Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday with Friends and Family

I woke up on July 30th at 7 and was once more thrilled that the sun was bursting around the blinds. I took Clemson out for his piddle and snapped a picture of the view to the east. Blinding sun, the kind I like. Bill followed soon after and I moved from my recliner and book to the table with tea and my laptop. Catching up with friends’ posts.

It looks to be a fabulous day and we’ll make the absolute best of it! At 9:15 after getting a couple of walks in and cleaned up we hopped in the truck and headed over to the Acreage. Bill is topping up the fresh water tank for me as he will be away all day on Monday. Not for overnight this time, just for the day.
Clemson sits on George for the ride over
sorry for the blur, it was a quick shot

Driving back to get water

From one side to the other
We were able to show George and Suzie where Donna and Gerry’s spend their summer weekends. Aside from attracting the attention of the large hungry ‘skitters’ they thought it was another nice piece of property. We returned home and Bill emptied the water bladder into our tank. Because of the iron in the well water, although it has been tested for consumption, the filters get corroded quicker than we wished. We’ll need to pick a new one up soon.
Clemson loves the sun too
George nipped into town, it is only 10 minutes tops so very convenient for us, for a couple of things and I asked him to grab me some bananas which I’d forgotten yesterday. I like to have them in my smoothies. I settled outside in the warm (hot) sun with my book and read many chapters. This is another good one. A story about the detective Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly.
A collection of flowers from my garden and some wild
Once the water was transferred, I took another walk down the lane to satisfy my Fitbit (ha ha). My sisters got many great laughs out of teasing that something on my wrist controls me and tells me to move. They can laugh but for me if I get up and move ¼ of the time it vibrates and says ‘let’s move’, I’m getting more exercise than I would without it. I love it!
A nice little breakfast wrap with iced tea
Around noon Bill made himself a sandwich and took the truck into Durham to fill it with diesel, give it a quick wash and pick up a couple of things at the Home Hardware. I’ve asked him to do a small project for me. Black Beauty is sitting pretty down the grassy lane in the shade ready for an early morning departure.

This is a beautiful day and maybe our last one with totally clear skies according to the forecast. The temperature is hovering around 24C and that is perfect. The wind has died from yesterday, just the perfect amount of breeze. I still love my sunshine and with a breeze like this I am able to sit in it longer. No tsk tsking please. I like what I like.
Bill hung my own creative masterpiece inside our Suite door
I came inside and made up a green salad for tonight’s supper. I had pulled sausage out of the freezer to thaw so Bill can have his on a bun and I can eat mine on the plate. There is just the right amount of leftover potato salad as well.
Everyone was involved in Suzie's story

But I snapped photos anyway
 We have all been invited into Rob and Pat’s for Happy Hour so I want to have things ready for when we returned. It will be almost like a ‘winter reunion’ with the addition of my sister and the exception of our friends, Gerry and Melinda. We are also expecting an early evening arrival of a blogger friend whom none of us have met before. That will be a treat! We just can’t seem to stop having fun!

On my walk down the lane I picked some more wild flowers and a few from my garden. They are so beautiful and plentiful that I want them inside the Suite too. I cleaned up dishes and sat outside again for more reading. When Bill came back he finished what I’d asked him to do. We’d decided that my poppy painting was a small enough size that it could be hung in our home. Now it adorns the entry to the Suite nicely.

this is a 'here, take a picture of us' photo
We sat inside for half hour and I’m sure both of us dozed off for a few minutes. Bill has an excuse, he has been go go going all day at something or other. Me, no excuse except the heat of the sun and because I can. At 2 he hopped in the shower and we loaded our drink of choice into the car with George and Suzie around 2:45.

Arriving to find Pat and Rob nice and comfy, cozy on their front deck waiting for us. The place looks great with new asphalt and lovely outdoor furniture to sit our butts on. It wasn’t too long and my sister, Donna and Gerry arrived. The sun was beating down on us so it was a decision who wanted sun and who wanted shade.
My supper tonight
We had a great visit and Pat had prepared some meat, cheese and cracker snacks to munch on. She took us on a tour of their pretty home because we hadn’t seen it yet. After a couple of hours we said our ‘goodbyes’, ‘see ya soons’ and drove home to the Ridge for supper. Clemson, of course, got his first. The man of the house.

Donna had all the men checking out the noise in her car
Turns out she had lost 3 lug nuts of her front passenger wheel!
Rob to the rescue!
Bill barbecued our sausages and I set things up inside. George and Suzie were doing their own thing in their home behind us. With supper out of the way and dishes cleaned up we relaxed as we waited for F.G. and Mrs. F.G. from The Furry Gnome

By 7 pm they arrived. It is always a treat meeting a new blogger and this was no exception. Maria quickly presented George and I with a bag of garlic bulbs. Yum!
What a great couple Stew and Maria are and we all fell into great conversation as if we’d known each other for years.

Suzie, George, Stew (aka Furry Gnome), Bill
I absolutely loved when the sun began to set, there were 4 of us snapping photos. Too funny. I snapped a couple of pictures of the group sitting on our patio and captured F.G. perusing my photo books. 
Stew, Bill and Marie
Soon enough the evening drew to a close and the mosquitoes began feasting around 9:15, right on cue in southwestern Ontario.

We said our goodbyes and I sent Bill off to bed. His early rising tomorrow will be around 3 am as he is meeting someone at 6. Oh my goodness, I hope he sleeps well tonight! I’ve had a wonderful day and I hope you have as well.

The beautiful sky tonight should bring us a lovely one tomorrow

Goodnight from The Ridge

I wish I could say I painted THIS masterpiece!
Thank you for taking the time to read today’s story. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. You guys had a busy day! Thanks for the invite; we really enjoyed the visit. Sorry we kept Bill up so late!

    1. It was so great meeting you two! Bill still had trouble falling asleep at 10, he is a night owl as a rule.

  2. It sure was a fu day, and like you said enjoyed every minute of it, so nice to meet Stew and Maria such a supper couple.

    1. Fun to meet new people and a blogger to boot! It was a great day.

  3. Just a quick follow-up to the lug nut issue; upon our return to the Acreage we found two of the nuts on the roadway back to the trailer about 15 yards apart! Go figure.

  4. Nice to have so much company and being fellow bloggers is a plus. Loved your flowers and that beautiful vase.

  5. It will be great hearing some of your stories in person! Looking forward to our lunch visit in less than two weeks. Hugs to you both...and Clemson!

  6. Looks like you had an awesome day once again! More bloggers, how wonderful! Your flowers in the vase are beautiful and I love that you hung your painting!