight, I might just read. It was a wonderful day with a visit from our good friends.

After the sunset, looking to the east,
the Waxing Gibbous moon was in a perfect position.
With a little squatting, I dotted the 'i'. 
Soon, we'll have a full moon.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Quiet Day, Puzzling, Deliveries!

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Nov. 24th the ‘after Thanksgiving’ lull is in the air. Things and people are moving slower, I know I am! 😊 We had a great day yesterday celebrating with friends and ate a whole big bunch of food and drank more wine than I’ve done in a while. Loved every minute!

Good morning!! 

Today, we were up before 7 and I hadn’t really thought about what I’d get up to. After my tea, Gibbs and I went for our walk, returning just as Bill was ready to pull out of our site. By then, I’d decided to go for a walk into and around the residential area across Riggles Ave. First, I popped in to see Patti, who was on duty, and gave her a Thanksgiving hug, letting her know how much we appreciate ‘her’. She is a special lady.

The desert was quiet, even at 9:30.
Seems I was the only one out there.

Then, off I went. Once I’m out there, I am enjoying myself enough to want to keep going. I cut through the desert, avoiding the main roads, and found my way towards the flying field. I was hoping I hadn’t missed Bill, since it was around 10 am and sometimes he has returned home by then or soon after. 😊 Luckily, he was still there as were Dave and Vera. I chatted with Vera while they worked on getting his Piper Cub running and then when Bill packed up, I just hitched a ride home with him.

Bottom right, two of the new stands
Jim (name on the entrance sign) and Bill made.

I took advantage of that beautiful sun and sat in my gravity chair with my book. The James Patterson book I’m now reading is called NYPD Red 6 and it is one of those page turners. We had lunch of bacon and eggs with some toasted French bread and then after cleanup, I went to the clubhouse with 4 of my puzzles from under the bed. I’ll leave the most fun one until later in the season.

I made great strides today
in the puzzle in between visiting
with Sheila and Patti.

I started with the 500 – piece puzzle and what appeared to be the easiest. I could have done this one at home but I didn’t pick it up until later in the summer season and had stopped putting them together by then. Anyway, I knew Sheila would like this picture. 😊 I made a darn good head start; it is quite easy but around 3 I had to pull myself away. I will work on it again tomorrow.

The afternoon sky

New Bread machine.

Back home, Bill was ready to go to Moon Mountain Mail for a parcel so I went too, hoping, hoping, hoping something would have my name on it. Well, that worked! Bill got 1, I got 2 and one my sister sent arrived as well. Yay! My bread machine is here! You know what I’ll be attempting to make tomorrow, don’t you? Bill and Gibbs dozed in the chairs so I made my tea and sat to start writing. Gibbs and I got out for a quick walk around 5.

Our afternoon walk almost always
includes a stop to see his buddies, Kobos and Carol Ann.
They just love him to death! 💘

Bacon cheeseburgers will be our supper tonight with pie for dessert, if we have room. I get full very quickly after a cup of tea. 😊 

Bacon cheeseburgers tonight.

We watched some tv tonight since Bill found my Billy the Kid episodes again! This has been a good day and I managed to get a few more (a lot more) steps in today.

I missed the actual sunset event but
the before and after shots were quite pleasing.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.