Friday, January 27, 2017

Hazy, Lazy Days of …….Winter

With the arrival of Thursday, Jan. 26 I’m actually longing for the end of the weekend
before it has even started! I’m not trying to rush our days here, not really, but with all of these Quartzsite rv’ers, our internet is the (excuse me) PITS!

I’ve tried to post my blog since Tuesday but as you’ll notice when I do post, there are two maybe three days bunched in a post. I apologize for that, trying not to make them so long but I am kinda long winded. We are just anxious for the show to be over and people leave so things can go back to normal here.

We’ve had some pretty nice days now that the sun has reappeared after 3 or 4 days of clouds and strong winds. Yes, we do get spoiled and shouldn't grumble but the sun is what we came down here for as it blends with the sandy desert plains so well.

Since my sister and her husband have returned to La Posa South, about a mile or so away, Gayle and I met at the dumpster locale at 9 and walked together this morning. It was nice, we get a family visit in as well as our exercise. She has a Fitbit also so we are good encouragement for the other.
At 9 am, there were 9 at the dump line up

An hour later, 14 in line
After my nice walk, I basically pulled the ‘retirement’ card and relaxed outside. Bill was having an issue again with his laptop so Gerry was over and helped him to get things straightened out. With the slow internet it takes 3 times as long to do a simple fix but it worked out great. Thanks Gerry!

I showered and donned my tank top and shorts and settled in the sheltered sun with my book. Clemson was quite content in his tent, a cool breeze but hot sun. I don’t think it got much above 59 or 60F and our neighbours' either thought we were nuts or lucky. They were feeling the cool air and were bundled in jackets, jeans etc.

Since we rv’ers are all basically in the same boat, we help each other where we can. Gerry was having some trouble with his battery power for his trailer so Bill returned the help and loaned him our portable solar panel to help boost it up. While he was busy, I took the opportunity to give Mom a call.

She answered pretty quick and was very happy to hear my voice. That makes it worth it right there. Throughout the conversation she retained the information I gave her at the beginning that we were in Arizona. She focused on that and although very repetitive, we had a nice chat. The hardest part is getting off the phone as she has no idea how long we’ve talked. I hate saying goodbye but at the same time I can only go over the same things for so long. Bless her, a conversation in person where I can reach out, hug her and laugh beside her will be 100% better and I look forward to that when we return home.

Bill got his drone out again since there wasn’t a strong wind and took pictures of our friends’ trailers and gave them a copy. He also took a couple of ours with both of us in it, so that was a treat! Usually it is just me sitting beside it while he is out in the field with the quadcopter.

Home sweet home
At 3 we hosted Happy Hour and it was a good time as usual. I took a picture but not everyone was here when Lorne Green from A Place Called "Away" dropped in with his friend Rowdy so they weren’t in the picture.
Our little haven in the desert

I am always interested in the origin of names I have not heard before. Where years ago, I would quietly wonder, now I don’t hesitate to ask. Rowdy kindly obliged and told me the story. I love it! Here is a hint: 1960's, Rawhide, Clint Eastwood.
The happy gang today

Dee, Mike and Timbit

Clemson loaned Timbit his stool
We parted ways around 5 and headed inside for dinner. I only had a pot of chili to warm up so I took Clemson for a nice walk, letting him lead. He likes to run so we jogged a couple of times. After a warming dinner, we settled in for the night. I finished another David Baldacci book, Zero Hour, and it had me guessing to the end. I like that.

No words can describe our sunset 

That was our day, another perfect one here in the Quartzsite desert. Thanks for reading!

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