Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Richards' and The Aljoes' Go to Yuma

Bill adjusts his panels to catch the morning sun
Tuesday, Jan. 10th was the day the four of us had made plans to go to Yuma shopping. Instead of both Bill and Rob driving, naturally we rode together. 
Morning sunrise OMG!!
The main thing with a time slot on the agenda was Pat was going in for a haircut at the Walmart salon.
So, by 9:30 we were pretty much ready to go and headed out. There are always things to see on the drive so I took Bill’s little Canon Power Shot along. These tanks and artillery indicate that we have entered the Yuma Proving Grounds. We’ll have to stop and check things out closer before we leave this Imperial Dam area.

The flat desert still intrigues me and those are some of my favourite views along the highway, along with the distant mountains. I can never get enough to fill my hazel eyes.

The boys were pretty organized and we hit Dollar General first to top up our Verizon account. Bill drove then to the mall which gave us Radio Shack, Al’s RV, Pet Store and the 99c Store. No matter what some people say a ‘mall’ is a fantastic idea. A bunch of stores in one area and 4 people can go wherever they want and return to the vehicle at any given time.

From there we found Wells Fargo beside Fry’s so we topped up our wallets, our fridges and cupboards and also the gas/diesel tanks. Bill and I had only shopped once before at Fry’s after receiving our discount card so were pleasantly surprised that we had already earned 10c/gallon off our diesel! Bonus!

The sale for Sirloin Steak that my sister cashed in on last week was still on so we all took advantage of that. Buy 1 pack and get 2 (can you believe that?) packs of equal or lesser value F R E E! We paid $33.77 and ended up with at least 12 meals.

By the time we finished at Fry’s the consensus was that we were all hungry and since Pat couldn’t get into the salon until after 12 noon at the earliest, we found a place to eat. Hmmm, when you’re looking you know you’ll not find anything, at least not on the road we were on.

So, we continued driving to Walmart and saw Panda Express. 

Anyone eaten here? Nope! Once we realized it was a Chinese restaurant, we agreed. Let’s give it a try, what have we got to lose? Well, we’d definitely go back. The food was good, plentiful and reasonably priced.
Yum, Chow mien, Coconut Walnut Shrimp, Mushroom Chicken

With our tummys full, we nipped into Walmart for Pat's appointment. While Bill and I were in line with our few items this lovely fella was behind us. Such a beautiful gentle boxer and his master barely had to say a word and he obeyed. Since he was 'on duty' we suppressed the urge to pet him without approval.

Last stop was for propane for our 40 lb tank and then back to home base.                                                    

It was approaching 2 when we unloaded our goods and before long we were all ready for Happy Hour. The sun was beautiful and we still managed to kill an hour and a half before the clouds sent us inside.

Bill and I didn’t need anything for dinner but when I separated our steak into packs I had to take something out of the freezer to make room.


It just so happened that there was enough Rocky Road ice cream in the plastic container to make up two small cones. Hit the spot for me.
Sunset Tuesday
We watched President Obama’s Farewell speech, for lack of much else to watch and after our CTV news at 9 I was ready for bed. I read a couple of chapters of my Michael Connelly book The Gods of Guilt and closed my eyes for the night. Another warm night without any added heat necessary. 

By the way, Pat's haircut looks lovely!

I hope your week is going well. Thank you for reading. I love getting your comments!


  1. Thanks Pat and Bill for a wonderful day . As well as driving . Always fun sharing the day with you and a few laughs . Hugs

    1. Anytime we can share the drive is fun for us too. Another great day coming today!

  2. Love reading your posts. I told you before, it makes me jealous. But it's the kind of jealous that makes me smile! Have fun! GT

    1. Thank you GT, I'm glad you are reading along. I appreciate your comments..............we are guessing who this is. :)

  3. Glad you are still enjoying the Yuma area. We'll have to put it on our list for next year.
    Sounds like a great deal for all that meat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yuma has lots to offer and we enjoy many things there. The meat deal was too hard to resist and luckily we had room in the freezer. We love steak.

  4. Lots of good deals at various stores , nice to top up when you can. Glad you had a fun day.

    1. Thanks George. They do have some great deals for sure. It was a great day with Pat and Rob.

  5. I have always liked the town of Yuma. And my dog Yuma, of course. I will probably visit that area most of February, hitting Oglby Road and Mittry Lake. Always warmer in Yuma.

    1. Yuma offers everything that you could ever need and we like it a lot as well. Next time in this area we will not likely camp at Imperial Dam Quail Ridge again. Although I love the trails the mosquitoes are terrible! Also we have had no cell service on our T-Mobile phone and that isn't nice. We'll try closer to Yuma next time.