Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Yoga Poses, Sun sitting, Up, Up and Away, Last Day

La Posa South LTVA

On Wednesday, Nov. 30th the day started off the same as our last 7 days have. We got up together a bit later though. It was almost 8 when we were making the bed. 

What felt cool when I started out,
warmed up and  I returned with my jacket undone

I got dressed and took little Lazy Leroy (oh yah, we have all kinds of names for him ) for his walk. It lasted less than 10 minutes and when we returned, Bill was just hopping in the shower.

Here you are witnessing the
4-legged "I've gone far enough" stance
The stick straight shadow tells it all

You've seen our front yard
this messy brush is our back yard
with a young Saguaro fighting for space and sun

I’d debated waiting to go further but since he was occupied, I decided to get my morning steps in. One of my commenters asked “Magic Circle?” after others had commented about me getting lost back in that ‘neck of the woods. So, here is an explanation, of sorts. Beyond us, further to the southwest, is a 3 ½ mile area for campers willing and wanting to live in a clothing optional campground. 😉

I hope you can read this
There are a few signs spread to the various

I prefer clothes, well, unless I’m on the Ridge – alone – or with Bill, so even though in the morning I wouldn’t come across any nudists, I have no need to enter. I found a Labyrinth of the circle but wasn’t at a good enough angle to get a picture. They have also set up a 9-hole disc golf course as well, which is pretty cool. They used to have a much smaller area but, when it was discovered how clean they kept the area, they were offered more land.

Speaking of which, La Posa South and probably most LTVA and blm land campers practice the ‘take out what you bring in’ motto. I never see garbage around here. That says a lot! 

It was a pretty morning
The mountains, some in sun and some in black shadow

This morning, some of my pictures feature yoga poses but not any that I’ve done. See if you agree when you look at my few saguaro cacti pictures that are filtered through the writing.

This has to be 
'Downward Dog'

I returned home with about 4,500 steps in and planned to get out later to at least reach my 6,000 daily step goals. This was a wonderfully hot day for our last one so I planned to spend a lot of it outdoors with my book and some of it with my sweeties. We had our drinks and breakfast together and then we went outside. Bill was in no hurry to pack things up outside as we would have a couple of hours in the morning to do that before pulling out.

Here we have a few more poses
Sky reaching pose in the back
Maybe Child's pose in the middle
Mountain pose in the front left

This pose? This is me after an hour of Yoga
The "I can't do anymore stretches!" pose 😉

He got his drone out and after charging the battery, took it up to get some pictures over our area. I like it when he does that. His pictures are at the bottom of my post.

A lazy afternoon, just what we all wanted

Gibbs was outside with me a lot of the day and around 3, we went for our afternoon stroll. That turned into a longer walk than he has made in a while. I was duly impressed! I let him walk and sniff as much as he wanted and it was Gibbs who made the decision to go indoors.

A quiet afternoon doing our own thing together

What is that, Daddy?
It's been a while since Gibbs has seen it

Since it's our last day, I'm glad Bill got his drone out

It's up there but hard to see until he brought
it down a few feet

Instead of a cup of tea, I poured myself a Diet Mountain Dew and started my post. For supper, we’re having fish and chips so Bill can put the barbecue away. It goes into the basement first so I try to plan a meal the night before travel that doesn’t require grilling. 😊 

Fries and pollock filets

For dessert, of course we had to have pumpkin cheesecake. This has been a wonderful day, reaching 68F/20C and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

Gibbs checking out the drone
really close

Bill had the drone take a few pictures

I finished my Kill Alex Cross book this afternoon so will move on to the next one. We’ve had a great time here in the desert, even without power, but we’re both ready for the ‘royal treatment’ of hookups. The evening was quiet, spent together, which is the best way.

This rv is across the wash (in the middle)
behind us

This is us in the front
The dark lines you see in the pictures are rocks

Us again in the front

A wider angle of the desert around us
I hope you enjoy the view as we do
Good night!

Thank you for your visit on our last day in La Posa South!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Another Town Trip, Quiet Day

La Posa South LTVA

On Tuesday, Nov. 29th we are enjoying our last 2 days here in the desert. We were up by 7:30 and Gibbs and I did the walk. It was another short one so I dropped him at home and went out again. The sky was clear blue again and with a cool breeze first thing, it felt cool. Cool enough that I needed to return inside for my mini gloves.

My shadow was happy to 'go the distance' with me
this morning

This is a gathering of the buses, I guess
I'm sure there will be more coming!

I met a fellow rv’er from Niagara Falls, Ontario and we chatted for a few minutes before I made my way home. By the time I returned, 50 minutes later, I was warmed up and couldn’t wait to shed my layers. It was still only 50F/10C. The sun warms it up so quickly here. 😊 I joined Bill with my tea and breakfast, the last of my oatmeal – darn – and then Bill took a drive into Satellite Advantage and a few other places.

You tell me, what do you see?
I see a fellow leaning on a post, waving

Gibbs and I stayed home and played my Word games online and got caught up on our friends’ blogs. He was looking for something in particular for his hobby and after relaying to me what he’d seen at Goodwill, we decided we’d have lunch and both go back in for another look. I was also looking for a yoga mat since I left mine at home. I’m not getting into ‘yoga’ per say but do want to be able to do some morning stretches either inside or outside.

I was happy for the hat today
that sun was beating down!

Gibbs had a Daddy thing going on
He wanted to sleep in his shade 💗

I found what I was looking for for $4 and Bill picked up what he’d seen earlier. A charging cord, something that got forgotten back home in the Hangar. We then went back to the Army/Navy Outpost where I found Polarized sunglasses. My new glasses are a different shape, bigger and squarer, so I needed to find some covering shades that fit at a reasonable price. I found a pair and so that was two bonuses today.

a plate full of goodies
for my lunch

We returned home and relaxed for the remainder of the day. The neighbour behind us walked over with her dog (a Jack Russel/Poodle mix) to chat about our weather station and we talked about many other things beyond that. A nice lady and her husband is new to the radio controlled airplane hobby. Bill will probably connect with him at some point before we leave. Gibbs and the pooch got along swimmingly, by the way, after the first excitable meet and greet.

When we came inside, we all snoozed
I stretched out on the couch and Gibbs
had to lay on the arm above my head
Mama's turn

For supper, we had leftover sloppy joe ‘mush’ over rice, ending with a pumpkin cheesecake that I made this morning. Everything was very good. The cheesecake turned out pretty good although it didn’t set as much as I thought it should. Although I know I made one over the summer and it was the same so we’ll enjoy it anyway.

This was good on rice

We watched The Voice and a pre-recorded NCIS: Hawaii on our pvr. That was our evening. This has been a great day.

No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake
Still using pumpkin from the freezer 

It was yummy for dessert
Good night!

Thank you for popping in. Your comments are always welcome.

Monday, November 28, 2022

A Trip into Quartzsite, Winds Return

La Posa South LTVA

On Monday, Nov. 28th Bill was up ahead of me. I heard his phone making noises, notification noises, and once he got up to see what it was, he just stayed up. It was barely 7 am. I stayed in bed with Gibbs until 7:30 and then we went for a walk. He went as far as he wanted and turned around. No, he isn’t scared of anything, he has no problem walking on the stones or the sand, he just wants to get a few steps in and go home. 😊

Clouds can easily make the picture

And today they sure did

I dropped him off and hi-tailed it towards the mountains to the south of us. Just in that direction, I had no intention of going into never-never land. Bill asked if I’d walked yet back to the Magic Circle to see their big event tent but the last time I did that, we got lost. At least lost enough to give me palpitations so I have only returned once to see if I could find my way back. Obviously, I did. 😊

It was a nice walk again this morning

I managed half of my steps this morning and returned home. It was going to be a windy day, gusts to 20.6 mph, with wispy clouds appearing over us throughout the day. It wasn’t a full covering so it still warmed up to 73F/23C. It would have been very hot without those gusts! We had our morning brew and then I hopped in the shower. We have plenty of water for the next 3 days so I stretched my shower out in a timely fashion.

I got a kick out of this sign
at The Pit Stop

Bill and I drove into town for a few things. Propane for the Suite, fuel for Black Beauty, a new Sunhat for Pat, groceries at Roadrunner for meals, the post office and we took a walk through Tyson Wells before heading back home. It was lunch time and since we hadn’t eaten yet, we were hungry. Did we buy anything? Yes, we did. Bill picked up some led lights at the K & B tent for the basement and I bought some extendable fridge bars.

At the Surplus Outpost store
I found my new hat
Bill helped me pick a colour and I love it

Our silverware drawer is very wide and we use two trays side by side. As much as I love the space it gives us, they don’t fit securely from front to back and I’m constantly pulling them forward to the front of the drawer. This past summer, Bill had mentioned finding a piece of wood to fit across there to hold them in place but he didn’t have any luck. So! The bars were not for the fridge, this time. It is a double bar system and extends to the 23” we need. 😊 Happy camper here!

Our cutlery drawer
If the two trays were identical, it would be better
but for now, the extension bars will work great

We also drove around to Park Place RV Park once more to get the correct mailing address for post office deliveries. I’d dropped our Christmas cards off with the wrong P.O. box on the return address. Darn! It just meant sending an email to the family members in case they wanted to send cards and I did that when we returned.

The Ocotillo out here are still
not green

After a couple of cinnamon buns each for lunch, I went for a short walk with Gibbs and then a longer one on my own. My phone app sent me streamers of congrats when I bypassed my goal of 6,000 steps and then more when I returned home with 8,000. I installed the app on Bill’s phone so he can keep track as well. He just has to remember to carry his phone with him!

For supper, I had thawed a pound of ground beef and will find something to fill our tummies. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy was on at 5 so I watched that before starting the ‘something’. At 6, you’ll be pleased to know that the ground beef turned into a good meal. A sloppy joe of sorts but with my own ingredients and even Bill suggested his own touch. I added celery, onions, mushrooms, thickener and then his brown beans. 😊

Just before supper, the sky was showing off again

On the side, I cooked a section of pepper squash for myself and then we had the whole mixture on hamburger buns that I bought today. We both enjoyed it very much and it was quite filling. The Voice was on by then and we watched that while doing dishes. We didn’t need the generator on to prepare the meal but Bill turned it on at 7 for a few hours. This is our tv night. What a great day!

Our hamburger meal was very good
and we have leftovers! Yay!
good night!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hot Day at 66F/19C

La Posa South LTVA

On Sunday, Nov. 27th we mostly all got up together. Gibbs and I were ready to leave the Suite for our ‘lazy boy’s walk’ when Bill was getting up. It was another beauty of a morning at 43F/6C and we went through the same little routine. He did his little dribbles on many of the little bushes and a pooper doper before letting me know in no questionable terms that it was time to go home. 😊 I just laugh at him and call him lazy as we head towards our site.

Heading towards the northeast
Gibbs didn't care which way we went
when he was ready to stop, he stopped ♥

He is a big boy now, ‘don’t Cha’ know, often lifting his leg to do his business instead of squatting like a girl. I dropped him inside the door with his Daddy and retrieved my walking stick from the basement and headed out. It was a nice 40- minute walk by the time I returned home and an easy 5,000 steps. I made my tea to drink with Bill and warmed up my baked oatmeal. I only have one more serving and I’ll be making more once we’re in the park.

So many clear blue sky days in a row 

Another 'fork' in the road
This one is a wash from one camping section
to another
Nope, won't bring a trailer through this one!

There was nothing at all on our agenda today. I thought I might vacuum, if I felt like it, just to remove one of the layers of dust from the floor, but I didn’t commit and it didn’t happen. I sat out with Gibbs with my book for a while and it was already hot, hot, hot at 10 o’clock. 😊 It doesn’t have to reach 20C for it to be enough to send you to shade. We do have shade if we want it, remember how big our Suite is and we can sit on either side.

Leftover pizza
Almost as good as the first night

The remainder of the day was pretty much the same. We made a phone call back home to our friends, Rob and Pat, mainly to ask about the Shaw network back home but also to see how they were doing. Last we heard, Rob was at the cabin on Manitoulin with their sons. I did finish addressing our Christmas cards yesterday and I just need 6 more stamps before they can go in the mail. We’ll head into town tomorrow.

My afternoon walk took me to my very
favourite Saguaro in the whole area

I had my leftover pizza for lunch, fried in the frypan (George’s way) and Bill made his regular sandwich. Around 2:30, I went for my second walk to get those steps built up and my pumped a bit. I don’t walk fast but definitely faster than when I go with Leroy Jethro, that’s for sure! Reaching a goal, I returned home to start my blog post. It has been a wonderful quiet day with next to no wind again.

The Eagle's nest is 
not there this year
First time since 2016 

We had steak grilled on the Weber tonight with a salad that I actually put together, more than just opening a bag. 😊 Splitting the steak is usually enough for us and tonight was no exception. I had one of my keto butter tarts for dessert and there are pumpkin cookies for Bill if he chooses. We did up the few dishes and relaxed for the evening. A wonderful day!

Congratulations to our buddies back home who have a new addition to their family. A 9-week-old cockapoo and she looks just like Gibbs! She’s adorable! Have fun Rob and Pat!

The steak was wonderful!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today.