Friday, July 12, 2024

So, Things Changed, but I Still Had a Good Time

The Ridge

On Friday, July 12th I was up before 7 to come down and sit with Bill until he left for work at 7:30. I had an interesting kind of day in my plans until Robin texted at 8:15. The Jell-o had jiggled for the second time. 😊 We were going to go to Bolton, 90 minutes from here, in her pick up, to bring back one or two loads of boxed items to sell at Robin’s yard sales. The lady called this morning to say ‘we’ needed to bring a trailer as she had a lot more and some of it was heavy furniture. Hmmm.

Good morning!
The grackles and red-winged blackbirds
and Chippy found the bird seed.
One lone Mourning Dove eats.
Her babies are gone so I assume they are fine.

Not a Robin and Patsy job after all. Darn! I was looking forward to spending the afternoon getting to know this boss. She will have to wait until Andrew is back from Greenland to go and retrieve everything. However, she still extended an invite to take me out to supper tonight. That’s pretty cool. She’s suggested a burger joint in Shelburne so I’m looking forward to that. Bill was expecting to be on his own for supper anyway.

Not a titch of a breeze on any of the flags.
The one on the right is caught on the post.

We had another tree damaged in the wind storm.

Gibbs and I went out for half hour and at 10, I left to take M into town for his errands. Just 4 stops today so we were home well before 11. It was a very calm day and yet warm temperatures were on the horizon so I closed windows and set the a/c at 26C/75F. The humidity was hovering around 55% so it felt very hot. I finished wrapping the 28 fire starters with Bill’s waxed paper from the Hangar. Gibbs stayed indoors, with no breeze, it was too hot for him, even in the shade.

We checked out the field behind us,
slowly returning to normal after the wind.
This is my berm garden. Quite full
and the hostas are starting to bloom.
The dahlias are not as tall up here, it's so rocky.

Bill called around 1 and said he was soon on his way for the day/weekend. Yay! An early day for him. 😊 I filled him in on my changes and then sat outside to wait for him. He brought up the mail so saved Gibbs and I from walking to get it. I checked my vegetables and they were still wet enough from the rain and previous watering. I’m happy with the progress and pleased with the garden bags.

Robin took me to the Super Burger.
It was crazy busy, I see why she loves it though!

I had eaten one of my egg, broccoli cupcakes but Bill hadn’t eaten his packed lunch yet. He did that while Gibbs and I sat in the recliner. You know what’s next. The heat takes a lot out of you so after working the morning outdoors, Bill needed a snooze. Apparently, so did Gibbs! I cleaned things up outside and sat with my book. Robin was picking me up at 5 so the rest of the afternoon was quiet.

The Banquet burger was messy but delicious!
The onion rings, some of the best I've ever had and
I had to bring half of them home. 

She just wanted to treat me. 😊 We made one stop at a huge garage sale, and one stop to drop off a birthday gift at her sisters and then to Super Burger for supper. I’ve never seen a fast food place so busy, from the time we arrived to the time we left 30 minutes later. We sat outside at the picnic table and Mildred was able to join us on her leash.  I soon found out why the place was so busy; the burgers and onion rings were delicious!

Sitting outside to eat gave us more room
and Mildred could join us.

She knew I had the was posing. πŸ’“

Robin doesn’t go far without her little companion so Mildred sat either on her lap, my lap or in between on the console. She’s such a good pooch. We were home just before 8:30 and Gibbs ran out to greet us. I’d had a wonderful time getting to know Robin and we had a lot of laughs. It is a nice friendship. Bill and Gibbs had a good time here together in my absence, of course, and the rest of the evening was quiet. 

For those commenters who mentioned dryer lint for fire starters, I have to agree and have used it in the past. I don't like collecting the lint from the Mat - it often contains dog hair and other unknown things. I do bring it home from the Air bnb though, since I'm the one who puts only sheets and towels in the dryer. I have more sawdust right now than lint. πŸ˜ƒ 

It was a lovely evening.
We had turned the a/c off before I left at 5
and opened windows.

We have this sky tonight and for info sake,
Robin's spouse, Andrew, is in Greenland with -12C/10F
Good thing he loves his job! 
Good night!

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Gather, Prepare, Assemble – Relax

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 11th it was quiet when we woke. Aaah. The rain had stopped. 😍It was cloudy first thing and everything looked wet, although there were no puddles in our parking area. The field behind us was looking pretty sad, the winds and rain had flattened a lot of it and other fields around that have the same crop. So much work put into the crops that we sure hope it bounces back with the sunshine.

Good morning!
The fields behind us, at the corner
and along Baptist Church Road were
pretty flat. 

The buildings were looking quite

Bill left first this morning and I followed soon after. The Mat was empty when I arrived until one lady was in and out with her laundry. In an hour, I was ready to leave. I told her it was my fault if we got rain this afternoon as when I looked up, a big spider was making a web over the entranceway. Yeuch, I hate ‘em so with the long arm Swifter I wasted no time and showed him who’s boss. 😊 Victorious!

Now, the Shastas look happy!

And my tomatoes and peppers are too!
Thanking the rain and sun.

I had nothing else to do in town so came home straight away. The clouds were breaking up but I remained inside and worked on my book until noon hour. By end of day, my Photobook is finished but Bill will run through it and look for any errors that need to be corrected. I made myself a cold plate but heated up the leftover liver to eat with it. It was tasty and filling.


I had a plan so went outside with Gibbs and began to gather ‘things’. I have a container of old candles to make our fire starters so brought it over to the bbq. It also contained wax paper, a broiler pan and assorted other ‘tools’.

First, the candles and sawdust shavings

The broiler pan, stir stick,
egg cartons and wax paper

Behind the outhouse, we have a large bag of sawdust shavings that I use as well and so I partially filled a bag of that and brought it over as well to the patio. The Weber lit right away, which doesn’t always happen to me, and I began the process. Melting the wax on medium heat didn’t take long at all and while I waited, I played my online Wordle games. Gibbs sat in the shade beside me the whole time.

Filling the cartons with the shavings first
Melting the candles. it gets poured into the homemade
plastic pourer and the wick and metal ends go in the juice box.

I had 72 of the ‘egg cups’ filled and hardening within a couple of hours. I cut them into separate cups and wrapped them, like Mom used to wrap our lunch sandwiches, until I ran out of wax paper. There’s a memory for ya! 😊 I have 28 more to cut and wrap tomorrow or Saturday and I’ll bag some for Donna at the Acreage. She uses them every time, as do we. The rest of the day was for relaxing and in my gravity chair, I'm really good at that!

Each cup gets doused with the melted wax
and when hardened, i cut them and fold the tops in.
time to wrap! Oh, and yah, it's kind of messy. 

I read some of my book, it’s getting hard to put down, and Gibbs and I checked the empty mail box. He was outside for 90% of the day, with or without me, and when Bill texted at 4:30 that he was leaving work, we waited. He wouldn’t come in until Daddy returned. Bill went straight to the Acreage to get water for our tank as we were scraping bottom.

He never left my side

See? I know how to relax!

For supper, we had leftover pork loin, corn and fried potatoes for Bill and cauliflower for me. It doesn’t look like much on my plate but it was the perfect amount. I’m happy with the scales these days, both Bill and I are getting close to our comfortable weight so not overeating is working. 😊 We cleaned up dishes and Bill was tired enough to just watch a movie tonight.

Look at the size of the dahlias at the gate garden!
They love it out there.

In case you ever wondered. Gibbs still loves all his stuffies.
Today, he dug them all out of his basket, giving them each special
attention. Stuffy, Goober and of course, Moo Cow. πŸ’˜

I’ll finish my blog and probably do the same unless my book draws me first. We had an absolutely beautiful day today. We were able to disconnect from power and take advantage of that gorgeous sun with just a few white fluffy clouds. We reached a high of 26C/78F. Perfect. 

A request from a commenter.
My air fryer is small with just a 
temperature and timer dial.It is a

I’ll have an interesting day tomorrow so pop in tomorrow evening or Saturday, if you get the chance.

Supper was tasty. My broccoli
is turning yellow so I have to get it
eaten. you'll see it on my plate again.
Good night!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

If Yesterday was a Quiet Day, Today Flat-Lined

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 10th, we all started our day slowly. It was going to be day of rain and although it wasn’t steady, it may as well have been. It was windy and wet, yet warm so it was an inside family time. Bill’s job is outside working on a railing for a porch so they weren’t needed today. He was okay with having a day off. We were up around 7:30 and he did a couple of odd jobs in the Suite.

Last night when Bill let Gibbs out,
he remarked on the beautiful sky.
Notice our neighbours upstairs window?
Looks like it is on fire from the reflection.

The bottom screen of our door got replaced and the RV Lock battery was changed. I worked on my Photobook, reliving our 2023/24 winter journey. I love re-reading our trip events, and although I lived it in the flesh, some things had been stored in some recesses of my mind. 😊 It is fun bringing them back to life.

Nope, you're not working today, Mom.

The morning was pretty much a wash out with showers, even up until 2 o’clock it rained. I had my own shower mid-morning too, inside. We had bacon and eggs with toast for lunch and went back to our regular duties. Ha ha, lazing about. Once the winds picked up, we had gusts up to 33 mph.

This pail sits under the eaves from the Suite.
Yesterday, there was only 4" in it. Good plant

Our laneway walk showed
the winds coming from the opposite direction today
than yesterday. Even though from the NE, it was still
a warm wind.
The pond is getting harder to see. πŸ˜”

I talked Bill into watching a movie with me, The Upside, and we both enjoyed it a lot. It was tea time at 4:15 and I took a break from book writing to book reading. The new J.P. book is picking up in action so I’m turning pages quicker. It is unusual for his books to take me so long to get hooked but finally, I’m caught up in it. Gibbs and I walked down after the movie to check the mail and Bill had a parcel waiting for him. The surprise was that, even though it came from the U.S., there was no duty charge.😊 

The geese, even though grown, are very skittish - still.

Gibbs races back up because Daddy is in there.
'Are you coming, Mom?'

For supper, we had half of a small 1.5 lb. pork loin. I picked two up at Walmart for $5 each, couldn’t beat the price. I made a spice rub for it and cooked it in Rosy, the air fryer for 40 minutes. Perfecto! I boiled 3 small potatoes, cauliflower for me and corn for Bill. Everything was delicious, another Sunday meal on a Wednesday. After we cleaned up the dishes, Bill watched one of his movies and I sat to finish my blog.

My daily entertainment.
He hides his face in my shirt but don't kid yourself,
he full well knows that I'm watching him the whole time. 

It is still raining and I sure didn’t get outside much today. Tomorrow looks like an improved day for sure so maybe I’ll get outside more. We had a high temperature of 18C/66F which was mild and would have been beautiful had we had sunshine. PS, the movie we watched is worth a peek, based on a true story.

A wonderful dinner even though
the colour is pretty bland.
Good night!
(Rain, rain, go away)

Thank you for the stop by. Your comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Ridge was Quiet

The Ridge

On Tuesday, July 9th it was 7 before I heard anything. Bill was almost ready to leave when I quickly got up, washed and dressed. He left at 7:15 and I wasn’t too far behind him heading for town. The Mat was empty for a few minutes but before too long, two ladies arrived with laundry. That’s a switch! Usually, it’s men I meet in there. 😊

Good morning!
What a lovely picture across the corn field
down the road.

Today was the day to clean out the Lost & Found box. It was full again. First thing I did was to sort through it, discarding stained or damaged items (including single socks) and loaded two washers. Then I cleaned. By the time I was done my jobs, there was about 15 minutes left on the dryers. I wrote my name on the work calendar and included the extra 30 minutes. I folded the clothes and dropped them at Rethreads at the corner.

I took this last night and I 
wonder if you can see what I see?
This is the stairs up to the bathroom
and bedroom. The bath door is open.

I drove to Foodland to get butter, that was the item I forgot the other day and we were almost out. I hate paying the price here of butter. I stopped at the Water Store (Battery Pro) to fill our jug and returned home. It was already warm, at 16C/62F so when I got back, I closed windows and turned the a/c on. 😊

A walk down the lane to check mail

We didn't feel this breeze much up on the Ridge
but all 3 flags are at attention.

Lots of growth in my gate garden.
I'm so pleased!

Another 28C/84F day was coming our way and best to keep the cool in right from the get-go. We set it at 24C/75F and it is surprising how much of a difference that 4 degrees makes. Bill will appreciate a cool atmosphere after working outside all day. I got lazy and after playing my online games, well, most of them, I kept falling asleep in my chair! It was 11:30 when I forced myself to get up and go outside for a walk around before lunch.

We walked back and he was pretty warm when
we got up the hill.

Here's what he did.
Sat at the top of the corral hill and
caught the breeze. πŸ’—
He's a smart pooch!

I had one of my broccoli/egg cakes and I’m glad I’m not crazy about them as they were a very long process to make. They are fine and filling so I’ll eat the last 4 over the coming days. 😊 At 2 or so, Gibbs and I walked down to get the mail and then we sat in the shade of the tree behind the Bunky. The breeze made it quite nice although the little fur ball kept moving, looking for that perfectly cool spot for a nap.

Here's what I did. Since our
pump from the pond isn't working, I prime my
hand pump and fill the watering cans.
The water comes from our rain barrel, which
is full to the brim and sits right beside where I'm standing.
It works just dandy.
My plants needed watering and the tomatoes and peppers
are looking good.

At 3:30, we came in and I started working on my winter photobook. I have a voucher to use up before October so I began compiling information and pictures. It takes me a while but once I start, it comes quite easy. Bill was home by 4:15, not sure exactly as I was deep into my book making. 

We were quite comfortable in the shade.

And look at who's letting me hold
his 'sore' paw. 😊
I think he has healed it.

For supper, we had raw shrimp with cocktail sauce and Bill had fries while I had the last of my spaghetti squash. Strawberries and whipped cream topped off the meal. They are now gone.

An easy supper and Bill enjoyed his fries.

Good night!

It was a lazy day but a good one all the same. I hope yours was too! I think I'll watch some tv tonight. πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you for the visit.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Beginning a New Week

The Ridge

Monday, July 8th already and although I say time is flying by, it was a nice leisurely weekend. Bill got the call/text last night that Billy needs him for work this week, or at least a few days. Mixed feelings of course, for us, but every little bit helps and he is being very careful working on this outside job. I was up at 7 and within 20 minutes, Bill was on his way.

Good morning!

It was a nice morning for tea outside.

Gibbs and I went outside into the pleasant morning. I took my tea with me and moved the chairs off the lawn with the plan to cut it once it dried. The dew is quite heavy these mornings. At 10, I drove over to M’s for his errand run into town. We made 5 stops, one at my suggestion so I could pick up some bird seed that was on sale at Home Hardware. We were back home by 11:15 and I came in and changed my shoes.

I cut it with the blades on the lowest in the 
hopes it won't need to be done for a few days. 😎
It has been a week since we cut it.

Time to cut grass. Gibbs found the coolest spot to lay was under the Suite where he had shade plus a wee breeze. He didn’t move for the whole 40 minutes. 😊 When I finished, even though the sun wasn’t exactly out in full glory, I was hot and drippy. Just as I went to sit in the shade with Gibbs, Robin called with a favour. She was at a birthday party at the conservation area and wondered if I could pop in to check on Mildred at her house.

She let me walk in through the first two
garages and immediately went out to the middle garage
to just look at me. 

Of course! She was in the first garage, there are 3 joined, and she had the run of the whole area. That is a lot of free space for a teeny 4? 5? pound squirt. She never barked but ran around Robin’s car about 5 times trying to show me who was boss. 

She must have been running around
as her hair clip was falling out. πŸ’–

She wouldn’t come near me until I sat on the step for about 10 minutes and talked to her. Finally, when I asked her to sit, she did and allowed me to walk over and pick her up. Such a little sweetie. Robin said later that she probably wanted me to stay.

I let myself out through their 
car garages. Aren't these 'purty'?

Andrew is working on the red one.
All Chevettes, I believe. 

Back home, I was happy to step into the Suite as I turned the a/c on after Bill left. We knew it was going to be a hot, humid one today – and it was. The sun made appearances (of which you wanted to be sheltered from) and the breeze picked up a bit. Bill was home before 4 and after a change of clothes and a snooze, we went out together.

Gibbs and I walked to get the mail where I found
this for an event that was at the church yesterday. Darn!
Gloria put it in Friday afternoon but didn't put the flag up,
so we didn't check it until today.

The sky looked threatening a few times
but nothing transpired. 
Ha! Look at that evergreen and shed on the left.
They really are standing straight! Honest!

He dumped the black tank, we lasted 18 days this time! I pulled weeds in my small garden out in front of the patio mat. Enough of that nonsense! We offloaded more bags of stones from BB and sat in the shade for a few minutes until it was time to start supper. Bill grilled a pork chop and I fried liver inside for me. We each had salad as our side dish and after a yummy meal, cleaned up and settled for the evening. It was a hot but nice day. 😊

A filling supper, we didn't need dessert. 
We reached 28C/83F today and only dropping to 18C/64F.
A/C will be off and windows will be open. 
Good night everyone!

Thank you for popping in.