Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dare I Complain about the Heat? Nah, We've Waited too Long

The Ridge

Tuesday, May 30th and we have somehow slid incredibly close to the end of the month already. We’ve had a mixed bag of weather but it much improved throughout the latter half and again, has spread some early summer across the land. It’s too soon to be this hot and stay this hot, I will say that without it sounding like a complaint. We’re just not ready for it to stick around for the long haul. 😊

What a wonderful start to our day!

Bill was up and downstairs already by the time my eyes opened to the arrival of this new day. I didn’t have to be anywhere so it was very sweet to sleep in until 6:30. Then, after a kiss and he drove off in Ptooties, Gibbs and I went back to sleep until 7:30! My little snuggle bum beside me, understands ‘go back to sleep’ even without it being said. If we ignore him, he doesn’t bother us.

On the way home, Gibbs heard a big scary noise
behind us at the corner

It was the graders doing the road to the west
He had to keep checking to make sure it wasn't
following us. 

I knew from listening to the forecast this week (hot, hot and hotter), and from experiencing the inside heat yesterday, that today the windows were staying closed. Bill unplugs from power when he leaves but I knew I would most likely be reversing that process to turn the a/c on. I had my tea, played my games and it wasn’t until 10:30 that we went out to water the vegetables and take our walk down the road.

I finally remembered to bring some Iris in the Suite
They look great in our Algodones vase

The pond looking inviting even
though it really isn't. 

I woke up thinking of a project to work on, assuming the bugs and/or heat would prevent me from sitting outside, so did that after our walk. I download daily pictures into a dated folder, as many of you likely do, but I then move them into a general folder eg. ‘Summers’, ‘Snowbird Trips’ (with years and months contained in that folder. I hadn’t moved them since last spring, 2022. Also, my ‘Ladyfest’ folder was neglected and needed those moved from 2021 and on. Now, it’s all done!

Gibbs wasn't the only one opting for shade
today but no flies was a bonus!
I am nursing 3 bites from yesterday!

Nice and cool on the tummy

After I had some lunch, bacon, egg and toast, I turned the a/c on. We’d sat outside for about an hour but there was no breeze at all. I’d finished my book last night, The Friday Night Knitting Club, so started a new one today. It’s written by David Baldacci called Wish You Well. A different type of story for him but very interesting so far. 😊 I worked on the puzzle for a while but left Gibbs inside as it was much nicer indoors for him.

Just after 5, I had my tea and shower, in that order, and both helped to cool me down nicely. Bill was home at 5:45 and when he was ready, he grilled burgers for supper. No cooking inside tonight! 

Our firepit and base all ready for company!
It will be so much nicer to weed trip around this.

My flowering raspberry is looking healthy
the conversation piece sign we have out all summer. 😂

It has been a very quiet relaxing day and the pictures will justify that. Not sure what we’ll get into tonight on tv, perhaps the new episode of NCIS. What a lovely day and hotter tomorrow! The good news is that the black flies seem to be gone. Ssssh. 

Once more the birds are happy.
Oh! I need to find my finch feeder tomorrow.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Payday Means a Big Food Shop, Heating Up

The Ridge

On Monday, May 29th it was a fairly typical start to the week around here. Bill was up early to the alarm and to get ready for another long day at work. I’m sure the work day is already long for him, a retiree, but with the added drive time both ways, it adds on a couple of hours. Today, he took Ptooties because of the distance.

No special pictures today 
so I resort to Ridge pictures

Soon after he left, I also left for my small job. Black Beauty and I went into Durham to clean. There were a couple of machines that had notes so I took the time to see if there was anything I could do. Kaitlin showed me once how to fix one of the problems, but this old gal couldn’t remember what to do once she opened the machine up. Duh, darn memory! I tested the other machine and it worked fine for me so I destroyed the note.

The other day, the whirly-jig was
going to beat the band.
For much of today, it didn't move.

I sent Sandy 2 text; one to order or pick up more paper towels for the hand dispensers and the second to advise of the machine that needs attention. He (they) have been excellent at keeping on top of the issues, not to slight Jamie at all but, cash flow is required to run an operation like this one. 😊 Today, it was 90 minutes so I recorded my time on their office calendar and closed up shop. Because our government pension $ went in the bank overnight, I headed to Hanover for a big food shop.

I sat on the step in the shade for a while.
Gibbs fell asleep on the cool gravel and patio mat 💓

It's a hot day and if I hadn't cleaned first, I certainly would have slipped a summer dress on or shorts at the very least. It was a bigger shopping spree than normal, it seemed like we were either out of, or near to it, a lot of regular staples so I stocked up. The grocery account took a hit and we haven’t even began June yet. LOL Back home, Gibbs helped me unload the truck and put things away. He runs out to check the tires and then in and out with me each trip. 😊

I couldn't get a clear enough picture
for Merlin to identify this bird.
Not sure what he is, but he's regal looking.

All I did after that in terms of ‘work’ was to water the vegetables and newly planted corral finery. I worked on the puzzle for a while, as it was nice and cool in there with the two windows open. Gibbs was Mr. Curious today and twice disappeared up into the field behind the berm while I was in there so he ended up on his leash rope, near water and shade, so I could relax and put some pieces in. Otherwise, I would be up and down to check on him.

There just was no place cool today
so it was nice to see him sleeping.as it meant he
was comfortable.

The rest of the day was lunch at 12:30 and then reading. We moved inside and out, repeat, repeat, trying to find the coolest place to sit. Outside was nice with a breeze later on, but there are still pesky bugs flying in our faces. Even Gibbs was swatting them away. We came in at 5:30 to wait for Bill. Supper just needs to be turned on. Fish, fried potatoes, and a veggie. Easy one tonight.

More sprouts
Good thing I love them

This has been a warm day but instead of using a/c, so soon, we took advantage of free hydro/electric and unplugged from power. The solar panels have had a lot of use over the last 3 weeks. 😊 Every lit bit helps. Happy Birthday to our son-in-laws, Dennis and Cory. I hope you had an enjoyable day!

Cheers to the birthday boys!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. (PS – A. James. Thank you for the offer of the umbrella base but I’m feeling that we’ll find one closer to home. I appreciate it though!)

Sunday, May 28, 2023

First Ride on Jazz and First Visit with Alexander ♥

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 28th Bill was upby 6:15 and getting ready to go flying. I got up at 7 on time to say goodbye and stayed up. It was a lovely looking morning again and a mild 10C/50F to start the day. After playing some games online, Gibbs and I went for our walk to the corner and beyond a bit. I overdressed and had to slip my jacket off before we returned.

Walking west on North Line, away from our home

All irises are beautiful
They are intricately designed, aren't they?

 I worked on the puzzle for a while, watered my vegetables and came inside to get washed. I had some yogourt and then went back out with Gibbs. Big mistake! We are going visiting after lunch so I made the goof of putting on a bit of body spray. The black flies, or whatever they are now, loved it and made a nice sit, very annoying! We came back indoors and since it was close enough to lunch, I got the bacon and eggs out.

This going to be a challenge
but that's what I like!

The next step in the dandelion oil process
Soak heads in olive oil for 2 weeks
in a sunny window

Bacon was cooked when Mr. “I’ll be home by 12” pulled in the lane. Exactly at noon. 😊 However, it took a bit longer than that to get parked and unhooked from the cargo trailer. I started the eggs at 12:05 and my timing was almost perfect. After lunch, he dozed for 20 minutes and we dressed for a ride on Jazz. My first this season. It’s a perfect day for it and we had someplace special to be!

Two sides of waiting for Daddy

My yard sale purchase on Saturday

We rode to Drayton and then on to Krystal and Matt’s home to visit with our new grandson. Alexander is even tinier than I expected, just because you really forget how small babies are! He was in his Daddy’s arms when we walked in and what a sweet little addition to the family. Of course, we took turns holding him, a picture moment, in between his feeding time. Feeding time which, at 12 days old, is in full control of. 😊

It felt good to be back on Jazz

Krystal and Matt's home
Driving through Drayton


After getting a full tummy,
he sleeps on Momma ♥

Grandma gets her turn

A proud Grandpa

We had a great visit, catching up on their news and sharing ours. This parenting role looks good on them both and we couldn’t be happier for them. We left around 4 and had a nice ride home again. 

A photo album for Alexander
I added a few beginning pictures but left lots
of room for new pictures.

It is about an hour so a perfect length of time for us older folk to be on a two-wheeler. Feeling content at home, we decided on a simple meal of grilled cheese sandwiches. I added a thin slice of tomato to mine for a change. I’ll sure be glad when my home-grown tomatoes are ready! These grocery store ‘imitations’ just don’t taste the same.

The happy Duff family

Bill made his lunch for tomorrow and I worked on this posting. This was an awesome day, a perfect Sunday, consisting of a perfect ride and a visit with a perfect baby boy. I hope your weekend also ended on a good note!

And you are
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.

Making Short Work of a Saturday

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 27th we all slept in until 6:30. That doesn’t sound like sleeping in to some of you, but at least Bill didn’t have an alarm to get him up at 5:30 and although Gibbs was awake snuggled beside me for half hour, he didn’t bother his Daddy until Bill made the first move. 😊 I wanted to get into town by 7:30 so got up as well and we all prepared for the day. With the clothes sorted, I left at 7:15 for the Mat.

As I pulled out of the lane,
this family with 12 children,
had just crossed the road.
No enhancement here at all, just
a sun directional change. 

Bill left by 8 to go flying. Two loads in the machines and I was cleaning when Donna walked in. She’d told me that she would stop in on her way to FS Co- op to get plants. When I finished work and laundry, I drove to Foodland for milk, bread and a handful of other things we would need over the weekend. I’ll do a big shopping first of the week in Hanover. Then I nipped across the street where Pamela (at the Co-op) helped answer my questions about pot planting.

Gibbs help me hang the clothes by
not going too far from my side

Often, I look at our home and 
realize how grateful I am for my life.
I love what we're making of it together. ♥

This is the story of Parental Obedience.
It looks like: 'Can you bring Mom that flower pot?'
Instead it is: (in a sterner voice) "Bring Mom that pot!" 

My vegetables all done!
I watered after taking this picture and staked my tomatoes
so the pots are actually cleaned up. I'm a messy gardener!

Ha ha, not ‘pot’ planting but which tomatoes would do best planted in pots. 😊 I’m sure I could figure ‘pot’ planting out if I was inclined to do so! I came home with 4 tomato, 6 pepper and 6 spinach plants. All looking nice and healthy. I also bought a 30-litre bag of 3 in 1 soil, as she suggested, with peat moss in the mix. Back home, I hung the laundry with Gibbs’ help and then I got my hands in the dirt with planting. 😉 It feels great to finally settle something that I’ve been wrestling with.

Well, hello Jack!
My Bridget's Bloom are ready to pop all over
the Ridge too. 💘

Bill wasn’t home by 12:30 so Gibbs and I came inside for lunch and then we went out to water the pots. What was next? Well, not much other than filling the hummer feeders and mixing up an extra batch for refills. Then, we rested. It was around 2:30 that my hungry pilot returned home to us. He’d taken snacks so certainly wasn’t starving. 

This is a story of overcrowding.
These hostas in my big garden need to
relocate. Are there any properties available?

He and Gibbs had their snooze and I went out to work on the puzzle. With the border done, we all drove over to the Acreage for Happy Hour with my sisters and their husbands.

Gibbs occasionally remembers his little bed
He's on leash here waiting for Daddy to come up the lane
He is getting 'better' with the car chasing but with the cargo
trailer maneuvering, I'd rather have him restrained.

A plan was made to meet at Country Corner in Durham for supper at 6:30 so we scooted Gibbs home and drove into town. It was quiet and a nice meal at a normal little family restaurant, in a town where many regulars dine. I had a chicken quesadilla in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. That was new to me and it was delicious! Donna and I ordered the same thing and we had no doggie bags tonight. We were hungry!

Gibbs is very social and will sit on anyone who'll
welcome him. It's easier if you close your legs though! 😅
Right hand picture story: "I am a responsible parent, I am a
responsible parent". Woops!

Back home by 8, we brought the clothes in off the line together and Bill went to the Hangar for a bit. I won’t lie, I’m feeling tired so this post will not be done until morning. Instead, I watched a couple of episodes of Mrs. Maisle. It has been an awesome day and I found some tv to stream before bed. 

Now, I'm spoiled and will want a sun-dried tortilla
with every quesadilla!

The temperature reached a lovely 25C/76F with even warmer days ahead. There was hardly a breeze today so kind of perfect. 😉

Out the window of our home,
the sun was ready to drop below the tree line.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Friday, May 26, 2023

What Did I Get Up to Today? (not busy like Lorne!) 😊

The Ridge

Friday, May 26th I didn’t have to go anywhere. I thought I might take a trip into town but…….since it was so nice, I stayed home. Bill left at his usual 6:30 with a kissy send off from Gibbs and I. I hope he has a fairly easy day. He took Black Beauty today in case he needs to move the work trailer to the next destination for Monday. I also hope it isn’t such a late day for him.

Our day started with a walk
and an encounter with the geese families

I had my tea and yogourt and then Gibbs and I ventured out for our morning walk. I’d stayed inside with him for a couple of hours though, since I was up at 7, I played my online Word games with family and also with Doug and Nancy. 😊 It’s a great way to keep in touch over the summer with these good friends. We share more than just game scores.

The church is his turnaround
Woops, no shade here!

Gibbs enjoyed the walk, following his new ‘usual’ path up to the church, in that parking lot, into the grassy area and then back out to the road. Then home. There are so many sniffs out there and he always reserves a drop or two of piddle for those plants that another pooch has claimed! Walking out the lane at 9 though, I had to restrain him on his leash. 3, count ‘em, 3 goose families were just coming into our lane off the road.

I knew something was in the grass the way he stopped
and kept jumping back
I hope the little frog was okay, he didn't move other
than blinking his eyes

Up here, we let him chase them off the front yard and berm but they are welcome to walk in the lane, he just doesn’t realize that – yet. 😊 They veered into the east pond and swam away peacefully, knowing they were out of reach. I couldn’t count the children but there had to be 10 altogether. Back home, I let him off leash half way up the lane and he raced the whole way, stopping only once to see if ole slow poke was coming.

After my work, WE needed a rest

I got the weed eater/whipper snipper out and lo and behold, it started for me! I had my hat with mesh face cover on since there were a few bf’s still hovering for a bite. I’d also wiped spray on my face as well as Gibbs’, they like him too! I was happy with the job I did in an hour and put it away, red in the face and kapooped. It doesn’t take much anymore to tire me out. Blech! Then we sat and rested together for an hour and came inside. 😊

I never quite realized before just
how tall this corral tree is!
The hydro wires are not as close as they look here.

There’s a little gift project that I’m working on, so it can’t be named, but I worked away until noon when I made a plate of appropriate lunch foods. It was very good and filling. Out we went again and this time, I dug a couple of areas in the ‘dreaded’ corral hill for some phlox. What I planted last spring/fall (?) has taken root so it will be nice to have more purple taking over in there too. It grows even through weeds and rocks apparently.

This is the 'dreaded' hill garden
It looks messy but things seem to be coming up
Soon enough the evening primrose will take over
with colour.
The arrows show where I just added more phlox.
I'll have to water them daily too.

I needed to move a small grouping of hostas from the big garden to planted it in the new east hill garden. I’m feeling a bit proud of what I have accomplished there but I still say ‘if we won enough $$, we’d buy the place and hire someone to come in and landscape the hills in the corral’. Ouch, that would cost a bundle so I’d better buy a ticket. All I have to do is ‘Dreeaaam, dream, dream, dreeam, Dreeaaam.’

A walk to check the mail.
I'm glad Bill cut the fields on Monday,
that gives him a break this weekend.

With that done, I put things away and sat once more with the little boy. He, in the shade, and Mom in the sun. 😊 We make a great team. We filled the bird feeders today, welcoming them all back once more and then we picked some dandelions. A mention on my blogger friend’s post made me curious. I’m going to TRY to make some dandelion oil, not wine, oil. Gibbs helped me pick by sniffing out the good ones and I still left a lot on the berm hill.

Thank you Jackie for the tip.
I looked Dandelion Oil up and the benefits
make it worthwhile to try!

After washing the heads, they are drying in the Bunky. Gibbs stayed indoors while I went out to arrange things in the Bunky. It was looking cramped. Then I got a new puzzle out of the box. First, I took a badly needed shower. A couple of days of yardwork makes Patsy well, you know. Then I started a post and poured myself a Palm Bay cooler. Happy Hour for one.

I let Gibbs off his leash
The first picture is the look "wanna race Mom?"
The second is after the first lap "are you coming?"

The temperature today is a balmy 19C/66F with a very slight occasional breeze. Perfect weekend temps! We sat outside until Bill returned home for the weekend. The Grosbeak is back, feasting and since my hummer feeders are empty, that is next on the agenda. Coming right up!

In a race, form doesn't matter.
Your ears can flop and fly if they need to.
Bottom picture: "Why are you so slow, Mom?"

Still running up along the fence.
It's shady there and he can keep a watch
out for Chippy
Um, he won, by the way.

I don’t know what supper will be, maybe toasted tomato sandwiches. It seems like we repeat a lot of the same thing and the freezer isn’t offering much variety. Bill is very easy to please and as long as his tummy gets filled, he’s a happy man. I got the puzzle border started and sat with Gibbs outside until Bill got home at 5:15 with a bladder of water from the Acreage. Double duty! The evening will be a quiet one, with some tv and Bill will be down in the Hangar to get ready for a morning of flying. It has been a great day!

This is the next big puzzle and
how I have to work on it.
Border pieces are in the middle,
they will be done first. 😂
Good night!

Thank you for popping in. Happy weekend!