Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Kind of Days and Another Birthday

Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 16th and 17th were back to back perfect days here in the desert of Arizona. Wow!
Comical looking saguaro
The sunrise didn’t fail me and the wispy clouds did nothing to dampen my “Happy”. I headed out the door at 7:30 am for a nice walk around the area. 

All kinds of solar combinations
When I got back and had a quick nibble we drove into Quartzsite  before 9 when vendors opened looking for a couple of things for Bill’s project and we were back home by 10:30.

Sunrise on Monday
The temperature hovered around 65/69F and even warmer in the area I found right close to the Suite out of the wind. I pulled out my lounge chair and proceeded to delve into my book. Not much else was going on for me. Bill managed to keep busy fiddling with the solar panels on the roof. I should call him my Roof Walker, he is up there so much!

We had been invited by Melinda to join her and our other friends to share Gerry’s birthday supper with them. So, after making sure that she needed no participation in preparation from the rest of us, we joined them at 3 for Happy Hour.

Sorry Gerry, too cute to resist it
We had decided in honour of Gerry getting a year older, I would have the last of my Holiday Nog drink still in the fridge since Christmas and Bill would have a rum and coke, his drink of choice. We have been distancing ourselves from the alcohol drink each night for a couple of reasons, one being the ‘habit’ and the other being the weight gain. Instead, we have enjoyed a nice cup of tea.
Bill, Rob and Pat
Today was an exception. Friends of George and Suzie's stopped in and were introduced to us all as Sandy and Randy. Seem like a nice couple, just brand new at retirement this year and brand new at camping. They are staying at Quail Run in their 'new to them' motor home. They hung around for a bit until dinner was ready and bid us farewell.
George and Suzie enjoying themselves
Melinda brought out a spread of salads, deviled eggs, fruit and buns with pulled pork 
and beef. A wonderful dinner.

 I was a good girl for the main course and avoided the bread but fell off the wagon when she brought out Lemon Meringue Pie (Gerry’s favourite) and a double Chocolate Cake.
One little piece of each found its way onto my plate and I enjoyed every morsel!
Tucker was so cute, mooching for some of my pie crust.
Of course, he got some!

Happy Birthday, Gerry

Like a good birthday boy, Gerry blew out the candles with some help from the north wind so we got a photo op and he opened his cards from all of us. Back home early and after the sun went down we watched some television until bedtime.
Tuesday, as I mentioned was almost a duplicate day with less early morning heat, it was only 40F and more early morning sun. No clouds in sight and this was the norm for the whole day.

Bill headed into Quartzsite at 8:45 and I headed out for my walk. I went the back way, towards the mountains zipping across the wash at the garbage and dump station. Then I veered even further south towards where my sister and her husband were parked.

Once I got to the second ‘candy cane’ lane and couldn’t see their Montana, I figured I’d missed them. Wait, there is one facing a different direction but I wasn’t sure so turned around and aimed for home. If I had stayed on the main road they would have went right by me as they hit the dump station before leaving La Posa South.

They were going to the Montana rally on Plomosa Road and I’m sure will have a great week with friends. Shortly after I got back to the Suite, Bill messaged me on the 2-way radio and said he was almost home. This was my cue to start getting things ready for breakfast and lit the Weber Q for bacon and eggs.

The day just got better from there. I was soon into shorts and a tankini, in my lounge chair with my book. Clemson joined me outside, in and out of his tent, while Bill worked away around us. I was his ‘gopher’ when he needed things and happy to be close by to help.

Before long, we were putting the kettle on for tea for today’s Happy Hour at George at Suzie’s. The sun was still beautiful and warm but I changed into jeans and took my hoody along. I know that by 4:30 I’ll need them. As usual, it was a lot of chatter, a few chuckles and discussion of future travel plans.

We had an early supper of chicken breasts, salad and steamed cauliflower and settled in for an evening of our favourite shows. NCIS, Bull, NCIS New Orleans and This Is Us.

I hope you had a great day as well. Thank you for reading.


  1. That sounds pretty close to our days.just enjoying this desert climate glad you are having fun.

    1. Hard not to enjoy, eh George? sun sun and more sun!