Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Couple of ‘Lasts’ for Now, Lovely Spring Day

Park Place RV Park

Sunday, Mar. 26th was starting the last day of the week or the first day of the week, depending on how you look at it. For me, after a working career, it was the last day as Monday started our work week.  It was a tad cool to start but we were all up by 7:30 and Gibbs and I got out for our walk at 8. I didn’t need much for a jacket under those sunny skies.

Last night, while i finished my blog
my chair was being saved for me - I think

This Prickly Pear cactus is one
I've been watching each day on our walk

After our walk, I headed over to the clubhouse. Nancy and I had a puzzle to get working on. She’s leaving in the morning and wants to take it with her. We had a bit of help from 2 young boys who came in to the clubhouse. Cute kids on March break, here with their dad. 😊 They put some of the dog faces together and then left us to work on it alone.

This morning's walk

It was fun to do together!
Darn the overhead lights!
Nancy's pix might be better
on her blog here

You know we had to finish it before we left so by 11:30 we took pictures and walked away. It was fun and one of the ‘lasts’ for this season. Nancy and I working on a puzzle together is one of those special moments I treasure. Bill had done a couple of jobs around the Suite, inside and outside, and I had packed my paints back under the bed. I’ve already painted the ‘last’ rock this trip.

Lori and I had 
blended margaritas - Yum

After some lunch, a toasted keto cheese and lettuce sandwich, Gibbs and I went for another short walk. I took some painted ‘creations’ over to place in the clubhouse and since Adele and Dora were there, I also gave them the two I made for them. The girls were playing poker pool and invited me to play. Of course, I joined in. My last game is just around the corner so I am enjoying the extra games.

Yum, the Al's combo house favourite

Five of us played until 3:30 and I returned to walk Gibbs once more. Bill was all ready to go for supper so I changed into clean clothes as well. After picking Nancy up, we met Roland and Lori at Silly Al’s for our ‘last’ pizza this season. We treated ourselves and had margaritas, rum and beer. Why the heck not? My Al’s combo pizza was delicious and I brought half of it home, as usual.

Good friends sharing conversation
over good food

This place is always busy busy

We said our goodbyes and that was it for this year. The last time we’ll see those two until the fall. It’s amazing how many friends we’ve made in this lifestyle. We all understand each other and realize how important it is to nurture these friendships. I’m so glad we were able to have one more visit. We dropped Nancy off and came home to watch tv together. Gibbs was happy to see us, as usual.

Two Reflections just down the row from us
Hey! One is Nancy's 😃
Good night

Another great day on the record. Thank you for the visit.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

An Unscheduled Game, Puzzling with Nancy

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Mar. 25th the day was pretty normal to start. We had clear blue skies and the morning temperature was around 43F/6C. Bill put the furnace on for a couple of run throughs and once it warmed up inside, shut it off. He had nothing going on today so it was a resting day for him. 😊

Today's morning sky picture
Plus the blue dot

After my tea, Gibbs and I went for our walk around the outside park perimeter. The sun was warm and temps increased rapidly throughout the morning. I texted Nancy at 9:30 to let her know I was going to work on the puzzle and after making a coffee, I met her at the clubhouse. This one should be done after lunch, especially with both of us working at it. Susan joined in with a few pieces too.

Lunch was tasty but I should have had
more good fat as I was hungry mid afternoon

At noon, we parted ways after making plans to meet later for a game of poker pool. First, I finished the puzzle with the girls and then uncovered the pool table. Nancy and I started one of her puzzles and it looks like fun. We have one day to finish it! We were expecting Sheila to join us for a game, but she went somewhere with her hubby so it was Adele, Susan, Nancy and I for 2 ½ hours of play.

The last of the puzzles in 
the box of 10
All beautiful pictures and fun puzzles to work on

Nancy won’t be here to play on Monday so we thought this would be a good idea. Plus, I get an extra game in before we leave! I placed second behind Susan who wins 9/10 times but it was enough to give me a boost. 😊 The thing I seem to be lacking is my shooting power. My aim is not the greatest but it is the ‘punch’ at which I shoot that needs work. We all had fun and shortly after 4, went our separated ways again.

And this is Nancy's puzzle
Cute, huh?

This morning, I made a No-Bake pineapple cheesecake and after lunch took Nancy over a couple of pieces for her dessert. I also took half a doggie muffin over for Cooper. Back home after our game, I took Gibbs for his walk and then we sat with Bill to read. Bill finished James Patterson’s, The Red Book, and I made progress with mine, called Summer House. Another good J.P. story.

Smoked ribs - yummy!!

Nancy offered us some of her smoked pork ribs for supper. We reheated them on the Weber with sweet & sour sauce and inside I cooked a vegetable each with potatoes. It all tasted great, thank you Nancy, and our dessert was yummy as well. Easiest cheesecake I’ve ever made! After dishes, I wrote my blog and we had the tv on in the background. Not too much on tonight.

And a light delicious dessert
Good night everyone!

What a great day! Thank you for popping in.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Admitting Defeat, Beauty Day, Nancy Arrives!

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Mar. 24th we were all up by 7 am, Bill was first. I had my tea first thing and then had my shower. Gibbs and I went for our walk after Bill left for Jim’s. Today, they were working together at the Hangar, moving planes from the mezzanine down to the mail level. At least, that is my understanding. 😊

Gibbs leads the way on our walks

At 9:15, I walked over to the clubhouse – and the puzzle. I sat for a few minutes looking at it before coming to a decision. There was no way this was going to get finished by my hands and everyone who has come in and looked at it, agreed that it was an ‘impossible’ puzzle to complete. Into the bag it went. I marked on the box that it was not completed and that it is missing at least 4 pieces. Bummer.

The last puzzle in the box is
another pretty picture
These were fun to do!

To keep my confidence up, I got the last puzzle out of the box of 10 and immediately went to work on the border. It is only 500 pieces so it will be done in no time but it is exactly what I needed. Successes. 😊 Adele joined me around 10 and together we made progress. I had the easy part and completed the lower half before noon hour.

But also fairly easy, especially the 500 pc ones

We had bacon, eggs and toast for lunch and I have to admit to enjoying this keto bread. I’m glad I found it but likely I won’t find it back home. Another bummer. Bill was busy this morning after he returned from the hangar. He greased the wheels on the Suite and when he found 3 low, he crawled under again and topped them up. I cleaned up the dishes and went through the cupboards while he finished.

Nancy comes to visit 💖

I was on my own mission, looking for a couple of things and then I took a few hair and makeup items over to the Free table in the clubhouse. I carried on with the puzzle and that’s when I saw Nancy and her family pull in. It was 3 o’clock so she made good time and I went out to greet her. 😊 I texted Bill and he came out and went with her while she got set up. It’s always so nice to see her!

When I want to take a picture, I say "Wait"
Gibbs stops and waits for the click of the camera

We had a brief visit in our gazebo and she gave me my shingles pills that she picked up in Mexico for me. Thank you, Nancy. Gibbs and I went for our walk and he got his numerous pets from Sheila, Randy, Adele, Robert and Mike (?). He was a happy pooch, well, he always is a happy pooch. 😊 We had grilled bacon cheeseburgers for supper and an ice cream cone for dessert.

The  burgers were thick and delicious
However, the buns haven't been as good
falling apart. Good thiing these were the last two!

This was a really nice day, made even nicer by seeing Nancy return on her way through to California. We reached a high temp 70F/22C with a light breeze. I hope your spring day was truly that, spring-like!

I found the last 2 cones in the cupboard today
and they also were in pretty poor shape
but still tasty.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Almost the Win! Another Nice Day

Park Place RV Park

Bill, Gibbs and I slept in until almost 7 on Thursday, Mar. 23rd. That was a surprise to us adults. 😊 It was a bit cooler this morning so Bill flipped the furnace on for a run through and we went about our morning business. He showered and left for the field at 8. He didn’t go to fly, (although I'm sure they wish they did, it was so calm) but instead to help the few members load up speakers and to pack away chairs and tables for the summer season. It’s too hot to fly for those who stay here all year.

Good morning!

I took Gibbs for his walk, or visa versa, and then at 9:15 went to the clubhouse to join the ladies for one of my last pool games of the season. All things are wrapping up but I know there are a few ladies who will be here all summer and will still play. Today, there were 6 of us and Patti and I (usually the biggest losers) were in kahoots and managed to come in second! Yay! I was dealt really good cards for once!

In just over a week, the Arco diesel
has gone from $4.09 to $4.19 
to $4.35 to $4.45 and now down 
to $4.39. It needs to stay down. 

At noon, Bill and I had lunch and then we sat together both inside and out in the gazebo. Gibbs rang the bell that hangs on the door at one point so Bill took him out. He was obviously just playing games as he sat, then rolled onto his back for a Daddy tummy rub. I laughed from inside because he had no intent to piddle. Who’s the boss? 😊

Gibbs rings the bell to go out for a piddle
But really just wants to play with Daddy

For lunch, I had toasted keto bread
with natural peanut butter and sugar free
It's nice to eat bread without all the carbs

I stretched out on my lounge chair in the gazebo and read for a while with Gibbs dozing in between my legs. I told you that he gives us chuckles every day, didn’t I? 

Family time outside

Gibbs sleeps on my lounger with me

For supper, Bill grilled sausages and cooked baked potatoes on the Weber. Inside, I cooked pepper squash and mixed veggies. Yum, that was a nice meal and we had some ice cream for dessert after skipping it last night.

The clouds before the sun sets

We watched our Swamp People programs, first the gators and then the Burmese pythons. It’s crazy the risks they take but fun to watch from our comfortable chairs. Today, we’ve touched base with friends, Judy and Gary, who have been in Mexico with my sister for the winter. They will be in the Q at some point for a meet up and yesterday, we heard from our friends, Lori and Roland, for one more meal out.

I hope this little character never changes

Tomorrow, we will be seeing our friend, Nancy, again so there will definitely be some good visits in there too. It’s all good but it does mean saying a few more goodbyes as well. This has been a warm day, reaching 68F/20C under sunny skies. The white fluffy clouds were an accent, making for lovely pictures. 😊

Supper was delicious
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hump Day, Got a Walk In, Frustrating Puzzle, Birthday

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Mar. 22nd we were all up by 7:15 and having our breakfast. Tea and a banana smoothie for me, cereal and coffee for Bill. Gibbs stuck to his water and kibble, although he didn’t eat much. I took him for our walk and then I sat to play my games. Bill got involved with registering his planes so around 9:30  I decided to walk to the Dollar General.

Gibbs and I played my online Wordle games 
while I had my tea
He was a huge help 💕
We all know 2 heads are better than one

I listened to my podcast on the way up and found a few things worthy of bringing home and walked back. 

There's the blue dot again
Pretty picture, huh?

It was a lovely walk with a lot of spring things happening. There were a few flowering bushes along the walk so I had to stop for pictures, of course. 😊 Back home, I could see that Coffee Hour was over so at 10:30, walked over to see what I could do on the puzzle.

Spring has sprung
I'll see this in bloom before we leave

Every where I looked, the bushes were coming
to life
Red, orange

I spent an hour and a half and found only 3 ‘sure’ pieces while Gerald practiced pool. I might have had more success if I’d played a game with him although he is very good so I doubt that! For lunch, I had a plate of meat, cheese, yogourt, avocado, olives and cottage cheese and then I went back over for another go. It was either going to keep me puzzling OR it was going to get packed up with me admitting defeat. I did find one of the pieces I thought was lost so that was good.

Yellow and purple

Gerald and Suz (who was on duty) played pool and for someone who says she hasn’t played for 20 years, she was very good. I’m glad I didn’t hop in for the challenge, again! 😊 At 3, I’d done enough and moved the puzzle and remaining pieces onto a sheet of Bristol board. Now the ‘kids’ can start another if they want to, I tried to leave them room. Who knows what I’ll do with it tomorrow?

Still trying to find the dark pieces that fit
The girls have given up on it, I guess

Back home, I had my tea and watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy before Gibbs and I went for our walk. The wind was a tad cool but short sleeves was all I needed. We reached a high of 66F/19C and the sky was blue with a few puffy white clouds. Lovely day. For supper, we had leftover hamburger helper with a vegetable making it an easy meal to prepare.

What a beautiful sky

Our afternoon walk
Not only are the Ocotillos greening up
they are in bloom on the other side of the fence 💓

Tonight, we watched Farmer Takes a Wife – it wasn’t on the other night after all – it was a rerun. We’re enjoying this program, the farmers are so humble even though some of the women are still drama queens, similar to the Bachelor choices. 😊 It’s entertainment. This has been an easy going day and the winds haven’t been too bad. Warmer days ahead and that is always nice to see. 

Supper was good
I really love the sprouts!

This morning we placed a call to our good friend, Colin, in B.C. to wish him a happy birthday. Unfortunately, he wasn't available to answer so we left him a very sweet singing message. 💘

Happy Birthday, Colin! 💘🎉🍰
Good night!

Thank you for the pop in.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

They Weren’t Wrong, Trying to Help!

Park Place RV Park,

On Tuesday, Mar. 21st there were no surprises with the weather. The forecasters were pretty much bang on today. The rain didn’t amount to much even though it showed an 88% chance of precipitation. I guess they were 88% right, since it did rain here and there. Bill and I left Gibbs in charge and at 8 we drove to Parker for some groceries.

There IS grass in the desert this year

There are still pretty flowers too

Walmart wasn’t busy yet so we skimmed through pretty quickly, catching a checkout line with no one in it. That’s rare! It was raining lightly as we walked to Black Beauty. We got everything on our list and then I ran into CVS for another item before heading back to I-95. Bill stopped at the post office to mail our 8840 form and ACE hardware for some spray foam for a couple of jobs.

We love the desert in any form

When we stopped at a water station, I was trying to help Bill by making room on the back seat floor for the 5 gallon jug. I was reaching into the back seat to move some of the bags of groceries, not realizing just how heavy they were and how awkward my reach was. When I sat back in my seat, I could feel that I’d pulled a muscle (my latissimus dorsi to be exact). Man, did it hurt and I was uncomfortable the whole way home.

Now you know where this muscle is too
I'll remember it

We were home before 10:30 and I took 2 XS Tylenol and put groceries away. I sat in my recliner with Gibbs and waited for the meds to work and even dozed off for a bit. 

A new bread I found
at Walmart

After a toasted egg sandwich on Keto bread for lunch, I decided to keep moving and went to the puzzle. It is hard and I only have these 2 weeks to finish it. I will be taking it back home with me for family to work on.

I don't even want to think that these 6 pieces are missing
But.............I haven't found them yet. 

Only 3 ladies were playing Pokeno, one was Patti. I’m glad to see her getting back into the groove now that Rick is settled and improving every day. At 3, when they left, I also walked back home. Bill dropped off to sleep while I watched my game shows and then Gibbs and I went for our windy walk. Half way, the rain drops started again, enough to return us back the way we came. I’m melting! Haha

This was our sky for the most part today
but you can see the sun is trying

The winds picked up after lunch and the gazebo was bouncing like one of those castles. With the wind coming from the south, mostly, it was pretty sheltered so we didn’t have to worry about it. The clouds were dark even though the sun was trying to make an appearance off and on. The winds will be with us until the wee hours of Wednesday.

Dessert not desert

For supper, we had hamburger helper and a veggie. The treat was that we bought some Tillamook ice cream today so we had some for dessert. We haven’t had any in the freezer since we came down. 😊 This has been a good day! I hope you have enjoyed your first day of spring too. By the way, my muscle has improved and after I take a couple more Tylenol, it should be good by morning. Fingers crossed!

Emphasis on REALY creamy.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.