Monday, July 3, 2017

Another Cool Start, Butcher Visit, Mint Delivery

On Monday, July 3rd I was up early and making my tea before 7. The sky was blue at 5:30 when Bill let Clemson out but the sky was overcast and soon low-lying fog skirted the horizon. Big surprise? Not really and although disappointed, it was supposed to improve. It is only 12C again which isn’t too warm for a start up.

Beautiful day
Bill was up at 7:30 and we had our morning ‘juice’ and read blogs. I was in bed early last night which guaranteed a sooner awakening. I’d like to try and dig up the pink flowered bush that I found up in the bushes. Donna and I had walked closer to it yesterday and discovered that it is a rose bush! A very typically prickly rose bush, I might add but with a shovel and thick gloves I’m going to try. I twisted and broke off a sapling for her to try and root.
The awning is out and the wind is gentle
It was looking like a beautiful day and I was outside to enjoy it as early as possible. I read my book for a bit sitting on the patio. I was in the throes of the last few chapters and wasn’t moving until I finished.
We've seen this brown bird around here a fair bit
some kind of thrush?
Bill settled himself in front of his laptop and wrote a new post on On Our Way. You can check it out here. He doesn’t write often but I enjoy his posts every time.  As I was reading, Eggs Benedict was mentioned in the book. Hmm, that sounded really good so after turning the last page I went inside.
Furry Gnome named this blue flower in his post
I didn't know what it was called so ran out and took a picture
Blueweed - an easy name for me to remember although it is too pretty
to be a weed!
I told Bill that I was hopping in the shower and then suggested we go to the Country Corner CafĂ© for brunch. He was quite agreeable and we left the Suite leaving Clemson in charge around 11:30. Well, no one said they were fast but I will say the food is definitely good and the prices right. Being Monday after a holiday weekend, we probably didn’t pick the best day to go. It was crazy busy and the young people in charge were quite pleasant and just bustling.

We both ordered the Country Breakfast Special. What a lot of food you get for $7.99, coffee/tea included. I had 2 eggs, ham, toast and jewels. Bill opted for sausages and coin fries. I brought half my jewels home. We didn’t get out of there until closer to 1 pm.
It is so hard to trim weeds around some plants with a gas trimmer so I did the job by hand
Much better results
From there we drove to Rob and Pat’s to pick up some mint plants that Sandra and Bill left for me. The container was so big that we weren’t prepared to take it with us. Making plans to come back in the morning, we didn’t stick around. 

We drove to Varney to the West Grey Meat Market.  It was time to put some meat in our freezer. While I was looking in the freezer Bill noticed a freezer pack with quite a selection of exactly what we were looking at a great price. Steak, hamburgers, sausages and ground beef. Perfect!
Time to relax and enjoy the sun
 Back home Bill was working in the back of his truck, with considerations of our winter trip. I left my long pants on even though it was getting quite warm outside and with double gloves and a shovel traipsed through the long grass to the rose bushes. My sister says I’m determined, yes, I definitely was!

Not sure what Chippy is chewing on, but it isn't my peanuts
I dug 3 of the smaller rose bushes up from the roots managing to come away with only one very small thorn scratch. I cut another long one off with a flower intact just to see if I can root it in water. Deciding where to plant them, I dug 2 holes up near my garden fence by the bunky. This would do nicely. One with roots I will keep moist and give to Donna.
For Donna

New location for the rose bush
Rob and Pat surprised us while we were sitting outside reading. We were both starting a new book. 

Trying to get into a new story is a bit of a challenge so soon after finishing one. It takes a minute to get the old characters out of your head as you welcome new ones. I succeeded with David Baldacci’s The Collectors and Bill seemed to have success with Tami Hoag’s Guilty Sin.

Rob was hooking up his utility trailer with the big tub of mint and wondered if they could bring it out. What a nice surprise and it was great to see them. Clemson was happy to see them and ran to meet Rob as he exited the truck before running around to greet Pat. Bill and Rob transferred the bin to our little trailer but it slid right out as Bill drove up the hill to where we wanted it.

Now that is a mess of mint!!

Hmm, I guess Patsy’s idea of hooking the tub to a tow strap and the back of the riding mower wasn’t a bad one after all. It slid along behind quite nicely and the three of us got it into place. I don’t have to replant them if I don’t want to but if I do, I can easily dig them up and repot. There are tons in here! Holy cow! Thank you, Bill and Sandra, they will keep the area smelling great.
The moon is bright tonight
Rob is still feeling rough with this nasty cold that has hit their household. We all know it is from being drained from stress and wish him well. They left after a nice visit for a while and Bill and I had a quick bite to eat. We weren’t too hungry so our dinner isn’t worth mentioning.
Clemson found his spot
Notice the paw of control
Bill turned on a taped recording of Johnny Harris’ Still Standing in Fort MacMurray after the fire and then found a program on Vintage tv with bands from the 60’s. They were both fun to watch while I finish this post. I hope you’ve had a great day, as we have.

Good night Mr. Sunshine, you gave us a wonderful day

Thank you for reading. If you wish to comment, that would be nice.


  1. Please jog my memory, what are "jewels"??
    Thanks for a great blog. I always enjoy it.
    Don in Okla.

    1. Hi Don, jewels are like a hash brown, just in a different shape. So balls of potato with a crispy batter.
      Thank you, love to have you along.

  2. Be careful where you plant your mint, it will take over and multiply quickly!

    1. thanks, my sister said the same thing. Most of it will stay in the big tub up there and just look pretty. When I repot, she said to put it in smaller flower pots and then dig a hole for the pots to sit in the ground. That way I can have some closer to where we sit. Thanks for the tip though!

  3. Another fun day with excellent weather. Nice to visit wth with Rob and Pat for a bit as well. hope you enjoy your mint patch.

    1. It was a great day and it is always nice to visit with Rob and Pat.

  4. Hope your Roses do well. Good poc of your Blueweed.

    1. Thanks F.G. thanks also for naming that blueweed for me. :)