Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Home Coming and Birthdays

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Apr. 17th, we knew we were going HOME. We woke up in Patrick’s bed, he slept on the couch, and went downstairs to join him. It was a wet morning in St. Thomas and yet still mild enough around 13C/56F. A cloudy day was afoot, for sure. Patrick left for work at 7:30 and I was able to finish my blog before we had a quick bite, packed up, said goodbye to ‘my’ 3rd grandson, Nate, and drove back to CanAm. It was 8:45.

Gibbs' was watching something from across
the sectional.
Oh, it's Molly, sleeping. So Gibbs settles down too.

My 14 year old grandson, Nate, and his 'toys'.

I was in capris and shoes with no socks so couldn’t wait to get into the building lounge to stay warm. We waited inside with Gibbs, visiting with other rv’ers and were surprised to see Ron, our long time friend who we met through this rv lifestyle. He was waiting for repairs to his Lance and it was very nice to bump into him again! 😊 He was still waiting when our Suite was pulled out to the front for us, around 12:15.

Leaving the city, we caught
the 401 highway and then took Exit 222
onto the Embro Road. 

We opened up the slides (everything working again) in the lot and moved what was necessary back under the bed and then I made us a sandwich for lunch. I changed into jeans and socks and runners. It would be cold at home. We said goodbyes, paid the bill and were on the road for home at 1:30. Hallelujah! We had good roads all the way home and Bill was opening the gate at 4:20. It took a couple of tries backing up today but only because the gravel was a bit soft and kept moving our boards that the wheels rest on. But we got it!

Turning onto Baptist Church Road
then North Line.
Gibbs was quite excited.

I opened up the slides and then opened the truck door to let Gibbs out. No hesitation, no leash, no restrictions that little guy just ran and ran and ran. A couple of times he had to flop on the grass, stretched out, nose to the ground. My heart melted. If videos worked on my laptop, I’d share but they don’t. He was so funny and it’s like he’s crying “I’m free!”

Our first 'official' gate opening.

I don't have many annuals in my garden
but it was sweet to see a couple of daffodils in bloom.

He ran, and ran and ran and
then plopped on the grass for a rest. 

All set up

Let me tell you, it was soooo windy up here on the Ridge and soooo cold that once we were plugged into power, we hustled inside and other than Bill putting the Starlink out for our internet connection, we stayed inside. 😊 It feels great to be home, for many reasons. One main one is that I’m no longer having to think about how we store food in the fridge, dishes in the cupboard or items on the counter tops. We don't have to move for a few months. The weather right now is kind of nasty but we’re still home and know it will all improve in time. 

A simple supper of grilled cheese tonight

Gibbs back into position,
watching out the window.
I wonder if it looks familiar to him?

Bill got the Blue Flame heater out and turned the fireplace on for a while. The bed is remade, everything that goes under the bed, is back under - for now. We will watch some tv this evening and/or read but mainly just let the full experience of being home settle over us. This has been an awesome day! Yay! 

A couple of things that I don't want to forget. An rv'ing friend celebrates a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Lorne! And Happy Heavenly Birthday to Mom. She would be 98 today. 💖💖

Happy Birthday, Mom.
I miss you. 💟
Good night everyone!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your comments are always welcome.

Change of Plans, Opened an Opportunity

Can Am Guest Parking Lot

On Tuesday, Apr. 16th we woke up in a parking lot. I say that because, when I woke, I had to think about where we were. 😉 The sun was shining and the sky was clear, that’s for sure. Another bonus day. We were very hopeful that the Suite would be going into the shop this morning but after a false start yesterday, I refused to pack things up until Peggy gave us the word. 😊

Gibbs and I walked around the lot and then watched our Suite
get pulled into the shop at 1 pm

Bill was in and out of the building a few times and it was quite warm out, even in the shade. After walking Gibbs, I pulled my lawn chair out from the basement and sat between the truck and trailer with him on my lap (or under my chair). Long story short, after lunch we heard from Peggy that they wanted to get to the root of the whole cable breaking issue, if possible.

Removing things from under the bed gave us a challenge
of finding where to temporarily store things.
The shower worked great and the living room furniture too.

We were advised to strip the bed and remove everything from the under bed storage so they could investigate. (Have I read too many Stephanie Plum adventures?) Bottom line, at 1 pm, the Suite went into the shop. 

It was our last beautiful day for a while

I sat outside with Gibbs again, this time in the sun, and waited to hear. The unfortunate news was that we would not be able to sleep in our own bed tonight. My son, Patrick, lives 15 minutes away so I contacted him to see if he had room for us.

Waiting in the lounge area, 2 someones got sleepy
and dozed in the chair together

Al had the slide in and out about 4 times and could find nothing under the bed that would have caused the problem with the cables breaking. That was good news and one thing we didn’t have to think about down the road. They worked away at feeding the new cable through for a couple of hours and will finish it up in the morning.

We stopped for fuel
and this is a wee justification of
why we had our diesel/gas debacle
last spring.
Yellow handle is diesel. LOL

We left CanAm around 5, fueled BB up and drove to St. Thomas to grab a bite to eat. I’m sure Patrick would have fed us but he’s a working man and had already planned supper for himself and Nathan by the time I’d called. A & W’s Uncle burger combos fit the bill and we sat outside on their picnic table to eat before driving around. I suppose we have all done it, but it was still nice that Patrick was giving up his bed for us to sleep on and he took the couch. 😘

Driving into St. Thomas, we were impressed
with improvements to the town since our last visit.

Jumbo the elephant stands high on the hill into town
guarding the locals
Here is his story. 

We had a nice evening together, even though I know we upset his normal evening routine. Gibbs had a new experience, meeting Molly, a Goldendoodle and after a bit of a growly start (Gibbs) they got along. 

Patrick has many hobbies
One being aquariums with fish

He has about 5 aquariums and many fish
I remember one I had years ago so enjoy seeing
the variety of fish.

Molly is a larger version of our little mutt and it was cute to see them side by side on the couch. We didn't see much of Nate tonight, he's a 14 year old boy, but he did come upstairs to show us 3 card tricks that he'd just recently learned. Hmm, they were pretty good. 😁

They soon decided they could be friends
Kind of.

This turned into a good day and with all things in our favour, God willing, we’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.  We reached a lovely high today of 69F/19C but it will all be changing for our return home.

A pose with Molly and my son
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see where we’re at.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Sitting Tight aka In Waiting

Can Am Guest Parking Lot

On Monday, Apr. 15th we woke up to a mostly sunny sky. It was around 7 when I crawled out to join Bill. Boy, did I ever drop off quickly last night! Never heard a peep. We were hopeful, but not convinced, that the Suite would be taken into the shop today. Our initial visit booked during the winter was to get one thing checked and then changed last Wednesday when our cable broke. It is an involved repair so we understood totally that other rv’s were ahead of us.

Good morning!

So, Bill picked up the brackets required to fix the damage under the kitchen slide caused by the tire blow out. Peggy had received those quickly as well as the cable. Bill is a handyman and can fix many things on the Suite so he began that job after lunch. Gibbs and I took a few walks and basically spent our time inside together. The sky cleared out completely of clouds so it was pleasant but with a coolish wind.

We saw at least 2 brand new units leave
the lot today. 
A Reflection 5th wheel and a Bambi (?) Airstream

I took a few pictures of Bill on the job but I’ll let him tell the story. We’re hoping that we’ll be taken care of tomorrow so we can head home. Today is another beautiful day although it started out a bit chilly. We reached 63F/17C by mid afternoon and the wind had died right off. We had toasted westerns again for lunch and that finished off the cut up veggies I had left over from the other day. It was good and filling.

Our cutie pie likes the grass
Can't wait to get him home on the Ridge

The ’gizzy stop’ (plastic closure on our screen door) broke off today for the second time so Peggy brought us one. Bill replaced it. The hardest part was removing the dried glue from the last time he jiggered the fix. 😊 Told you, handyman. I sat in my chair, feeling quite (dare I say) bored and did nothing but read my next Stephanie Plum story. This one is Finger-Lickin’ Fifteen. At 4, Gibbs and I walked around the front lot and when we returned, I made my tea and took my book outside.

The clouds cleared out nicely.

It was not the comfiest place to sit, on our step, but not worth getting the chair out for a couple of hours. As I was finishing up my last few chapters, a horn honked and a reddish coloured Dodge pulled in beside Black Beauty. It wasn’t until Marlene got out that I realized who it was. They were in the city for their own business and took the time to stop around for a quick hello. It wasn’t too long but it was sure nice to see both her and Benno.

then our little 'old' man watches
us make supper

For supper, Bill and I had the last of the meat loaf and a vegetable of choice. Mine was asparagus, his was corn. It hit the spot. 

Supper was good

After cleanup we watched an episode of Fire Country and then NCIS and NCIS Hawaii. It is nice to be back on home time to watch things when they come on instead of 3 hours earlier! This has been a very quiet day but ultimately a good one.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.

Last Leg, Arm, Body 😊 Ontario ♥

Can Am RV Guest Parking Lot

On Sunday, Apr. 14th we were up and getting ready by 7. By the time Gibbs saw us doing certain ‘move day’ things, he also started getting ready. His actions are different than ours. Following us and whining. That’s okay, he’ll be with us. Bill gets him out to Black Beauty and strapped in before I bring the two main floor slides in.

Good morning!
a great day for driving.

So, first things first, Bill pulled the bedroom slide in with the broken top cable. Slowly. He checked halfway through and it came in without further incident. If it doesn’t budge now, we’ll be at Can Am, our dealer, anyway so that will be okay too. They’ll be replacing the cable this week. We were hooked up and pulling out of the park by 8:00.

Within the hour, we stopped at a Rest Area,
still in Ohio.

It's a beautiful morning, 55F/12C and a partly cloudy day. It’s a good day to drive, high winds return tomorrow. Our neighbour across the road is also moving today instead of tomorrow. We got on I-75N immediately, headed for Detroit/Windsor. It was around 9 when we stopped at a rest area. That first hour is usually the challenge after morning drinks. 😊 The interstate was smooth and traffic was busy enough for a Sunday but moving easily.

a few familiar views along the way

It's nice along here, with familiar sights that I always take pictures of and a lot of small lakes/ponds. Today we’ve seen a lot of Canada geese so maybe they’ll follow us home. At 9:30, it was a balmy 64F/16C, balmy for us not so for our Quartzsite friends. 😊 😊 You know who you are! You’d have your sweaters on. The trees are blossoming in full force so that is nice to see.

There are a few southwestern states that need
to practice this form of cleanup.
It makes me proud. All volunteers.

Okay, so the second hour was a ‘not so unnecessary’ precautionary rest stop. Not sure if there is another rest area before the border so we stopped briefly. Gibbs took full advantage. The interstate was bad for about 5 miles, we’re in Michigan now, but it improved to so-so. We had about a 15 minute wait in the line to cross the border into Canada. A couple of the parking attendants were entertained by Gibbs’ cuteness and his barking. That kept our minds busy.

Whoever would paint a team of silos (?) elevators
with Sunflowers, has my vote for anything!

Hi Michigan!
See Bill walking to the welcome centre?

We were through the ‘interrogation’ in less than a minute and at 11:05 were in Windsor. We caught the 401E to London and breathed a sigh of relief, as usual. Just to be home. It was a nice drive on a very familiar route. 

Sometimes, some of us look for a 'sign' to do something
This is one sign we were looking for. 

More signs that made me happy.
Bottom corner - special, as I lived in Rodney for 5 years with my daughter
in the late '80's early 90's

We arrived at the CanAm parking lot at 1:00 and backed up into a corner spot and plugged into power. There are a couple of issues to be looked at and our bedroom slide cable replaced. Time will tell how long it will all take but we hope to be on our way home to the Ridge very soon! We had a sandwich for a late lunch and all closed our eyes for a few minutes. 😊

Our little passenger today
Top pix, the back window was open a bit
and his 'hair' was blowing wildly.
He seemed to enjoy that.

Our site and our visitor

Keith popped in on his bike for a visit and it was great to see him again. We wouldn’t need much for supper so maybe toasted tomato sandwiches will be enough. We’ve been invited to join friends for after dinner drinks with another couple whom we hope to surprise with our attendance. I love this kind of surprise! As it turned out, we were also surprised when yet another couple of our friends arrived shortly after us.

Settled for the night
Toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches
for supper. Just enough!

We had a wonderful evening, one of the best we’ve had in a long time. Just down to basics visiting, laughing with a few liquid embellishments was a real treat! Thank you Derrick and Terry for including us. We were home by 10:30 and I was in bed by 10:45. As soon as my head hit the pillow, it was ‘lights out’ for me. 😊 What a great day!

It's like getting the gang back together.
Such a fun evening. 💖💖💖
Good night!

Thank you for the visit too.


Saturday, April 13, 2024

Beautiful Change ofWeather

Arrowhead Lakes Resort

On Saturday, Apr. 13th it didn’t take long after waking up to see that the forecasters were right. I couldn’t see a cloud in the sky. 😊 Today was shower and laundry day, so I hopped into the shower right away. We’ve had the fireplace on since our second day here to take the chill out and overnight, it has been all we’ve needed. No charge for electric here for short term stays so we may as well save our propane.

Good morning!!

I sorted the clothes, more than usual since it has been almost 2 weeks, and we drove back to the laundry building. It isn’t far but I thought it was further than Bill should have to carry the heavy basket. 

The laundry room at the park is a nice

Loading only 2 machines, they weren’t jammed and then I walked back 25 minutes later to swap them over to the dryers. The cost is $1.50 for each machine. I walked back home, rather than sit there for 60 minutes, and took Gibbs for his walk.

Okay, I laughed at this sign.
Who's sitting on the washers??

I’ve had two conversations this morning with other rv’ers. The sun brings everyone out, which is nice. A fellow across from us was born in Newmarket, Ontario and although he lives now in Michigan with his wife, his aunt is in Hanover and another family member is in Lucknow. For those of you who know our province, are familiar with these small(ish) towns. For others, they aren’t too far from where we live. Coincidences. 😉

So, Gibbs isn't the only puppy who barks at passersby
These two are looking after the house for
their absent parents. 💕

It wasn’t Gerald, but Gibbs did get a lot of pets and tummy rubs from another fellow down the row with two Springer spaniels and a shepherd mix. Gibbs had no hesitation as he approached the man. A dog person, he knows. We both walked back to fold and retrieve our clothes, that will be a big help back home, not having to do laundry for a while. The temperature isn’t warm, yet, but 63F/17C for this afternoon, sounds wonderful.

In town, there were many people
cutting grass

I thought the townspeople were
being a little (a lot) optimistic to plant
flowers so soon.
Then I realized they were all fresh cut flowers.

I had to look up to get these next pictures

At 11:30 we discussed lunch, but neither of us hungry, so drove into the small town of Wapakoneta. We needed to top Black Beauty up plus find some potable water and a few groceries at Walmart. It didn’t take long so we took a drive through the downtown. The tall old buildings now used as town businesses caught my eye and were worthy of a few photos.

I thought this was space related but
now that I read it, it was solar related too!

Back home, we unloaded stuff and Bill dumped the two 1-gallon bottles of water into our fridge container. We didn’t take our empty ones with us absent-minded and didn’t want to pay for another full bottle at Walmart. We already have two of the 5-gallon bottles to fill. The sun was absolutely wonderful and although the wind is on the cool side, it was a pretty nice day. We did reach the forecasted high by 2 o’clock. Now, we felt that we needed a nibble so cheese and snacks it was! 😊

I'd like to say that our little pooch is overjoyed
about walking with Mom

he's actually rolling in something in the gravel.

I finished my book and since I only have one left of Janet’s, I don’t want to start it yet. I am going to keep my eyes open for the early ones though, they are quick reads. I took Gibbs for his afternoon walks and it was a nice long one around the back end of the park again. I was going to make a cup of tea but remembered that my coffee was still sitting in the truck from earlier. Duh. It was more than half full so I just reheated it for my caffeine burst.

Corn hole, anyone?

Bill went out at 4 to dump tanks, put some fresh water into the water tank and put the hoses away. Better now when they are warm from the sun. We’ll use the water pump tonight and be gone in the morning. For supper, we had some of the meatloaf, corn and the last of the potatoes. They needed to be cleaned up. 😊 Supper was very good and we have one more meat loaf meal left.

That's a lot of dandelion wine or oil
right there in one boulevard

Last night, I watched reruns of NCIS until bedtime, so I turned them on again to continue watching. The sky is still clear blue at 6:45 so no clouds to add to the sunset. That’s okay, we’re enjoying the break. There are a few young people in the park for the weekend and it is nice to see some of the habits we practiced when we were young. Although, I was mostly in a tent!

This tree is on our site.
I wish we could take it home to
replace our tree that broke this winter.

Supper was good.

This has been a great day. We have clean laundry for a couple of weeks, the larder is stocked and we’re almost ‘home’.

The sun gets ready to say good evening.

Good night, United States!

Thank you for stopping in.