Monday, October 2, 2023

A Big Dump! (woops!)

The Ridge

On Monday, Oct. 2nd Bill was up and getting ready for work when I crawled out of bed at 6:15. I’d had a rough night because I had a dream that woke me around 4 am. It was one of those dreams you don’t want to talk about in case it comes true so I’ll leave it at that. Bill calmed me down and I was able to drop back off to sleep, thank goodness.

So, before the day started for me, Bill and Gibbs went out at 5:45. Bill noticed the baby squirrel out front in my small garden. Gibbs noticed him too. With Gibbs inside, Bill went out with a glove and picked him up and carried him down to the Hangar. We're hoping to reroute him away from the Suite. We're both concerned about the little guy, he didn't seem to want to leave Bill. 💗🐹 Later in the day, I put a small container of water down there too. I hope he's okay.

this was on my way home from Durham
Such a pretty country view

It was another warm night for sleeping and I had the bedroom windows open. It only dropped down to 13C/56F last night. 😊 We like that a lot! Today was forecasted to reach 27C/80F, a lovely fall day feeling like summer again. Bill was gone about 10 minutes, if that, when, as I was getting ready I noticed Bill’s phone still sitting on the table plugged into his charger. Woops!

Leaving Durham

What an odd feeling, knowing there is no way he can reach me and visa versa. Wouldn’t you know, today is the day we’re expecting a call (on Bill’s phone) from our top soil/gravel man to advise when he’s bringing a load. So, I left for the Mat at 6:45 with both phones, knowing Bill didn’t have time to come back even if he did remember that he forgot. Strange statement. Remember that he forgot.

Pop, there's the sunshine
now where are my sunglasses?

The Mat was the messiest I’ve seen it in a long time. Of course, and after half hour, Alex called saying they would be bringing the top soil about 8:15. Normally, I wouldn’t be home so I cleared the recycle bin and the garbage can, wiped the tops of all the washers and inside others that were dirty, picked things up off the floors, wiped the tables and scooted out to be home on time. I’ll expect the lint trays to be extra full on Wednesday.

I didn't want to start with this picture but it was my first of the day
I'd say it's a good thing I stopped by!

I didn’t have to wait long when Jim pulled up in his tandem dump truck. A very nice young man, Alex’s son-in-law, and he obliged by dumping half load in the two spots we’d hoped. 😊 That’s a lot of top soil and it’s screened and looking great. I took pictures and sent them to Billy’s phone to show Bill that all was well. It was an inner debate as to whether to go back and finish cleaning but decided it can wait.

Jim was going to back in to dump but
when he got out and I showed him what we wanted,
he drove in instead.

Alex had informed me on the phone that it was a 
challenge to stop half way through the dump,
but Jim had no problem. 😄
It saves us a lot of slugging now.

Gibbs and I went for our walk and already it was feeling quite warm. M had asked if I would be willing to start painting the front wall of his place – which is actually the tenant’s apartment. We’d discussed this in the spring but it just hasn’t happened for one reason or another and it needs sprucing up. First, at 10, we ran into town for 3 stops and then I began painting in the shaded section. It’s about 10’w x 9’h and I finished a double coat by 12:45. I was hot and glad to be done.

Then up on the berm, he dumped the other half load.
Easy peasy.

This pile will help to level and fill in holes
in the upper part of the property.
We're always pulling out HUGE rocks that leave
HUGE holes so this will help.

Tomorrow, I’ll start at 9 and get what I can done before it gets too hot. He knows I’ll quit when I’ve had enough for any reason. Back home, I had an egg quesadilla and just as I was finishing, Bill drove up the lane. A short day for him. He’s on his last week of work so must be getting the ‘itch’ to get things packed up. 😊 With a fair bit of rain around the corner, it will be hit or miss as to when things get done.

The dump truck looks like a Matchbox truck
going through our gate. ♥

We went together, after his snooze, down to the end of the lane and started moving the dirt.  Bill filled the wheel barrow and dumped it into the new garden area he built for me. I spread it as best I could after each dump until it was as full as I wanted it. I’m not totally sure yet what all will go in there but a couple of hostas for sure to start and then more in the spring. We were hot and Bill was looking pretty red in the face so we quit before 4:30 and came up to cool down.

The pond still looks pretty through the rushes

Supervisor and security pooch
on duty - in the shade.

Gibbs sits in the shade in front of
my new little garden

Waiting for him to stop before we head up.

We made a bit of a dent in the pile.
There are holes down here too where Bill cuts
with the riding mower.

More snoozes, all of us this time, until it was time for supper. Leftover pork roast, fried potatoes, mixed veggies and gravy. Yum, it was just as good the second time around. 😊 Apple pie, cheese and whipped cream closed off the meal. We cleaned up and as I wrote my blog, Bill registered online for our travel insurance. That’s one more thing off his list and our minds. Now we know we’ll cross into the US on Sunday, Oct. 22.

It doesn't look like a lot on my plate.....

This has been a hot day, we did reach the forecasted high and have one more day of the same tomorrow.

but I had this to fill me up!
good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunny Sunday or Not? New Experience with My Sister

The Ridge

On Sunday, Oct. 1st we welcomed the new fall month in all it’s glory. Looking out my bedside window at 7:30, it seemed very cloudy. Looking out our eastward facing window from downstairs, it was mostly clear sky. Hmmm, which will win? Bill left for the flying field around 8 and Gibbs and I sat together in my chair while I had my tea.

The cows watched.
Gibbs barked at them when
they came out from behind the trees.
He also backed up from the long grass. 😂
Brave but not too brave.

We did get out for a walk around 10 and we walked to the corner and back. He was very watchful of the cows in the field and they were very watchful of him. It seems all they did was stare the whole time we walked by. Can’t they wag their tails in greeting at least? Ha ha. I guess not. Bossy Gibbs barked at the a few times and didn’t get any response so we moved on home. 😊

It was a funny day
for weather.
Look at that sky.

He took off across the field, not for the shade this time because we were under cloudy skies. A few peeks at the blue sky but it wasn’t looking too good. At least it was mostly warm. I wasn’t expecting bill home for lunch so finished up the last of the spaghetti from the fridge and then readied myself to meet Donna up the road, at the Baptist Church.

The process. Someone had to pick the trailer
full of apples. A lot had been used already.
There people, including Laurie, cutting them into quarters.

We’d made plans yesterday to attend their festival at 1 pm. I walked up, carrying my cider bottle that I just bought at the yard sale yesterday, and within a few minutes was greeted by Jenny while waiting for Donna to arrive. I’m writing this down so I can try and remember their names, not because their identity would be of any interest to you. 😊

Many took turns smushing them in the pails.
Also with the fruit press, anyone could try.

So, Jenny is Gloria and Ken’s daughter and her sister, Jess, was there as well. Gloria is the lady I booked the hall from last year for Bill’s party. We met Laurie from the Going Once, Going Twice store, Mary, Gloria’s sister, Cassie and Kevin from the corner house, Everett, the minister and his wife, Brenda. 

They continued to fill this jug which is where
Donna and I filled ours from.
The minister provided sealer jars if you didn't bring any.

desserts inside for consumption.
a picture of the gathering. It was a nice turnout.
Hi Donna!

All lovely, welcoming people. We enjoyed ourselves for over an hour and a half, filled our jugs with free fresh pressed cider and even had some apple desserts and coffee! Fun!

Then my process. They said boil for minimum 1 minute
maximum 20 minutes because they are wild apples. I boiled for 7 minutes. 
Then put through a sieve or cheesecloth. I did the cheesecloth.
Cool and pour into bottles or jars.
We tasted it after supper and it is delicious!

Donna dropped me back at home (saved me walking carrying the jug!) and Bill had returned from flying AND the Acreage where he’d gone to help them with a couple of things in their Landmark 5th wheel. I did nothing from then on but Bill kept busy, washing the tire covers, putting latches on our entry gates to hold them in place when open and cleaned off the outside of the barbecue.

the cactus ornament I bought at the yard sale.
It looks better from a distance but we like it.
The little squirrel is still here. Here he is sleeping
behind Ptooties wheel. His Momma does not win any awards
in my book!

The unfortunate news is that the baby squirrel is still hanging around. Gibbs and I heard him up in the belly of the Suite – we can’t figure out how, but Momma didn’t rescue the poor thing after all. Bill tried to encourage him to run into the trees but I don’t think he listened. We had a pork roast in Madame IP with potatoes for supper and veggies on the side. Supper was an improvement over last night’s. 😊

Our gates were swinging shut, especially the sunny side one.
So, Bill cemented 2 posts into the ground a few days ago
and today attached hooks to hold them in place. 
Nice job again!

The sky eventually cleared up,
and the tire covers on the line look
a bit daunting for some reason. 

Dessert was Bill’s choice and then after dishes were cleaned up, we settled in front of the tv. What a wonderful day. Back to work tomorrow for both of us and more heat to come our way until Thursday when it is forecasted to all go downhill. LOL

It was a very late supper
but it was worth it.
We finished off the Black Forest
pie/cake. ♥
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!

Gorgeous Day and Special Birthday!

The Ridge

On Saturday, Sept. 30th we end the month with another family birthday. This one special because it is Bill who slips into the ‘uphill?’ or ‘downhill?’ slide of a decade. 😊 We are positive people and believe that every day is a blessing and each year forward is a gift no matter what it brings.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

The birthday boy started his morning doing what he loves, almost most of all. Of course, spending time with Gibbs and I are number 1. Ha ha, those are my words. I left to go clean the Mat and Bill left soon after to go to the flying field. This would be the last weekend that his Saugeen Flyer friends will be going as they camp at a park nearby and pack things up on Thanksgiving. It’s an end to this year’s flying for this group.

This was Friday night's moon in the east,
shining bright and beautiful over the Ridge

However, a new season of flying will start up come November in Arizona so he isn’t too disheartened. I had a good morning as well. The Mat took an hour and a half after doing the lint in the big dryers and doing our 2 loads of laundry. I stopped at the Water Store to fill a jug and then at a garage sale in a storage unit. That was different and challenging, as things were piled up all over.

Helping but security duty was in the
shade of our clothing.

Gibbs hitailed it across our front field
on the return from our walk and found shade.
He was hot, to say the least!

Not only was it cool, but it was wet
with freshly cut grass.
He ran up to the Suite and luckily
it all fell off.

The lady was our age and alone so quite difficult for her to pull stuff all out for better advertising. I found a few things and Donna also stopped later and found a few things so hopefully she had good enough sales to make it worth it for her. Too bad she didn’t have family to help.

It’s a beautiful sunny day so I brought the clothes home to hang, although there wasn’t a titch of breeze that would make the flying great for Bill but not so much for clothes drying! 😊 When Bill got home before 1, we had lunch and then hopped on Jazz for what will possibly be our last ride together. I didn’t get out much with Bill this summer but each one is a treat and today was perfect for that too.

The birthday boy

I've been meaning to get a picture of this
tree with it's bright red jacket
I have a few favourite trees along my route
as you can tell. 😀

Just a small bag today so it will
fit in the bike bag

Fueling up, a whole $14!

Not knowing our destination other than a Pet Valu stop for Gibbs’ food, we just rode. In Walkerton, Bill suggested going as far as WhiteChurch to stop in on Gayle and John but since it was intended as a surprise, we were the ones surprised to find them not home. Oh well, now we know where it is and will get back to see the new home before we leave for the south.

I was going to move something on their
porch but didn't want to freak them out!

No mistake whether we had the right house!

We were home by 5:30 and after 3 hours on that seat, my butt was sure numb! Even with the fluffy seat cover! But(t) I enjoyed the ride very much. Different roads and views. We had a simple birthday supper, grilled cheese sandwiches, and then popped over to share in Donna and Gerry’s campfire. Maybe the last one of those too. Next weekend will be cooler and pack up time for them too.

Bill's supper.
Only the dessert was special but
he was quite happy with the simplicity of it all!

The first picture I took of the
Harvest Moon coming up was
very eerie.

Then once it rose, the reflection in
the pond looked very Octoberish. 😃

It was 10 when we returned home and we stayed up for half hour before we were falling asleep. All that fresh air! Gibbs was a good boy all day. We did our normal walking and playing outside and of course, cuddling in my chair. Bill had a great day too and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook, texts, phone calls and in person. We had a very warm day, reaching a summery high of 25C/77F. Perfect!

The card Gibbs made for his Daddy

Talented little guy, huh? 💖
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!

Friday, September 29, 2023

A Self-Induced Friday

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 29th we can feel the end of the month chomping at the bit. It’s crazy how fast the days are whizzing by when you look at them as a whole. Yet, each individual day doesn’t seem to be going fast while I’m in the moment. They seem quite perfect, actually. 😊 So, today, I had no outside work, no reason to drive into town and that was kind of nice.

What a great morning for a walk.

Gibbs and I got up to say goodbye to Bill at 6:30 and crawled right back into bed. It wasn’t a late night for me, but it was sure a dream-filled morning. Between 4:30 and 6:30, they just seemed to bump into each other. Stupid ones, with odd choices of participants. People I hardly know. Weird, weird, weird. I dropped off again after he left and my last hour was pretty peaceful.

I love our fields when they have been freshly cut.
Bill cuts between the fence and the road too,
making it look even nicer.

I had my tea and we went for our walk, past the corner this time staying on North Line. It was a lovely morning, only 10C/51F, but that is pretty pleasant for a walk. 😊 Back home, I cleaned up the flies at the door and window ledges with my little handheld vacuum ($3 at a garage sale!) and then dusted downstairs. There wasn’t much to do, which was nice.

The walk up the lane makes e
appreciate the shade

Next on my agenda was a fun project. I printed off a couple of family photos for framing. We’ve been trying to get 5 x 7’s from each of our kids, and it has been a challenge. It’s hard when they don’t live in the same house plus when there is so much going on. I understand but I did get 2 more in frames today with just 2 left to go. I can always swap them out down the road but we finally want to have them hanging in the Suite.

Hibiscus #20

Gibbs and I sat outside and he and I were entertained with a baby red squirrel under the trailer. LOL I felt so bad for him as he certainly seemed lost. Where is his Momma? Gibbs was very good and stayed away (after the initial toss & play) and the little baby was just fine. Eventually, after I got a 5-minute video, his Momma came and they both disappeared. Good, I hope it wasn’t up into the belly of our home though! Only time will tell.

This is hard to see but it is a piece of red
tape that has come loose under the trailer belly.
The little squirrel was either playing with it or
trying to climb it. See him in front?
My video showed him running to catch it,
around it and jumping at it as it blew in the wind. ♥

I thought it was a baby Chippy until he came and rested on the mat.
He looked exhausted and slept there for a while.
Now I know it is a baby red squirrel.

Later, we heard his Momma come looking for him.
She searched under the stoop and even up to our door.
I hope they have run off somewhere together. 

Bill was home around 3 and after sitting for a while, we all went over to the Acreage for a bladder of water. 

Gibbs and I sat out and enjoyed the
lovely day and entertainment until Daddy came home.

Fish and chips for supper wouldn’t take long. I let Bill have the chips and I reheated the last of the spaghetti from the other night. It isn’t a ‘blendable’ meal but I’m the one eating it so as long as I’m happy! Plus, it cleans it up from the fridge when there isn’t enough for 2 meals. 😉

A mishmash meal but a filling one none-the-less.

It all tasted just fine but we had no room for dessert. This has been a nice day for me although Bill had a rather nasty job today with Billy. Cutting a hole in a cistern, 41"w x 55" h x 8.5" thick, is tough and he came home looking quite the worse for wear – enough that he removed his clothing out on the stoop! A good reason to live in the sticks! Monday's job will be breaking that chunk of cement up into pieces. 😟 I hope your day was much better than that!

I didn't want to miss the sky tonight
so left is facing east.
the right photo is facing across the pond to the north.

This one is across the berm to the farmer's field
and turbines to our south

And my favourite is from up on the berm
facing across our lot to the west.
Good night sunshine!

Thank you for stopping around today.